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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Basically a collection of active mods im using, graphics enhancers/dynamic weather conditions, combat ect, plus testing mods. Also will upload Creation Kit mods that im working on at a later date:}
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Akaviri Samurai Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
'Akaviri Samurai Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy armor set for all genders and races. The Akaviri are great dragon slayers from another continent. The fabled Blades of Tamriel forged their armors in the like of Akaviri warriors.

Bloodier Combat
Created by MissStyx
Important note:

Currently, because of a bug in the engine, this mod will cancel out some vanilla perks. I believe the only ones it affects are:
Bullseye (archery)
Warmaster (Two-handed)
Limbsplitter (Two-handed)
Paralyzing Strike (One-handed)
Hack ...
Dragon Falls Manor
Created by Mattcm919

New House Mod Released: The Asteria - Dwemer Airship

Check It Out!


Deeper Snow (More Snow)
Created by Zappoo
This Mods adds more Snow to Skyrim especially Snow Storms are very Snowy :) Update - Now this Mod comes with WindFX when it Snow´s heavy!

For even more Snow and Wind in this mod you can also check
AR's Vampires
Created by Yorria
This mod is not compatible with other mods that do the same thing. (Texture mods will work)
This mod is also available on Nexus:

This is a small mod that changes how vampires work within Skyrim. In...
Duel - Combat Realism 8
Created by LogRaam
Please visit the Nexus Page for more information:

Duel Combat Realism is a mod that improves the combat system of Skyrim, making them more realistic. It will allow you to cover yourself with your sh...
EDWS - Enhanced Dynamic Weather System
Created by Zappoo
This Mod completely changes the Weather System in all Areas of Skyrim to a more Immersive Weather feeling!

As often requested i´m very proud to Present EDWS - Enhanced Dynamic Weather System.
With this Mod you´ll have more often Rain and more often Sn...
Enhanced Blood Textures 3.6b
Created by BakaKemono
A blood overhaul mod

Bloodier combat experience with higher resolution and detailed textures. Additional features such as killmove animation spasms, blood drops when low health, damage based blood amount, blood pools, and green blood for spiders and oil...
HQ snow texture
Created by Erik1988
There is a new version for Special Edition available here (Nexus):

Make sure to check it out!


I was hoping to get a more crystallized look on the snow and make it feel more cold.
Lush Greens
Created by VACBAN
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Lush Greens enhances the worlds foliage by making it look fuller and more lush. Skyrim now looks more dense and wild looking with this small, but effective mod. As always with my mods you will experience hardly any/no performa...
More Rain
Created by Zappoo
This Mods adds more Rain to Skyrim especially Rainstorms are very Rainy :) This Mod also adds a nice WindFX to Rainstorms. For even more Rain and Wind in this mod you can also check

If you want more...
Project Reality:Climates Of Tamriel - Lite Version
Created by jj.con

-Adds 506 new weather systems
-Adds 2024 new and unique days, night, dawn and dusk
-Adds a massive library of new cloud visuals
-Adds fork lightning visuals and new thunder sounds
-Adds natural and fa...
Ranger Cabins
Created by Jack the Hack
A mod that adds cabins in various locations for Ranger type characters to live in.
Its inspired by the Ranger's Apprentice series of books, which I think are brilliant. If you are looking for a more fitting attire I highly reccomend NoseGoblin's Assassi...
Realistic Lighting and Colors -Final-
Created by VACBAN
Please Subscribe and Rate :D

Works better with The Goddess ENB Configuration:

(You don't need to download ENB presets to run this mod.But you can use it,it will gives a sightly better result)
Wintertide - Fantas...
Spend Dragon Souls For Perks
Created by Smitty
*** Now compatible with SkyRE, and other perk-altering mods! ***
* Does NOT require any script extenders. *

(Show some love! Favorite & Thumbs up!)

New, Version 3.0 is out! Read the revision log for more info!
Checkout the 3.0 Update video.
The Hunters Life (Hunting Overhaul)
Created by Haeo
For the hunter at heart, adds value to all the pelts and tusks you accumulate on your hunting trips and adventures across Skyrim! <=== Its on the Nexus as well!

Here is a list of all changed ...
Created by Iskariot
Gives you a Power that lets you whistle for the last horse you rode on, and it will come running. If it is too far away it will be moved to somewhere behind you and run up to you.
Powers are used just like Shouts, but without the cooldown (defaul: Z).

