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Japanese Super Formula 2017 ITO
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Jun 8 @ 3:29am
Aug 20 @ 7:02pm
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Japanese Super Formula 2017 ITO

SUPER FORMULA is Japanese top formula category. Renamed from Formula Nippon.
Chassis is Dallara SF14. Engine by Toyota and Honda. Yokohama Tire.

This mod is unofficial. Commercial use is prohibited.
Overtake(Push to pass) system are replaced to DRS with flash lamps.


Have fun!

V140 Update
Renew texture of soft-tyre sidewall.
Resetup tyre physics datas.
Some mistakes are revised.
Restriction for availability of setting.

V130 Update
Some textures are revised. Body's shadow(AO), Display dusts, Tyre damage effects, etc. and template also.
You can choise which of the overtake system by DRS or disable.
Improved for steering reactions and tyre stiffness. Sharply and crispy.
That will affect to tyre heat. So caliblated it.
Revised the grip balance and suspension geometry for neutral.
Activated turbo sound effects. and new engine sound for ACCR(fantasy).

Product by ITO modding group
Luthien J Remillia

include helmet and driver model from other mod.
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Guiga Jul 15 @ 10:18pm 
I appreciate the update, luthien. Thanks and best of luck to you and your team.
luthien.j.remillia  [author] Jul 14 @ 5:05pm 
Our plan for SF2017 as follow. Last update at end of July.
Physics. Tyres, Suspension, Improvement for Steering feel.
Understeer issue has been fixed. And Minor textures has been revised.
Wait plz.
GTRLIVE Jun 29 @ 7:29am 
dx11!!VERY GOOD!
luthien.j.remillia  [author] Jun 26 @ 4:14am 
Car preview image? I can't get this thing. Is it on 2017 ver? We got picture in same condition each model-year. Plz Tell me more inform.
We have understood the AO map issue and We can revision for it.
Less pixel texture, We recognize about the UV. but We haven't plan for revision.
Already shifted of development for new Mod, So Sorry about SF17.
Guiga Jun 23 @ 12:13am 
Hey, thanks for the mod. Is there any chance you guys will revisit the visuals to have better ambient occlusion and less pixelated textures? Also the distinct lack of car preview image consistency is unpolished. I have to say that although the FFB still could use some work to match original ISI standards, it is improved over the earlier build.
Sam Jun 14 @ 1:34pm 
Amazing mod, very fun car to race, so much grip so it's really easy to push hard. I can't notice the push-to-pass working though? I can activate it but the effect on speed/acceleration is not noticeable at al.
F1Aussie Jun 13 @ 1:30am 
I noticed a bit of the glare / glow issue on this car at palm beach, looks okay except for that, maybe a bit less blur on some of the skins and gloves would be the only other improvements i could see, drives great though
Raven Jun 11 @ 3:37pm 
@Rubennaatje Cheers man, i checked it out and its a great car. Similar powe to the gp3 but handles a bit differently
Zsizsi Jun 11 @ 5:26am 
not dx11
luthien.j.remillia  [author] Jun 10 @ 4:46pm 
Updated description for Templates link.