ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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HG Starter Kit V1.1
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May 29, 2017 @ 10:23am
Nov 8, 2017 @ 1:04pm
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HG Starter Kit V1.1

In 1 collection by Hulk 🐸
Hulks Mod-Kollektion
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MOD ID: 935556994

Mod works with TheCenter, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok DLC

HG Starter-Kit-I
Learn engram HG Starter-Kit-I
- Level 1
- No XP

Crafting to inventory:
- Requiring 1 stone
- You get a stone hatchet, pick, spear, slingshot and sleeping bag
- Max crafting 1x

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StarterKit/Kit/PrimalItem_HGStarterKit1.PrimalItem_HGStarterKit1'" 1 0 false

HG Starter-Kit-II
Learn engram HG Starter-Kit-II
- Level 20
- No XP

Crafting to inventory:
- Requiring 2 metal
- You get a metal hatchet, pick, pike, crossbow and 25 tranq arrows
- Max crafting 1x

cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/StarterKit/Kit/PrimalItem_HGStarterKit2.PrimalItem_HGStarterKit2'" 1 0 false

For hide the Engrams edit the Game.ini and insert this lines:

Hulks Armor a tool for Admins
HG Melee Weapons
Water for ARK
Make your ARK easier reloaded
HG Stacking Mod 10000-90
HG Stacking Mod 5000-90
HG Stacking Mod 2500-90
HG Stacking Mod 2500-50
HG Stacking Mod 1000-50

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~D~ May 27 @ 10:38pm 
What is the mod with Shop you can buy a starter kit, and various other things.
Elite-Noob! Mar 18 @ 1:24am 
@ AndyG - I have ask this last year

Elite-Noob! 15. Dez. 2017 um 9:28 Uhr Löschen
Whether it makes sense is not the question.
The possibility is there anyway.
Too bad, good mod but I'll just leave it.

Hulk [Autor] 14. Dez. 2017 um 23:22 Uhr
After each dead you need a starter kit, that is the idee.
Of course, it makes sense to die 100 times

Elite-Noob! 14. Dez. 2017 um 23:14 Uhr Löschen
After each dead!

Elite-Noob! 14. Dez. 2017 um 23:14 Uhr
If that were so, I would not ask.
I can do the kit hundreds of times ...
Elite-Noob! Mar 18 @ 1:24am 
Hulk [Autor] 14. Dez. 2017 um 22:50 Uhr
Max crafting 1x for each kit

Elite-Noob! 14. Dez. 2017 um 22:26 Uhr
I can make both kits after each death. That's what I want to limit something.

Hulk [Autor] 14. Dez. 2017 um 21:30 Uhr
Max crafting 1x

Elite-Noob! 14. Dez. 2017 um 21:24 Uhr
Is it possible to create a timer to have a cool down when crafting kits? If you die often enough you have a lot of stuff! I would like to limit that. So with Multi Timer, 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 8 minutes etc. That would be great!
AndyG1982 Mar 18 @ 1:11am 
is there any way i can edit the contents of the starter kit please? also can it be done so new players can only use the kit once or at least have a cooldown timer?
BlackHorde Jan 10 @ 4:13am 
eg. would be a spyglass or gps.
BlackHorde Jan 10 @ 4:13am 
would like to use ini settings to pick what goes inside or add other items to kit.
Hulk 🐸  [author] Jan 9 @ 10:38pm 
Request to change what?
BlackHorde Jan 9 @ 10:00pm 
Request the Option to Change what's inside the Starter Kits.
thedrz83 Dec 27, 2017 @ 6:09pm 
yo hulk i thnk what he is saying if u can add a timer / cooldown on the metal kit so people dont use it every 2 seconds !! is there a way to make a a one time use or else a timer ? pm me
cademon101 Dec 26, 2017 @ 12:02pm 
I cant get mine to open