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Stellaris Empire Customisation
Paradox have found something special in Stellaris; they've found a way that players can really tell the story of their species, a way that players can play their game as a role playing game and not just a strategy. One can play sub-optimally but play as that species might really evolve as they entered the galactic stage.

Mods here allow you to customise your species and empire with things like additional civics, ethics, flags & emblems, name lists, traits etc. Also included are some of my other collections which grant additional portraits, cityscapes, and ship sets.

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Items (49)
Civics Variety Pack
Created by LittleRaskol
A grab bag of new civics.

This is a "civics-only" version of my Government Variety Pack mod. It is SUPER INCOMPATIBLE with that mod too, there may be duplicate entr...
Civic Redux
Civic Redux adds in 49 new government Civics to choose from. These Civics can provide passive bonuses - similar to many of the vanilla Civics - or Game Start civics that give an immediate effect at the start of the game, such as Syncretic E...
More Civics Mod
Mod adds several new civics to the game based on simple suggestions on the Stellaris suggestions board. They should be complete and relatively balanced. Be aware that this mod will likely not be compatible with many other mods since it must change many o...
Juris Civics Expansion [2.2 Compatible]
Created by Sanity Dance
Version 1.4.1 released, now with 2.2 compatibility!

When Banks was released, I was thrilled with the addition of the Civics system. However, I felt it was lacking in a few vital areas; namely Spiritualism and Hive Minds. There were a lot of niches I fel...
StarterTech 2
Created by Lazerus Artificial
With Utopia and the new Civic system, i decided to rework my old Startertech mod

This version no longer uses Traits to grant Techs at start, it now uses the Civics, just like Mechanists.
Desert Froggo's Flag Collection
Created by Desert Froggo
This is a comprehensive pack of flag emblems and backgrounds that I've added into my game. There are currently the following categories:

~ Crop Signs: derived from various crop circle images found throughout the web.
~ Earth Flags: inspired from factio...
Flag Background Pack
Created by zraith
An additional 28 flag backgrounds for the game.

Best used with mods that expand the color palette (selection) for the flag creation.

Stellaris Tags: Graphics
Mod name: Flag Background Pack
Last updated: 2018.5.23

Updated for Stellaris 2.1...
Flags : Emblems & Backgrounds
Created by swefpifh
Compatibility : v1.8.*, IronMan, Multiplayers, Achievements, Others mods

Gold/Silver/Onyx colors for all new emblems.


> This mod is free to use in case modders wish to use the c...
Harkax Flags
Created by Harkax
Browsing the workshop, in regards to the flag designer I mostly saw emblems based on historical human empires, so I felt the need to make more designs that you could create your own alien evolutionary backstory around.

I also added new backgrounds to pl...
Humanity Emblems
Created by ExtraNoise
Humanity Emblems adds over 170 flag emblems to Stellaris, filed under "Humanity" in the flag customization options.

About the Mod
This mod began when I wanted to create a series of human races to populate a "human-only" galaxy and was unhappy...
Mod Pack Flag Graphics
Created by zraith
This mod consolidates some of the various emblem mods that I've come across. I take no credit for the various emblem packs that this mod pack is made of. I made this mod for the simple reason to clean up my mod list (was getting fairly big) and make it eas...
More Backgrounds
Created by kimstad
Adds more backgrounds for your flags
Enables hidden vanilla emblems for designer and adds an empty one

All pictures are cropped screenshots from ingame with dark green as primary and dark blue as secondary colours and using my empty emblem

TehT's OCD Emblems
Created by Teh T
When working on TehT's FlagPlack, I noticed that several of the emblems, particularly in the Blocky and Pointy categories were not centered very well in the image..

Included in ...
Ro Flags
Created by roe.ese
Ro Flags are inspired by East Asian seals. Choose from 22 seals for your flag. Currently available in white. Gold to be added in the future. More seals to be added in the future.

Some of the seals are based on some of the states during the Spring and A...
Spectra Flag Colors [2.2 Compatible!]
Created by Sanity Dance
I got tired of all of the other flag color mods, so I wrote a short Java program that spat out 2,028 lines of Stellaris color code and made my own color mod.


