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Jun 17, 2017 @ 10:55am
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Explosive_ordnance_disposal_suite _burnes15th_edit

[EODS] Explosive ordnance disposal suite - burnes15th edit

monovdd & Lancaster Studio & burnes15th

We’re glad to present the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Suit (EODS) this is an addon for Arma 3 that aims to improve the role of the combat engineer. This addon brings a new type of IEDs with many functions that are designed to extend the Arma 3 simulation.

English/Spanish/French translation for every feature.
Functional RCIEDs (Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Device).
Functional Cellphone to interact and detonate the RCIEDs.
Functional Editors modules to give to the IA the ability to detonate IEDs, to set a hidden/buried IED, and the possibility to create a Daisy Chain from the editor itself.
Functional UI to interact with the IEDs. The players can interact with the IEDs by many forms: arming the IEDs, burry the IEDs, defusing the IEDs and more.
Talon Mark II EOD Robot with animations and ied interactions.
THOR III Jammer with removable antenna.
APOBS system

To install the [EODS] Explosive ordnance disposal suite - burnes15th edit you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

There is an example mission in the package of the mod.

Future plans:
The Metal detector, the ABV, the Buffalo and the Husky are coming. Stay tuned!

version 0.0.5 notes
We only add a portion of the addon in this release. The APOBS - Talon Mark II - Thor III systems are included in this version. This build its functional with MP & SP. Please report any Bug.

Talon Mark II Notes:
Disclaimer: We wanted to release the Talon knowing that it have some problems. But we want to show to the community this little drone to have some feedback. This the reason for having the Talon in ALPHA stage. In this version the Talon have a standard textures. We're working on that. Also the turn movement of the Talon have some problems and the arm is moving by an UAV IA, we're working in fix these problems. Finally the 3d model of the tracks is still in development.

The Talon have the ability for place satchels or detonation charges (remember to put a charge or satchel in the Talon inventory) and also the Talon can grab objects and IEDs with its pincers. To use it you must be in the blufor side and also you need to have a UAV Terminal (B_UavTermina) and have it connected to the drone. You have the possibility of occupy the Gunner position for arm utilization and the Driver to drive the Talon. Also you have a set of key bindings to Incline, extend, and retract the arm and for open and close the pincers (see the first part of the manual to change the Key bindigs for the Talon). For default the key bindigs are:

Incline arm Forward: Delete key.
Incline arm Backward: Page down key.
Extend the arm: Page up key.
Retract the arm: End key.
Open Pincers: Home key.

Thor III Notes:
Disclaimer: The THOR III is in alpha stage because we're working in some kind of interface for it and some advance functions. For now its usage is pretty basic.

The THOR III is a man-portable, counter-radio-controlled improvised explosive device (IED) jammer. In our addon we have the different configuration of antennas for this device.

With the Low Band Antenna the THOR III have 800 meters of effective range but low probability to Jam the RCIEDs.
With the Mid Band Antenna the THOR III have 600 meters of effective range but regular probability to Jam the RCIEDs.
With the Mid Band Antenna the THOR III have 200 meters of effective range but high probability to Jam the RCIEDs.

You could change the THOR III antenna if you have a Low, Mid, High Band Antenna in your inventory. Also there is the possibility to remove the antenna.

Credits & Thanks:
We’re a small team and because of that we don’t have the hands to do all we want, but in any case we manage our time to create this complex addon.

Monovdd – BOE 117th (IEDs programing and design)
MrEwok - The creator or EWK-EOD-Project
Juan Lezama – Lancaster Studio from Cali, Colombia (K9 Design, animation and textures)
Parca – BOE 117th (Product Tester)

MrEwok & Monovidd for all their hard work
ExplosiveAids (ExA) for his awesome modeling and texturing.
Stiltman (STI) for everything related to bringing these into arma 2.

LordJarhead of JSRS for the new awesome sounds, thanks alot!
Norrin & Cuel for scripting help and scripts.

fixes the script error in the random IEDs module

I've fixed the conflict between the bomb suit and ACE revive module
I've fixed the APOBS firing bug
and i've re added the search mirrors

minor update to the random IEDs module.

It basically fixes all the keybind issues that makes the current version unusable. there are many fixes to other things too like the Talon/Metal detector problems
on dedicated servers and the rigging for the bomb suit.
I've also added a module that will allow quick setting up of IED's in missions

v0.0.5 alpha hotfix
- Fixed rpt error spamming (most of them)
- Fixed Apobs make static weapon backpacks invisible
- Fixed Ammo error due to Apobs
- Fixed Apobs texture error
- Fixed Talon sound error and stuttering
- "bis_fnc_moduleprojectile ---- ammo simulation 'shotbullet' is not supported" error should be fixed
- Talon Icon reworked
- Added Rope to Apobs

v0.0.5 alpha
- New texture and UV map for the Talon Mark II.
- New Rvmat for the Talon Mark II.
- New tracks for the Talon Mark II with new texture.
- New 3d details for the Talon Mark II.

v0.0.4.1 alpha
- added bisign and bikey files

v0.0.4 alpha
- New Key binding to interact with objects and IEDs
- Remove contextual action for interact and survey replaced for a key binding.
- Added Talon Mark II console.
- Fixed RSC error on APOBS.
- New shadow lod for Thor III.
- Added custom ammo boxes for EODS.
- Updated example mission.
- Fixed Lights of Talon Mark II.
- Fixed (partially) Talon Mark II turn issue.
- Reworked tracks for the Talon Mark II.
- Some code optimization.
- Texture changes on Talon Mark II and some IEDs.

v0.0.3 alpha
- Now EDOS requires CBA (Latest version)
- Added APOBS system in Beta stage.
- Added Thor III system in alpha stage.
- Added Talon system in alpha stage.
- 3 new RCIED added.
- Players can use IEDs Module has been removed, now the addon starts with the mission.
- Added Editor Module "IED hidden in Object".
- Added French Translation.
- Added 2 server side fuctions: Now when a player drops an inventory IED it is transformed in a real IED & The servers adds the survey/inspec option in different arma 3 objects to allow players to search for IEDs hidden inside those object.
- Added documentation: Manual and classlist in english.
- Fixed multiple explosion in Mp when IED is an Daisy Chain.
- Fixed jip and respawn issues.
- Fixed cellphone option when dont have the cellphone.
- Reworked code for cpu efficiency.

v0.0.1.1 alpha
- Bug Screen resolution fixed

- Community Base addons A3

I do not own this mod
I clame nothing of this mod
Mod will be removed at autors request
Link to Armaholic page:
All information is stright from Armaholic
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