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All the Gamemodes I could find
After looking at 51 pages of the gamemode filter on the Gmod Workshop, here is a list of gamemodes that I found.

Most of these gamemodes have something else you have subscribe to along side them, so look at the discriptions of these things.

Have fun?
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Awesome Strike: Source
A take on tacticool shooters and multiplayer action games in general. It brings together what I feel is the best about each action sub-genre in to one complete multiplayer package. Very fast paced, high skill ceiling, but also easy to pick up and play. It ...
Bank Heist
Created by delayy_nosound
Welcome to my gamemode
This mod is about robbing banks. Each robber will rob a bank and fastest capture their prey. There is also a system of buying weapons, skins and ammunition. In the future, this list is expanded.
Battle Royale Plus
Created by Danny Judas
Battle Royale Plus is back, baby!

Battle Royale Plus is a modification of IC4RO's GMod Battle Royale, and as a result, most of the credit for ...
Created by Demonkush
Version: 1.3a
This gamemode was created for the 2016 Gamemode Competition. I won third place!

What is Chestburster?
It is a loot race where you open chests and knock out other players in order to come out on top, but be warned, som...
[FIXED 2017] The Hunt
Created by Eddlm

If you're having script errors, read carefully.

I've fixed the script error regarding combine not spawning on new map configurations. It will work with NEW map configurations from now on, but old map configs need to be edite...
Zombie Master
Created by Forrest Mark X
This is a very basic port of Zombie Master made to work as a Garrys Mod gamemode.

JetBoom - Very helpful code snippets from Zombie Survival
Chewgum - Vestige gamemode that helped with...
You Touched it Last
Created by Zet0r
The ever so popular game of who touched an item last and has to clean it up, taken to the extreme with exploding, infectious, or even lethal balls!

Open Lobby Launch Event!
The Open Lobby Launch Event is now over, and it was amazing to see so ...
WoodyWarfare! Gamemode
Created by tubby
WoodyWarfare! is a gamemode which takes ToyStory to a whole new level, you and all the other players play as 'Woody' fighting to get the most kills as you possibly can! who do you think can win the game?
Wario-Ware Reloaded v1.5
Created by NightlyH
WarioWare revolves around the concept of "microgames", bite-sized minigames that last for only a few seconds. In these microgames, the player must figure out what they are supposed to do, aided by a word or phrase that appears briefly, and clear the condit...
Ultimate Chimera Hunt
Created by Raphy
Hey there! We are currently working on remaking this gamemode as a standalone game! The project is "Project Chimera" and is under active development by myself and members of the UCH Community!
Check us out, and thank you for your support!
Toxsin X
Created by King David™

Toxsin X is a wave based cooperative shooter made by using ReDead as a base, including features from ReDead as well as...
The Stalker
Created by nuke
A team of soldiers must work together and hunt down a powerful, nearly invisible creature known only as The Stalker.

The Stalker has a number of abilities:

• Scream - A loud shriek that causes nearby soldiers to lose their hearing temporar...
The Chaser
The video was made on the very first version on this gamemode. Since then a new custom HUD and custom Scoreboard has been added, that you can see in the screenshoots.
This gamemode is inspired by S4 Lea...
Tele Tag Preview
Created by BRUXXUS
Be sure to use this with the included map. Prefix will be tel_

This is a work in progress, please keep that in mind. There's a few glaring glitches that are being worked out, hang in there. I try to fix at least a few things with each update.

New ga...
Starship Troopers
• About This Gamemode

ST Gamemode - Based on the same game "Starship Troopers" released in 2005 year, but with only one mission where you have to defend the outpost against waves of attacking Antlions (Insects)
Slave of GMod
Created by Necrossin
Current version: 31/10/2021


Originally started as Hotline Miami fan art. It still is.

A top down gamemode that is pretty much based on how toxic and greedy gmod community is nowadays.
Created by Krotter
Hide from the slasher and stay alive until the end of the round.
In this gamemode, at the start of every round a random player (Slasher) is chosen to hunt down the Hiders.

Includes 2 maps: sl_residential, sl_residential_alt (they require CS:S)

SkyView - Arcade Edition
Created by johnjoemcbob
A fast paced competitive gamemode. Players are equipped with a grappling hook, a shield, and a prop cannon. Their goal is to viciously murder each other to earn points. Kill with style & grace to earn bonus points.

Primary fire - Fire a rando...
Simple Tag Gamemode
Created by StaticR
You're it!

My first Gamemode, a simple tag gamemode.
If you're it, tag other players. If not, RUN! It works like a normal game of tag, though it's pretty customizable.

Ever wanted to tag someone by punchin' him in the face? Or by a headshot with a s...
Created by TGP

Fun twist to your favourite multiplayer gamemodes!
Every player will be force scaled down to a miniature size.
This addon scales playermodels, lowers v...
Saikred's Melon Tank
Created by Saikred™
In the not too distant future, a giant energy crisis has struck. Due to the change in the atmosphere, the sun's light is restricted. Most other forms of energy, specially portable energy sources started failing. So scientists went about trying to develop o...
Sacrifun - Get Your Friends Killed!
Created by Zet0r
Welcome to Sacrifun! Where your only chance of survival is to get your friends killed in your place! Avoid being killed by the killer, but do everything in your power to get other Runners caught by the killer! Bodyblock them, slam doors in their face, tack...
Created by nuke
ReDead is a team based zombie onslaught gamemode with a number of unique features:

● A dynamic weather system. Thunder, lightning, rain and wind. The weather is randomized each round.

