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Arma 3 Maps & Terrains
This collection contains a Plethora of Arma III Maps & Terrains that I have compiled from the workshop to ease the search for your desired Arma experience.
[Newest additions are located at the bottom]

If you have any comments, questions, concerns, recommendations or feedback, feel free to let me know in the comment section or send me a friend request and I'll respond as soon as possible.

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Mountain Wilderness Terrain
Created by Rylan
The 'Mountain Wilderness Terrain' is a North America based fictional environment created with L3DT. I made this terrain because, well, for one, I wanted to learn this aspect of modding in Arma, and next, I wanted to created a terrain that focuses mostly o...
Aliabad Region
Created by Santa Fe
Aliabad is a coastal region somewhere in Takistan (or another similar country), it consists of some farmlands, settlements, rolling hills and some canyons. There are two main farmlands aswell as a few scattered farms and compounds all over the map, all in ...
Created by CraveMode
It is uploaded per license agreement that no files were changed. Readme and bikey was moved to /keys/ in the main directory to fix sig...
Created by henn-frankfurt
M.S.K.E. - 4 Islands Map
Malden - Sarugao - Kolgujev - Everon

Version 2017
Release Date: 22.01.2017

Hello friends,
here is my latested Project. My dream to bring 4 of my most loved OFP islands to one map is now reality. All islands have been newly...
New York City, USA [WIP]
Created by Lumnuon


The map is in a state at which an entire team of people would be required to complete a rework of the map with appropiate building models etc.. - Currently it does not look like that wil...
Created by steem
X-Cam prototype map 1.1

Please note that this map is indeed a kind of a prototype.
The prototype map was not designed to play missions on there.
In particular, vehicles have some problems to stay/drive on the roads,
because the density of objects in...
X-Cam-Taunus (Version 1.1)
Created by silola
We are pleased to announce that we have completed the second version of the X-Cam-Taunus map. This version is around 96% completed and we want to release the final version later this year.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with more or less...
Created by Variable.A
Vietnam 20x20km Map.

----------------- SERVER INFORMATION -----------

Name: Name: = A Vietnam Story 1965~1969 =
Address: PORT:10002


Uhao island
Created by Nremik

Version: 2.0.1
Description: Uhao island - is an island with tropical ambient and atmosphere....
Created by Nremik

Version: 2.9.5
This map is 20x20 Kms. Based upon Kunar Province in Afghanistan, but this one deploy...
Created by Damonicus1986
Santa cruz its a 3 islands map in post apocalyptic climate, still tons of work need to be done, currently ther is not much on it to see but working on it, and currently looking for people who would like to be a part of team to help with decorating map :) ...
Created by dead_kennedy

Version: 1.0
Location: Central Russia
Type of the landscape: rural
Map size: 20x20 km (400 km^2)
Number of 3d-objects: ~1,5 million
Number of settlements: > 50
Suitable for: individual, squad, platoon or company simulation

kerama Islands By [Vétérans]
Created by wollfen
Kerama Islands
Team Les Vétérans : [V]Wollfen

This terrain is based on the real Kerama Islands you can find near Okinawa, south of Japan.

It's by playing o...
Isla Duala
Created by IceBreakr
Isla Duala: one of the most played islands since Arma2 release.
Version: 3.9.5 [Feb 15, 2019]

El Diablo, IceBreakr and Tourist Board of Afrene are inviting you to visit a paradise on Earth - Isla Duala. Tropical forests, sandy beaches, ...
Lingor/Dingor Island
Created by IceBreakr
Lingor & Dingor Island
Version: 3.9.5

This lush green environment in a fictional country somewhere near the Equator. Inspiration were countries such as Venezuela & Colombia. ~5 months were spent on research and creation of this world.
Created by Argument5.45
Post apocalyptic maps
Requirements: CUP core, CUP maps, CUP CWA

SP missions pack
Barren Fjord
Created by AUD222
1600 km^2 - High detail map...
Created by Cirav [FR]
Version 1.1
Map size : 60km x 60km
Serverkey inclued

Requirements :
-Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Core

Description :
Kidal is a town and commune in the desert region of northern Mali. The town lies 285 km northeast of Gao and is the capi...
G.O.S Song Bin Tahn
Created by GOS_Makhno
The map is 15 x 15 km of dense jungle with many major and smaller rivers.

I made this map to do recon/sabotage/COIN missions, like SOG or LRRP did in vietnam. also like the SAS intervention in Borneo.
G.O.S N'ziwasogo
Created by GOS_Makhno
N'ziwasogo is 20 x 20 km, mostly covered with thick (yet playable) jungle and also features many Towns and settlements.

4 000 000 objects, nearly all of them are green.

Features custom sounds and road surfaces included in this download.

Isla Abramia
Created by IceBreakr
Version: 3.9

Isla Abramia is IceBreakr's latest creation for Arma 3. It is a mix of lush greenery and snowy mountains. He wanted to give players of Armaverse something new to toy with and mix of green and snowy mountains always attracted him as h...
[STOPPED] Chernobyl Zone
Created by ArmanIII
Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is an area with controlled possibility of entry and residence on grounds of radioactive contamination caused by the Chernobyl accident in 1986. It is located on the territory of Kiev and Zhitomir regions of Ukraine and on its north...
Cossac cape, Crimea
Created by dead_kennedy
Version 1.2 July 2016.

The 5x5 km map represents a fiction terrain, "located" in the city of Sevastopol, Crimea.

Topic on a BI's forum -
Developement blog - http://visitor4notes...
F.S.F Calivigny
Created by ToF
The purpose of this map is used to support a tutorial realize its own island. You can follow tutorial on clan FSF wiki : French Version[] or [URL=
Created by woesinger
Gorgona by Major Desync

Description: Gorgona is a small island located in the Ligurian Sea, 37 km off the west coast of Italy and 35 km north of the island of Capraia. Inhabited and fortified since ancient times, it is now home to an agricultural penal ...
Created by Cirav [FR]
Serverkey included
Map size : 5km x 5km
Kholm requires no additional addons.

Description :
Kholm is a small desert map of 25km². It is composed of canyons and caves for ambushes.

