Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Quick tips for beginners and noobs.
If your new or have a basic question that you want answered without having to look through multiple guides or threads then look here.

More complex info are on these pages, http://steamcommunity.com/app/35450/discussions/
or look through the rest of the community guides http://steamcommunity.com/app/35450/guides/
General stuff,Japs, banzai and booby traps.
There are cap points in this game you need to win. They are shown on your map or if you use tactical view(T key) to see them. You can see other locations like ammo dumps which resupply you.
The number of spawns or tickets your team has is also shown,top left.

You need to get your teammates in there to capture. In the capture zone, not around it otherwise when the other side put their men in, they will get that point.

Weapon function is 6 key. It's changes fire modes,gun barrels on machine guns and adjust sights on some other guns. Switches between tank cannon ammo types.

Give ammo to light machine gunners by pressing use(ctrl) near them. You also get points for this but not all classes have spare ammo.

Drop guns,nades with backspace, pick up with ctrl key.

Press run(shift key) and melee(middlemouse) to banzai. The bigger the group, up to a limit, the better it is. Look at bottom left corner at stamina bar to see how many people you banzai with.

Makes you run better and take more hits.

Booby trap by selecting a grenade crouching down on soft ground then press right click to bury. Can be removed if spotted then shot at but will explode when and enemy steps on it.

Type 99 is the better LMG and open to more classes when you get high level.
Avoid teamkills.
Look at your map, blue/green dots are your team/squad and when spotted enemy or recon is up enemy location will show up as red marks

Axis carry guns with one hand,germans are usually a little greyer than soviets.
Japs are a little more tan coloured and sometimes have plants stuck on them.

Allies carry gun in two hands and look a little like monkeys when they're running hunched over.

Team/squad leades and heros look different to normal soldiers.

Type np in chat if someone accidentally TKs you especially if you run into friendly artillery.
Squad leaders
They act as a mobile spawn point and have smoke grenades.
Depending on the situation you will want to get close to action to be able to spawn without yourself or squad getting killed straight away. Other times you will want to use lots of smoke to help get past a hard place. Drop the smoke nade and get someone else to pick it up if you don't want to leave your hiding spot or are beside a supply dump.

Be useful by spotting enemies for your team( z key) . Binoculars help with this.

They make artillery marks for the commander to drop bombs.
Press orders widget key( f is defualt I think)
Point and right click. Check map to see if its where you want it.
Commanders / TL
Find a radio, look on map or use tactical view(T key).
Sit beside it press use key and click the recon for the team to see enemy position on maps.

Has two smoke grenades.

Can make artillery marks like squad leaders.

To call arty go to radio and use, click a mark on the map then choose the artillery thats there.
Mortars are medium range and duration, artillery drops have a longer pause between strikes and rocket / naval barrage has a larger but shorter effect. Cooldown timers may vary between them.
Engineers have satchel charges / bombs and can blow up tanks,enemy and yourself with them.

Map can have special areas or small equipment which engineers can destroy. They usually can be seen with a small icon on the map or tactical view.

  • Iron cross tank traps
  • Barb wire
  • Doors
  • Pill boxes and mini bunkers

    Some maps have cap points that can be taken if someone throws a satchel charge on top of the equipment there.
There's a tank map on workshop to let you play about with the tanks. It will help you figure out the best places to shoot them as they can be hard to destroy if you don't hit the right place.
Press 6 to swap between ammo types as gunner, HE is generally better against infantry and AP for shooting other tanks.

Use scroll wheel to go through the different views in tank.
When you see an eye symbol it means you can use the iron sights key(mouse 2 or right click) to
look through it.This is how to access the periscope in T-34 letting you see around faster
without moving the turret. Pressing fire or ctrl takes control of the gun turret and rotates it to where you were looking.

If you are the driver don't drive the tank everywhere like a dune buggy,the
gunner can't aim like that and is easy for enemy to get you. Selecting
incremental throttle in the game options helps a little to move at a
slower,smoother speed but its best to hide the tank behind cover or your troops line
and shoot from a distance. Try and point the tank so the hull guner gets a good shot too if you have the chance.

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