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Quem for brasileiro e quiser entrar na lista, lembra ai!
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A grande bagunça espacial - The big space mess
Created by ren_arrais
Download em:
A grande bagunça espacial

O Monstro Cérebro do Espaço decidiu tornar-se um grande vilão de sucesso e
Created by Bad Minions
Alkimya has been greenlit! Thank you so much for voting, sharing and giving us feedback!! It means a lot to us! You gave us energy to try our best and finish this awesome project! Thank you!

If you would like to know more about Alkimya or want to give s...
Color Car
Created by YFYX
Keep up the color where it is in contact. Go as far as possible for their survival.
Endless race.
Multiplayer local.
Fun and variety.

Editing and customization of vehicles.

Controls: speed, brake or reverse, Special (nitro / jetpack / etc), car co...
Cruby Island
Created by Bug Games

[ENGLISH "google translate"]

Cruby is a boy of caves in an unguarded moment ends up being stolen by monsters, furious he goes after his injury. During the Cruby adventure will discover that the monsters he pursued were no...
Fairies Vs. Darklings: Arcane Edition
Created by Interama
Fairies vs Darklings: Arcane Edition

Fairies vs Darklings: Arcane Edition is a new and revamped version of the Faeries vs Darklings Facebook game, developed by Interama Games and previously published by Atari. This new version features the fun...
Freak Out
What if you’re doomed to live in a asylum full of Happiness?
Freak Out is an endless runner game about a patient trying to break out of a mental institution, as well as his own insanity. Speed your way through the sanitarium, while avoiding the bears (war...
Milford Heaven - Luken's Chronicles
Created by CG Games
Milford Heaven is a RPG game where the city of Milford Heaven is under attack of Luken's monsters, that come from his castle. You, as a warrior, arrive at the town to find out this situation and decide to expore the castle to try to give Luken's reign of t...
Created by Gamenific
A charming little puzzle game, ideal to spend a some minutes burning your brain solving it. You have to find what 3D figure is hidden among all the wooden blocks. We give you hints to remove the unnecessary ones.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophisticati...
Space Lander
Created by Vortex Game Studios
Space Lander is a 2D flight simulator, where the player must travel between planets, as part of the human space exploration; but before dreaming about fighting aliens and save the galaxy, you need to start with the basics: Land in other planets
Marked Incompatible ]  Spank my Bunny - Alpha
Created by studiosuzumaki
Spank my Bunny is a virtual pet with crooked tendencies. Fight against or in favor of degeneracy in his life.

Version 0.11.0 - In early development.

Platforms: PC Mac Linux Web Android iOS
Stop Online - Battle of Words
Created by Thiago Ortega

English: Stop Online is a multiplayer battle of words game where you compete with several players aiming to challenge them on their knowledge of words, trying to be the quickest to respond in order to achieve the ...
The Archetype
Created by MP Game Studios
Archty Tolomei lost his mother when he was only 8 years old. When he was 9, his father was an alcoholic and he was constantly left alone in the house with nothing to eat.

The Archetype will take you on a journey through the life of Archty Tolomei, a tr...
ZombieZoid - Zenith
Created by Adhoc Games
ZombieZoid Zenith is an action game in third person where you will embark on a journey to the side of the little Arthur to find and protect his girlfriend. While the lovebirds were talking on the phone, the news reported that a terrible virus was in...
Created by dragmacom
See what a pretty boring thing: Be the star of a Reality Show!

Meet PaWyck Guara (the spreader fur).
A guara wolf like so many others, but this had the unfortunate luck of being forced to participate in a TV program with high black humor. Under the eye...
Fausto Simulator
Created by Wolfgam
Fausto Simulator, o jogo do nosso querido apresentador Faustão. Você pode usar varias de suas falas ou tocar musicas com os seus erô

Download: Clique No "Youtube", No vídeo do faustão da steam, vá na descrição do vídeo, e faça o download.

[Sytem Requ...
Created by Bogdog
Hobohood is a survival game about urban survival while being a homeless person. It's not an easy game just because it's not situated in the wilderness, though. The city is ruthless, providing a variety of dangers to the player.

The concept of the...
Created by dragmacom
Meet Dirty Dax! Your history is as deep as a puddle of a rain summer. With its reputation for a cheap thief, waits in prison for his hanging. But fate wants him to live to witness a bizarre journey from which there has never been in your dishonored life.
Project ApocalipZ - Indie FPS/TPS. Co-op multiplayer. Open and collective gameplay development
Created by jacques.jose
Vote now!

Project ApocalipZ is a FPS+TPS. Co-op multiplayer, single player
The game takes place in a zombie apocalypse and, as you can see, is fast and violent.
It's a multip...
Project Minamolc
Created by JulioCdeP
The Minamolc (working title) is a sandbox game where you use various types of blocks to build structures and mechanisms. Currently the game is in alpha stage of development.

The planning features for the alpha are:
  • Various types of blocks
Aritana and the Harpy's Feather
Created by [Duaik] Fafafa

Get the demonstration here:


Aritana is a platform game which the main aspect of its mechanics is the possibility of ch...
Adventurezator: When Pigs Fly
Created by petrucio
The Adventurezator is an emergent adventure game about creating emergent adventure games!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun says:
Originally posted by Adam Smith:
"Madness! Brilliant madness."