Spécial thanks :
-F.S.F for Wiki Labs
-Mikero for his tools
[WIP] Diego Garcia
Created by Michael007800
*Excuse some of the lower quality Screenshots!*

Diego Garcia by Michael007800

Description: Diego Garcia is a Small Island in the Chagos Archipelago. Turned into an Airbase by the British in 1968, it is in a strategic point, halfway between Asia and ...
CUP Terrains - Maps
Created by CUP Team
CUP Terrains - Maps

The Community Upgrade Project is a cooperative effort to bring the content of Bohemia Interactive's
earlier games (Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and DLC's in particular) into Arma 3, updated
to the functionality...
Wake Island
Created by Cirav [FR]
Version 1.2
By Cirav & [301]Hubabobube
Map size : 10km x 10km
Wake Island requires no additional addons.
Google map :,166.6358416,14z

Description :
Wake Island is a coral atoll just north of the Marshall Islan...
Created by Win32Shelestov
Terrain is based on real geographical data, combines two areas in Ukraine. However, it has nothing to do with real life Orshanets village, aside from the name, it is completely different area.
Project in general IS NOT RELATED to situation in Ukraine IN A...
Created by RonhillUltra
169km2 of Post-apocalyptic world designed for survival gameplay. Based on real world location in Bosnia, modeled after reference and satellite images. 1.480.000 objects so far. We are aiming for realism, and we are putting a lot of effort in details to ma...
Kulima island
Created by Qinetix
Kulima island by Acutres.
I'm uploading this addon on Steam Workshop with permission of my friend Acutres.

Island Kulima is fictitious.
Area is ~ 37Km2 (10x10km map).
Belongs to Manani archipelago. The other two islands are: Baldarife a Zlaro...
Created by Ramiro
Welcome to Teumess!

Teumess is a fictional island, loosely based off of Mykonos, Greece. It is one of the Greek islands along Lemnos and Agios Efstratios (Altis and Stratis). It is a 10km x 10km map (with 65.553 objects),...
G.O.S Gunkizli
Created by GOS_Makhno
The map is a 20 x 20 km plain.

This map has intentionaly no high ground. This is done to promote maneuvering over shooting from afar.

Main features :
More than 100 villages and hamlets, 3 Airfields, heavy wood cover and vast expanses of shalow marsh...
SFP: Sturkö
Created by granQ
On the 27 October 1981 at approximatly 20.00, a Soviet submarine ran aground on a skerry in Gåsefjärden, just 10km from one of Swedens largest naval bases, Karlskrona. The Russians sent a "rescue" party while the Swedish primeminister ga...
Created by Variable.A
Mogadishu, Somalia
20x20km Map

Map NEEDS following MODS:


1) Fixet ambient sounds, New Locations, Sat Map Fixes.

2) City expanded. New structures at the airpor...
This terrain is completely fictional and not based on any realworld location.

I tried to acchieve a look that differs from other terrains, as it is always nice to have some variation.

The area of Bariga had to be evacuated becaus...
Nordkvingo, Norway V0.91
Created by SMURKS

# Nordkvingo Version 0.91 #

I am now releasing my map that i have been working on for a while now, but never finished. It is my first map that i have made so please be kind, their will ...
G.O.S Al Rayak
Created by GOS_Makhno
The map is 20 x 20 km, and aims at loosely representing a middle-eastern country.

40 km of coastline,
7 cities,
3 seaports,
2 main rivers,
4 airfields,
about 100 villages,
many bridges, and far more trees than would be here in reality.

Hazar-Kot Valley
Created by Santa Fe
MCN Hazar-Kot Valley

The map is centered around an inner and an out valley, the outer one is desert, with a small village and a few compounds, as well as an abandoned mine. These settlements are meant to be run-down and rather abandoned due to the remot...
Diyala Map
Created by CypeRevenge
Diyala is a province in Iraq!
The province begins in the NW from Baghdad and extends to the Iranian border!


This location was very fought in the second Gulf War,and since...
Sugar Lake
Created by woesinger
by Major Desync (AKA Woesinger)

Sugar Lake is a township in the Vieilhomme Delta. A hub for oil exploration and extraction, Sugar Lake has extensive port facilities servicing a number of oil rigs and refineries in the surrounding wetlands....
Imrali Island
Created by Cirav [FR]
Version 1.4
Map size : 10km x 10km
Imrali Island requires no additional addons.

İmralı is a small Turkish island in the south of the Sea of Marmara, west of the Armutlu-Bozburun peninsula within Bursa Province. It measures 8 kilometres in the north-so...
Created by Egil Sandfeld
Official Mod - Bornholm For Arma 3
-- Version 1.6

-- Description
Bornholm for Arma 3 is a vast terrain in a North-European setting, filling the need for new and exciting areas of operation in Arma.
With its various changes in elevation and vegetat...
Kunduz, Afghanistan
Created by Half Halo
With over one year of work and many failed attempts I'd like to thank Bohemia Interactive, contributors and the Arma 3 terrain modding community for their part in the successful completion of Kunduz.

The goal was to create a detailed real world Afghani ...
Alaska 2035
Created by Ocelot

**Requires CUP Terrains Now**
Terrain is WIP!

Welcome to Alaska. It's 2035 and easte...
Porquerolles Island By [Vétérans]
Created by -Michel-
Porquerolles Island
Team Les Vétérans : [V]Michel & [V]Xnam

(From [V]Michel)

This terrain tries to be as close to the real Porquerolles Island as we possibly could. The height map and vegetation is based on the real world island....
Created by Cirav [FR]
Version 1.21

Serverkey included
Map size : 20km x 20km
Bozcaada requires no additional addons.

Description :
Bozcaada is an island of Turkey in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea. Administratively, the island constitutes the Bozcaada district...
VT5 - Valtatie 5 | Final Release | Finnish terrain for A3
Created by Tonto-
VT5 - Valtatie 5 | Final Release| Finnish terrain for A3

Name of the map is Valtatie 5, or "VT5", and it translates to "Highway 5". I've been working it about a year now and with the help I've received its beginning to be ready for releasing.

Angel Island v1.3
Created by xnam
Angel Island is the first map of the french team : Les Vétérans, created by [V]Xnam

Angel Island have been updated 1.3 !

Log :

Fix lighting for A3 1.6
Fix Ladders
Fix Objets Flyings

it's based Angel Island, in San Fransico Bay. It's a sm...
Created by daSh
Version 2.0
Requirements: CUP Terrains

- New Lightning Config
- Add CUP Terrains

Evergreen ARMA3 4Km² Terrain.
G.O.S Kalu Khan
Created by GOS_Makhno
Kalu Khan V2

In this endless outdoor playground, you'll find steep mountains with cloud-covered peaks great for hiking, biking, and trying to not get killed by those guys here that just appeared over the next ridge.

Version 2.0 Changes :

G.O.S Dariyah
Created by GOS_Makhno
20 x 20 km of sand dunes and rocky mountains.

