Don't Starve Together

Don't Starve Together

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Korean Language Pack Ver.Client
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Jun 6, 2017 @ 8:49pm
Jul 12 @ 5:57pm
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Korean Language Pack Ver.Client

Mode Description
Don't Starve Together Korean(Hangul) client version mod.
The existing Korean(Hangul) mod was changed to the server version and it was created due to the client version requirement.(I created this mod because I can't change the existing mode back to the client-only mode.)
Only the default fonts in game are used in Korean(Hangul) language pack mode translated by personal interest.

How to subscribe and install
  1. Before subscribing, check in-game options
    • Activate Wigfrid's Umlauts option
      - Activation of languages ​​that use fonts not included in ASCI code is required
      - Help Screenshot link[]
    • Disable the low texture option
      - In the current game, there is no font information corresponding to Unicode in low-level texture.
    • Disable netbook mode option
      - Unable to display Unicode properly when netbook mode is activated in the current game.
  2. Mod subscribe button to subscribe.
※ Reference
For those who are bouncing at the start of the game, it may be different on some systems, but please try disabling the in-game options netbook mode.

Project progress
Overall translation rate: 84.84%

Participation in translation
If you want to participate in the translation, please come to the Translation Steam Group and join & read it.
Suggestions and comments regarding translations should be written in the discussion group above.
If you have any problems with the client version, please send us feedback through the client's discussion board.
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Nov 2, 2018 @ 6:48am
팅김 현상
May 29 @ 7:09am
리눅스에서는 한글이 안되는 것같네요....
Dec 29, 2018 @ 3:25am
리눅스에서 폰트 깨짐 현상 발생
< >
lsy2601 Jul 15 @ 5:51am 
게임 실행시 이 모드가 문제 있다고 실행이 안되네요; 온라인 연결도 안되는거 같고 뭐지..
ㄷㄷ Jun 26 @ 5:57am 
구독자 빨아먹으려고 ㅡ _ ㅡ
Mr. Dream Jun 25 @ 6:45am 
한글 폰트가 ???로 뜬다면 설정에서 저사양 텍스처 또는 허드 크기를 줄이시면 나타나는 현상입니다.

다른 모드랑 같이 쓸대 영어로 나오는건 저희도 어쩔 수 없습니다. 일종에 모드간에 충돌로 일어난 현상입니다.

클라이언트 (개인 모드)는 동굴이 있는 서버에서는 캐릭터 대사가 대부분 영어로 나옵니다. 그럴 경우에는 서버 모드도 같이 설치 해주시기를 바랍니다.
ihy8579 Jun 23 @ 4:37am 
다른 모드랑 같이쓰면 캐릭터대사가 전부영어로떠요ㅜㅜㅜ
hail2112 Jun 20 @ 2:19am 
popo Jun 13 @ 9:58am 
다른 모드들이랑 같이쓰니까 캐릭터 대사가 영어로 나오네요ㅠㅠ
도넛맨미안해 Jun 10 @ 5:05am 
감사링 감사띠 정말로요 :)
Da.-.1025 Jun 9 @ 3:09am 
박빙 May 27 @ 9:14am 
hahaming May 24 @ 8:06am