  • Adds 2,028 colors for use in the Empire Creation screen.
Created by Teh T
[LeGuin 2.2.x, Ironman Compatible, 100% Conflict Free]
More flag backgrounds in the style of the vanilla ones, mathemagically placed to integrate with default emblems!

I will be extending this going forwards, and will to that end take requests, ...
Alien Suns: Babel Fish
Created by S.C.Watson
October 15: Updated for 1.8 Čapek -with 20 new namelists added.
May 13: Updated for Adams 1.6.1
May 9: Updated for Adams 1.6.0
Updated for Banks/Utopia 1.5.1
Alternative Hive Mind Namelists [Updated to 2.2]
Created by UntrustedLife
This mod adds five new name lists to stellaris made specifically for hivemind/infestation themed empires.

I found the original one lacking.

This Mod Has 7 new namelists included:
1 plant based hive mind name list
2 infestation name lists
1 basic...
Byzantine Name List
Created by n00bypl4y3r
With the wonders of modern technology, I have transfered Byzantine names and fleets from EU4 (which includes pretty much all of them from CK2 as well) and made them usable in Stellaris. Also includes a relatively minor chance of getting Armenian and Georgi...
Cradle of Civilization Name List
Created by creepyeyes
This is a name list using names from ancient cultures in the Cradle of Civilization (The region spanning from Israel through to modern day Iran), specifically the Assyrians, Hittites, Sumerians, Babylonians, Israelistes, and the Persians, and a few from ot...
Dragon-themed Descriptive Fantasy Names
Created by NullPointer
I'm always bothered by the fact most names are too alien and hard to remember. Is "Xil'Ashkandur" the Arid 25 tiles planet or the small Ocean one?

In order to solve this, I generated a name list with descriptive names - in this case, fantasy, dragon-the...
Honorbound Warriors Name List
Created by 👌 Dukhat
Howdy great peeps,

After creating a bunch of custom civilizations, that I modelled after the existing AI personalities,
I came to the "Honorbound Warriors" personality, but found no proper name list, so I made one.

This list has...
Java-Sanskrit Name List
Created by Walkerk19
Names based on old Javanese and Hindu Sanskrit. More Archaic sounded than ever!...
Lovecraft Name List
Created by Snowpan
From the orginal creator, GamingCthulhu:

"Unfortunately I do not still have my original files and don't have the time to reconstruct things now. If someone has an updated one and wants to post it please feel free to and leave a comment here with the upd...
Created by gamingbattle
(Reuploaded after issues updating the other one)

(Updated for 1.5.1)

This namelist is meant to bring you to a different time. A time when men were men, the laws of physics were loose, and every planet in the Solar System, it seemed, was habitable. An...
The Quintessential British Name List
Created by Tearsdale
British Humans
Forum Thread[]

Alternatively British anything. Blorgs, Foxes, Smugslugs, Platypi,... Go crazy.

Roman Names List
Created by Gunth
A full Roman name list.

The Roman Empire took over the entire world and lasted into space.

Characters' names have praenomina and nomina in accordance with their gender. Regnal names are the same but limited to some well known emperors, empresses an...
Xor Namelist
Created by Yzaxtol
Xor Namelist

A Custom name list that instead of using made up words in a made up language it is boiled down to concepts and ideas.

Xor are ruled by several major clans where 95% of the population are either born into or are adopted into. They named a...
Gwens Zero Cost Traits 1.6.X
The point of this mod is to add a a variety of neutral traits to the game. Each species can only have one. They are meant to help add a dose of sometimes silly flavor to trait variety.
Immortality Trait - Compatability Mod
Created by Alexthe666
Updated to 1.8.X

Adds a new trait, immortality, that makes rulers of the species it is added to immortal.

That's all....
Scarecrow's Trait Compendium
Created by Scarecrow
Test mod please ignore.

A collection of traits curated from from trait mods that have sadly been neglected for a long time, and a few I have created myself.