There are intentionaly no road, as AI tends to stick to them, and it would make vehicle patrols of the kind the LRDG used to do less intersting. Also it's a greater challenge for land navigation, especialy i...
Fjäderholmarna, Sweden
Created by SMURKS
# Fjäderholmarna Version 1.0 #

This is just a project i created for fun, i didn't have anything to do one night so why not create a small map. It was made in 4,6 hours.

Fjäderholmarna is an island located in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can also down...
Created by Dada
I just put this old map on Steam for make it simple to the people for playing online. CUP terrain core/map is required...
Kelley's Island [No Mods Required]
Created by Noms
This is a modification and repack of Kelley's Island, a terrain made by Andino from OrgoByte. I do not claim credit for making the island, but I have edited and improved it in the following ways:

- Removed buildings that depend on third party mods - you...
Reshmaan Province
Created by Friskiukas
I am just re-uploading this mod for easy access for a milsim unit I belong to.
All rights belong to their respective owners. (Add me and I'll remove it!)...
PR F.A.T.A - A2
Created by Androkiller™
I am not the creator to this mod, I am uploading to give simplicity to users who require to get the mod via Arma 3 Launcher.

Original source location:

10x10 km Map, Based...
Fallujah V1.2
Created by yurei
This is a direct port of the Fallujah map from A2 to A3.

This map requires both CUP Terrains Core and CUP Terrains Maps, due to a weird dependency on the map "Utes" most likely a weird asset that is only on Utes and not core, I never looked int...
G.O.S Leskovets
Created by GOS_Makhno
G.O.S Leskovets is a 400 km² map of rural farmland featuring 40 villages.
It's mostly inspired from the landscape of Southern Burgundy's "bocage" with

hedgerows enclosed fields, many wooded areas and some open fields, but with

eastern european/bak...
G.O.S N'Djenahoud
Created by GOS_Makhno
G.O.S N'Djenahoud, 400 km² of sand, rocks and nature.
It's based on real word area in the "Ennedi Massif".

This map does not contain any building, those can now easily be added to a mission as is needed.
There are 8 airstrips (most of them do not appe...
Old but Gold Map Pack
A map pack.

- Aliabad Region
- Thirsk
- Namalsk
- Caribou Frontier
- PR Fata
- PR Afghan Village
- Fallujah
- ToraBora
- Hazar Kot Valley
- A small lighting upgrade...
Created by Son
Mapa de ilhas fictícias no estilo Italiano. Possui aeroporto e uma pista de pouso. Possui 5 bases militares. O pico mais alto tem mais de 400 metros de altura ao nível do mar, é possível praticar basejump no local. Possui uma grande área portuária.

Map ...
Tilos: Greek Island ( Beta )
Created by [AD]Anthariel
After 2 months of work on my new Island, Tilos. I finally published the Alpha version of this map.

This Greek Island with an area of ~67km² is located around 600km of South-East of Stratis.
Tilos has 4 military FOB located on the heights of the island ...
Created by bludclot

#RHSPKL v1.0 will be hosted in the RHSMODS workshop.

Prei Khmaoch Luong | ព្រៃខ្មោចលង
is a a small, dense, fictional jungle province in Cambodia. The terrain is designed exclusively for L...
Created by _SCAR
Kastellorizo (Καστελλοριζο) is a beautiful island in Greece of 11.98 km2. It is the easternmost Greek island and is situated in the Eastern Mediterranean.

This is a self-contained mod which does not have any dependencies. Please note that the island is ...
MBG Celle 2 (Arma2 Legacy)
Created by Mondkalb
Original Forum Thread[]

This addon was released on 11th March 2012 for Arma 2. It is absolutely ancient and not originally intended to be used with Arma ...
[Cancelled] Vortorsk Terrain
Created by Crazy Mike
-- I have since quit ArmA modding for the foreseeable future, be advised however if DayZ Beta is not shit and actually breaths life back into that game, I may strongly consider making a terrain similar to this one on it. This terrain was my first step into...
Tembelan Island
Created by Ben
Tembelan Island is based on an indonesian island, though through the design process it has been heavily modified for ArmA. It was started before the Apex expansion was even announced and so uses purely vanilla assets. It features many small villages and to...
Created by Temppa
Hellanmaa / Hellanmaa Winter

Hellanmaa is simple terrain from Finlands country side. Just forests, roads and houses.

Area 8km x 8km.

Thanks to:
Furean for guidance for testing...
Created by woesinger
by Major Desync (aka Woesinger)

Background: Altiplano is situated in the Andes along the borders of several South American nations. It is a high plateau, only sparsely populated due to its aridity and extreme altitude...
ARC Farkhar Valley
Created by René Cusab
ARC Farkhar Valley

Farkhar Valley is a district of Takhar Province, Afghanistan.
It is located in southern east of Taloqan city the center of Takhar provi...
Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village (+OPX Patch & ALiVE Indexing)
Created by Redrum
This was repacked with more up to date OPX assets, as well as indexed for ALiVE. You can find the index 'x\..' folder at: I will update this map with more opcom locations, perhaps even a better index at a later date. This is the initial...
Arma 3 Taviana 0.4.2
Created by Fleischer
new and redesigned version of the taviana map

- 12 unenterable buildings are now enterable
- A shit ton of errors (eg: Boat error)
- "Black" bodies on the floor
- Piers floating in sabina out of the blue
- Map Grid (thanks to Вано for in...
Kelley's Island Remastered
Created by Ambience
Kelley's Island Remastered by Ambience
This map is a rework of the Kelley's Island map by Andino, this is the first ever arma 3 terrain I worked on and I released it to the public to allow other users to play on it. The...
FRL - Saaremaa
Created by Frontline A3
Arma 3 Port of The Project Reality BF2 Saaremaa map. Originally map by Outlaw, A3 version by Gunther.S and Adanteh.

This map was created to be played with the Frontline PVP mod. Frontline is an ArmA 3 PVP Mod, inspired by Squad, Project Reality, and Tac...
Created by Temppa
Ruha 0.12 version

Size 8x8km
Location Finland
Based on real world place but its heavily modifield

Need Cup terrains core


Old version (v.0.11) downl...
ATMT - Trava
Created by Chris
Welcome to Trava!

Trava is a 4x4km terrain which features large forests mixed with small villages and military installations. It feels a bit like Charnarus, yet is way smaller and has denser forests. To have the best expirence you...
Created by bludclot
This version will never be updated. Future versions will require DLC and will have their own WS page.
This version will stay up so your old missions will work and so that people without dlc can still play the old.