● Random events. They happen over the course of the round. Some ...
Ragdoll Combat
Created by Parakeet
This is a re-release of Ragdoll Combat.

It currently only works on gm_flatgrass.

It might be buggy, especially if you have a whole ton of other addons installed.

Character Packs

You need one of these to use other characters.
Use Playe...
Quake 3 Gmod
Created by upset
Music pack is optional, click here to download

Welcome to Quake III GMod! This is a port of Quake III Arena in Garry's Mod that ...
Pirate Ship Wars 2 Gamemode
Created by Captainshaun
Pirate Ship Wars 2 Gamemode
Requires Workshop Content:

Here what's new:
• Cannons are no longer made in Valve's Mapping Hammer but Lua
• Muskets shoot ball bearing bull...
Onslaught Evolved 1.9
Created by Robo
Who remember this gamemode for gmod 10 ?
Yeah, that's it.

Game about :
- Build your own base and defend it!

- Port to Gmod 13

Special thanks : Conman420, Xera, & Ailia.

WARNING : You need to have Hl2Ep2!

One In The Chamber (Gamemode)
Created by Niandra!
Direct download:

What is this?
This is a fxed up version of One In The Chamber, an old Fretta gammeode. This is a deathmatch in which every player is given a pistol and knife, both of ...
Created by Mechanical Mind
A gamemode of deception and murder, based off of Murder in the Dark.
One person is a murderer with a knife, who is trying to secretly kill off the other players.
The other players must use their wits to find out who it is and kill them first. Unfortunate...
Created by Mechanical Mind
Melonbomber is a game where you try to elimate the other players with explosive melons while grabbing upgrades to increase your power

Based on the game Bomberman, Melonbomber brings the same hectic, fast paced gameplay to GMod. Players can place explosi...
Just Shoot Source
Created by Memorix101
Just Shoot for Gmod !
Fast paced instagib action in Garry's Mod !

Original Game:

Infected Wars
SERVERS: - Chicago, US. This is about as official as it gets as it's run by the community I work for. - New York, US

I fixed this a long time ago and found it on my VPS. Not everything will be fixed, so if you c...
Created by Jackarunda
Murder: Advanced. Plays just like Murder, except better.

Also, this map is awesome:

Official server is here:

Discord is here, if you want to contribute to this ...
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
Created by froggy
A gamemode attempting to recreate Half-Life 2: Deathmatch.

Should work on most (if not, all) HL2:DM maps.

Console Variables...
Gungaym (~Exotic~ Testing Version!)
Created by Ryll
Hey there everyone, I got some real cool stuff added into gungaym that I'm ready to release, but I'm a bit afraid of the swarms of errors that are probably going to happen (and the swarms of people ranting on about how I've ruined everything and killed the...
Created by WolfKnight
GhostHunt is a simple gamemode that helps to improve immersion when playing on scary/horror maps like gm_ghosthunt and gm_paranormal.

I personally recommend that you play on Steinman's gm_paranormal with this gamemode, find it [url=http://steamcommunit...
CO-OP Gamemode
Created by perfect_buddy
This gamemode converts the gameplay into a co-operative experience, for example - players that die stay dead and spectate others, alive players reach a checkpoint and all dead players respawn.

After subscribing and starting the...
Create and Capture
Created by Tommo
Create and Capture - A capture the flag game inspired by the old garrysmod gamemode Geoforts, and popular game sourceforts.

Capture the flag in Create and Capture.

Build a base with your team to provide the advantage needed to win the game. Then, on...

Maximum Game!

@@@@You need content pack to make this working.Link to the content pack is below.@@@@

------------- http://steamcommunity...
Extraction Point
Created by Empty
Recommended: 12-16 Players
(Spawn bugs can occur with over 16 and game is balanced for 8-16 players at once)

Extraction point is an asymmetrical team based PvP gamemode.

Two teams, the SWAT team, carrying standard weapons and some tactical gear fac...
Created by ExplodingWaffle
Shooter is a basic FPS gamemode with classes, spectating, teams and rounds.

You need these guns:

Join the fan group!

I've found the fol...
Dissociation Football
Created by Smoothie
Dissociation Football when Association Football is too organized

Dissociation Football is a fun and competitive gamemode. Completely disinterested in soccer? Fret not, there's always the option of just hanging out as a spectator...
DOGFIGHT: Arcade Assault
Created by FreezeBug
Re-introducing the popular GarrysMod 10-12 air battle gamemode!

Dogfight: Arcade Assault is an arcade third person shooter where you are a plane made out of various Half-Life 2 props. The main aim of the game is to fuel your rocket by stealing the enemy...
Dungeon Crawler
Created by johnjoemcbob
Dungeon Crawler is a team-based point-capture gamemode with randomised magical spells that players can use. There are two teams; Heroes, and Monsters, each with their own style of play and objectives.

Note: currently only supports the map rp_harmonti, ...
BF Conquest
Created by ZGFueDkx
What is BF Conquest?

BF Conquest is gamemode based on Battlefield's gamemode with the same name. You play in one of two teams: US [blue team] or RU [red team]. Your primary objective is take control over strategic points on map [flags]. Capturi...
Pirates Versus Boners
Created by Danny Judas
Join the group for news and things!

What is Pirates Versus Boners?

