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Tower Clash
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Sep 7, 2012 @ 5:18am
Sep 22, 2016 @ 1:28am

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A FREE TO PLAY multiplayer tower defence game. Draft your unique set of towers and choose the least pleasant set of monsters for your opponents.
Poker meets rock paper scissors meets tower defence

Download the game client here:
Tower Clash client[]
  • 40+ Tower and resource building cards
  • 18+ Monster cards
  • 1-6 Player multiplayer
  • 10-20 Minute match length
Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master
Tower Clash is a casual PvP game to ensure that everyone can easily learn the basics; however, its strategic depth ensures that the game can be replayed almost infinitely.

Each match consists of 3 rounds, during which you draft building cards and develop the defences of your castle. Each round offers a different set of cards with more powerful buildings and upgrades.

Choose Monsters
To make your opponents weep, check out what they are building and choose the least appealing monsters for them. They are building and developing nature towers? Great, it seems that some automatons should be ordered for the monster army!

At the end of each round, monsters come and your strategy is put to the test. Each building has a unique ability which can be activated to turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Each match unique
At the beginning of each round, each player is dealt a hand of building cards randomly. You choose one and pass it to the next player. Thus, you have to figure out the best strategy for each match and learn to adapt in situations when things don’t go as planned.

Current game status
Tower Clash is currently in a very playable alpha stage. It’s still missing some art of the buildings, tutorial, tournaments, achievements, profile statistics and other features, but we’re working on it.

Also, we are constantly updating the game balance and searching for the most interesting gameplay to ensure that there is no single winning strategy, and we are interested in adding greater card variety and multiple other enhancements in the future.

So, we’d be happy for your help to:
  • Increase rating, so that Valve is interested in publishing Tower Clash
  • Test the game, so that we can fix all the errors
  • Play the game, so that we can improve the balance of Tower Clash
  • Offer your suggestions and ideas on how to make the game even more fun

The demo uses Facebook logging API. Will the full game require Facebook account?
No, if we get published on STEAM, it will use STEAM API. Facebook logging is just a temporary solution.

How are you going to earn money, if the game is for free?
We plan to use freemium model, but avoid any instances of "pay-to-win" situations. Currently we plan to sell subscriptions to VIP accounts and tournament tickets and visual enhancements.
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steam needs more towerdefense games with co-op
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looks fun and i played something like it so it was to be good.
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Looks good but watch out with the micro transactions.