Black Hand Embassy
Created by Linka421
NOTE! The mod file for this mod have been corrupted and I'm unable to continue work on the mod even if I wanted to, which is too bad but can't be helped. Hopefully I can bring my ideas into fruition come the next elder scroll game.

After being inacti...
The Dance Of Death - Dawnguard Edition
Created by The Duskhunter

This mod now requires SkyUI 3.0 and the latest version of SKSE in order to utilise the new Mod Configuration Menu system, or MCM.

A non-Dawnguard variant of this mod is available on the...
The Dance Of Death - A Killmoves Mod
Created by The Duskhunter

This mod now requires SkyUI 3.0 and the latest version of the Skyrim Script Extender, or SKSE, in order to utilise the new Mod Configuration Menu system, or MCM.

A Dawnguard-compatible vari...
Knights of the Nine V2.6
Created by Maty743
Please note that this is a very old mod from when I was still learning how to do everything so please don't see it's quality as a representation of my more up to date and future projects.

Either become a knight that shows the merciful side of the Nine d...
Better Combat AI
Created by joop
Better Combat A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)
Enhances the combat AI for NPCs within the game.


NEW 4.25.15
Many creature additions:
- Lowered confidence/increased chance of fleeing of animals (sabre cats, dogs, skeevers, mudcrabs, horke...
Shatterhorn Castle
Created by Hans Draak
Battlehorn Castle from The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion was a good addon to that game, I liked the idea so much that I wanted to have that experience in Skyrim. Enter Shatterhorn Castle a castle designed to give that full 'I'm Lord of a Castle!' experience, wit...
Horse Armors
Created by Dartanis
This mod is now open as a mod resource. I likely will not be updating it, so tweak, fix ,integrate and redistribute as you please!! Just leave a credit ;)
Happy modding,
- Mystikhybrid

Version 1.5:
- Frost has a new Custom Armor!
- Shadowmere Now us...
Wobums The Epic Horse - Fast Version
Created by Manilla Turtle

Wobums is the most epic horse that ever lived. Maybe he's not even a horse, but instead the amalgamated essence of awesome. He has existed since before the beginning of time - some Wobumsologists even believe he created time. Wobums is a shape ...
Faster Vanilla Horses
Created by Jov
Like many, I found Skyrim's horses to be unrealistically and unreasonably slow. Travel by horse was hardly faster than by foot, making it unrewarding.

Horse speed and gallop-time has been given a significant -yet balanced- boost, for a more realistic (a...
Extra Encounters - Basic
Created by SayHelloToMrBullet
Are you tired of wandering around the landscape of Skyrim, where nothing ever seems to happen? Do you grow weary of exploring because everywhere you go just seems to be as empty as the plain you recently passed? Are you fed up of only seeing animals in the...
Towns and Villages Enhanced: Villages Redux
Created by Aplestormy
Make Skyrims Villages Beautiful!

A redux of the popular mod, Towns and Villages Enhanced: Villages.


Adds many items to the villages around...
Viking Longhouse - Lofstrom
Created by Jalvr
Like this page for latest updates on whats happening:

This adds a Viking longhouse based player home to The whistling mine area (winterhold) This one comes with a more nordic theme ...
Amazing Follower Tweaks
Created by rezzzman
Multiple followers. Manage outfits, spells, combat style, home assignment and level up. Make werewolves or vampires lords. Followers ride horses, make camp, avoid traps, ignore friendly fire, toggle city/standard outfits & helmets, pose, dance, and more......
South Dragon Bridge
Created by MadFrenchie
--------"SOUTH DRAGON BRIDGE"--------

"The Thalmor landed in the town of Dragon Bridge, for you to discover why."

Breezehome Fully Upgradable Dawnguard Only Edition - READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL
Created by Sku11M0nkey
Breezehome Fully Upgradeable Dawnguard Only Edition

This is a mod that allows you to slowly upgrade Breezehome from it's humble beginnings as a little shack to a home worthy of a dragonslayer. It ad...
Vanguard Armor
Created by Hothtrooper44
**The first automatic open/closing helmet mod in all of Skyrim! See below!**

'Vanguard Armor' is a lore friendly, stand alone, heavy set for both males and females. The vanguard of an army are the first soldiers in line. They take the brunt of the the e...
HearthFire: Windstad Manor - Fortified and Upgradable -by OH
Created by [266a2e]Kermit
Quick Update (3/24/2014) .. So, have some fantastic news. With some help, I was able to recover my last in progress version of this mod which contained some significant improvements! The next update Will not only be available sooner, but will be a signif...
Orc Strongholds: Dushnikh Yal
Created by Ivrenis
This is a series that I am starting that will add on to the Orc Strongholds of Skyrim.

