Wreckfest (April 2018)

Wreckfest (April 2018)

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KillerBee Custom
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May 28, 2017 @ 11:24am
Feb 19 @ 1:42pm
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KillerBee Custom

                                                                   This mod now works in the latest update (January)

                                         Now crash free! (no more random crashes customising the car)
                                                    (passed my test of spam customisation and many race starts)
  • Tuning menu support
  • New market icons
  • Name change to fit with the new official vehicle names
  • Improved LODs
  • Fixed exhaust backfire (now works for all exhausts)
  • Liveries now available (can be overlayed onto paint)
  • Car parts now have weight and protection properties!
  • Vehicle class info for career
  • Paints have been better organised
  • Bug fixes

Now includes a 3 wheeler as a standalone car! So you now no longer need to switch the wheels when you want to use it. More visual parts and everything is now free!

Now has visual part options (Rear panel, exhaust, spoiler, rollcage, bumpers, side protector and wheels) to build your KillerBee Custom how you want!

A custom variation of the KillerBee (Previously European 1). This mod is my own variation that is made from a combination of parts I like from the official variants of the car and using the original variant (now removed) as a base; the goal being to make a classic sports variant. Features 2 custom part models I have made; A new exhaust and rear panel with glass window. It now also has working rear lights (in the proper places) with the original (previously unused) textures. I also transformed the driver into a clone of the driver from the sneak peek demo.

Contains many paint options and now liveries.
Added an AI set for racing against only KillerBee variants, which also includes the below mod for the original European 1 (KillerBee XL) if you have it installed.
Also now there is an additional AI set to race against only 3 wheelers!


Do not copy this mod or any of my others in whole or part for use in another mod, thank you.

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STRmods  [author] Mar 18 @ 3:58pm 
This mod should work fine as with all of my vehicle mods
Purojekuto-Kasukedo Mar 18 @ 3:56pm 
Will this mod get an update? Or does it work with the latest update like the others?
Crazy_Chihuahua Feb 25 @ 2:37am 
I had a confirmation until just now.
Results were still floating......:steamsad:
But, not so think with you in there was a mistake.
On the other hand, it was a confirmation of the bug under the conditions of as much as possible here.
Perhaps, this may be related to using windows 7, but I don't know because there is no program knowledge......
But, I added so many cars and coped with the update soon. I'm very happy, thank you.
If you add a new car I will be glad to use it. :steamhappy:

To those who are saying that the game will crash soon.
Have not you put a lot of MOD?
I sometimes crash sometimes, but sometimes I solve it by trying to reduce MOD to some extent.
STRmods  [author] Feb 24 @ 8:11am 
Make sure if you are using my Xmas mod it is updated, I recently updated the Xmas mod and fixed the problems it caused for both the rammer custom and euro custom driver ragdoll. If all the mods are updated there should be no ragdoll problems, just enabled them all myself to make sure and I have no ragdoll glitches.
Crazy_Chihuahua Feb 24 @ 12:55am 
GREAT...bugs of almost all has been resolved. :steamhappy:
But,This mod and Rammer Custom is the bug remains of the driver doll.
The bug, float in the air retired AI drivers.
Bugbear Bug MOD and Santa MOD is no problem, there may be there in solution...
Finally, sorry poor english. ( This english based translator. )
STRmods  [author] Feb 17 @ 10:19pm 
very punny :eaglederp: but thanks ;)
SonicUnleashedXY Feb 17 @ 9:29pm 
Wow, this mod is killer. Nice one.
STRmods  [author] Feb 17 @ 2:27pm 
Yeah sorry about the occasional crashes, for now the cause is unknown. The devs are looking at it though so hopefully it will be stable some day :) And yeah the replays have always had strange problems not even just sound. I imagine the regular KillerBee has the same sound issue in replays too. But thanks for the comment, glad you enjoy it still :)
GadsdenFlyer Feb 17 @ 2:23pm 
Oh, one other thing. The engine sound works fine while racing, but cuts in and out on replays. Not a big issue, just pointing it out.
GadsdenFlyer Feb 17 @ 2:21pm 
Great mod love the skins, low profile wheels make the car look spot on, and seems to have the right amount of tail happy for this wheel base although the car may be a tad over powered as Andy Rotten pointed out. Having said that, I get random crashes during part selection (performance and protection parts). I also get random crashes at the pre-race loading screen and just a guess, but perhaps this has to do with parts selection as well, and the AI seems to choose this car more often that the others. Gave a thumbs up as the random crashes don't ruin my fun. I run this mod every time, well done THANKS!