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The Underground King
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Jun 6, 2017 @ 9:59am
Jun 10, 2017 @ 4:02am
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We're on Kotaku!

We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to give a boost to the game development. Aside from Alpha and Beta rewards, you can also get yourself cartoonized into the game as a driver, design a car or legendary gear, even get a sexy art book to enjoy high res renders of the art in the game. We are also running a promotion for AirConsole on all tiers up to 12 months of subscription time, depending on the pledge levels.

Why don't you check out the page? It has tons of details more and some extra gameplay gifs.

What's this game about?
The Underground King is a narrative - racing - manager RPG for PCMACLinux where you recruit the city's lowlifes, assemble junkyard cars and have them compete in street races for profit and infamy!


Feature breakdown:
  • Strategic management of driverscars and equipment.
  • Supports your favorite playstyle in a strategy game: builder, earner, killer, achiever, etc.
  • Has a diverse assortment of random events to keep things fresh and exciting!
  • Hand-drawn graphics with a sexy art style.
  • Procedurally generated content. Each play is unique!
  • Rich universe and backstory to explore and uncover.
  • Different types of race tracks with unique rules and diverse locations!

The game loop:
The Underground King has a game core comprised of two stages: Management and Racing.
In the main map you organize, strategize, upgrade and interact with events, while in the racing mode you compete (with your car and drivers) against enemy teams for prizes.

When you participate in a race, you choose which car to use and up to 3 drivers with various roles and abilities to control that car. Some combinations are better than others, depending on the race track you are aiming for.

Your team competes against enemy teams that follow the same race rules, typically, crossing the finish line first. Each team, including your own, has an unique set of abilities and stats that make every race exciting and challenging.

Each race itself has different terrain, rules and winning conditions to further diversify your playing experience.

Drivers and cars come with their own set of abilities. Combining these abilities can produce builds that easily surpass specific obstacles. This adds a huge layer of strategy on picking which drivers go in which car for which race.
  • The driver in the Wheels seat will control the car’s max speed and steering abilities.
  • The driver in the Shotgun seat will control the car's acceleration and use various gadgets offensive/defensive gadgets.
  • The driver in the Support seat will control ability cooldown and various tools to boost the drivers or the car.

A couple examples of abilities in action:
Active the Nitro ability for a short boost of speed! Catch up and dust your opponents!

Use the Spring ability to launch the car into the air, avoiding obstacles & jump over cars in the front.

The City is alive. Lots of things are happening each day, and you can involve yourself in the drama and conflicts as they happen. You’re not alone though, your drivers can help you get the best rewards, or the least painful penalties.



Items and upgrades
Acquire items from the Shop, from Events or from winning races. Items have traits bonuses that, when equipped, improve the driver or car both in stats, and in style!

They are all procedurally generated so you can create builds for specific purposes; like increasing race rewards, passing events more easily or even to defeat a specific boss by targeting specific weaknesses!

Info, social media:

Because you've read through the whole thing, we're giving you a present!
We're giving you access to a super-duper-secret mailing list where we will periodically send by email, in-game codes for special drivers, items, cars, etc.
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