So far completed:

*Added Guard Station
*Guard Sleeping/Resting Quarters
*5 Guards Protecting the Outside Gate for Attacks
*Added a new wall and ...
Crossbow Bolts for everyone!
Created by Schnorf

What it does:
Why should only Dawnguard members can craft Steel and Dwarven bolts?
With this mod, everyone who has the required perks (Steel and Dwarven smithing) can craft them, at any forge!
As vampire, yo...
Artillery - Death From Afar - RELOADED
Created by Madrilous
Rain death upon your enemies with unrelenting barrages of catapult fire, fireballs and arrow storms. Simply mark your target with your Marker Arrows, use the Launch Barrage power and watch the chaos begin.

I have reuploaded this mod following a few imp...
Jaxonz Fletchers Amulet
Created by Jaxonz

Tired of retreiving arrows? Wear the Fletchers Amulet and never run out of ammo again!

When worn, it replaces every arrow you shoot. Also adds 20% bow damage. Works with any type of ammo, including bows, crossbows, etc.

Shadow's Hand
Created by Burnsmh
The first Master of the Assassins Guild made his way into the realm of shadows and he felt welcome and at home. He made his way into the throne room of the Lord of Shadow where he beheld the sight of the lord and without fear or hesitation he used all of h...
Created by Maverick
Ebonvale is an established trading settlement located between Whiterun and Riverwood. The settlement is under the influence of Whiterun but due to Whiteruns Civil War and a dwindling economy , The Jarl was forced to ask successful independent merchants to ...
Topics of Skyrim
Created by Cliffworms
Topics of Skyrim adds 700 new lines of dialogue contained in 35 new dialogue topics and 153 subtopics. Most of the dialogue comes from the previous Elder Scrolls games, Morrowind and Daggerfall, and some have been modified/updated/added for Skyrim’s contex...
Dragon Cliff Manor
Created by Spartan
Dragon Cliff Manor is a player home mod built near the base of the Throat of the World mountain. Probably the easiest way to get to the house is start at Hillgrund's Tomb and go South East up the mountain face. You should encounter a log bridged over a wat...
SquirrelQueen's ExtendedOST Complete Edition
Created by TheDeadbird
Tired of Skyrim's limited soundtrack? Want a variety of music for your adventures, but don't want the hassle of editing and converting songs? Well then this mod is the one for you! SquirrelQueen's ExtendedOST adds lore friendly songs to your Skyrim adventu...
The Azincourt
Created by fuccboi
This sword is named for the battle of Azincourt, October 25, 1415, where the exhausted, sick and starving English army of Henry V was faced by a confident French foe outnumbering them four to one. Force...
Nahlot Dinok - Bow of Silenced Death
Created by Grey

Sister bow: (No DLC)

An ancient bow found in the clutches of the Old One, a powerful king amongst the Falmer tribes, deep within the depths of the lost Dwemer city. ...
More Skyrim - Alpha Version [10% Complete]
Created by Braiven
This is Raban´s More Skyrim Mod in the alpha version.

-It´s just a Mod for a unique detailed Skyrim world.

-You can use it in all languages.

-This mod doesn’t need a good PC or uses much performance.

-I’m going to update this mod monthly...
Playable Chicken
Created by Dafini
Merchants Revamped
Created by Revamped
Is your house or backpack full of misc items collected from your adventures. Is your chest full of swords and armor taken from slain enemies to the point where you can't even close the lid ? Do you think to yourself how am I supposed to gain fortune when ...
Nightingale Equipment Improved
Created by Zim
All mods in the Improved Artifacts Collection can be found on the Nexus []. Also included on the Nexus is a single merged version
Horses Can Level Too
Horses are no longer locked at level 4, and will automatically level with you, up to level 50.

-Any horses you already own will instantly level up once you load your game.
-Any horses you buy will automatically be at the proper level.