A key feature of this mod are the superlative versions of base game traits, ...
Stellaris: More Negative Species Traits
Created by Simultaneous Lovin'
Latest update: 2.2.x (Megacorp)

Mod for Stellaris version 2.1.3 (Distant Stars):

After getting tired of the lack of negative traits in vanilla which railroad you into pick...
Synthetic AI traits
Created by Accuare
Synthetic traits for a synthetic empire. A synthetic trait as well as some AI upgrades for your synthetic empire. For 1.7.2 a version for 1.6.2 has also been uploaded

Trait Collection
Created by Fnord
- Last Update: 1.9.1
- This mods adds more than 80 new traits to the game.
- Multiplayer Compatible.
- I strongly recommend using a mod that extends the Gene modification UI to fit all traits.
- F.e.: Cadence's Extremely Lazily Writt...
United Traits
Created by Fugasas
This mod contains 70+ traits for species inspired by various Sci-Fi themes (from Star Wars, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Stargate, StarCraft to Fallout). New traits are defined in a separate file, therefore vanilla traits are not affected. These tra...
Choose Syncretic Species Appearance
Created by artifex
This mod allows you to select the portrait and name of the species created by the Syncretic Evolution civic.

It should be compatible with any mod that doesn't change the way the initial pops spawn on your homeplanet. Unfortunately, only Paradox-created...
Enhanced Gene Modding
Created by ParasiteX
Enhanced Gene Modding by ParasiteX

This mod will give you an extra menu that will pop-up after successfully gene modding a species, and will give you extra customization options.

These options include:
  • Rename species.
Enhanced Species Names
Created by NullPointer
After I implemented a new name list with more readable and recognisable names, I noticed it's only half the problem: most species and initial star names also have rather confusing and meaningless names, some times a little too much for me to memorize.
In ...
Ethic&Government Rebuild
Created by petruxa
This page holds the Old version of the mod.

The latest version of the mod, which includes completely new Civics system, new Traditions and Ascension Perks, can be found on the page
Government Variety Pack
Created by LittleRaskol
A grab bag of new civics and government types.

For a version that only adds new civics, check out Civics Variety Pack.

New Civics

A separate post conta...
Gwens Complex Traits And Civics
This mod grants species traits that augment their leaders with bonus leader traits. This mod grants Civics that grant specialized technology and buildings you can’t otherwise access. Traits and civics that grant strange and unique playstyles.

Bonus lead...
Pirate Codex Government Type
Created by BrutishMrFish
NOTE: This mod is no longer being updated, but I will list alternatives that include it for those who want a something up to date:

Government Overhaul Open Beta by xnadu27:
Population Overhaul
Created by
*Now updated to work with 1.7.1 Bradbury beta*

Have you ever felt that your planets fill with pops too quickly and that every species reproduces at more or less the same rate, that the breeding traits dont feel worthwhile as by the time you have differe...
Ultimate Merge Mod
Created by BurningTemplar
The intent of the mod:
Well, I always though that Stellaris civics lack of personality. Like Shadow Council, the concept is cool ok, but in the end they give only +/- % on stuff. The more unique civics are mechanists, syncr evolution, fp and few other one...
Snowyamur's The Trait Archive
Created by Snowyamur
List of Traits Here

I would like to give the following mods below support, advertisement, and commendation on my behalf for inspiring me to cre...
Additional Traits
Created by Granhyt
Stellaris is a game with infinite possibilities and an infinite potential.
So why not start by adding more species traits to your game, for a more diverse galaxy ?
This allow you different options and more varied handicaps .. and advantages.
One of the ...
Svafa's Expanded Species Traits
Created by Svafa
This mod adds over 30 new species traits. It is focused on adding new and evocative options to fulfil those scifi fantasies that the base options didn't quite allow. A complete list can be found in the related discussion.

Latest Changes
Extended Traits
Created by r-M
This mod adds over 20 additional species traits to select from, as well as 6 additional ruler and governor traits that your Empire rulers can spawn with.

Featured in SirTristan's Stellaris ...
Trace Empire Customisation
Created by Trace Projectile
'TEC' is my gift to your custom empires, with DOZENS of vanilla-art-friendly rooms and cities!

Sequel to the removed mod:

For *now* only use the cities and rooms - no ship sets are finished, but I wanted to ...
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