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PG Role Selector (v2.1.8)
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Jun 4, 2017 @ 11:40am
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PG Role Selector (v2.1.8)

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The PG Role Selector is a user interface that allows admins to give blueprints, items and engrams based on what role is selected by the player.

ModID: 939823728
- game.ini code
- (Server) admin spawn code

As soon as an admin spawned in and build the PG Role Selector box, it will start to resolve given game.ini settings, blueprints, items and engrams. When this is done it will then start to register players and ask them for their role to choose. If a role was chosen by the player it will then try to give this player all predetermined blueprints, items and it tries to unlock given engrams depending on what level the player currently has (engrams) and what role rank this player has (blueprints, items and engrams). This role choosing UI will be reprompted every 30 seconds, as long as the player didn't choose a role. This also means that player might want to revisit the RoleSelector box from time to time, so that they can reopen the UI and click their role button again. This will further unlock engrams and gives blueprints, items that were not available at e. g. role rank 0.

This UI is highly customizable, you can define the title, welcome message, a comma separated list of role names and depending on your choosen role names, as many game.ini entries in a pattern like RS<OptionType><RoleName>Rank<RankNumber>, as you like. That means that you can state a comma separated list of blueprint pathes for each of this generic created gus.ini entries that will get the item set of this specific role. For further information have a look in the discussion area.

Admins will get an AdminView UI as soon as the PG Role Selector box has recognized a player has admin state -> this can take up to 5 minutes. This means you will get another option if you look at the PG Role Selector box. With this AdminView an admin will have an overview of all taken roles, can delete, change and promote roles.

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Mod requester and development partner was
- PGRP Server Group

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Scuzzy Kidd 1 hour ago 
@enileca the way we controlled engrams was to round up all level 1 free engrams and change the cost to 100 points for each, then override player engram points earned per level to -1 for each level, the code to do this much easier to generate than overriding each engram individually. We individually used the auto learn override for the engrams we wanted to be "common knowledge" we chose this route so that adding mods didn't cause double work on coding.
Impulse  [author] 13 hours ago 
@Enileca, if you remove engrams, the game logic will delete all corresponding items on server restart. So best practice is to simply make them very expensive, so that only the RoleSelector can force unlock engrams. And yes you'll have to do this for all engrams.
Enileca 20 hours ago 
I'm attempting to start a server using this mod. However, I'm at a loss when it comes to Engram removal. We use several other mods as we have to manually go in and Hide every single engram from every mod in order for them not to show up even after selecting a role?
Wanheda Sep 20 @ 2:35am 
sorry for my english :s
Wanheda Sep 20 @ 2:34am 
ok @impulse thank you for the answer, the problem came from the update "ark", the only solution was to restart the server without the mod, and then put it back in place and then restart with, if it happens to someone otherwise the only procedure to follow. bye
Impulse  [author] Sep 19 @ 11:58am 
@Wanheda, is this a new behaviour, was it working at any point bevore your issue occured? What are your game.ini settings?
Wanheda Sep 19 @ 3:50am 
my server is totaly broken if i don't have this mod , please i really need help @impulse
Wanheda Sep 18 @ 7:07pm 
hey after maj ark : "Scanning in progress... Please wait" can you help me please
Impulse  [author] Sep 13 @ 3:19pm 
Nope it has no auto demote system
Sayvil Sep 12 @ 3:23pm 
Hello ! I was wondering if there was an option to demote a rank but automatically.
It is possible to climb a row after a week for example, but inversse is possible ?