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URealms - Character Creation
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Jun 9, 2017 @ 4:01pm
Jul 8 @ 9:27pm
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URealms - Character Creation

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The Official URealms Collection
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This is the official URealms Character Creation mod.

Recommended Players: 5
Average Playtime: 3 to 8 hours per campaign

URealms is a completely free fantasy roleplaying game created specifically for our improv live show which is now in it's third season. URealms is a Digital Roleplaying game that would be very hard or even impossible to play on a normal table as it uses many different random decks during Character Creation and Combat and contains over 2000 custom cards. It contains 9 Races, 40 Classes, and thousands of Treasures, Items, Companions, and Spells. URealms is designed in a way to promote you and your friends to make new Characters every time you sit down to play which allows Gamemasters the ability to make much more impactful stories as you build your own universe filled Characters you and your group make. Your first campaign might be a team of bandits trying to steal some valuables, while your second campaign could then revolve around playing some righteous mercanries who hunt down those characters. Rather then always fighting NPCs made by your Gamemaster, URealms allows you to build fun memorable Characters quickly so that your world can be filled with stories and inside jokes among your group.

Card Viewer/Creator:
Special Thanks to Corilyn for making the auto deal scripts.

If you're looking for a new roleplay experience for your roleplay group, URealms is a unique and completely free custom roleplay game!

<<This is the 1st release of the URealms Tabletop Mod. We are working on providing better documentation and guides for how to play so stay tuned. While this game can be fairly easy for new players, it does require a Gamemaster who knows the game fairly well so unless you have been a fan of our show may take some time to get use too how this game plays.

The entire process of how you run a game in TTS is a bit complicated since you will need to go from Character Creation to Setup Table and so if you aren't a TTS pro, you may need to wait for the Gamemaster guide we are working on asap. Rough Breakdown of what to do ( Keep in mind that we built this in a way that you can make your very own cards on our website to add to your games so don't be afraid to experiment and play by your own rules as well!>>

This entire project was funded by the fans of the live show who have graciously supported us over the years so that we can work on this and the show full time. If you would like to find out more about URealms and join our community, check out our website at
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Rawb.TV  [author] Jul 8 @ 9:29pm 
All fixed! Thanks to ThothGryo and @IsaacS_Dev for helping get everything fixed!
Rawb.TV  [author] Jul 8 @ 3:49pm 
3/ Right now I'm sure it's super awkward to play unless you are big into tabletop games and our roleplaying show, but I am going to work on a basic set of written rules with the next big update and include it as a booklet. I also plan in seperating the mod into two versions (Basic and Extended) that can have the Classes/Cards that easy to understand and play with and keep all the weird quirky as well as new stuff in Extended. If you are subscribed to this mod, you won't really notice a difference because this will be the Extended version, so keep an eye out after the next big update as the basic version will be a much more stable set.

We also have a lot of maps and character artwork we have had made for the show that we will be adding to the mod and TTS very soon!
Rawb.TV  [author] Jul 8 @ 3:49pm 
2/ Also for those that don't know, the 3rd season of our URealms Live Show (the show we made for youtube that spawned this mod) is almost coming to an end. I'm going to be working on another big update to the mod this fall and with it should bring a more complete set of rules. I know it's awkward to play a game with no concreate rules, but we been sorta building them as we go and the homebrew rules we are settlingly into are becoming more of a solid foundation.
Rawb.TV  [author] Jul 8 @ 3:35pm 
Hey guys working on trying to fix the script for this but keep in mind I didn't write it.

@ThorthGyro Your solution works, but it's still producing an error. Any ideas? I updated the mod, but would like to do another update to clean out those errors.
Sir Loin of Cattlelot Jul 3 @ 10:04pm 
So is there going to be an official fix to the card spawning for classes anytime soon?
ThothGyro Jun 29 @ 9:33pm 
In order to fix the "<startLuaCoroutine/copyClassCardsToSlots>: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: name"" Error:

Go to scripting, and edit your global script. Within the "copyClassCardsToSlots" function is a line that looks like: "cloneDeck = classCard.clone(dropPos)". This is causing the error. Replace it with the following two lines to allow it to function again:

clone_parameters={position = {dropPos}}
cloneDeck = classCard.clone(clone_parameters)

After the above are replaced and the script is saved, you should save the game so that you can load the character creator with your newly changed script.

Lallander Jun 27 @ 8:23pm 
I'm having the same problem. Also are there rules for this game somewhere? It says only the GM needs to be familiar with them, but I can't actually find them anywhere.
Fantaba Jun 21 @ 1:35pm 
I recently started doing some Urealms and watching the streams and it is quite fun! The thing is during character creation I put my Class into the Abilities thing and it says "Error in Script (Global) function <startLuaCoroutine/copyClassCardsToSlots>: Argument cannot be null. Parameter name: name" Is there any way to fix this?
helldwarf Jan 5 @ 2:23am 
You need to put it in the blue card slot with the smaller slots around it.
DistantOrbit Jan 5 @ 12:23am 
so ive been trying to create some characters but i cannot find the cards for the specific abilities for the classes Ex. i have the card for the warrior class but not the class abilities. any fixes?