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Dino Nests Continued
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Jun 9, 2017 @ 1:28pm
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Dino Nests Continued

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Dino Nests Continued, now under new management!

Dino Nests adds nests with eggs in the game. The nests spawn by the dinos, essentially making this mod compatible with every map there is. By default all nests have equal chance to spawn, and the rates can be controlled via .ini settings.
Nests spawn by female egg-laying dinos. Because of problems with incubation rates, eggs in nests no longer incubate at all. Once picked up, they reset and start incubating when dropped. Nests have blue fireflies around them, to help them be found easier. This can be disabled with an .ini setting. Nests appear empty until you get close enough.

Not sure if mod is working? Use the cheat ScriptCommand NFind If it finds nests, you're good to go!

Mod ID=943290066

Console Commands

cheat ScriptCommand NFind (lists all nests and eggs to the user)
cheat ScriptCommand NDestroy (destroys nests but not eggs)
cheat ScriptCommand NDestroyEggs (destroys all eggs on ground)
cheat ScriptCommand NDestroyBabies (destroys wild babies in the map)
cheat ScriptCommand NSpawn 4 (sets a nest to spawn every 4 seconds. change number to change spawn time.)

0 eggs is completely normal as the eggs don't spawn unless you get close enough. If you have a completely new game it might take a while before there are enough nests in the game to start noticing them. Use the NFind command to check if there are nests in the map if you're unsure or NSpawn if you want to change the spawn rate.

Keep in mind the commands are tested on my game and I can't guarantee they work exactly as intended on yours. If you have a mod that adds some kind of nests in the game, the NDestroy may destroy those as well. Use NFind to check that (based on class means it finds nests that are the ones added by my mod. By name means it has a name match, so either the old version nests or something another mod has added. All the nests listed by NFind will be destroyed by NDestroy)

User Settings
Check for more info.


Compatible with all maps (the Island, the Center, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok verified)
Possible mod conflict with Pet Res
Fully stackable

Known problems
Nests breaking at approach (possibly linked to the nests having outlived their "lifespan")
Babies hatching from nests (reason unknwon and doesn't affect everyone)
Tamed dinos still making nests (should be fixed, and doesn't affect everyone)

Future plans
I am currently technically homeless and spending time looking for an apartment, so progress may and will be slow.
-Completely rewriting mod, hopefully fixing several problems, most notably wild babies and tamed nests
-More nest types, for example dirt nest, rock nest etc.
-Water based nests

Wyvern nests will not be added, there are other mmods that already do that. Wild babies are not the intention of this mod, and are unlikely at best to be added.
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No Nest No Egg
< >
NPC May 31 @ 2:30am 
Ihmislehma  [author] May 30 @ 9:07pm 
Yeah sorry, the devkit is a bit much for my PC currently + life happening.
NPC May 30 @ 12:24pm 
oh that sucks :/
Ihmislehma  [author] May 30 @ 12:22pm 
This mod does not currently support Rock Drakes, and I cannot update it for the time being.

I would suggest using the nests from Simple Spawners, though you need to manually put the nests where you want them, and mark what eggs should spawn on them. But it's very doable, and it's a mod I know works.
NPC May 30 @ 11:18am 
does this work with rock drakes and genesis bc i really want rock drakes on genesis 1
Ihmislehma  [author] Apr 17 @ 5:38pm 
Good luck!
Zenith Apr 17 @ 5:08pm 
@Ihmislehma Thank you! Helpful info!
Ihmislehma  [author] Apr 17 @ 5:04pm 
Unfortunately this mod was made before Deinonychus was added, and has not been updated for it due to PC space and life reasons.

If you wish to add nests for Deinonychus on maps that don't have them, I recomment Simple Spawners, but you do need to set the nests on ground yourself.

If you want to tame adult/existing Deinonychus, I recommend Immersive Taming.
Zenith Apr 17 @ 4:54pm 
How does this mod with a dino such as Deinonychus on a map where it doesn't spawn? Do you instead have to enable them to spawn (which is supposedly screwy with raptor spawns atm..) first?
MyInnerSilence Mar 5 @ 12:19pm 
thanks mate ^^