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Cleaning Bot
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Jun 3, 2017 @ 6:42pm
May 30 @ 11:08pm
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Cleaning Bot

Adds a cleaning bot which can be crafted. "Base Robots" MUST be installed

Base Robots provides a main "Robots" tab where you can see all active robots, rename them, and assign them to an area.

Feel free to make your own custom robots using Base Robots. I will be writing a tutorial, but until then you can use this mod as an example. The only things needed are textures and XML defs - the code is already taken care of.

Special thanks to the following people for helping me out with the art!
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Aug 27 @ 8:31am
Feb 23 @ 3:24pm
Disabled bots can not be repaired. Just burn them with molotovs.
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Endless Sep 6 @ 3:48am 
This actually broke my game :( probably conflicted with another mod, but it made the narrator portraits disappear, a new game won't generate a world and in a saved game I can't abandone my colony (game just crashes).
cat_in_the_box Aug 31 @ 3:55am 
"Adds a cleaning bot which can be crafted." HOW? i only see people asking how that works, nobody can explain
Frission Aug 30 @ 7:38am 
Is this working in 1.0? I can't figure out how to research and make these buildable. I do have Base Robots installed, too.
IcedOstrich Aug 6 @ 10:57am 
FYI, I've found that if any of the area the cleaning bot is assigned to clean is outside then the bot won't clean at all and just wander around. Create a new cleaning area which is just inside and it'll work fine. The bot still works if this area is covers two separate buildings. The bot will happily go outside to get to the other buildings.
quakatak Jun 25 @ 3:33pm 
PSA if a robot gets damaged but not destroyed, you can repair it in dev mode with "heal random injury (10) under the pawns tool. Highly recommend it because there's apparently no other way.
Sirup Sultan May 29 @ 7:03pm 
@Daniel_USA I can confirm bots don't clean if there is a snow cleaning area with snow in it (what Dartonal wrote). Otherwise they work fine.
Gumball Watterson May 13 @ 8:23am 
how to builds them?
Dartonal Apr 30 @ 7:32pm 
Bots don't clean if you have a snow clearing zone with snow in it pls fix
Skir Mar 29 @ 12:45pm 
Gotta say, I liked your bots, but they sometimes just refuse to clean. I checked it over, and yes while I run a heavily modded colony, I don't have any mod that effects Cleaning, unless it's hidden from the release notes. I guess since it's broken, I'll have to look for other robot mods like the one you suggested with Rimfactory? Anyway, thanks for the effort, I'm sorry to see this mod break.
Prolbo Mar 24 @ 4:35am 
Is it possible to repare damaged (but not dead) robots? Is it possible to make them repairable? Or even possible to improove?