Created by Hunger


You can support us by donate an amount, no matter how much, we appreciate it a lot! Thank you!!
Created by Pabst Mirror
Yellowstone by PabstMirror

Terrain based on Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, USA)

10x10km map using real world elevation and satellite data, along with a few added fictional towns and roads. Offers a mix of forest, prarie and snow covered...
Created by Temppa
On the Pulau terrain, there are two large tropical islands and several smaller islands of the sort. All of them are fictional and not based on any real world location.

Size 12x12km
Cell size 3
400000 objects
Uses apex objects (APEX DLC not needed)...
Santa Catalina Island, USA
Created by Nick C.
Santa Catalina Island for Arma 3 is an accurate replication of the real world Island located just off the coast of Southern California, USA. The island's only town, Avalon, features traditional American homes and a lovely downtown; made with over 30 unique...
Created by DK480
Old Nam-map version
Created by Unluckymonster
Original Author: =7Cav=CPL.Variable.A

Old version of CPL.Variable's Nam-map uploaded to Steam Workshop with his permission.

This mod in not officially supported by the original author, use at your own risk. Will NOT be updated. Uploaded as it is.[...
Coastal Island
Created by DK480
Created by Marko
Deniland is vast terrain, 40x40km, vast, mostly land. Terrain is various,a lot hills and valleys, few hidden caves, river from north to south, swamps...
There is one large lake and a few smaller ones.
On this map I combined objects from Al...
Created by Ice
Isles of Cumbrae, Scotland. version 1.2

10km x 10km Terrain
Top Island 5.5km x 3km
Bottom Island 2.6km x 1.6km
Total Objects 90.225k

Created by xindrum
This is a map mod from our home place in Northern Norway. We wanted a realistic scenery of this beautiful area with sea, high mountains, lakes and rivers. To do so we had to have a working pond mod, so a new mod for this was created. Also a 4.5 km long tun...
Chernarus Redux
Created by Axios -No Dot- exe

In the post-Soviet country of Chernarus. Several years has passed since the insurgency conflict and viral outbreak. The russian oriented country is now desolate and overgrown. The few that remain and inhabit th...
Ergon County
Created by Cookies
Ergon County.
Ergon County is a fictional terrain based off of the rocky mountains in Canada and the USA. Dense forests with tall trees covered in snow litter the landscape of Ergon County with its vastness. It has recently seen increas
Created by Marko
The map was created according to real island in Adriatic sea.
Coordinates of the island Vis 43° 2'33.96"N 16° 9'27.72"E.
There is one main island, and few smaller.
Map contains: two main towns, number villages, few hidden caves...
On the...
Schwemlitz, Germany (Obsolete)
Created by WA Lancer
This is the Version released for Arma 2 last updated 11 April 2013

Schwemlitz is a 5x5km terrain centered around the town of Schwemlitz located 20km from the former inner german boarder. Encompassing rolling wheat and asparagus fields, thi...
Chernarus 2035
Created by Crazy Mike
This mod is no longer being developed by me.

APL-SA Licensed

Chernarus 2035 is the Eastern area of the fictional country of Chernarus, the arma 2 map. This mod aims to be a ...
FRL - Wandarovka
Created by Frontline A3
This is a pretty different port of the Wanda Shan PR2 map by Outlaw. This one is done by Gunther.S and Adanteh. Quite a bit different from Wanda Shan (If we didn't tell you, you probably didn't realize), mainly that everything is flipped and the theme is b...
Made by Saul Sheard aka Sparklekitten. This is a map/terrain of Nii-jima, an island off the south coast of Japan just near Tokyo.

If you like my work please consider donating.
Florida Keys
Created by Variable.A
Flooding removed.

This is a first release of a new map based around Florida Keys USA. There is still a lot of content being worked on.
Expect frequent updates and fixes. Please report any issues you may experience. Map should be stable in 64-bit...
Ryderwood Island
Created by Rylan
Welcome to Ryderwood Island! First public release of northwest woodland terrain mod. More info will be added in the future.

Any feedback or input is welcome

Requires BTHBC Terrains...
ATS Island (Alpha)
Created by duda
Alpha release of ATS Island. Advanced Train Simulator required to use this map. This island will eventually be used for the Trains and Robbers game mode:

Island created by Duda, BigDad (pla...
Saba Island
Saba Island is a 1:1 scale real world terrain which is in the Caribbean, based on real world data.

5 Km by 5 Km map

There are over 280,000 objects on Saba, many which are hand placed.

custom ground textures and custom models.

With thanks to to ...
Arean Island
Created by Javier Calvo
Arean Island
Arean island is a arma 3 terrain 10800x10800m
Has a Mediteranean climate...
[WIP] Unknown Country (v0.2.1)
Created by Hellmaker2a

Unknown Country is a map based upon the geography of the state of Oklahoma (10km x 10km) vincinity of Antlers City renamed Cherry Hill in this partial fictional map.
Some of the vegetations, roads, and cities locations are preserved, lo
MINUSCA - Ouaka Region
Created by Kaléu

It is in the French colony of Oubangui-Chari , that on October 5, 1910, is instituted the constituency of Kandjia-Kouango, with Bambari for chief town. July 31, 1912, it becomes constitue...
OchlaProject - Arma3 Terrain WIP
Created by MrKamil404
The map is being created. The first goal is to complete the island which requires visual enhancements.
I invite you to subscribe and share your comments.
8Km x 8Km
Currently: 30820 objects.
MCAGCC 29 Palms
Created by MrSocomDude
The Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC), also known as 29 Palms, is a United States Marine Corps base. Twentynine Palms Base located adjacent to the city of Twentynine Palms in southern San Bernardino County, California.

Included files:
Created by Variable.A
Germany lost WW2 but remaining forces retreated to a secret island in South Pacific.

10x10km fictional island with multiple locations:

Large Port with Sub Pens
Dry dock
Wolf Lair HQ
Big bertha rail gun.
Jungle sluice
Train Yard
Zeppelin factory...
Chernarus Isles
Created by Torndeco
Chernarus Isles
Chernarus and Utes maps from Arma2 combined together.

Other changes include
1) Duplicated map objects got removed
2) Some minor fixes to object positions on chernarus.

