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Redlight: The Accessible Collection
So, I've worked in the games industry for nearly ten years now, as a journalist for PC Gamer, PC Format, RockPaperShotgun, IGN, Eurogamer and others. I've seen so many games ahead of release, played them and said to the developers; "Sorry, I can't play this." Because I'm one of the 6-12% of the male population that's colour-blind, and an increasing number of modern games rely on the red-green spectrum as to differentiate friend from foe.

Some developers - PopCap notably - are great at accessibility, but most are awful. Modern Warfare, Planetside 2, Bioshock 2... so many AAA games don't cater for a substantial minority of their community. When I mention it at preview events, they look embarassed - but do they change anything? Do they bollocks. Indie developers, on the other hand, are astoundingly open.

So, I'm going to list here all the Greenlight submitted games that are accessible. I'm coming from the red-green colourblind side, as that's the most common (and as I have it), so that will be my focus. if you have that or another form of disability, please let me know; I'll be happy to take your advice and tips. You can get more tips from
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Cardinal Quest II
Created by randomnine
Cardinal Quest II is a turn-based hack 'n' slash adventure. Choose from six classes and fight through randomly generated levels full of bountiful treasures to defeat the forces of darkness!

Play the demo at: ...
Signal Ops
Created by TonyDanza
Greetings Officer-Cadet o249,

Are you ready to be put to the test? If deemed worthy, you will be assigned as an officer in the shadowy halls of Facility 7C. You will remotely le...
Created by Sos Sosowski

McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion. The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools! You have only 20 seconds to save th...
Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game
Created by Daffyflyer
Winner of Best Technical Innovation - Freeplay 2012
Over 5500 Preorders Sold

About the Game

Automation allows the player to become an armchair CEO - to build their own car company from the ground up. Create and run anything f...