Notable chan...
Port Telgarth
Created by Lord Dagobert
Project: Port Telgarth
Author: Lord Dagobert
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 7/08/2013
Category: New Lands

Come one, come all! Port Telgarth, a majestic middle-sized city (as big as Skyrim's cities) lost in the sea of ghosts, just opened its doors to ...
Created by EvieK
Ah, WHAT TO DO when you're incredibly powerful and have no dragons left to conquer and enslave...or at least past the majority of the main quest line so you don't get killed with every dragon encounter...

Akaviri Dai-Katana
Created by MichiganBro
This mod adds the Akaviri Dai-Katana form Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It has the same exact stats from Oblivion. so it has the same weight, damage, etc. It is still a two hand weapon, increases the two hand skill. If you like this you might like a few othe...
Arrow Speed Enhanced - Vanilla Edition
Created by casline
This mod increases the arrow speed, depending on the type of arrow. With faster arrows, you may need to aim lower than you usually do, since they arc differently. Once you figure out the new aiming, the higher speeds make moving targets easier to hit.

Pure Waters
Created by Laast
1 000 000+ actual subscribers!!!


Révision 13 - 16 oct 2014
- Complete recast of the original mod.

This is a pure, clean, and natural water, as it should be in the cold mountains of Skyrim. This mod provides water with complete overhau...
Lake Inialta Expanded V1.3 - Compatible with Hearthfire DLC + Oakwood
Created by bubo
Expands the beautiful lake of Inialta and surrounding forests with much more details and gives a feeling of wilderness. It looks like a lake in alpine areas (like my place). Provides some stunning views, near shoreline or within the lush pine forests. Take...
Vanilla Archery Improved
Created by Ricochet Saw
Featured on Gamespy : :D

For the Dawnguard Edition :

This mod is aimed at improving the somewhat bland and boring archery in the ga...
Realistic Ragdolls and Force
Created by BakaKemono
(ESP plugin)Reduces the extra force applied on ragdolls to a more reasonable level
(MESH)Replaces ragdolls so that they bend and twist realistically and fall at a faster velocity, and increases friction to fix ice-like ragdoll sliding

If you want more...
Skyrim overhaul: Factions
Created by Valaste
(Formally known as Better factions: Complete)


Mod Description:

This mod alters the stats, inventory,...
Quest: No Stone Unturned - Quest Markers
Created by Sintel1911
No Stone Unturned is the quest to gather all 24 Stone's of Barenziah to rebuild the Crown of Bazenziah.

You start the quest by finding an Unusual Gem, by bringing it to Vex, you are than sent to find all 24 gems.

Finding these Gem's without the help ...
Skyrim overhall: Guilds and followers
Created by Valaste
Skyrim Overhaul: Guilds and followers

The purpose of this mod is to rebalance and alter many followers and guild members in the game with the intention of making them more unique and interesting, as well as being Lore friendly. As such some followers ar...
The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection: Part 1
Created by Jediborg2
This mod adds a 4+ hour-long campaign to the end of the Dark Brotherhood Questline.

2 new Followers, fully voice acted and specially scripted for sneaky assassin players:

Averna - will hide in the shadows when you are sneaking. If you sneak attack, s...
The Rabbit Hole
Created by Jediborg2
The Rabbit Hole is an Arena-style 50 Stage Combat Dungeon. How far down will you go?

This is a huge dungeon with progressively difficult enemies. You enter a room, slay all the occupants, and then the door to the next room will appear. This dungeon will...
Deacon's Dark Brotherhood Swords
Created by Deacon
Because this thread is starting to get unnessecarily beligerent I have a request. Before you post an angry comment, or an obvious observation that has already been posted and replied to, check out my horsey mod.
Assassin's Armor Set
Created by Half-Dead
So after a long time of being unsatisfied with my "Better Shrouded Armor" I decided to remake it as a stand alone with the problems fixed.

- Completely rerigged from scratch
- No more clipping issues (I hope)
- Stand-alone and Replacement for shrouded...
The Rings of Power
Created by Azaril
Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the shadows lie
One Ring to rule them all, One Ri...
Nora Strongheart
Created by RadoGamer
Nora Strongheart is a rework of an excellent follower mod named Naomi Stormlake Gothic Follower by SpiderAkiraC aka AC3C. I have used her since the beginnig of my game and love her look and game play. I recently changed her so she would work better with CB...
Follower Pack I
Created by Idled
The purpose of this mod is to add 15 unique and diverse followers across Skyrim. Also to give more varieties of race-class combinations for the player to choose from. This mod also adds immersion and population to the inns and taverns.