Pirates Versus Boners is a gamemode inspired by the Battlefield 2: Pirates mod, in specific, the 'zombies...
Created by RookieCookieNamNam
Don't forget to leave a rating! If you leave a negative one, please let me know why!

Smash! The good ol' minigame from CS:S brought into GarrysMod.

What is Smash?
Smash is a gamemode where you have two teams: Ants and Smashers
The Ants spawn on s...
Survivalist 2
Created by AnonymoScoot
Survivalist 2 is a renewed gamemode from the original Survivalist which takes the original features of the gamemode and makes them better. New weapons, custom SNPCs, HUD, also containing 8 classes, your goal is to survive for 20 minutes with ( or without )...
Created by AnonymoScoot
This is a gamemode in which you and your fellow teammates fight hordes of NPC zombies. You can choose from 6 different classes to play, each one has different abilities like max health, movement speed, weapons, etc. For this gamemode you will have to play ...
Duck Hunt (Gamemode)
Created by Niandra!
What is Duck Hunt?
Another Fretta gamemode I've made for my Minigames server that I want to release. This originally called Snipers vs Runners, but changed to Duck Hunt after someone on our forums suggested it. Basically, one team are runners, whil...
Hover Gear Legacy
Created by ptown2
Here it is, the greatest racing gamemode ever to be released for Garry's Mod 12... NOW ON GMOD 13! Includes the workshop fix for everyone to have!

This gamemode was created by JetBoom for the NoXiousNet Community. In some time, the gamemode had to be di...
Call of Duty - Gun Game
Created by fabian_gunman
The (GMod) gamemode 'Call of Duty - Gun Game' is a remake of the gamemode 'Gun Game / All The Guns' of the popular game franchise Call of Duty®.

"Each player starts with the same basic pistol. Every time you kill an enemy with your gun, you'r...
C4 Deathmatch
Created by KabutoKai
A basic deathmatch gamemode with 1 rule - C4s only! Aimed for freind servers you and your mates only unless a server wants to host it :P

Works with any map - just find one where the spawns are seperate so you cant spawn camp as easy!
Specific maps for ...
Extreme Football Throwdown
The only American football gamemode you'll ever want to play. Tackle other players, slam them against walls and ceilings, or just pummel them to death with your fists. Get the ball in the enemy goal area to score a touch down. Comes with tons of wacky weap...
Garrys Mod 13 Smash!
Created by tubby
Smash! the original minigame from Counter Strike: Source!

If you do not know what smash is, smash is a minigame that was based on a game called "Counter-Strike: Source" where you are standing on a destructible platform and you have to avoid the incoming...
SourceForts Gamemode
Created by SparkZ
This workshop item only includes the gamemode files. You only need to subscribe to the SourceForts Gamemode Content if you'd like to join a server running this gamemode.

This gamemode is a recreation of the old HL2:DM mod, SourceForts (1.9.4). To put it...
Created by StealthPaw
DodgeBall Gamemode by StealthPaw! (Version 2.1)

☉ Win by hitting the score cap or having the highest score at the end of the round timer
☉ You can catch balls if you have nothing in your hands and have precision timing
☉ If the a ball bounces then you...
Slashers Gamemode
Created by Garrus

Welcome to Slashers, the ultimate horror movie gamemode by Utopia-Games.

Slashers is an asymetrical gamemode based on many famous horror movies (especially slasher movies) that opposes a team of...
Battle Royale
Created by murray

Important notes (please, read this):
  • You just need download any map supported by this gamemode (only gm_f
Factories - Beta
Created by Bobblehead
Note: I'm no longer offering support for this gamemode. I'm really sorry folks. It's available on GitHub[] if someone would like to pick it up and run with it.

A gamemode for Gar...
The Floor is Lava! Workshop Edition
Created by Bullseye
The Floor is Lava, The game you always wanted to play as a kid.
The goal is simple. Don't touch the Lava.


Want to suggest somethin...
Created by Zet0r
You are a test subject stuck in a VR environment tasked with testing various new prototype weaponry ... by killing your fellow test subjects. Grab a weapon, take aim, kill everyone else, and survive as the last subject to collect data. Be the first ...
Created by Maxouuuuu.
French :

Gamemode Paintball

Requis :

English :

Gamemode Paintball

Required :

! Avertissements !
Guess Who
Created by lolle
Combine Spy Party, Hide & Seek and PropHunt and the result is this little gamemode.
In Guess Who two teams compete against each other, one trying to hide between NPCs and the other one trying to hunt those cowards down.

The Hiding team can change thei...
Darkest Days
Created by Necrossin
Current version: 15/03/2020

It is recommended to use the collection above, for the wider selection of maps!

A mix of HL2DM, Bioshock and some other games. In short: melee, magic, guns and gore.
Originally was m...
Hide and Seek
Created by TW1STaL1CKY
{ Hide and Seek } - { Version 1.2b }
This version is a less-stupid one. It does not contain; stock rtv, dynamic tag-ranges, anti-cheat.
It still includes achievements and required fixes.


Flood 2.0
Created by Mythic
After some problems with scriptfodder, we decided to give back to the GMOD community that has given us so much so here you go. A completely re-written from the ground up version of flood.
Brought to you by

1) [M...
Metal Melon
Created by MacDGuy
A pure adrenaline building gamemode where you scream metal lyrics into the microphone to jump over obstacles and race to the finish!

