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Genre: Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, Italian, Russian
Players: Single-player
Aug 31, 2012 @ 1:14am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Retention now available for free at Apple App Store!
Release date: 7.10.2011
This game is about a person who kept running through his life, never looking back at the past. He rarely slept, and even with 24 hours in a day, it was not enough for him. Once during a trip, he gets into trouble. Now he's lying on the cold ground, buried beneath his bicycle.

Slides of various moments fly through his head.
Will his memories return? Will he be able to stand up again?

You must help him.

- Opportunity to tell a man by his memories
- Unique game genre "Game-Photo album"
- User-friendly interface
- Game will be finished in 10 minutes 30 seconds anyway
- 8 different endings (4 good / 4 bad)
- Along with the game you get a free copy of the OST and an opportunity to become the owner of a limited edition CD

Press about Retention:

Retention received award from Bytten for "Strangest Experience of the year"

Retention was the clear choice; nothing else I have ever seen shares its simple yet unusual premise. Choose images from your protagonist's past to decide on the future. The choices you make will determine his fate. This must be one of very few games I've ever played that made me think about my life outside of the game itself. Simple, unusual and emotionally powerful - this is a game that deserves recognition.

Andrew Williams and Steve Blanch // Bytten


It’s like nothing I’ve ever played before and I’m not entirely sure whether I’ve played it still, despite sinking about an hour of my time into its strange world. It’s both baffling and mesmerising, but I can’t say that I didn’t in some respect enjoy my time with it. Just leave your preconceptions at the door, along with your sense of logic, and you’ll probably be fine.

Rowan Davies // The Dead Pixel Post


Retention is the only game I have ever seen try to create an experience consisting only of photos, it does so remarkably well, and creates an interesting game out of it.

Børre 'Psitaylor' Arnøy // IndieBase


I enjoyed Retention for what it was, overall I must say that the approach taken in regards to the use of photos is quite ingenious, with a good user friendly interface, but with a lack of clear instructions and no true gameplay involved it falls short of being great. If you find photography to be an interesting subject or just like looking at great meaningful photos then I would recommend Retention, but for anyone else I don’t think you will get much out of this game.

James Attard // Indie Game Magazine


Pitched as a “Game-Photo album”, Retention is a pseudo interactive narrative, told mostly through photographs, with multiple endings. Towards the abstract end of the indie spectrum then.
If you’re in the mood for something at a more contemplative pace, with a focus on atmosphere and storytelling over raw mechanical challenge and demanding controls, then Retention might be for you.

Lewie Procter // DIYGamer


Retention is a stylish staging of hundreds of photos, turning the collection into a character building exercise somewhere between “Memento” and “Choose Your Own Adventure” titles. Can a man be truly defined by frozen moments of his history? Is identity really just a question of perspective?

Callabrantus // Indie Game Reviewer


Le monde de l’independant ce n’est pas seulement les Zombies, les Avatar, les plateformer, les shoot’em up classiques et autres cliches du milieu. C’est aussi des idees, folles, osees, qui couplees a un peu de genie peuvent donner de belles experiences. Retention est de celles-ci, assurement.

William Bertin // Game Side Story


In conclusion Retention is not perfect, far from it, but it is an experiment. Of course, an experiment is not completely successful but should be rewarded just for the fact of not being a platform. Oh, in the credits we find that the work is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, who is ... a little 'out of nothing.

Davide Alexandro Fiandra // The Indie Shelter
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