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Star Troopers: Lost Station
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Jun 10, 2017 @ 9:37pm
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Star Troopers: Lost Station

Sign, they said. You'll see the stars, live adventures, make a name for yourself!

Yeah, right...

They always forget to point out one thing: when you're a mercenary in one of these private armies working for a transstellar conglomerate, you spend more time keeping an eye on a staff who works on stuff you don't twig a thing about than seeing any real action. Especially when you're assigned to an isolated outpost so far from any regular spacelines that it took two months for your ride to bring you there...

And a weird station for sure. Just a few days after your arrival, barely the time necessary to learn your way from the dormitories to the security office and nothing more, rumors already abound about the project developed here: some sort of biological weapon, a new species of artificial fauna built to ensure the supremacy of your employer's client for all the corporate wars to come.

Or, for short, something completely illegal according to every law in the known universe...

But no opportunity to ask questions, all the more as you could guess the answer in advance, because a siren suddenly yells the red alert. The one which means a containment breach occurred and whatever was in development here is now on the loose.

As a same man, your squad equips and exits the security office: behind the door, you see only darkness and just hear screams of panic in the distance, echoing along the corridors of the station.

There is only one way to survive this situation: reach the shuttle bay and escape.

But where's this shuttle bay already?


A game by Guilhem Bedos


This project is designed for the 2017 Solitaire Print and Play Contest.