All followers in...
Paladins Of Dovahkiin
Created by Perto101
This mod adds seven new followers into Skyrim. I mainly made them for the UFO mod so you could make your own easily without searching through Skyrim. They can be found in The Banered Mare in Whiterun. They are all over 25 levels. They are also all friendly...
Halls of Dovahndor
Created by Okiir
(see Nexus page)

Halls of Dovahndor

Player Home by Okiir


Gifts of the Outsider
Created by Madrilous

Imagine if the worlds of Skyrim and Dishonored were merely different realities in the same universe. What if the Outsider, a being beyond worlds, could tr...
Apex Werewolf
Created by SatyrTitan
This mod replaces default werewolf model with a new High Resolution and more imposing werewolf.
If you apreciate my work and wish ...
The Fellowship in Skyrim
Created by JP Doctor
06/06/2017: Check out this amazing custom voiced Gimli follower, made by Gimli son of Gloin:

This mod adds the Fellowship of the Ring from the Lord of the Rings films as followers to Skyrim...
Civil War Enhancement: Guarded Borders
Created by Goblinlord
Civil War Enhancement: Guarded Borders adds two border camps and three small Imperial outposts.This mod is my attempt to create a better feeling of civil war in Skyrim by adding ...
Treeslod_23 v1.1
Created by Andrea_23 ~2077
Thanks for your attention : ).
This mod improves the aesthetics of trees and soil over the long distance.
I've tried a lot of mods, aiming to fix this endemic problem that affect TESV, but none of them convinced me.

ColloseusX's Lore Friendly Zombie Mod


Follow my MOD Dev Blogs:


Current Sky...
Lord of The Rings | Total Conversion
This is a MOD that i am currently working on which turns the game from Stormcloaks vs Imperials to "The Armies of Mordor" vs "The Armies of Middle Earth"

Current Changes:

Stormcloaks are now Uruk Hai
Forsworn are now Haradrim
Other Small Changes
Marked Incompatible ]  Sexy Sheena Follower
Created by kellydeanimator
Ok this is my first attemped at this !
she can be found in dragonsreach
has clothes and weapons but think she's not wearing them !
she's unaggressive,cautious and can conjure familiar

location: Dragonsreach ( in Whiterun )

Mods Required: to use ar...
Conan Hyborian Age

-------------------------- Dedicated to All Conan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Fans --------------------------------------

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

Ebony Mail- Full Set
Created by The Red Glow
Adds a helmet, boots, shield, and gauntlets that match the set Ebony Mail.

I didn't like wearing the plain black ebony equiptment with the rare Ebony Mail, so i added the new colored version, that makes ebony mail look more unique. All equiptment is enc...
More Shops and Merchants
Created by crazycameleon1
I know that when I'm going through some of the minor capitals it's annoying when there isn't a place to sell off you're stuff. So, I added merchants to Mortal, Dawnstar, and Winterhold.

Azzan- A Redguard Blacksmith that is set up in Morthal. To fi...
More Material Variants - Dawnguard Edition
Created by Madrilous

What is MMV? Well More Material Variants is a solution to the problem which arises once your favorite armor is no longer strong enough for your needs. At this poin...
Realistic Lighting
Created by kurtcop
The newest release of Realistic Lighting without Post-Processing!

Weathers re-added after some work and an update to the CK.

If you want customization - go here ->

A patcher is including on th...
Rings of Old - Morrowind Artifacts for Skyrim (Dawnguard)
Created by PrivateEye

This version of the mod requires Dawnguard! Don't have Dawnguard? Don't worry, you can get a version that does not require DLC HERE

Both version are also avail...
Project Ultimatum - Gameplay and Roleplay Enhancement
Created by Sagittarius
Also available on Skyrim Nexus: HERE.[]

When I make mods, I always try to respect some rules.

1. It should be lore-friendly.
2. It should be not too frustrating.
3. It should be balanced.
4. The u...
Convenience Store
Created by k9mouse
Do you live out of nowhere land and the nearest city is 3 day jounery? Do you have a lot of loot and booty and getting tried of carry it to sell in town? If you answer “yes,” this mod is for you! This mod will add up to nine merchants that live in one’s...
Enhanced Enemy AI
Created by Erkeil
This mod is very little, unintrusive, and very light... It's compatible with everything and may be installed/uninstalled thousand times without problems. Load it as last in your load order and Enhanced Enemy AI will change FOREVER your Skyrim battles...
Mixed Unit Tactics (Form an army of followers, Control your troops from a Dragon)
Created by flexcreator

SKSE is NOT required!
Plugin doesn't change the native follower system, so it should be compatible with most follower mods.

