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Garry's Mod

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[LB] Breach SCP Content Pack
Everything you need for our famous SCP Breach Server
Server IP's: &

Items (24)
SCP Staff
Created by KERRY

24 Feb: Fix texture...
Viper's Operators Playermodels 'Remastered'
Created by maJor
Funny marketing title to advertise the "remastered" version of the addon.

Hey. I've been contacted by someone with a request to basically revive the whole addon and completely fix it. I've had no backups and no tools for years, so I had to start from sc...
SCP 173 Player Model
Created by Kanade
Hello everyone!

This is a simple model that will work perfectly as a playermodel.
If you want to use it on sandbox, click c (+menu_context command), click on playermodels, click on SCP 173 and when you will spawn, your model will be updated.
If you wa...
SCP Site 19 (Sounds)
Created by Kammorne
You will require this to have any custom sounds for the map "SCP Site 19 (Sandbox)"...
SCP Site 19 (Sandbox)
Created by Kammorne
- At this point you may as well just play the game, it's more optimized.

The SCP Foundation from SCP: Containment Breach, Recreated to a certain extent in the Source Engine.

Starship Troopers
Created by -=JokerR |CMBG|=-
• About This Gamemode

ST Gamemode - Based on the same game "Starship Troopers" released in 2005 year, but with only one mission where you have to defend the outpost against waves of attacking Antlions (Insects)
SCP-1048-A playermodel
Created by Mr.Silver
there seems to be people who are importing shit from SCP:CB and only making it private for their server, this annoys me so im trying to make everything public....
[GTA V] Giant Accessories Pack
Created by sAL
Models by Rockstar for GTA V
Ported by Sal

Follow me on the workshop for more content:

I've ported these for a server I was working on with some friends. It is no longer in the works, so ...
Created by (FPtje) Falco
Behold! The bane of minges! FSpectate for admins!

This spectate tool is vastly superior to that included in ANY admin mod. Features:

- Roam around without being seen. Like noclip while cloaked, but MUCH better
- Spectate players, eit...
Glow Sticks
Created by Patrick Hunt
They're back! Good old glowsticks for Garry's mod now in Workshop!
I've fixed some errors and bugs and made this addon available for GMod 13.

You can throw them (right mouse button) and simply toss them (left moust button)
Glow Stick color and it's li...
Simple Weapon / Item Highlights
Created by Darken217
What is this?
Some simple highlight system to mark the position of close items and weapons.
Supply items, like healthkits or batteries will appear green, ammo blue and Half-Life 2 weapons slightly yellow.
Scripted weapons will appear blue-is...
GMod Tower: Accessories Pack
Created by MacDGuy
Models/Textures: samm5506, MacDGuy, Mr. Sunabouzu, CaptainBigButt, Vipes, and Dustpup

For more information on the developers, make sure to visit:

***Make sure to give credit to the authors i...
Pointshop 2 Content
Created by Kamshak
This is content for the script Pointshop 2. The script itself is a paid script that can be bought here:

Icon Credits:

Icon made by Yannick from under http://creativ...
Roblox Companions and Extras
Created by Pinkolol16
I got a bit bored, and a bit nuts too.
Found a tool that someone made and used it to go on a porting spree for props and here I am releasing my progress to you.
I'm not normally a dedicated model porter (I'm normally ok with temporary textures!),...
[TFA] CheyTac M200
Created by TFA
I recommend Crident if you're going to host using this gun; we offer priority support on our

Created by jQueary
Game-sized model.
4 Skins.

Sketchfab model inf:

Unfinished music sheet written with blood that urges its victims to come near and continue writing it with their own blood....
[TFA] KF2 Katana
Created by TFA-WS1
Be sure to follow our workshops for more!

With Lt. Rocky's permission, I've started porting some of his Left 4 Dead 2 workshop submissions to Garry's Mod.

  • The first SWE
Afterfall Teddy Bear P.M. & NPC
Created by dewobedil
Teddy Bear from Afterfall: Insanity

Features :
- Playermodel / NPC / Ragdoll
- Firstperson view arms
- Hitboxes for TTT purpose
- Proportions

Credits :
Model & Texture: Intoxicate Studios
Model rigged: b...
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^800 EjCool8 Dec 22, 2017 @ 9:17pm 
372 skin?
[Salt]๖ۣۜTaco๖ۣۜGames Dec 22, 2017 @ 4:53pm 
I need the scp 372 skin, anyone got it?
🔴⚫ MiGchael ☣⚪۩۞ Sep 5, 2017 @ 7:59pm 
i got the mods why i got ERROR in my game?
JynxPlayz Aug 30, 2017 @ 12:49am 
Certain models for the weapons show errors so if anyone has a tip please do tell.
Pizza Parker Aug 19, 2017 @ 1:18pm 
this list is missing the keycard models and the blink and health bars
★ P1nK ★ Aug 17, 2017 @ 2:24pm 
🔴⚫ MiGchael ☣⚪۩۞ Aug 13, 2017 @ 5:41pm 
thanks you
Dr.??? Aug 8, 2017 @ 8:45pm 
if you see errors you have too many addons
mistercummins Aug 2, 2017 @ 5:53pm 
Add all of the addons, not just some.
YourDad Jul 26, 2017 @ 1:19pm 
Why dont you have all the server shiet on here, you are missing loads and loads of things i would like to be linked ALL the addons. thank you.