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All Tower Unite Accessories And What They Look Like [UPDATED WITH SUMMER 2019 ITEMS]
By -Lefty-
Here you can find all the hats, glasses, backpacks, neck, wrist and waist items! Also particles and backer items. You can also see the item's description and how much they cost.

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A few notes
How to buy and wear your hats, etc?

First you need to have enough units to buy the one you want, there are other guides showing you how you can aquire some nice cold cash.

On the main menu next to PLAY you can see an APPEARANCE button, click on it.
obviously you should click on the ACCESSORIES button...

and there you go, click on any category you want and look for the thing you want.

How you can find the hat you are looking for more faster?

You can press Ctrl+F to open up a search box, in there you can write the name of your hat or maybe the amount of units you want your hat to cost.

Messed up text and pictures?

The guide looks normal on the web browser version of steam community.
Name: Afro
Description: Does not improve dance skills.
Cost: 1,800 Units

Name: Baseball Cap
Description: Hit the ball out of the park!
Cost: 1,200 Units

Name: Chicken Bucket
Description: Does not improve guitar skills.
Cost: 300 Units

Name: Cat Beanie
Description: A comfy beanie that really shows the feline side of people.
Cost: 1,300 Units

Name: Cat Ears
Description: These cute feline ears will have you meowing all day long.
Cost: 1,400 Units

Name: Cowboy Hat
Description: Howdy, y'all.
Cost: 2,000 Units

Name: Fancy Top Hat
Description: For those dapper fellows.
Cost: 2,100 Units

Name: Fedora
Description: Don't forget to grab it before the door closes.
Cost: 50 Units

Name: Flower Hat
Description: Stolen straight from the roots of the plaza planters.
Cost: 1,000 Units

Name: Gem Crown
Description: It's true what they say about fine art...
Cost: 10,000 Units

Name: Headphones
Description: Puts out more dB than human ears can hear.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Medieval Helmet
Description: Be part of the renaissance period.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Party Hat
Description: Be the life of the party with this... paper hat. Oh.
Cost: 500 Units

Name: Pilgrim Hat
Description: Celebrate thanksgiving and fall with this hat.
Cost: 500 Units

Name: Santa Cap
Description: Be part of the holidays with this warming Santa cap.
Cost: 500 Units

Name: Sombrero
Description: It's always fiesta time with this hat.
Cost: 800 Units

Name: Stripe Hat
Description: The style might be old, but it's a sight to behold!
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Top Hat
Description: Look like a true gentlemen with this fancy top hat.
Cost: 500 Units

Name: Traffic Cone
Description: Beep beep.
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Witch Hat
Description: This witch hat is the perfect way to dress up any look on Halloween.
Cost: 800 Units

Name: Wizard Hat
Description: Fight some dragons in some dungeons. Stolen from an actual wizard.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Chef Hat
Description: Today's mystery ingredient is...
Cost: 1,000 Units

Name: Paper Hat
Description: Try not to get it wet.
Cost: 500 Units

Name: Hologram Hat
Description: Great scott, my eyes!
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Hard Hat
Description: For soft baby heads.
Cost: 1,000 Units

Name: Bucket Hat
Description: Only reel fisherman are allowed... wait, this sounds familiar.
Cost: 500 Units

Name: Firefighter Helmet
Description: Fight fire with fire, or this fashionable helmet.
Cost: 1,500 Units

Name: Cheese Hat
Description: Everyone in Wisconsin is legally obligated to own one of these.
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Police Cap
Description: Also known as the mountie cap, rozzer cap, bobbie cap, and the cop cap.
Cost: 1,500 Units

Name: Crown
Description: It's good to be the king.
Cost: 8,000 Units

Name: Paper Bag
Description: Not even this enormous bag can hold all of your shame.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Cat Head
Description: This cat head may be prone to flying around in UFOs. Take caution.
Cost: 30,000 Units
Hats (continued)
Name: Dog Head
Description: This one doesn't fly around in UFOs. Too bad.
Cost: 30,000 Units