This pl...
Horses for Followers
Created by Spudgunner
Followers & hirelings can ride horses instead of running behind. You can buy them from any of the city stables. Just mount your own horse and your companion will mount theirs. The followers horse will track the player's horse to prevent them from gettin...
Follower Pack III
Created by Idled
The purpose of this mod is to add 15 unique and diverse followers across Skyrim. Also to give more varieties of race-class combinations for the player to choose from. This mod also adds immersion and population to the taverns and miscellaneous areas within...
The Arena III
Created by |GHST| SavaGhost



*Now Featured On Skyrim G.E.M.S!*

This mod gives you a fully functional, detailed, lore and roleplay friendly arena.It is built by Skyrim players, for skyrim players....
Improved Interior Lighting (For Realistic Lighting Mods)
Created by Sovereign
This Mod updates certain interior spaces with more realistic lighting solutions to better mimic ambient lighting caused by smaller enclosed spaces. Also adds a few personal stylistic alterations to improve visual interest in certain areas.

Playable Armors
Created by Alphadog
Are you interested in literally playing as armors? This mod lets you do that. Upon download, armors will be added to your playable races list. The mod's esp is called Test because originally I was working on playable creatures that would not have the came...
Faster Attack Speed(final Update)
Created by Nomad
This is a small mod I decided to make, nothing too grand. All it does is add a Passive Skill to all races that will make your attacks 10% faster.

I made this mod because I felt like weapons swung fairly slow especially the two handed weapons. This does...
Daywalker Vampire Race
Created by Kryptonian

If you want a ond and two handed version of the sword go to my blade vampire sword page.

Blade's Daywalker abilities in Skyrim

Due to an enzyme in your blood stream resultant from your mother's being bitten by a vampire while giving birth...
Created by PhearMe
Sexy House Vendors v1.6

----------------------- IMPORTANT -----------------------

There is a bug in Skyrim (not in my mod)...
Better Fast Travel
Created by Roald
This is a pretty basic mod, which aims at improving the usability and efficiency of the fast-travel system.

Update 31/10: Upon request added markers to the Temple of the Divines and the Docks in Windhelm.
Also, you might not want to go fishing down
Poor Man's Skyrim
Created by Squirrel1256
The average Skyrim mod will either add something new to the game, or fix something that is broken... This mod does neither of those... Wait...why would I want that? You may ask? You probably don't, in all honestly, but for some they don't really have a cho...
Created by Gechbal
Emperors' will, can be obtained from forging, killing tullius or buying Proudspire Manor in Solitude
You need daedric smithing to be able to forge it, then you can find it in the imperial selection at the forge.
Same goes for Emperor's Warth and greatwra...
Stormlord armor
Created by Gechbal
The stormlord armor is a new heavy armor that has the look of a great bearlord.

You can kill ulfric and take his if you've sided with the imperials.
Forge it if you have ebony smithing perk.
Buy Hjerim in Windhelm, it will be in a chest behind the mai...
Lord of the Rings: The Hobbit - Misty Mountains (Cold)
Created by The Irish Ace

Please rate this workshop file and request any song that you would like. This song was (REQUESTED) and i delivered please thumb up and favourite it if possible and ENJOY !!!!.

-=My Youtube=-
Celtic Legend
Created by The Irish Ace

Please rate this workshop file and request any song that you would like. This song was (REQUESTED) and i delivered please thumb up and favourite it if possible and ENJOY !!!!.

-=My Youtube=-
Demi-Daedra Race
Created by Kryptonian
They are the Spawn of the Daedra,Half Mortal and half Daedric prince, the Daedric princes Brutally ♥♥♥♥♥ female mortals, so they can create their Champion and spread seeds of Chaos and dispair across the mortal plane,many Evil, barely any are good

Created by ProdoSlam

We are very sorry but as of now we don't continue work on this mod. Earlier my hard drive crashed and i lost pretty much everything. For all you modders out there if u want to use this mod and change...
Created by Arthmoor
Congratulations on your recent marriage! Your spouse has a plan though. They would like to keep from going mentally insane from boredom while you're gone for weeks on end adventuring in strange lands. So they've informed you they'll be setting up a shop to...
Skyrim - Nicer Shrubs, plants & grass
Created by ReDragon
Shrubs are these plants in skyrim which you see all the time. This new version is based on Vurts Flora Overhaul, HDplants+Herbs and 2K Texture pack by Bethesda. I mixed all that together in one handy mod. Most of these files were edite...
Set Sail
Created by Fat Bastard
This is Set Sail, a Skyrim mod unlike any other.