Thanks to Pennysworth / Kju / Bushlurker and everyone else tha...
DonkeyPunch.INFO Open Chernarus Project
Created by MusTanG
This mod brought to you by DirtySanchez and DONKEYPUNCH.INFO

Maca has in fact released DS_Houses with Torndeco. Their lack of working with the community on projects like Open Chernarus Project and only making things for their own personal monetary gain ...
Marked Incompatible ]  Thirsk Island
Created by DrCramer
Winter War ended exactly 70 years ago on this day, 13.3. with the signing of the Moscow Peace Treaty.

With the peace treaty, Finland was forced to cede a tenth of its pre-war territories, including cities like Vyborg, Sortavala and Käkisalmi.
Created by Variable.A
Arma 3 Science Fiction Map. NEEDS APEX but according to latest Arma 3 SITREP this will be free to all with next update.


20x20km Terrain featuring various science fiction themes and locations.

Over ...
Mount Saint Helens
Created by johnkirk345
This map is based off Mount Saint Helens, a majestic volcano in the state of Washington. Real world data has been applied to this map. This is one of the first maps that I have made and I got it straight off the L3DT website sample files if anyone is inter...
Created by Pixel
This map is a small section of the Crimean peninsula, the border between the steppe and gormi.
Map size: 7.168 km. x 7.168 km.
Approximate area: 51 sq. km
Height difference: from 200 m. To 735 m.
The number of objects is about 220 thousand - all object...
Ihantala Winter
Created by Temppa
Ihantala winter v0.08

Cell size 2
Size 4x4km
170k objects
Based on the real world location but has been modified a lot

Summer version:

Need Cup terrains core

Created by Temppa
Ihantala v1.02

Cell size 2
Size 4x4km
170k objects
Based on the real world location but has been modified a lot

Winter version:

Esseker Fixed
Created by irokez61rus
Just fixed all errors for original Esseker...
Kunduz Afghanistan - Fixed Doors
Created by A5
All credits go to James2464, I've just fixed the doors to work with the action menu

With over one year of work and many failed attempts I'd like to thank Bohemia Interactive, contributors and the Arma 3 terrain modding community for their part ...
Iwagi [WIP]
Created by cring0
Remember to leave a thumbs up if you like what you're seeing, thanks!

If you'd like to support my work(and maybe free up some hours) you can make a donation. Donations are very appreciated as it takes thousands of hours to develop terrain. Th...
Madrigal Terrain - Operation Trebuchet
Created by Nightovizard
My Terrain project for Optre, based on the Planet Madrigal. Feel free to post any feedback and suggestions you have.

It is my first terrain in Arma, so do not expect top quality content. It is fairly big, 8 x 8 kilometers. It should work for any kind of...
Elaine County V1.0
Created by SMURKS



This is Beta 1.0 version.

25km2 of city and country life world designed ...
Debug Grounds
Created by MAXIMILI
DebugGrounds is a small arma 3 map developed only for testing purposes.
Main Map Info: map size: 10240 x 10240 (m).

All source files are available on G[]
Hunters Valley map
Created by Razor
Hunters Valley Map 12x12km
2x Air Base's
7x FOB's
4x Caves
1x Tunnel
Villages and more......
Rosche, Germany
Created by WA Lancer
WA Lancer and present
Rosche, Germany

Rosche is a 236km2 terrain based on the area around the town of Rosche in Lower Saxony. Representing the flat, open plains of northern Germany, Rosche provides for a variety of gamepla...
Created by Temppa
Anizay v0.08

Size: 10km x 10km
Cell size: 5
410k objects

Fictional desert terrain.

Need Cup terrain core

Thanks Jonekone, Blahh and

Saint Kapaulio
Created by {God-Father}
REQUESTING YOUR HELP $3 from you will help so if you think this is worth $3 please pledge you can even then name your own town !!!!

New Saint Kapaulio Life will be ready very soon , just finishing of a few thin...
Senkaku Islands
Created by Lumnuon


The terrain is 400km^2 (20kmx20km) big and is a true to scale recreation of the Senkaku Islands.

Mask/Sat: 16384x16384
Height: 4096x4096px (5px/m)

BI Forum link: https://forums.boh...
Created by Rylan
This is a heavily modified/redesigned and updated version of CypeRevenge's "Lost Island" (Original can be found at ) Source files were provided to me courtesy of him, so he has my thanks for that. I hope I did th...
Created by Andrew_S90
ExileGenesis Mod for AWG Arma3 Survival.

dsr objects
included with permissions

Map Credits to CrazyMike. This is rebuilt from source....
Napf Island A3
Created by Flatter
The original Napf created by Momo and yours truly.

Originally made for Arma2, ported to Arma3 by Nixon (

Momo's description from the original 1.0 release:

"After 2.5 years of work, I finally finished my Napf Island. It ...
Montella Terrain Mod
Created by Mr.Mark
The mod is not completed and it does not represent a finished product, it still is a Work In Progress.
The terrain is now in a condition i feel many of you can consider "playable".
However an entire chunk of the map (right side of the terrain) is ...
Winter Chernarus
Created by SkyeGuy

The original Winter Chernarus map c...
Old Keranos [fr]
Created by KILOpalo5
join discord for more...
Mountain Ops
Created by DK480
Real Terrain Heightmap, L3DT Textured.

Grid Size: 2048x2048

Cell Size: 10.000

Terrain Size (M): 20480.000

20.4 x 20.4 Km In Size = 419KM^2...
Kihnu Island previev
Created by Waffel
I start meaking this terrain four years ago, I waned to see what in arma can look terrain witch real high density of flora, and I wanted to know, whether its posibile to create one
with simultaneous save very good optymalisation. Meaking that type of te...
Kabul, Afghanistan
Created by DK480
USE This Command to Increase view distance in your Config to 40k view distance ( Configure how you like )

"setviewdistance 40000;"

- Imported roads*, No buildings, Just airport Runway.

- Real Terrain Data and Imagery

- - - - -

South Asia v1.3
Created by ANZACSAS Steven
South Asia version 1.3 port to Arma 3 by ANZACSAS Steve.
No errors!!

- Massive 122x122klm South Asia Ter
St-George island
Created by [126]Max
St-George island
"Based on a fictional island"

For a Report BUG ===>

Size : 7680x7680
1 years work
== > it's an alpha < ==


Im Selling the Source! Add me

Hey Leute, das ist meine selbsterstellte Deutschland Map. Diese Map habe ich vor Monaten erstellt und werde jetzt diese öffentlich im Steam Workshop machen. Es werden immer mal wieder Upda...
Created by Temppa
Summa v0.05

Fictional terrain located in the Summa region of Karelia.
Size 6x6km
Cell 3
Summer and winter versions

The map is made according to maps from 1944. This is a fictional post-war version.

