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Sconces & Lights (.7 Ready)
Type: Mod
Mod category: Block
Version: 0.7
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Jun 4, 2017 @ 8:35am
May 20 @ 9:07pm
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Sconces & Lights (.7 Ready)

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Survival ready Wall Sconce and Standing Sconce. Can be Crafted in the Smithy. I am suprised that there isn't a sconce in the game yet actually. Considering they were almost as common as torches. Well we have them now. Thanks Kobi for that final piece of Data I lacked to make it craftable.

Thanks to STORI3D for his bonfire mod. It was a great help to learn how to adjust size of fire.

Update. Now added a Candle Powered Lantern. If you drop it, you can Light it then pick it up and carry it around.
Can be crafted in the Smithy with MetalParts, Flaxstraws and Linenstrings for the frame candle and paper glass.
The Lantern uses the code from the roman oil lamp from STORI3D' Roman mod. It's his time and hard work that allows Mods like this to exist. Special thanks to STORI3D PAST PRODUCTIONS.

It would need my chain and meat mod for the chain in example pic.

Update. Adjusted Volume from .5 to .3 was a bit loud.

Update. Lantern Particle id was same as STORIS oil lamp which caused a issue with huge fire. I corrected and Sorry STORI for boggling your mod ;)

Update Fire Particle ID 334 was also being used. Now updated with Fire Particle 336. Please report if you are using this particle Id thanks

Update Added LOD1

Update- Fixed Lantern ingredients so it's now craftable again. Adjusted lods for better performance also. Should see a improvement in framerate if you have a lot in your castle.

Update- 11\2\2018 Added a Street Lamp Pole 1.5 large blocks tall.

For bug reports please report here or come join my Discord channel Wolf's Den

Now accepting Donations. Modding takes lots of time and upkeep. Thanks for any donations
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MEAT-BALL May 20 @ 10:54pm 
That fixed the problem, thanks wolfgar! :)
wolfgar7474  [author] May 20 @ 9:08pm 
Update-added timber data to lights, should place same places a timber places now.
MEAT-BALL May 20 @ 8:06pm 
It doesn't matter which way the timber is oriented, I still can't place the candle lamps upright. The same problem happens with the other sconces too. Even the timbers that I stuck other candle lamps on a while back wouldn't work.
wolfgar7474  [author] May 20 @ 4:39am 
there has been some updates on water and ship. it possibly has something to do with it. If the timber you are sticking it to will only let you stick it that way maybe try rotating the timber you are sticking it to., I only had this problem when adding them to timber facing a certain way.
MEAT-BALL May 19 @ 9:46pm 
Hey wolfgar, I'm decorating the decks of a ship I'm building with the candle lamps and I was wondering why it is not possible to put the lamps upright. I keep trying to adjust their position but the game will only let me rotate the lamps on their sides. I was able to set them upright for a while until about a month ago. Not sure what changed. I could be doing something wrong but please let me know what you think, thanks.
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 26 @ 7:40pm 
Update-Fixed the Physics error on the Wallmount candle. Still can't find the blends for the Stone Brazier.
shortybsd Feb 25 @ 6:28pm 
Well I recently got back into ME, when checking the logs of my mod for any issues if any I noticed it lol. I have been missing in action for almost a year. I would have reported back a long time ago like in the past to you but hung it up.
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 25 @ 4:29pm 
your welcome. and sorry didnt mean to shoot the messenger with that statement. I just don't get how the logs havent been flooded with these messages and have not been reported to me long ago. Like 100+ mods ago. Almost like it is something new or I just really have bad luck.
shortybsd Feb 25 @ 2:58pm 
Thank you so much Wolf and sorry for crushing your morning. All of us thank you deeply and we personally love all of your mods. 90% of the mods on my server are from you :)
wolfgar7474  [author] Feb 25 @ 7:21am 
Update-fixed physics on all but the stone brazier and fancy candle. I could not find the blend files for those.