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Different Blades
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Sep 1, 2012 @ 12:06pm
Different Blades is a puzzle RPG where players take the role of a wandering adventurer who is thrust into a new land that is threatening to collapse from within. While on the trail of a mysterious stranger who has a rare jeweled sword, the player will travel across the continent -- there will be quests to complete, items to collect, experience to be gained, and skills to train. But when it comes to battling monsters, combat is played out through unique find-the-difference style gameplay.

Drawing inspiration from games like Puzzle Quest, Different Blades looks to put a fresh spin on the puzzle/RPG genre.

Key Features
  • Do battle with over 15 enemies, each with 50+ differences for maximum replay value
  • Choose from over a dozen distinct abilities to train and use in battle
  • The first chapter in a series that will span multiple worlds and continents, with each chapter introducing new monsters, abilities, and mechanics
  • Unique gameplay blends the find-the-difference genre with RPG elements
  • Casual mode for players just looking to enjoy the art and story
  • Target platforms are PC, Mac, and iPad

So, how does this all work?

Like other RPGs, there is a world map with cities, towns, and other areas to explore. Players will travel across the map, talking to NPCs, accepting quests, and getting ready to fight monsters - orcs, goblins, ogres, brigands, and many more enemies will try to stop the hero from completing his quest. But instead of random encounters and turn-based combat, fights take place through a unique find-the-difference game.

Once inside combat, players will have to find differences between two nearly identical monster portraits. Whenever a difference is found, the player gains some energy. Energy can then be spent on using abilities - physical attacks, shield blocks, or magic spells. Each ability has a distinct effect, and each monster has a set of vulnerabilities and resistances.

But throughout the gameplay the monster's Attack Track is moving, carrying its own set of abilities. When a monster's ability reaches the end of the Attack Track it activates -- causing damage, healing the monster, or a variety of other effects. Players must balance finding differences, activating abilities, and keeping an eye on the Attack Track and interrupting the monster whenever they can.

And like other RPG combat, the game ends when either the player or monster has had their health reduced to 0!

Follow us on twitter @DoneRightStudio ( and stay tuned for a demo featuring two of the game's enemies, the Goblin Fireshaper and Orc Rune-Breaker!
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