Link to Northern Fronts mod: https://steamcom...
Northern Fronts Terrains
Created by Temppa
Terrain pack for Northern Fronts mod

- Olhava 4x4km
- Summa winter 6x6km
- Summa summer 6x6km
- Suursaari 12x12km
- Suursaari winter 12x12km
- Vinjesvingen 6x6km
- Raate road winter (16x16km) Very wip
- Svartmarka 15x15km (wip)

Need CU...
Phuoc Tuy Province, Vietnam [WIP]
Created by Psyfox
* IMPORTANT UPDATE* This map has now been included in the UNSUNG Vietnam War Mod. Watch this space as a modern APEX version will be released once the Vietnam Era map is completed. DO NOT use this map at the same time as UNSUNG to avoid conflicts.

Tora Bora, Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan
Created by MrSocomDude
This map is inspired by the Afghanistan mountain region Tora Bora and has altitudes ranging from aprox 2000m to 2750m. A remote and barren outback enviroment.

Included files:

Credits: Chill

Port from ArmA 2.

This is the final vers...
Created by Fluffy
Terrain type: Fictional
Size : 10x10km
Location: Pacific Ocean

This is our first terrain, it is very simple and there is a lot of room for improvement, but we wanted to share our work with the community. However we are ...
PSZ Jasło [WIP]
Created by Mustang
This terrain is currently WIP ALPHA state.

Jasło is located in south - eastern Poland, in Carpathian mountains. It is modelled after the real place, although it will be modified for gameplay sake :)

The terrain is being created as an addition to PSZ...
Desert Battlegrounds
Created by Forrest_Gump
This is WIP map.

Map specified for a long range vehicles battle or desert operation scenarios.


Any reuploading or modifyin...
Created by Temppa

v 0.02

Real island with fictional layout.
The map is made according to maps from 1940.
Big island is Suursaari and four smaller islands: Säyvö, Iso sommeri, Ruuskeri and Säkkiluoto.

No requirements, map use only vanilla objects.

Created by Lenny79
Falske Island

Falske Island is a fictitious island within the Norwegian borders, but close to Russian territorial waters.
The terrain is most suited for infantry and light vehicles, but also sports an airstrip big enough for jets to sta...
Great Sea
Created by <A2>Killervic
The Great Sea, mapa ficcion inspirado en islas del Pacifico, 20km x 20km ideal para misiones anfibias, portaviones, barcos y tacticas anfibias. Cuenta con una profundidad maxima de 150 mts. Cuenta con clima igual al de tanoa. espero les agrade. NO depende ...
[16PF] Goose Green, Falklands
Created by swurvin [16PF]
The Battle of Goose Green (28–29 May 1982) was an engagement between British and Argentine forces during the Falklands War. It lays about 13 miles (21 km) south of the site where the major British amphibious landings took place in San Carlos Water (Operati...
Çukurca, Türkiye
Created by Dinçer | Ultorrium
Çukurca, Türkiye

Harita orjinal bir yapım değildir sadece şehirler üzerinde değişiklik yapılmıştır ve Co-op camiasının realizm seviyesini arttırmak amaçlanmıştır.

Sınırda bulunan Türk köyleri ve Kuzey Irak'ın...
County Leitrim, Northern Ireland
A reupload of Savage_Donkey's Bushlurker's Carraigdubh Terrain.


Once again it's time to inflict my obsession with landscape & natural environment modelling on a wider public!

This time the excuse is, of course, St Patrick's Day, and ...
Created by Haleks
Derelict : a post-apocalyptic modification

Derelict modifies structures and vegetation of Arma 3 terrains to give Stratis and Altis an abandoned atmosphere. It retextures most buildings to look neglected, damaged or rusty - these changes apply ...
Created by Luca86iTA
Port of ArmA2 map Aoraki

Original Author : Rocket...
Federally Administered Tribal Areas, Pakistan
Created by MrSocomDude
10x10 km Map, Based in Tribal Areas, Pakistán.

Included files:

Credits: Minimalaco

This is the final version. I will not be edit...
Distrikt 41 - Ruegen
Created by Cosmo
District 41 - Ruegen
Version 1.04
Last update: 17.11.2019

b]About the original location and the inspiration for this map:[/b]
Rügen ...
Island Panthera
Created by IceBreakr
Island Panthera
Version: 3.9

Name Panthera itself comes from Slovenian history of "black panther" crest. Map itself is based on the real height data of Slovenia's Northwest part in Europe - named Gorenjska Region.

"Gora" in Slovenian...
Shah-i-Kot Valley, Afghanistan v0.1.3 (Dev version)
Created by Giraffe
Dev Build version of my map. Frequently updated and will probably break previous versions

This mod has CUP Terrains dependencies.

Current To Do:
- Cities
- Trees, bushes
- Clutter (grass, trees, rocks)
- Mountainside r...
Chernobyl MAP FOR ARMA 3
Created by Kolonist
This map is 90000 hectares (30km*30km) territory near Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station(Chernobyl Exclusion Zone).
This is a BETA VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!


This mod required mod CUP Terrains -...
Created by Mr Bullet
моя страница[]
Карта находится в тестовом режиме. пока абсолютно лысая, для полного теста размеров, ландшафта и рельефа. в ближайшие дни будут добавлены все отсутствующие конфиги, растительность и инфраструктура.
Created by Jones.S [48MI]
JNS_NAM is my Arma3 tribute to the wonderfull MBG_NAM by Mondkalb
original here []

please report any bugs you find...
Created by Temppa
Fictional africa/middle east themed terrain

50 villages
Two uncovered sand airfields
20km long river

v 0.04
Size: 16km x 16km
Cell size: 4
1.7 million objects

Need Cup terrain core

Created by Ben
WIP Release V0.4.

Archipelago intends to be exactly what it says on the tin, a series of pacific style islands of varying shapes and sizes, with smaller breakoff land masses scattered around and in between. Hopefully to allow better use of both vanilla ...
Lem_panide (WIP)
Created by SubsidedLemon
First map ever
Hello fellow ARMA enthusiast. This is a map I have been working on for a while. It is my first working map and use it as a playground to learn the ropes.
I'm happy its up and running after hours of trial and error and hope you fo...
Malvinas - Puerto Argentino / Falklands - Port Stanley - v2
Created by Donjuandavis
Actualización 03JUN19.

