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Train Simulator

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The Tunnelton Early Day Shift (part 2}

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The Tunnelton Early Day Shift (part 2}

You have just finished splitting the consist into two groups as well as putting 2 wagons aside, that were meant to go to the 'Mud Track' for the Track Gang.

Your Brakeman has just arrived back and has news from the Signalman, that the faulty Mainline Points are now working again and the first job is to get those 2 wagons over to the waiting Track Gang.

Once that is done you can get those empty hoppers and loaded box wagons up to the Jessop Mine.

This scenario is 40 minutes.

All the facing points are preset for your first movement through them.

To run the scenario you will need the
"B+O Kingwood Branch"
and the
"AT+N 2-8-0 Consolodation" {The HUD version}