Features impressive mapping by Lifeless and amazing song lyrics written by the community. 24/7 metal stream background m...
Cops and Runners
Created by Zet0r
Cops, tag all runners! Runners, free your jailed teammates!
Watch the video for gamemode explanation, or read on if you prefer text
Note: The current video is from the Beta, all bugs have now been fixed! Better video will probably not ...
Pirate Ship Wars Remix Gamemode
Created by Vader
Current Version: 1.08d

Requires Workshop Content:

This is based off of CaptainShaun's Pirate Ship Wars 2 gamemode:
Friday the 13th/Dead by Daylight Gamemode
Created by Azus
This gamemode is like Friday 13 and Dead by daylight with some things from outlast.

Cmd server gamemode name: deadbydaylight

Apple's Team Deathmatch Gamemode [Beta 1.42]
Created by Justy
Because some people try to load this as a single player game, this will not work. This is meant to be on a dedicated server. You will need ULX as well.

Details about this Gamemode
Thank you for being interested in this ga...
Horror Gamemode
Created by ct
A simple gamemode designed for horror maps.
If you encounter any errors, please post them in the discussion topic.

* - Optional
Gravity Gun*
Kill Feed in chat*...
Prop Hunt
Created by EP45
I won't reply any more comments. If you want help, subscribe this one instead. Sorry :(

==========PROP HUNT===========
Where did you find this? - [url=http://steamcommu...
Attack on Titan Gamemode (Alpha v1.1)
Created by Smoothie

A gamemode for Garry's Mod inspired by the hit-anime series of the same name.

You choose between two teams:
The unforgiving, massive Titans
the best-of-the-best, military-trai...
[BETA] The Evolved 0.9.8
Created by Micro230
Reporting bugs would be highly appreciated.

Singleplayer AND Multiplayer support.

This is a gamemode in which you and/or your fellow teammates fight hordes of nextbot zombies. You can choose from one o...
Stop it, Slender!
Created by Necrossin
Current workshop version: 03.12.2016
Also, read the 'Maps' section before downloading!

A joke gamemode that was done in under a week.
Features coop/versus mode.

For dedicated serv...
Alien: Isolation: Gamemode
Created by Wheatley
Alien: Isolation: Gamemode

Whats new?
  • Fully new gamemdoe base: reworked all systems, weapons, UIs and other!
  • More optimized code: should be no freezes and/or FPS drops!
  • More
Retro TeamPlay (RTP) Gamemode + Content
Created by ZC0M
PLEASE NOTE: The above videos are from older versions of the game, however, the gameplay is very much preserved in this version.
Latest Update (6
Created by Mythic
Hey guys, I just wanted to let everyone know that we have released our paid version to the public. I hope you all enjoy. It is, as far as we know, 100% bug proof. I recommend you go and check it out! -
Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival is a massive gamemode where humans are pit against a zombie horde. Once a human dies, they become a zombie. The game ends when all the humans are (un)dead or the humans survive a certain amount of time or complete o...
Elevator: Source
Created by MacDGuy

Having troubles starting it?
Please read our instructions[].

Note: Elevator: So...
Created by Robin

fixed this old gamemode, SledBuild.

This will not entirely work 100%, there are some bugs and limitations due to the above so it will need some patching up.
The coding may be a little messy in places, this was GeXeH first gamemode that he l...
Awesome Prop Hunt
Created by A-Modick
AwesomePropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the RED team, disguised as props, are given a 30 second set up time to hide, and afterwards players on the BLU team attempt to find and kill them in the allotted time period. At the end of each ro...
Stop it, Slender [PRX-E]
Created by Zet0r
This augmentation of Stop it, Slender adds The Proxy (aka The Chaser or Kate), Enhanced Distortions (FOV changes, view punches), and a couple of nifty Admin Commands! It is specifically designed to be able to scare your frien...
Ultimate Chimera Hunt [BETA]
Created by Schythed
Ultimate Chimera Hunt is a fast paced, casual game based on the RPG known as "Mother 3." The game has a series of rounds where the pigmasks battle the Ultimate Chimera.

As a Pigmask: Do your duty to King Porky and turn off the Chimera by pressing the bu...
Pirate Ship Wars Gamemode
Created by commie
Pirate Ship Wars for Garry's Mod 13.


This is no longer being updated. It hasn't been u...
Morbus Gamemode
Created by Remscar
Morbus is a survival horror gamemode where players are either Humans or Aliens. The aliens have one objective, to infect all the humans. On the other hand the humans want to first, survive, and second, kill all the aliens. Morbus is very similar to the mov...
Team Deathmatch
Created by Milkshake
How can I add weapons to the Shop?

1. Extract the .gma File first.
3. Open up the shop.lua file in the gamemodes directory of this addon.
4. Scroll down until you find something like: w_list:AddLine(...) - This step is not ...
Created by Netier

With the help of my friends Geferon and polivilas we have managed to port the old and almost forgotten gamemode 'Deception' to Garry's Mod 13. The gamemode was created by Spy and trotskygrad and was...
Created by AnonymoScoot
This is a single-player gamemode where you're controling a squad of soldiers from a free-roam mode. Your job is to survive till the timelimit hits 0.You can order soldiers to go to places, attack enemy targets or stay on position(clicking on them or other ...
Knife Fight
Created by Yosam
This gamemode does exactly what it says on the tin - pure, knife only, multiplayer fast paced killing!...
Final Frontier
Created by Ziks
# UPDATE 12/12/2016 #

While OrangeMonkey and I are no longer able to work on this, Lawlypops has started working on a continuation of this game mode which you can find here:

# END UPD...
Zombie Plague (For GMOD) - Beta 0.95 - Return of the gamemode
--------------------------------------OBSERVATION NOTES--------------------------------------
I'm from Brasi...
Murder: Classic
Created by Biozeminade
If you have the regular version of Murder installed, DISABLE IT, otherwise, this version won't appear in the gamemode selector (the tw...
RC Battle Arena
Created by RenLou
In a dark, cold place, where fun has long been forgotten, a group of immature men decided to build an underground RC BATTLE ARENA. And you and your mates are the guests.