Update 03JUN19....
Malvinas - Puerto Argentino / Falklands - Port Stanley
Created by Donjuandavis
Trabajo en progreso. Localidad de Puerto Argentino, Islas Malvinas.
Work in progress. City of Port Stanley, Falkland Islands.

Escenario sin objetos, los objetos los estoy editando en Eden. Todavía no se como exportarlos a Terrain Builder, para subir el...
[16PF] Al Salman, Iraq
Created by swurvin [16PF]
On 2 August 1990 the Iraqi Army invaded and occupied Kuwait, which was met with international condemnation and brought immediate economic sanctions against Iraq by members of the UN Security Council. Together with the UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher, w...
Nal Hutta [v1.4 - WIP]
Created by LookItsAMeme

This is by no means a finished product! Current Version: 1.4

Watch me work on this map live:

This map is a work in progress, which means it is actively bein...
Created by Coward_Heart
Para Bellum
UPDATE "Changes made in Para_bellum_misc due to conflict - More Trees Stones Rocks etc added on Para Bellum"

Another Arma Map
Wanted to add a story here about the island.....
it became.....
an unwritten story.

Still need som...
Northern Waziristan, Pakistan
Created by MrSocomDude
Razani is a 10km x 10km map based on an area in North Waziristan in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. The area is currently controlled by the Taliban and has numerous Al-Qaeda training camps. Razani is on the main highway between North W...
MLV Maps | Malvinas / Falklands [WIP v0.3.5]
Created by LoRo

Experimental terrains of the Malvinas Islands

PHASE 1:[/ h1] Construction of smaller terrains of the most important locations of the conflict:

Caribbean Islands - Smaragd Archipelago
Created by Luca
'The islands are commonly refered to as the smaragd (emerald) archipelago due to the greenish tint of the water and their extensive plant life. Originally discovered by the spanish, some time in the late 17th century, it was never...
Sci-Fi Themed Map Pack
Created by Luca
This Map Pack contains several scifi themed maps of various sizes and styles. You can find out more about each map in the discussion section. Just keep in mind that these are not your traditional arma maps. Some will be desola...
Arma 3 Arabia Map [V.2] ..
Build By :
XPhantom [http//http]
G.O.S Song Bin Tanh 2.0 (APEX)
Created by GOS_Makhno
GOS Song Bin Tanh 2.0 APEX

This is a new version of the terrain with APEX vegetation and modified ground textures.

You should not run the older version and this one at the same time as they share some configuration parameters.

I had to use proxie...
Arctic Highlands
Created by AUD222
Ocean Map
Created by Ambience
This map is a water map
pretty epic right

19/06/2019 Various config related errors have been fixed...
Area 51
Created by DK480
[A3 Terrain] Pianosa Beta 0.9
Created by ItsDonJon

Pianosa is an real italian island, which i used as guide for this terrain, but the terrain is still heavily modified for gaming purposes.



In the yea...
Created by ODST_General
This is the Beta release of Gao. This Terrain is based off of the book Halo: Last Light and is still work in progress. There is bug and other issues that will need to be resolved. Some I am aware of, some I may not be. If you do run into any issues please ...
Diaoyu Islands (Lighting Fixed)
Diaoyu Islands is a 25.6km x 25.6km terrain project.(N25.97,E123.427 to N25.7,E123.716)
Based on real terrain geographic information data, where is at East China Sea. This small islands is either belong to People's Republic of China (Diaoyu Islands), Rep...
FRL - Kunduz
Created by Frontline A3
Updates version of Kunduz. Replaced own files by CUP Dependency, except where there is special content included. Keep in mind that this version might have some edits and is not compatible with James' older release.
This map is released under APL-SA.

Cedar Point, USA
Created by Warnerm14
Cedar Point for ArmA 3
The map is 10km by 10km
Check the Imgur link below for more pictures!
Join my discord to ke[]...
Created by mozdim67
Допиливаю неиграбельную Карту Чернобыля Автора ArmanIII.
Карта довольно симпатичная но увы на ней невозможно было играть
Мод периодически будет обновляться мною mozdim67.

Кому нужен исходный код проекта вот ссылка на сайте Автора
Stalingrad addon pack
Created by Archer
This addon pack contains some custom stuff, buildings, ruins, etc and a bit of other mods, objects, terrains. Thanx to Celentano_dn for making this package. The city was built in Eden editor, its a template. I tried to made it as real as possible using re...
Created by Carolus
Taular is a 20x20km desert map featuring flatlands surrounded by heavily eroded hills....
OPCAN Terrains
Created by The Wild Burgess
OPCAN Terrains is a WIP project to add Halo (@Microsoft) themed maps for use with the OPTRE (@Article 2 Studios) mod.
Maps so far:
Reverence Island: Harvest
-Early Alpha build. 20.5x20.5km map. No structures yet...
Jilu Islands (WIP)
Created by MaartenvB123
Welcome to the Jilu Islands, a group of three islands in the pacific.
These islands are based on the Marshall Islands minus the atolls.
The goal of this mod is to provide a playing ground for mainly naval, aquatic warfare and underwater...
Sosnoviy Island
Created by TRenG [RF]
Карта размером 8x8км.
На данный момент мод находится в альфа версии....
LAPS - LikeAPauvreWinner
LAPS - LikeAPauvreWinner , it's a new addon(may 2016). Island named : Kraft-dineeer Island. This map is on early-access version 1.0. With this mod , you can come to my official server (LAPS OFFICIAL SERVER) but the server is on construction at the momen...
Created by Temppa
Vinjesvingen v 1.21

Fictional Norway terrain
Requirements: None

Size 6km x 6km
430k objects
Cell size 3

Project Utah - American Roleplaying Terrain
Created by [FIRE]L4z0rr0b0tz
Project Utah is an UNFINISHED American-themed roleplaying terrain, set somewhere in the four corners region. This terrain has been in development for 2 years, and I am finally calling it quits. Sadly, I do not have time to finish this project a...
Earth Terrain 2.0
A terrain of the entire world, updated with an all new terrain textures, settlements and heightmap.
The size of the terrrain is 100x100km, as the arma engine could not handle bigger terrains without coordinate errors.

-10000km2 size...
FFAA Gallaecia Map
Created by Conde

Description: Map with an area approximately one hundred square kilometers, based on a rural area in the northwest of Spain, Galicia.

Dependencies: No dependencies.

Version: Beta

Hiper Island Map for RP Life
Created by Blackofmania
Map for RP Life...
Created by Temppa

Version 0.04 Beta

Summer and Winter versions
Size 8x8km
Location Germany
Based on real world place but its heavily modified, all villages have fictional layout.

