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DEFCON Achievement Guide (English)
By Just Harry
This guide will explain how to get the various achievements in DEFCON.
Before continuing onto the main body of the guide, be sure to take note of this: No achievements can be earned outside of multiplayer with the exception of Merry Christmas, so attempting to do them in single player will not unlock them.

"Call a vote and convince your allies to kick a team member, a total of 10 times."

The easiest way to get this is to simply start up a game of Diplomacy, and have a player who you continuously kick and have re-join your two person alliance (since it still counts as a "vote").
Brave Sacrfice
Brave Sacrifice

"Loose 500 pilots due to running out of fuel"

This achievement can easily be gotten during normal play, simply make sure that before the game ends, send out all your remaining planes so that they are unable to return to any airbases before they run out of fuel; the numbers will add up fast enough.

"Win an online game of Diplomacy."

Simply make a 1v1 online game of Diplomacy, and win it.
The "Explore" Achevements
All of these achievements are self-explanatory. Easily done in normal gameplay. If attempting this against an unwilling opponent, focus extra nukes on the target cities, especially if you know that there are silos nearby. Also remember synchronize launches such that they all arrive at the same time.

Explore Africa

"Nuke Chiro and Kinchasa in a single match."

Explore Asia

"Nuke Tokyo, Shanghai, and Hong Kong in a single match."

Explore Europe

"Nuke London, Rome, and Berlin in a single match."

Explore North America

"Nuke Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco in a single match."

Explore Russia

"Nuke Moscow and Leningrad in a single match."

Explore South America

"Nuke Mexico, Sao Paolo, and Lima in a single match.
Had Enough Yet?
Had Enough Yet?

"Nuke a city with a population already reduced to 0.0M."

This is easy, simply launch a pile of nukes against a small, undefended city, will almost certainly be gotten through normal gameplay.
Hit And Run
Hit And Run

"Launch all nukes from a fleet of six subs and escape without loosing a single sub in the process."

This is best done against large territories with lots of coastline (i.e. Asia, Russia), as proper maneuvering will minimize your chances of the subs being caught in range of an airbase or even a radar in some cases.

You can also take the fleet out into the middle of the ocean and have them dump their nukes in the sea, which is much less risky, but very wasteful.
Kill The World
Kill The World

"Nuke 7 billion civilians."

Rather conveniently, the score of the game is measured in Megadeaths, which is equal to 1 million people. Therefore, killing 1 billion people is equal to 1 000 points (2 000 points in default mode). Extending this to the full 7 billion needed, you must get 7 000 points (14 000 points in default mode).

The easiest way to farm for this is to start a 2 player game with 3 territories each, 1 city per territory, with a population of 200 million per territory.

2 ICBM silos per city is the minimum you can place to ensure quick reputability. Each game will yield 600 million deaths, meaning you will need to do this 12 times at most.
Lone Warrior
Lone Warrior

"Win a six player game without ever being in an alliance."

The easiest method of doing this is to have yourself and another player, with the rest of the slots being AI players. You must be South America, as it is the most isolated continent with the highest chance of success. Set the score mode to survivor, and only 1 city per territory.

The other player should be North America, since they can place all their silos on the border with you to create a protective umbrella against incoming ICBMs from everyone except Africa.

You should focus all your energy into protecting your city from the African fleet and air force. While the European fleet can attack you, they will need to get through the American fleet to do so. The American fleet should also ideally be patrolling the pacific to protect against the Asian/Russian fleets.

When DEFCON 1 hits, all the AI will bomb each other, bringing them below the winning score. North America can also be hit either by the AI or your own bombers to bring them below the threshold. Make sure you launch your bombers and MRBMs against the African silos as soon as they launch ICBMs, since they are the only missiles that don't have to fly over North America.
Mary Christmas
Mary Christmas

"Nuke Santa and thereby end Christmas for everyone, for ever more."

This achievement is the only one that can be earned in single player.

To have a chance at nuking Santa, your system clock must be set to December 24th. You can either wait for this to occur naturally, or just change your clock to get this.

Santa cannot be locked onto by nukes, he must be caught in the splash zone of a nuclear explosion. To make it as easy as possible, go into the game advanced settings, and make sure each territory has only 1 city to reduce the number of places he can go.

Get a few bombers into the air and set them all to MRBM Mode. Have them circle a city as close as possible until Santa draws near. When he is at point blank range with a bomber, have them launch a nuke right in front of themselves, hopefully killing Santa in the process.