-Create your remote controlled robot/car/killer thingy (or get a premade one :P) an...
AP - Isolation [WIP Ver - 1.0.2]
Created by Karutoh
This gamemode is much like Call of Duty. You will be able to play all sorts of different game types, such as Gun Game, Zombies, Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and the likes. In this gamemode we will allow users to create their own game types, and maps. Emb...
Deathmatch Democracy 1.0
Created by Pwny Express
A simple game mode where players vote on the available weapons at the start of a round and then can only select weapons from those which have the most votes.

At the start of a match, you vote for which weapons you want.
At the start of a round, you cho...
The Stalker - Fork
Created by frankaroo
Fork of the original The Stalker addon created by nüke (addon link:
This version include slight modifications on t...
Gun Game
Created by Sigma
Made by Lost Alien, modified and improved by Sigma.

I updated this gamemode a long ago for my server but never did in workshop, because I never had this ready to be uploaded (hopefully now it is).

In this version, only Free for All mode is availabl...
The Resistance
Created by Bobblehead
The Resistance is a gamemode about deception, deceit, and deduction.

Players take turns forming groups to embark on missions. If all goes well, the Combine will succeed without complication. However, amid the inner council of the ...
Created by Bobblehead
Assassins is a gamemode which took first place in the Winter Garry's Mod Gamemode Competition of 2016.

It's based on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's multiplayer.

Your objective is to hunt your target. Meanwhile, someone else will be hunting yo...
Created by TB002
Labyrinth is a gamemode in which humans try to escape from a maze before the minotaur kills them.

The game takes place in a randomly generated maze. There are random rooms that may include traps or bonuses. Players are assigned to be either a minotaur...
Toilet Trouble
Created by Big Close Up
Use toilets to blast away your foes in this prop-killing deathmatch game! Explosive barrels are deadly! Watch for the secret drops!

- Toilet Trouble game mode
- toilet_newpark map
- toilet_basedpark map...
SGH's DeathMatch
Created by SGH
An unique deathmatch gamemode!...
NoScope V1.2a
Created by Nao
This is sniper battle gamemode, like race arms on CS:GO, but this game only weapon with scope...
The game just simple, kill everyone and you can auto change weapon sniper...

CS:S required...

Feature :
- Auto Change Weapon after kill 5 player.
- Ch...
Making the Cut
Created by Foohy
Play a game of chicken with 4 of your friends! Cut the wrong rope and you'll get launched off of a cliff.
Be sure to use the map that comes with it, cut_cliff!

Note this requires HL2: EP2 to be mounted....
Deathrun 2D (Gamemode)
Created by Niandra!
What is this?
This is an old Fretta gamemode called Deathrun 2D, that I fixed up. I could not find a finish map for it, so I made my own which is shown in the screenshots and based on deathrun_prison_break. As the name suggests, the gamemode is the...
Dishwasher Disaster! [A Prop Killing Gamemode]
Created by tubby
Dishwasher Disaster is a 8 player (or more) gamemode that revolves around prop killing, lets be honest you've joined a DarkRP server and prop killed before right? and you know that it is fun right? well welcome to your dream land of prop killing my friends...
Jacknife - Control Points
Created by Danny Judas

To use this map, you're going to have to download some outside textures from Gamebanana. I attempted to include them with the addon to no avail. I'm very sorry.

To use these textures, do...
nZombies - A Nazi Zombies Gamemode [Content Pack]
Created by Zet0r
nZombies is a Nazi Zombies recreation in Garry's Mod that lets you play Nazi Zombies on any map Garry's Mod has to offer! It comes with a Creative Mode in which you can set up the map just how you want it, after which you can play your creation and share i...
TTT Spectator Deathmatch
Created by P4sca1
Finally the Spectator Deathmatch is released for free!
Facepunch Thread:
Official GitHub repo:

Thanks to TOMMY [
Melons 2 Melons
Created by TB002
A game similar to apples to apples but using the sandbox mechanics of Garry’s Mod.

Game consists of rounds of building and judging. A phrase to build is announced by the judge. After certain time, the building stops. The judge is able to freely cyc...
F2S: Classic content
Created by nanokatze
Content for my GM:

Upload request by my friend, use this if you don't have FastDL
MLG Crossbow Game
Created by Droplit
MLG Crossbow Game is what happens when you combine way too many late friday nights with tight weed and dank memes.
New Features:
-Preform sweet trickshots and 360 noscopes with a bouncing projectile!
-Sweet sounds reward your kills and kill streaks!
Free For All
Created by unturned
This addon took around 2 weeks to make.
Special thanks to Mr.Dolphin

In this gamemode, your goal is to get as many kills as possible, and level up and purchase better guns. Once you get 30 kills, you will win.