There have been rumors of a new privateer business showing up in ...
A Stronger Empire
Created by joe1017
General Tullius has finally enough men who have marched over from Cyrodil to help in the civil war. Adds a whole Imperial Army. More Reinforcements in Solitude and most imperial Military camps. About 6-8 in a squad....
Alternative Lighting
Created by nikenyash

More saturated lighting and new beautiful sunglare.
Please, read "changelog" for more information.


-More powerful sun glare
True Skyrim
Created by Scrappy
*** NEWS *** I might be uploading this onto Skyrim Nexus. I would like to get endorsements to keep updating this mod since it is very time consuming. With that kind of incentive, I could fix bugs, add more content, etc. You get the idea.

If I were to up...
Created by JZBai
by: JZBai
Version: 1.0

A simple mod that gives your horse an attack during its rear up and jump animations when you're riding it.

All you need to do while riding your ...
Armor Animation
Created by Gord0n
NOTE: If you downloaded this mod prior to 20.01.2014: Deactivate the mod, save, reactivate it.
NOTE2: If you haven't downloaded this mod before, consider getting the Nexus version here[], it has a fast...
Simple Kill Move
Created by Flippetized
This is a kill move mod, that aims to enchance immersion in combat. It does not unlock the unused kill moves. This is a simple mod (no added objects, no scripts, no requirements) that does the following:

- Removes last enemy condition for kill moves (ex...
More Blood and Gore
In this mod I simply increased the scale of blood spurts by 75% to create a more gruesome bloody combat feeling.

For more versions of this mod including the 50% strength, 100% strength, and 150% strength versions - disable/remove this Steam Workshop ver...
Fighting Styles of Tamriel
Created by YarHarHAR
Fighting Styles of Tamriel
by Yarharhar (

Bugfix Update
Reset functionality can undo the weynon/orcish stance sticky values.

1.8 - Bugfixes
Apparently the Orcish/Weynon Stances are still resulting in some stic...
Fight Like A Badass - Unarmed Killmoves Unlocked
Created by RJinthematrix
Now you can pummel your way to cool finishers all day against Draugr, Wolves, Spiders, Giants and the ultimate challenge to PUNCH A DRAGON TO DEATH.
Compatible with Killmove mods such as The Dance of Death and More kill moves for all weapon types, just ma...
Shortswords for Skyrim
Created by PrivateEye
Did you ever miss the shortswords that disappeared from the Elder Scrolls series after Oblivion?
Or are you looking for a weapon to fill the gap between the dagger and the normal sword?
Than this is your mod!
The shortsword will make a fine weapon for a...
Mercenaries (Unlimited Followers)
Created by rmbackslash
(FIXED !!!) Hire as many Mercenaries and Mercenary archers you can afford. They act like followers, guard trade, individual or group commands!

Talk to "Saad" near the Guard Shack in Whiterun (south entrance). He will contract mercenaries to you. These M...
Vanilla Archery Improved - Dawnguard Edition
Created by Ricochet Saw

Featured on Gamespy : :D

This mod is aimed at improving the somewhat bland and boring archery in the game, with hopes of making it more realistic in the future. This mod also isn't...
Build Your Own City - Becoming a Lord [ALPHA] - Tier 2
Created by LemurFever™
Join the steam group page for the game I'm currently developing, NOVA:

NOTICE: This is an alpha! This work is only two thirds complete and there may be bugs!
NOTICE 2: You have to have subt...
Lovely Hairstyles CE
Created by sn00p
A simple hair mod that features some lore-friendly hairstyles, so know this from start, you won't find any anime/super fantasy hairstyles here. These hairs are suppose to fit in Skyrim world.

Now, it's time for F.A.Q

Q - What is CE?
A - Comp...
Muhomono and Zentoku - Black and White Katanas
Created by Amorbis
Here is a pair of black/white Katanas which have a medium size blade and copper ends, plus a black sheath. Both swords can be crafted to be used as a normal sword or an off hand sword (held upside down like a Ninja or something).