Name: Pumpkin Head
Description: Look at that winning smile! This guy really knows what's up.
Cost: 2,500 Units

Name: Soda Drink Hat
Description: He was number one.
Cost: 7,500 Units

Name: GP5 Mask
Description: Deadly gas sold separately.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Paper Crown
Description: Feel like royalty on the cheap.
Cost: 1,000,000 Units (nope, not kidding)

Name: Strainer
Description: This handy strainer offers protection from lizard people and or mind control.
Cost: 10,000 Units

Name: Computer Head
Description: Consume.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Diving Helmet
Description: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
Cost: 30,000 Units

Name: Skull Mask
Description: Show your skull on the outside.
Cost: 20,000 Units

Name: Watermelon Head
Description: Keeps your head cool, stylish and a quick snack on-the-go.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Coconut Head
Description: The milk makes for good conditioner.
Cost: 4,000 Units

Name: Summer Garden Hat
Description: A vintage-style garden hat.
Cost: 10,000 Units

Name: Poker Visor
Description: Increases luck by 0.01%
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Sun Visor
Description: Warm up your scalp without being blinded by the light.
Cost: 2,000 Units

Name: Laser Tag Symbol
Description: Display your favorite team symbol from laser tag.
Cost: 200,000 Laser Tag EXP

Name: Bunny Ears
Description: Cute bunny ears for your head.
Cost: 750 Units (Can only be found during the Easter event)

Name: Bowler Hat
Description: Won't make you good at bowling.
Cost: 9,000 Units

Name: Flower Crown
Description: Steer clear of bees.
Cost: 1,250 Units

Name: Ushanka
Description: Keep yourself warm during the harsh winter.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Umbrella Hat
Description: A shady hat.
Cost: 5,000 Units
Name: Aviators
Description: Look like a badass.
Cost: 800 Units

Name: Snow Goggles
Description: Keeps the snow at bay.
Cost: 1,200 Units

Name: Star Glasses
Description: The 70s called, they want their glasses back.
Cost: 1,400 Units

Name: 3D Glasses
Description: Play Tower... in 3D! Only in select theaters.
Cost: 500 Units

Name: Disguise Glasses
Description: Groucho Marx would be proud.
Cost: 8,000 Units

Name: Glasses
Description: Does not improve intelligence.
Cost: 2,500 Units

Name: Monocle
Description: When normal glasses aren't enough.
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Evil Eyes
Description: Become one with the darkness.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Cycling Glasses
Description: Look stylish while pushing those pedals.
Cost: 1,000 Units

Name: Square Glasses
Description: You will see nothing but pixels.
Cost: 1,250 Units

Name: Circle Glasses
Description: Elton John would be proud.
Cost: 1,500 Units

Name: Oval Shades
Description: Vintage-style gardening shades.
Cost: 2,000 Units

Name: Steampunk Goggles
Description: The glass comes pre-steamed.
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Neon Light Glasses
Description: It's a sign of the future.
Cost: 8,000 Units

Name: Cig
Description: Smoking is bad for your health.
Cost: 10,000 Units

Name: Inflatable Glasses
Description: Won't help with vision.
Cost: 1,000 Units

Name: Iridescent Sunglasses
Description: MY EYES!
Cost: 2,500 Units

Name: Palm Tree Glasses
Description: No trees were saved in the making of these glasses.
Cost: 6,000 Units

Name: Pineapple Glasses
Description: If you find these under the sea, someone littered.
Cost: 5,000 Units
Name: Backpack
Description: A stylish backpack.
Cost: 500 Units

Name: Catpack
Description: A feline friend to keep you company.
Cost: 8,000 Units

Name: Golf Bag
Description: Be always prepared for golf with this fashionable bag.
Cost: 100,000 Minigolf EXP

Name: Iridescent Backpack
Description: Protect your things with all of the colors!
Cost: 8,000 Units
Neck items
Name: Tie
Description: Dangerously close to your neck from 9 'til 5.
Cost: 300 Units