Simple Horror
Created by 10tickles
This is Garry's Mod Simple Horror gamemode!

For a long time, there has not been a go-to gamemode built specifically for horror maps. Garry's Horror was around for a while, but that disappeared for some reason. That's where Simple Horror comes in - A gam...
Created by Shagadelic
At its base, Colonies is basically an infection gamemode where everyone is the infector.

But there's more, so you should probably keep reading, I didn't write this out just to tell you what a beautiful day it was yesterday.(...
Homicide -Fixed-
Created by n-gon
Edit: The original homicide gamemode is back in development. This addon isn't going to be updated

This is the Homicide gamemode but with additions and bug fixes, that I thought needed to be done.
I'm trying to add more content to the gamemode and I...
Tactical Tool Game
Created by Robin
Tactical Tool Game challenges players to defend fortresses under siege. With a wide variety of traps, abilitys and weapons to choose from, Tactical Tool Game dares players to find the best ways to hack, launch, flatten, gibletize, attacker team. Tactical T...
Final Frontier - Updated
Created by Lawlypops
This is Final Frontier brought back to life! I have spoken to the Ziks and he has given me permission to upload this.
Here is the old one:

Official FF server:
GIdol[Getting worse everyday]
Created by Kratox
What is it?
This is a stupid and humorous idea I thought people could have some fun in if they were bored. Basically the audience gets to pick from a list of songs and the game-mode will randomly pick a player to be the singer. The player will have 80 sec...
Created by Whiterabbit
-What is this addon-
It includes a level and some code. The level is completely dark with a custom material on the walls for effect.
By binding a key to the command "wt_echo" you can fire out an invisible beam that makes light when it hits the wall. The ...
Created by David Ralphsky
Read the guide! This gamemode is very difficult to figure out if you're going in blind.

Want to make your own map? [url=
Last Stand
Created by Kanade
Hello! If you are new, please read all of these information.

1. General info
Join our group to see our announcements and if you like this gamemode then click the like button.
If yo...
Murder Prototype Version ENGLISH
Created by ThatOneSimon
This mod is Translated VERSION OF "Murder prototype edition POLSKA" by azuspl

Version 1.4

In game is Protoype and Bystranders
Prototype: have needle,he use it and become strong prototype (and get some new weapons)
Ascension 13
Created by Netier
The gamemode from Garry's Mod 12 Returns in all it's glory! Climb to the top using blocks and teamwork to beat all opposing teams with the same goal. Originally created by Ricki 'Anima' Hales and Marc 'Kathar' Hales, this amazing gamemode is now ported (Wi...
Random Deathmatch [OUTDATED]
Created by ChickenDinner
I have not touched Random Deathmatch in a long time, and it seems that my already-unstable code is starting to break down. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to work on this addon right now and I can't say if or when I will...
Zombie Cars 0.3 Beta
Created by Wasabi_Thumbs
Welcome to Zombie Cars!
This gamemode is intended as a little minigame for small servers or a time-killer with your friends.
Be sure to check my GitHub release:
... And my forum post:
Climb Gamemode!
Created by tubby
Climb is a gamemode where 2 teams compete to try and get to the top! first team to get to the top is rewarded a RPG to kill the other team! as well as both teams have a big brawl to see who is the real winner at that point!

Which team will win?

2 Map...
Created by Unreal Squad
Billiard Games

* Snooker
* Rotation
* Carambol
* Eight Ball
* Nine Ball
* Street Ball...
Snowball Fight for Fretta 13
Created by Exho
The revival of Snowball Fight just in time for Christmas!

This is a fixing up of the old fretta gamemode, Snowball Fight V2 for Garrysmod 13! Credit to Dr. Dare for creating the original gamemode and Necrossin and Giraffen for the...
Basic Campaign
Created by Captain Applesauce
Just a basic, Sandbox-derived gamemode where players can access the spawnmenu to make changes to settings, but cannot spawn anything. Every player will start out with no weapons and cannot enter no-clip. One can access the context menu as well to change hi...
Infectious - V 0.1.1
Created by Manel
Infectious is a simple but fun gamemode split in two teams: Humans and Infected.
(Best played with friends and with microphones)

> V 0.1.1 <
- Fixed profile picture bug

| Supported maps |

Most maps that feature multiple spawns should be supporte...
Created by AnonymoScoot
Onslaught is a multiplayer gamemode where survivors try to survive againts zombies. Contains custom weapons, ammo, 4 kinds of zombies and more stuff, like food. Currently there is one playable map called "on_deadblock" which you can find under "Onslaught" ...
One In The Chamber
Created by Konclan
Welcome to the team based gamemode called One In The Chamber. In this gamemode, each player gets a pistol with 1 bullet that 1 hits and a knife that does 25 damage. When a person kills an opponent, they will recieve an additional bullet. The round ends whe...
GarryWare MiniGames Gamemode
Created by Azus
Actually this gamemode has 53 minigames.

GarryWare Gamemode is very old fantastic Minigame.

If you like this gamemode rate it. Maybe this gamemode can be popular in gmod!
Created by Zephruz

CitadelShock - a team-based strategic gamemode.
You will be tasked to protect your teams generator. This may seem like a simple task, but when being bombarded with bombs of all kinds; you ma...
Created by NaNpx
This gamemode include a large number of maps in one gamemode, allow customization it for almost any map, from course to deathmatch. There are custom HUD, scoreboard. For pointshop you can set up the issuance of points at the end of the round.
To open edit...
Meteor Defense
Created by Refirser
This gamemode is similar to the Flood Gamemode.