Stats are similar to Eb...
Ronins Ysolda Overhaul
Created by Myst
Read description please for install.


apachiiskyhairfull & ApachiiskyhairFemale[]

Better Females by bella natural edition[] < i use les...
Ronins Lydia Overhaul
Created by Myst
Read description please for install.

NOTE: she now has female animations now.



Better Females by bella natural edition[]...
The Dark Brotherhood is Known
Created by Valek
I have always thought that it's weird that I can run by guards wearing Dark Brotherhood gear and they don't recognize me as an assassin.
So with this mod if you are wearing Shrouded Armor, every guard in the province will recognize you as a killer. You ca...
Weapons Of The Shogunate
Created by jagdtiger

It adds 18 verrsions of 11 base Edo era Japanese... err... I mean, Akaviri weapons, because you can never have enough katanas in a game ;) Plus two daedric artefacts in katana format: Goldbrand (Morrowind and Oblivion) and Eltonbrand (Morro...
The Stamford
Created by InsanitySorrow



The Stamford is a steel Viking Longsword, it's craftable and can be found under the steel section, the stats are similar to thos...
Ashara Imperial Outfit
Created by Ashara

Requirements: Latest Skyrim official patch
* English:
** On Nexus: http://...
Vurt Flora Overhaul (Redux) - Purple grass
Created by ReDragon
All credits go to Vurt and his wonderful skyrim mod Skyrim Flora Overhaul. Look at this url: As template I took his SFO v1.5 and made my own special edition, which can be used in combination with [url=htt...
History Channel Vikings Ragnar Lodbrok
Created by Oz
The spelling of the name is not as it is pronounced on the show. The proper Old Norse/Scandinavian spelling is Lodbrok not Lothbrok and this will never be changed.


-Added scars to face texture. See picture 2
-Created Ragnar race to correct ...
Supreme Storms
Created by manny_gt
Welcome to

MannyGT's Mods


It's time to say "I can't see any sh*t!" during snow storms!
This mod tweaks the vanilla snow and rain storms weathers by making them more.... Extremely intense!
The snow storms it's my favo...
Immersive Fallen Trees v1.4
Created by Jurassic4LIFE
Immersive Fallen Trees is a mod that adds more fallen trees all over Skyrim for a beautiful immersive expierence. You'll find them most commonly on rivers, or in canyons.


Created by (^-.-)>
"Goldbrand was supposedly wielded by Emperor Titus Mede II in the Battle of the Red Ring of 4E 175 against the Aldmeri Dominion, although this has never been officially confirmed by the Imperial government." - Legate Justainis Quintius
(I'm unofficially c...
Lorecompleting Goldbrand
Created by TheFlamingDaedra
This mod will add goldbrand into the game, and also add some Lore, instead of just laying it in a dark cave, or any semi-LORE friendly quest. This will not do anything majorly game-changing, but it will not brek immersion.

Unfortunately, it couldn't be ...
Kelly Deanimator Follower Fixed
Created by kellydeanimator
Ok this is my second attemped ! ( think I fixed it )

location: You can find me in Solitude at The Winking Skeever Inn
-And Im Marryable but ya better look after me or I will kill ya !! lol

Expanded Skyrim Weather
Created by Raphou112

Expanded Skyrim Weather is a simple mod which aims to offer a better meteorological experience.

RCRN users: get the compatible version on Skyrim Nexus[] (account...
Morrowind Goldbrand
Morrowind relic i used Sanity's Goldbrand's mod. You can find it in Bleak Coast Cave....
DCR - Blade Set Reloaded
Created by JDGameArt
DCR - Blade Set Reloaded, a complete revamp of the original Dark Crusader Reforged - Blade Set!

**So what comes with the Reloaded version?**
All of the original weapons and enchants you can find in the reloaded version. Dynamis 1H, 2H, and the Defender...
Noldor Content Pack
Created by Maty743
For 2k texture version download from Nexus.[]
So Steam decided to change the background c...
Battlefield Mod 1.17.2
Created by Ivar

Ever wanted to make huge fights between different teams in no time ? Now you can!!!
This mod allows you to spawn different groups of fighters via spell!
The groups are spawning at the impact point of the spell.

Marked Incompatible ]  Touched by Dibella Race
Created by fam5283
A select few of the Dibellan Arts devotees have been blessed with athletic, but sinful bodies to survive in these harsh times.


This race uses a custom body mesh that supports T...
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