Name: Bow Tie
Description: Be fashionably slick.
Cost: 2,000 Units

Name: Photographer's Camera
Description: Now YOU can cover wars!
Cost: 35,000 Units

Name: Hawaiian Lei
Description: A necklace made of flowers, and you don't have to water them!
Cost: 3,000 Units
Wrist Items
Name: Spiked Wristband
Description: For the rebel inside.
Cost: 300 Units
Pic: done

Name: Watch
Description: Always know what time it is. Does not enable coughing.
Cost: 3,000 Units
Pic: done

Name: Wristband
Description: Can't have cold wrists.
Cost: 100 Units
Pic: done

Name: Flower Wristband
Description: Keep your wrist smelling nice.
Cost: 1,000 Units
Waist Items
Name: Pool Tube
Description: In the event of an emergency, this is better than nothing.
Cost: 1,000 Units

Name: Duck Tube
Description: Swim in style.
Cost: 8,000 Units

Name: Dino Tube
Description: Only the heat death of the universe could stop this little guy.
Cost: 8,500 Units

Name: Fashionable Life Ring
Description: The epitome of form over function.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Donut Tube
Description: A tasty treat that'll keep you afloat.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Flamingo Tube
Description: The number one pool companion.
Cost: 25,000 Units

Name: Hula Skirt
Description: The perfect attire for a luau or business meeting.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Airplane Tube
Description: Requires jet fuel to use.
Cost: 20,000 Units

Name: Alien Tube
Description: Klaatu barada nikto.
Cost: 2,500 Units

Name: Balloon Dog Tube
Description: Blork, blork, blork. I'm a balloon dog.
Cost: 40,000 Units

Name: Boat Tube
Description: You're on a boat.
Cost: 11,000 Units

Name: Burger Tube
Description: Mmmm. This is a tasty burger.
Cost: 10,000 Units

Name: Cat Tube
Description: Meow, meow, meow. I'm a Tube Cat.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Cherry Tube
Description: George Washington approved! Allegedly.
Cost: 4,000 Units

Name: Chicken Tube
Description: Cluck cluck. Goes the cow.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Coconut Tube
Description: Works well with the Lime Tube.
Cost: 2,000 Units

Name: Cool Duck Tube
Description: Got any grapes?
Cost: 10,000 Units

Name: Cosmic Tube
Description: The secrets of the cosmos lie within
Cost: 60,000 Units

Name: Crocodile Tube
Description: Hey! Stay away from the crocodiles!
Cost: 40,000 Units

Name: Diamond Tube
Description: Your new best friend.
Cost: 50,000 Units

Name: Dog Tube
Description: Bark, bark, bark. I'm a Tube Dog.
Cost: 5,000 Units

Name: Dragon Tube
Description: Feel free to let him breathe fire; you're in a pool!
Cost: 25,000 Units

Name: Eagle Tube
Description: Great for escapes from Mordor.
Cost: 1,000 Units

Name: Fish Tube
Description: Soap. Soap. What is soap?
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Fox Tube
Description: If what I think is happening is happening: it better not be.
Cost: 9,000 Units

Name: Giraffe Tube
Description: Got a long neck to reach them pool leaves.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Gold Tube
Description: Made in 1849.
Cost: 10,000 Units

Name: Golden Melons
Description: Gold melons surround you.
Cost: 600,000 Ball Race EXP

Name: Heart Tube
Description: Now with working aorta!
Cost: 4,000 Units

Name: Holographic Pool Tube
Description: Is it even there?
Cost: 9,000 Units

Name: Horse Tube
Description: Yee-haw, get along little dogies.
Cost: 30,000 Units

Name: Iridescent Tube
Description: Available in six designer colors.
Cost: 12,000 Units

Name: Lime Tube
Description: Goes well with the Coconut Tube.
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Neon Tube
Description: Do not question the source of the energy needed to light this tube up.
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Palm Tree Tube
Description: Sway in the waves.
Cost: 8,000 Units
Waist Items 2 Electric Boogaloo
Name: Pelican Tube
Description: Known for eating other pool tubes.
Cost: 9,000 Units