You can defend the meteor with tactical buildings.

Try to win!...
Reconstructed Ultimate Chimera Hunt
Created by BubbleMonkey
Team Fortress 2 is required in order to fully enjoy this gamemode.

Ultimate Chimera Hunt is a cooperative hide-and-seek-style gamemode for Garry's Mod based on the 2006 Japanese Role-Playing Game ...
[Mini Game] Falling Platforms
Created by Nak
Merasmus requires a few more souls to summon Bonzo (the evil circus god of Sumeria).
Help him acquire the souls he need, by beating your friend in his minigame or gamble your soul with Merasmus' 3 henchmen.

He isn't picky and won't turn down an easy s...
Ragdoll Fight
Created by Necrossin
Located at: Entities/Fun + Games tab in spawn menu!
And it's not a gamemode.

An experimental addon for sandbox, that allows you to place an arena for stylish (aka wonky) 1v1 ragdoll fights.


    Postal Gamemode
    Created by perfect_buddy
    Postal Gamemode
    This is a small gamemode I've been working on for a little while, it uses the fretta base so it's compatible with other fretta gamemodes in terms of gamemode voting and so on. One player gets a sawed-off shotgun and has to hunt do...
    Silent Hill Gamemode
    Created by Flosius
    This is an idea, a dream. A gamemode for roleplay dedicated to the world of Silent Hill.
    In this addon there is only a custom menu with a background, the rest is a normal gamemode sandbox. But I would like someone with talent to take this idea and make us...
    Melon Racer
    Created by Biggie Cheese
    This gamemode is not mine

    There are 3 maps packed with this gamemode

    ᴅɪsᴀʙʟᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴀᴅᴅᴏɴs ʙᴇғᴏʀᴇ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ ᴛʜɪs! (except melon racer)

    Created by Demonkush
    Current Version: v1.1

    GIGABATTALION is my gamemode for the 2018 Gmodstore Gamemode Competition!

    I won 1st place!!!

    Official Server IP: -- server is down, but can be brought back up upon request <3 --

    Want to host this on ...
    AirWars: Battle In The Skies
    Created by The HellBox
    WARNING: Abandoned, might be broken after gmod updates. I'm not planning to support this anymore, I'm migrating into game development

    Airwars is a unique gamemode where you can build your own steampunk ship and fight with other players.

    Guide: https://...
    Evil [alpha beta very test]
    This is a beta!. This release is intended to help with finding bugs and working out issues in the gamemode before the official release. Please note there will be bugs, and please report them if you do see them (see links bel...
    Players VS BOSS Gamemode
    Created by Ancient Entity
    Players VS Boss
    This is the entire gamemode not just a content pack!
    This gamemode is round based and every round there are two teams, the players and the bosses. Each team must try to kill the other! F4 opens item loadouts, there is a built in ...
    PropHunt (Hide'n'Seek) - Original
    Created by Kowalski7cc
    Contribute at GitHub:
    Your answer could be there ;)

    PropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the RED team,...
    Half-Life Co-op
    Created by upset
    Presenting Half-Life Co-op gamemode
    True classic experience in Garry's Mod. Play Half-Life with friends. Any time.

    • Implemented all required coop-related stuff
    • Maps are expanded as muc
    The Hidden
    Created by fortune
    This gamemode is a remake of the game "The Hidden: Source". In this gamemode, one player plays as "The Hidden", a genetically modified human with enhanced physical abilities... oh, and they're invisible. The rest of the players have to work together to try...

    You can use spells in this gamemode, I've seen many people playing without them. Select them in the F1 MENU. If you can't figure out how to select them, look at the video and i...
    The Long Dark Gamemode
    Created by DangerKiddy
    All rights belong to Hinterland


    Current version - BETA:0.0.2


    Prophunt Expanded
    Created by Murtaugh
    **Counter-Strike Source is required for some of the maps included in this Gamemode.**
    ***You can purchase CS:Source here: ***

    Prop Hunt Gamemode with added popular community maps and more taun...
    Bug Boys - Fortress Defense (Reuploaded)
    Created by Mo
    A Reupload of "Bug Boys - Fortress Defense" as it seems that it is no longer on the workshop.

    I am not the creator.

    Hope you enjoy!

    P.S. - I found a Github page for this gamemode!

    Monster Mash
    Created by Buu342
    It's Halloween, meaning the monsters are out for blood. Take up your arms and join the Mash in this loony deathmatch gamemode.

    - Over 40 weapons and 17 characters
    - Full body dismemberment. Leave your opponents to wan...
    Created by Foohy
    Jazztronauts is a cooperative theft-em-up for Garry's Mod, also known as prop hunt 2. Go to random maps on the workshop, pillage its trash for money, and converse with your higher-dimensional cat overlords.

    - Dynamically download and ...
    Smashing Survival
    Created by Zenlenafelex [PSF]
    What is this? Its your worst nightmare! You are a group of rebels trapped on [] and enemies are coming...But something seems off.Some of them seem to have powers? like a teleporting zombie? Or a summoner combine.Looks like you have...
    Created by Jackarunda
    This is a replica of Halo Multiplayer.

