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T-100 Railgun Tank
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Jun 7 @ 11:14pm
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T-100 Railgun Tank

The T-100 Black Sun is an advanced railgun tank.. It fires 11mm slugs at 5000 ms. Effective against all targets. Feel free to use it in your custom missions and servers.

thanks to Kiory for helping out with particle effects.
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ComanderKerman Nov 16 @ 8:08pm 
is this updated for a relatively recent version of arma?
Red November Sep 16 @ 7:36pm 
Tovarishch Sly Marbo Aug 23 @ 8:15am 
Where can I find the tank? I don't find it anywhere in the Editor
WarSnake Jul 7 @ 6:20am 
Hell yeah! Kiory helped out with this! It's going to be a great mod!
Sheev Racer Jul 5 @ 1:41pm 
@Nolo Pasaro the cut Marshall variant is a mortar not a railgun.
Baku Jul 4 @ 3:44pm 
This is neat. Would be cool to see a version for the Marshall as well, considering that it was cut from the game. :)
The Tactician Jul 2 @ 9:58pm 
question is can the railgun be applied to other tanks?
Legios Nomen Mechanica Jun 30 @ 12:47am 
@SpaceKraken Railguns still have recoil. Depending on the length and density of the 11mm projectile, you still have to get that mass up to speed. Equal and opposite reactions.

... Whether or not the recoil would be significant, I don't know, I'm not quite knowledgeable enough to calculate the recoil.
SpaceKraken Jun 22 @ 7:35am 
(also, if it's a railgun, maybe recoil should me removed?)
SpaceKraken Jun 22 @ 7:33am 
This thing is epic.