Name: Pig Tube
Description: Made of plastic, not bacon.
Cost: 8,000 Units

Name: Pinata Tube
Description: Not filled with candy... or is it?
Cost: 13,000 Units

Name: Pineapple Tube
Description: It floats so you won't see it under the sea anytime soon.
Cost: 1,000 Units

Name: Pizza Tube
Description: When the moon hits your eye...
Cost: 4,000 Units

Name: Pool Pool Tube
Description: They're so rich- they have a swimming pool inside their swimming pool!
Cost: 9,000 Units

Name: Popcorn Tube
Description: Are you gonna share?
Cost: 3,500 Units

Name: Racecar Tube
Description: I am speed.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Rainbow Tube (The colors of the tube keep changing)
Description: Wow! That's a rainbow!
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Shark Tube
Description: Fish are friends, not food.
Cost: 8,000 Units

Name: Silver Tube
Description: It's good enough for me.
Cost: 2,000 Units

Name: Snake Tube
Description: Please no steppy.
Cost: 6,000 Units

Name: Splash Tube
Description: Splashing is prohibited.
Cost: 2,000 Units

Name: Stingray Tube
Description: I'm not going to sting ya while we swim together.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Strange Tube
Description: What even is this?
Cost: 70,000 Units

Name: Swan Tube
Description: Formerly a princess pool tube.
Cost: 4,000 Units

Name: Toilet Tube
Description: Make sure to flush.
Cost: 40,000 Units

Name: Toucan Tube
Description: As seen on cereal boxes.
Cost: 20,000 Units

Name: Turtle Tube
Description: Turtley enough for any turtle club.
Cost: 12,000 Units

Name: UFO Tube
Description: It doesn't have a heat signature!
Cost: 50,000 Units

Name: Unicorn Tube
Description: It does exist!
Cost: 60,000 Units

Name: Watermelon Tube
Description: May contain seeds.
Cost: 6,000 Units

Name: White Horse Tube
Description: Does not come with castle.
Cost: 40,000 Units
Name: Hearticles
Description: Show off how lovely you are.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Stars
Description: Occlude the sky with your entire body.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Pixels
Description: Bits and bytes surround you.
Cost: 10,000 Units

Name: Rainbow Stars
Description: Fabulously occlude the sky with your entire body.
Cost: 20,000 Units

Name: Flare
Description: A very familiar glow.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Macaroni
Description: Stir the pot with this amazing effect.
Cost: 35,000 Units

Name: Sweat Drops
Description: Take a shower, greaseball.
Cost: 15,000 Units

Name: Dripping Wet
Description: Towels are for chumps.
Cost: 2,000 Units

Name: Snowflake
Description: Tis the season.
Cost: 3,000 Units

Name: Falling Money
Description: Make it rain lods e mone.
Cost: 100,000 Casino EXP

Name: Infection Flame
Description: The effect infected somehow gain after catching the infection in Virus.
Cost: 100,000 Virus EXP
Backer items
Big thanks to vtipoman and Gryphon for helping me add these items to the guide!

These items could be aquired by donating to the Tower Unite indiegogo page.

Name: Glowing Headphones
Description: These headphones light up to various media. Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!
Cost: $25 USD (AUDIOPHILE perk)

Name: Golden Watch
Description: Make anything golden with this. Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!
Cost: $60 USD (GOLDEN GAMER perk)
Backer particles
Name: Fire Special Effect
Description: Flame on! Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!
Cost: $30 USD (POWER GAMER perk)

Name: Electricity Special Effect
Description: How shocking! Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!
Cost: $30 USD (POWER GAMER perk)

Name: Sparkle Special Effect
Description: Shing! (Sparkle, sparkle.) Thanks for being a Tower Unite backer!
Cost: $30 USD (POWER GAMER perk)
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