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Hold The Line
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Jun 4, 2017 @ 5:44pm
Jun 13, 2017 @ 9:18am
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Hold the Line

Intended Player Count: 1 - 10
Hold the Line is a multiplayer and singleplayer game focused on battlefield combat where players lead an individual squad. The maps are filled with NPC squads of infantry, vehicles and field artillery. Using their squads and abilities, players must break the lines of the enemy and gain supremacy over the field.
The multiplayer has been tested with up to 400 NPCs! Bandwidth used for the game host was comparable to playing Battlefield 1 or similar games.

What's the funding for?

As some of you may know, I am not an artist. The greatest bottleneck in my development is generation of artwork. With some proper funding, I will be able to commission quality work from professional artists. Not only will the visual appeal increase, but so will my free time, with which I can focus on coding and tweaking the gameplay elements. This is the primary intended use of funds raised. Servers for matchmaking, content delivery and account management for a game with a player base require money to maintain. Some capital will also be needed to ensure these stay up and running.

Battle AI

The game's AI uses a Recast system for basic navigation. The real advantage, however, comes from the flexible AI logic system developed solely for my projects. Emergent AI behavior can be achieved by giving individual characters independence of thought. This, however, can create challenges to design if you want them to also work together.

A balance was achieved by creating a system that allows individual AI to scale itself up and down based on the needs of a situation; a second layer allows them to think and move together. On top of this, like a synchronization gear, a mechanism allows the AI to evenly spread its thinking without constantly calling expensive global variables.

The result is an AI experience that sees them hold formation, identify and move to cover and work together as squads to overcome battlefield obstacles, such as infantry encountering a tank.


The simple building system allows players to create defenses to hold strategic areas on the battlefield. NPC soldiers will be able to navigate in and around objects and structures and recognize locations where they can take cover.

Powerful weapons can destroy objects, reducing them to debris. If parts of a structure are no longer supported, they will fall as well. Anything build by players and any ambient structures can be toppled, opening more strategic choices.


Below is a list of squad types already implemented, more are in development and more abilities will be added over time.

Rifle Team:
3 Bolt-action Rifles, 2 Semi-automatic Rifles
Abilities: Frag-Rifle Grenade, AT Rifle Grenade

Support Team:
3 LMGs, 2 Semi-automatic Rifles
Abilities: AT Rocket Laucher

Shock Troops:
3 SMGs, 2 Semi-automatic Rifles
Abilities: Frag Grenade Volley, Sticky Bomb

1 SMG, 1 Bolt-action Rifle, 2 Semi-automatic Rifles
Abilities: AT Mine, Able to Build Advanced Defenses

AT/Field Gun Battery:
2 Field Guns, 4 Crewmen
Abilities: Switch between HE/AT Rounds

Medium Tanks:
2 Medium Tanks
Abilities: None (To be added)

Air and sea unit prototypes are functioning but need artwork.

Game modes

Hold The Line
The premiere innovative mode featured in the game. This mode is won by forcing the opposing team from the map. Battle lines are established and AI divisions switch back and forth from offensive and defensive stances. By supporting the AI, players are able to push the enemy lines back. Victory is achieved when most of the map has been captured by one team.
Strategic Victory

This mode centers around the classic point capture style game. There are several strategic points which must be captured and held. Victory is achieved when one team holds the majority of the points long enough or if the enemy force is depleted.

About the Development

Hold the Line was started in late 2015, but was shelved due to a lack of time. In the past few months, I began work on several projects again, including this one. If this kick-starter succeeds, I will devote all my effort to this project solely.


Music in video by The United States Army Field Band and the Musopen Symphony.

Some sound effects were processed from raw sounds obtained from a variety of sources, full list included with the game.
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