    Anyone who wants to help with development, who has suggestions, who wants to know the development schedule or is willing to alpha-test may join the discord server at and request to be add...
    Created by Princess Celestia
    An Arena FPS Gamemode in Garry's Mod using completely custom movement built on top of pmove code ported from Quake III Arena.

    This gamemode is still a work in progress and will be updated frequently. Please stay tuned....
    Fort Fights
    Created by Krotter
    Fort Fights is a team based gamemode set in the HL2 universe with three main goals: Loot, Build and Fight.

    Play as a Combine Soldier or as a Rebel. Protect your base by gearing up and finding building materials in City 17. Keep your generator running by...
    Very Old Zombie Survival
    Created by rtkz_wasa19741

    Zombie Survival is a massive gamemode where humans are pit against a zombie horde. Once a human dies, they become a zombie. The game ends when all the humans are (un)dead or the humans survive a certain amount of time or complete objectives...
    MelonBomber FIXED
    Created by Entity #teamtojo
    A fixed version of the gamemode Melonbomber, wherein the LUA error preventing rounds from even beginning has been fixed. Additionally, custom models will not be overridden by the gamemode, so you can use whatever playermodel you so wish.

    Original Addon:...
    Ghost Hunters
    Created by Noodler


    Ghost Hunters is a fully ground up gamemode based on ghost hunting shows like “Ghost Adventures” and “Ghost Hunters”. The game is centered on an abandoned asylum wel...
    Half-Life Co-op: Infected
    Created by upset
    Survive, complete objectives, support teammates!
    Half-Life Co-op: Infected is a Half-Life 1 themed zombie survival gamemode made on Half-Life Co-op base.
    This suppossed to be a quick gamemode for Halloween 2019, but was delayed due to dev...
    Gun Game
    Created by GreenNectar
    This is a simple Call of Duty style gun game.

    Mods in Pictures
    COD MW2 Weapons -
    COD Vacant (Needs CSGO textures) -
    TTT2 (Base) - v0.11.4b
    Created by Alf21
    # TTT2 # Custom Role Support # TTT Update # New Features #

    This is still a beta version. The documentation is available here[]. Please report bugs and suggestions here[/[]...
    Blaster Royale: Rewrite
    Created by Blasstah
    Gamemode still has some smaller bugs, so I'll be really thankful if you post the bugs you found while playing in the discussion below, or on the discord server.


    Wario-Ware Reloaded v1.85
    Created by no-id
    Special thanks to Raphy, Nightly, and Freezebug for making the original gamemode and making this possible!

    This is a modified, bug-fixed version of the original[url=https://ste...
    Planes Deathmatch Gamemode
    Created by alex
    Planes Deathmatch Gamemode

    you can play in single player or make a server

    5 bots in each team (default) so you can play solo

    [img] [/img]

    Shop System included...
    Lambda - Half-Life 2 Co-Op
    Created by ζeh Matt
    Have you ever wanted to play the Half-Life 2 series with your friends online? Then Lambda is exactly what you are looking for. Lambda aims to provide seamless multiplayer support for the Half-Life 2 campaign maps, as well as user-created campaigns.

    Alien: Extraction Gamemode
    Created by Azus
    If you like this Gamemode, give Thumb Up. It's nothing for you but gamemode can be popular with this.

    Actually ROLES:
    - Swarm alien - it's a normal alien, low damage, but i...
    Space Explorers - Co-op Space Gamemode
    Created by The HellBox
    Space explorers- the first coop gamemode about space exploration. You have to investigate planets, explore the space, fight against pirates, and of course, buy some weapons.
    This gamemode takes the best from "FTL" and "Pulsar: Lost Colony" and makes it in...
    Created by arrow

    Basebuild is a Garry's mod multiplayer gamemode in which you play as one of the 2 teams which build their bases in order to win the game. The main goals to succes are cooperation, teamplay and your team ...
    [Official] Spacebuild 3 (3.2.0)
    Created by [XTT] General Wrex

    Garry's Mod Spacebuild Project

    Please don't add us to friends for general conversation about SB or GMOD, use the forums or discord server!

    Discord Server -

    Among Us Gamemode
    Created by Neeve
    Now you can play the hit murder mystery in 3D! GMAU is a full recreation of the popular game Among Us by InnerSloth[/[]...
    open Virus [Beta]
    Created by Jai "Choco" Fox
    -=! Note 1: This is still in Beta. Things are possibly missing or need improving !=-
    -=! Note 2: open Virus has the same concept as PixelTail's Virus but without using their content !=-
    -=! Note 3: This gamemode is best suited with the t...
    Light Hide and Seek
    Created by Fafy
    A recoding of the classic Hide and Seek gamemode for Garry's Mod that is more secure, optimized and customizable. The reason I've done this is because I want the gamemode to live again, or not to completely die out as it is my favorite gamemode since years...
    Horror Maps (Gamemode)
    Created by 神代 カリナ

    This is a gamemode specially made for horror maps.

    If you are a map author, please change your map name to the name of hr_ or horror_, so it is convenient to make RTV system.
    Zombie Plague

    This is an old gamemode (Amx ModX) that I played a lot. So I decided to make a Garry's mod version.
    I designed this gamemode to be fully customizable. Do you want to change something? Ju...
    G-Surf is a gamemode centered around the ancient source-engine art of "surfing".
    You slide down (or up) the sides of triangular ramped surfaces at incredibly high speeds, dodging obstacles and gracefully gliding along the track and through the air. A sor...