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Really cool workshop items
There is really good items here, subscribe ot them to get the items famous

Note: i didn't make all of these items, other people did make them

The blue eye texture is my workshop item,
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Fredbear Plushie (+ Nightmare skin)
Created by Emil
I am Emil Macko, the one behind Candy The Cat and Co.
And today, I present to you; the Fredbear Plushie! (From the FNAF 4 minigames!)

Consider this a little bonus to my arsenal of nightmares!

This model works just like my previous FNAF models (concernin...
Baby V.8 | FNaF: Sister Location
Created by EndyArts
Welcome to my Baby V.8 SFM release!


A fully Functioning "claw" model insider her stomach.
Has EyeLids, skirt bone, Fully detailed Endo.

Poster credits:
BreakneckBanshee-Syd Hu...
Tattletail Voice Lines! (Included unused lines)
Created by Gabrimer
"Tattletail that's me!"

Used this video:

Made Mama voice lines:

Here you go guys, got some lines and named them for you to use!
Mama comin...
Mama Voice Lines!
Created by Gabrimer
"Mama is comming!"

Mama has not that much lines, but here you go!

Used video:

I made Tattletail voice lines aswell!:

mama voi...
Tattletail Kaleidoscope Voice Lines! (Mama, Boring Tattletail, Tattletail)
Created by Lemonfood
This addon includes the voice lines from the Tattletail expansion, The Kaleidoscope. Voice lines for Tattletail, Boring Tattletail, and Mama Tattletail included. If you use these in your projects, you DON'T have to credit me, use them freely!

The sounds c...
Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Soundpack
Created by MrVideoFreak
Here is the five nights at freddy's 2 sound pack.

Any hate comments/another one will be destroyed.

Baby Talking Tattletail (+ Box and Mama)
Created by RobGamings
Model with Fur! [img] [/img]
This is the official Tattletail model from the game.
Modeled by Waygetter Electronics
FNAF - Tablet
Created by RobGamings
Made in Cinema 4D
Ported from Blender
Modeled and ported by "RobGamings"
RobGamings Youtube, deviantart, a...
Nightmare Funtime Freddy by Misterfab1970
Model made by: Misterfab1970 []
Ported by: Springjordan []
Materials enhanced by: Tiozinhodaesquina ...
Sister Location: Bidybab + Electrobab

Model edits, materials, porting:
The 64th Gamer

Material help:

Comes with 4 skins:
-Electrobab in-game (flickering eyes, though they are b...
Five Nights at Freddy's Camera Static (OVERLAY)
Created by Trilaspent
I thought it would only be fair if anyone who needed this could use it, so here! :)

This isn't originally mine! I extracted the materials file from a GMod addon.
(which can be found here:)
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - Withered + Unwithered Animatronics [OFFICAL RELEASE]
Created by martindragonrose
Ayy, so here are E_A's withered models! I aint got much to say, the pics explain everything there is to know about the models. There are misc models like the Endoskeleton, Bonnie's ripped off face, all that stuffs. Hope you enjoy em!
Also a possible GMOD ...
[FNaF SL] Bonnet Textures
Created by AnimationAJ
This is just a quick and simple texture that I made, as most of you will know, there is a new 'animatronic????' called bonnet (this texture is of that). I hope it looks accurate, but I bet on the next funtime freddy model there will be a skin/body group fo...
[BatIM] Bendy
Created by Luxxariggorous

This is AlexanderExodius's Bendy model from the famou...
Water/Blood/Liquid Droplet
Created by caseytube
A simple liquid drop with 3 skins, one for you to customize for your own purposes. Comes with a couple flexes to deform the model when it's falling, landed, etc.
Water is a blue, slightly translucent, reflective material, blood is a phong based reflective ...
Vintage Bonk Set
Created by aceman11100
€œMy secretary left a note on my desk from a concerned customer asking why the hell would a teleporter company would be making vending machines. Well it all started back with the bread scandal, people were demanding their money b...
Unwithered/Withered Freddy Colors Texture
Created by Gabrimer
Here you go!

Good for making OC's!

Good for making Easter Eggs!

Good for getting hated- wait what

Yes, another one -_-

We have the Colors:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Grey and Black!
(WARNING: Some colors might...
Blue eye texture
Created by William052007[YT]
This is my first workshop Item, It might not be "Perfect" like others,
So don't hate over it.
If it dosn't work or do anything when you change the texture Lemme know.

This workshop item is free to use, You don't have to credit me. If it dosn't work ...
Withered baby EYE
Created by William052007[YT]
This is from Scott cawthon's website:

Hope u enjoy it!!

All hate comments will be deleted so don't even think about it!

Withered baby EYE.vtf