Cell size 4
600k objects

Global Mobilization
JNS Jungle Flats
Created by Jones.S [48MI]
this is a HUGE flat terrain with a jungle Grass ground cover usefull for custom mission/terrain planning...
Namalsk Light Patch V2
Created by amartyn
This is a remake of the popular namalsk_light_patch.pbo (made by the kind people) with a ton of extra features to improve authenticity and playability of Namalsk A3.
I like STALKER theme, which was brought to Arma by Sumrak in the new quality and atmosphe...
Little Islands
Created by AUD222
Puerto Argentino
Created by Pampa
Size: 4096x4096


-LYTHIUM (requires JBAD but MAJAN not)
-CUP Terrains Core

Thanks to:
-Silola for XCAM.
-[CORP] zgmrvn & [CORP] Hashlych for Surface Painter.
-Snake man for guides on PMC Tactical.
-Temppa for answ...
Chernarus 2035 Complete
Created by FckingWoppa
Chernarus 2035 NorthEast island Customized for people to use with
Compound Areas
Gas Stations

Trees Have Been Added Aswell To The Island.

Plus Many More to Be Completed Up On Customizing This Island For The Servers To Have A...
Created by Sterben_TOP
A post-apocalyptic US desert terrain.
This is a reupload of "Acoustic's" map Gila. It was donated to us for our project "[url=
Created by Curtis

This is in development and is literally an empty map.....
Created by Carolus
Avium is a 20x20km completly flat desert terrain with no objects placed other than scattered palm trees, perfect for long range battles and base building....
South Asia
Created by Jove Chiere
Bohemian Interactive terrain for Take on Helicopters ported to Arma 3.

This Mod is an adaptation of the old ToH map for Arma3, but trying to preserve the old spirit of the map. Without major modificatio...
Lokino Beta
Created by walk3r
size =16 x16 km

Any Questions?
Created by Marco
Welcome to Dalma Island for Arma Philippines | Join us on
Khoramshahr (Beta)
Created by EAGLE
Micro-terrain of Iran, Khoramshahr
(This is my first terrain)
*** Retextured vehicles and units (video) are not included in this mod and we are working on it

Size: 5120x5120

Real map location: 30°25'57.9"N 48°10'34.7"E

All trees a...
Created by Jove Chiere
Bohemian Interactive terrain for Take on Helicopters ported to Arma 3.

This Mod is an adaptation of the old ToH map for Arma3, but trying to preserve the old spirit of the map. Without major modificatio...
Kholo Terrain - Operation Trebuchet
Created by Nightovizard
Terrain based on Kholo for Optre. Feel free to post any feedback and suggestions you have. it's a 4 x 4 km terrain, still work in progress.

Kholo was a UNSC controlled colony that was glassed in 2539 during the Human-Covenant war. Kholo's defenses were...
[Star Wars] The Clone Wars Terrain Pack [WIP]
Created by Broken Poly
The Clone Mod is primary developed by the 501st Legion and the 212 Attack Battalion. Our Team will be working on actively adding new content to the mod over time.

Bug Form:
Sangin, Afghanistan
Created by Diveyez
From originally, updated by aPhantom Developer.

Sangin Hellmand Province
5X5 km Green zone
Sangin Summer
Sangin Winter
with working ALiVE index.

Credit deserved to Smokedog6969 for the...
Uzbin Valley
Created by [126]Max
New terrain : Uzbin valley ( 12.2 x 12.2 )
It is located in Afghanistan, this valley has given its name to the infamous ambush of Uzbin, it is a military engagement which pitted a patrol of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) composed of Fr...
Gulfcoast Islands
Created by --JustMichael--
Gulfcoast Islands
I have worked on this map for 2 years. Based on a sub tropical climate. Comprised of multiple islands
648000 Objects
Land size 15360x15360
The map currently has::
-3 Airports shown on map.
-2 unmarked airfields.
-Over 25 Cities/Sm...
Death Zone
Created by Variable.A
Here is the first version of Death Zone Map (Washington DC).

War Room

I wish to thank my friends from Wasteland Inc. Who allowed me to use some of their models in this map.
As a small token of gratitude here is a link to a great new Wa
Fapovo Island
Created by IceBreakr


Federal Republic of Fapovo is a small 100km2 country divided to Fapovo region on SW and Botana on NE. Botana is a province of Sahrani. There are still border checkpoints, but they were rarely closed and no-one has been checking ...
New Esseker
Created by Malcain
Welcome to New Esseker.

Terrain is based on Esseker terrain.

Redesigned Esseker with new assets in mind and custom lighting implemented.
All vegetation, grass, clutter, textures, lighting e.t.c. have been overhauled and replaced. Some...
Ayrgos Island
Created by Paint Thinner
First published terrain.
Not great, not terrible, but a completely fictional Mediterranean themed, wooded island all done from scratch.
No structures (yet)
Just a deserted island.

map is 4 kilometres wide...
Virolahti - Valtatie 7
Created by furean
After years of working on and off with this terrain, I'm pleased to finally be able to tell you:

Welcome to Virolahti!

This is a fictionalized version of the municipality of Virolahti; which is the southeastern-most municipality of Finland and...
Sakakah v.1.0
Created by NF_F16
Sakakah is based on a real city in the norther province of Al Jawf Saudi Arabia. I found the city while scouring for cities in Iraq that could be useful. What I liked most about the city was the generally good spacing between each district, block and indiv...
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Glad this collection could help you exploadead! And yes I agree!
exploadead Nov 28 @ 6:15am 
ooh.... ive looked at aaaall theese 217 maps... and pick some 10 of them... Savy, thank u very much for this list! Hope for some more small and quality maps!
Savy | |🍁| |  [author] Nov 8 @ 3:32pm 
Sure thing! I already look to see if any new terrains have been posted on the workshop more or less daily.
Diveyez Nov 8 @ 11:07am 
@Savy Can you upkeep this list every 5-7 days? I am using this as a way to quickly locate new, viable terrains. I am trying to join the ALiVE dev team regarding indexing maps, and helping them update documentation/websites/etc. This would really help us out brother!
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Hey Thomas! I would say it depends on what type of urban environment you are looking for, but a good one I can recommend would be Kujari. Based off of my testing it gets decent performance and the urban environments are well constructed. Hope this helps :)
ThomasLubanga Nov 6 @ 3:59am 
Hi, looking for a really nice urban environment. Anyone have any in mind?
Savy | |🍁| |  [author] Oct 15 @ 1:17pm 
Just added it