Congratulations. Little Timothy will never get his present.
Nice Try
Nice Try

"Sink an entire fleet of six subs, before they can launch a single nuke."

This is ideally done by destroying the submerged subs with an ASW carrier before they have a chance to arm their missiles.

If the subs surface next to an airbase (or several), this achievement is in the bag. Even a squad of fighters can decimate a sub group.
Perfectly Timed Betrayal
Perfectly Timed Betrayal

"Defect from an ally, then land a nuke on one of their cities within 10 seconds."

Launch a bomber towards an allied city (preferably out of range from any silos or airbases), and set it to MRBM Mode as soon as it's in the air. Once the bomber is right above the city, go to the slowest speed, defect from the ally, and launch the nuke at the city. The bomber will be lost in the process, but at least you got the achievement!
Pre-Emptive Striker
Pre-Emptive Striker.

"Destroy a total of 50 enemy silos before they can launch any Nukes."

Best done against a small territory (i.e. Europe) so that you can easily scout them to locate all their installations. As soon as DEFCON 1 is in effect, fire everything at them. Depending on the game mode, it is likely they will keep at least some of the silos in Air Defense Mode to try and mitigate the bombardment. If they do switch to ICBM mode, use your subs and any carrier bombers you might have to quickly eliminate them while they are defenseless. In the latter case, be aware of enemy airbases.
Recon Expert
Recon Expert

"Uncover all ground bases belonging to a single enemy team before Defcon 1."

Best done against a small, easily scouted territory (*cough*Europe*cough*. Seeing a pattern here.). Simply use a combination of your own radar, scout planes, and even fleets if needed to find every single building they have placed before time runs out.

"Win an online game with at least half of your nukes still remaining."

For maximum ease of success, simply go into the advanced game options, and set the victory timer to go off after only a few nukes have been fired, this way you won't be cutting it close with regards to how close you are to the 50% marker of your stockpile.

"Win an online game of Survivor with at least 90% of your population still alive."

Your best hope for dong this legitimately is to be Europe in Europe Vs. North America. Because any ICBMs launched by the USA must go over the North Pole to reach Europe, a battery of silos can be placed in Scandinavia and Iceland (along with a radar on the very west tip of Iceland for maximum advance warning).

As long as you manage to keep control of the sea, hopefully destroying the enemy subs in the process, you should easily be able to destroy the missiles that the USA will send. In the event that the Iceland radar is destroyed, you can use your fleet (if you still have one) as an emergency radar to allow your silos to engage enemy nukes in flight.

While they are busy launching all of those ICBMs, launch your bombers to take out as many coastal cities as possible, maybe a few silos too for a follow-up attack.

"Win a game online."

Self-explanatory. Will be earned by normal gameplay. Be sure to check one of the strategy guides for tips on how to win harder.

Destroy a total of 50 enemy ships with Nukes.

This is a tactic called "Naval Nuking." Some people frown on it, some people love it. It can be a good way to screw up a naval battle in your favor late game, or just to destroy any subs if you happen to have an armed bomber nearby.

Note that you cannot actually directly target ships with nukes (with bombers at least, and they're the only things that can land a certain hit on a moving fleet. They'll just go into Naval Bombing Mode). To hit an enemy ship, zoom in as close as you can, and nuke next to the ship, and it'll be caught in the splash zone. Repeat as many times as needed.
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Freya Diforci Aug 26, 2017 @ 4:53am 
For some people who don't have two computers, remember you can did that with a virtual computer with VirtualBox, with that, you can do them with one computer :)
Diivizion Jul 21, 2017 @ 11:07am 
I confirm : u can have all achievement alone, just need an other computer with demo :)
Just Harry  [author] Jul 20, 2017 @ 4:04pm 
The only achevement that can be gotten in single player Vs. AI is Mary Christmas.

All the other achevements need a minimum of two human players, but you can add AI for achevements that require more than that.

You can *technically* do it yourself by downloading the demo directly from Introversion's website and running it at the same time as your steam copy. This works best with multiple computers.
☢️ Khθurchεv ☢ Jul 20, 2017 @ 10:40am 
Are any of this achievements can be unlocked by playing singleplayer (against IA) ???? i stumble only pro when playing online.
Diivizion Jul 17, 2017 @ 8:45am 
Can we have all achievement with only 2 players ?