Al Lowe, Leisure Suit Larry creator says:
Originally posted by Al Lowe:
Bernie Needs Love
Created by protomni
Bernie Needs Love is, in essence, a simple and lighthearted platformer in which the player must guide Bernie, a nice but anguished old man chased by death, towards his girlfriend — while avoiding the many hazards of a poorly maintained yet beautiful city a...
Blade & Bones
Discover a tale long lost in our past. Seven swords need to be found in this Metroidvania adventure where you will discover ancient secrets and fight with an intense combat system that rewards player skill and knowladge.

  • Lore – After N
Byte Family
Created by propixelgames
Byte Family is a game that starts easy and becomes hard like a retro game, promises many thrilling levels.
You are a antivirus, destroy all viruses come ahead overcoming all obstacles, gain new skills and unlock new game modes,
to restore the entire cybe...
Created by erickpassos
What about praying for protection? Or slanging to curse your enemies?

In Cangaço, an RTT with RPG elements, featuring 3 single-player campaigns, online multiplayer, and custom maps, faith will make all the difference.

Choose a hero and take control...
Created by Gametek Brasil


Many years or even many decades after the worldwide economic collapse of 2040 along with the decrease of natural resources, the hunger and the violence hunt the society in a global scale. After endless military wars ar...
Chroma Squad
Created by Behold Studios
Chroma Squad: sentai heroes, manager, tactical turn-based, meta-game, pixel art fun! Everything you want in a fresh indie game! In this game you become responsible for managing and recording episodes for a sentai TV show.

So, what is Sentai? Our game is...
Colina 1.5
Created by Chance6 Studios
Colina 1.5 is an improvement of the first Colina. In this version you are still in your grandmother's cottage and still looking for his parents and his grandmother, but things have changed and now you will need to solve puzzles to escape the house. Also, a...
Daily Espada
Created by Pidroh
Brazilian Mythology's headless fire horse - defeat it and your wife gets a brand new limousine. You're participating in a game show where you face a mix of giant monsters and hate emails from your daughter, all to provide for your family.

Damned: A Randomized Online Competitive/Cooperative Horror Game
Created by 9heads
Damned: A Randomized Online Horror Game

Get Damned alpha now! You'll receive a free Steam key once we get Greenlit!

Originally posted by Damned if things are happening then it’s because whome
Dead Bits
Created by Microblast Games
Abducted by aliens, Quilly is forced to fight for his freedom. Dead Bits is a first-person shooter for the PC and MAC. Contains 9 levels and an original Dubstep Soundtrack.

System Requirements:
- OS: Windows 7/8
Dreaming Sarah
Created by Yin
Store link:

Inspired by the surreal horror RPG Yume Nikki and side scrolling adventure games such as Flashback, Dreaming Sarah is a surreal adventure platformer game with puzzle elements, an engaging environment...
Earth Under Siege
Earth Under Siege

It's an Action Tower Defense game based on frenetic shooting mixed up with strategy and upgrades. The Earth...
Face It - A survival game to fight inner demons
Created by Gamestorming

The best way to describe our project, and what we are trying to achieve with it, is by letting you play it for free.

In our Pilo...
Created by Walter Machado
GEARCRACK Arena was designed to put you under heavy fire on 2 clicks. With no fillers you will put your strategy and reflexes to the test since the first seconds of game. Create your gameplay style and upgrade your favorite class. Core distorted guitars, h...
Gremlin Invasion: Survivor
Created by smittix
Gremlin Invasion: Survivor is a co-op/single player overhead action shooter. With 8 different levels to choose from and up to 8 players, you'll play together in a survival-style mission to blast away hordes of gremlins that have come to take you out. You'l...
Gryphon Knight Epic
Created by Sandrinus
Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shoot’em up currently in development for Windows, MAC & Linux. It tells the story of Sir Oliver and Áquila, an accomplished knight and his loyal gryphon t...
Guy Vs. The Wicked and Nefarious Land
Created by Dogatello
"No more wannabes" - Indie Game Magazine

" I’ve got to say that I’m pretty impressed with it. Also: It is hard. Basically, Guy vs the Wicked and Nefarious Land is game that has a lot in common with The Binding of Isaac. It’s not the same, of c...
Jelly Dreams
Created by Firecast Studio
Welcome to the Jelly Dreams!

Help Nino to solve the most fun jelly puzzles in his own dream land!

Jelly Dreams is a fun puzzle, in cartoon style, based on the classic Sokoban genre,
which includes many new challenges as the use of magic potions, te...
Created by Fira Soft
Miss the old days when the genre "survival horror" actually meant something?
Yes? well, so do we, that's why we're proud to present: Kriophobia.

Kriophobia marks a return to form for the survival horror genre and tells the story of Anna, a geologist st...
Created by Onagro Studios
Game Details

Möira is an action platformer that draws inspiration from the classic 8-bit portable games with a modern twist, memorable characters, lots of spells and awesome secrets! You play as Rubick, an young magician apprentice who’s search...
Momodora III
Created by rdein

Momodora III is a classic action platform game with a variety of items and secrets.
It's the third installment of the Momodora series, although playing the previous titles is not necessary to enjoy the game!
Mr. Bree+
Created by TawStudio
Hey everyone! Demo is up! Get it now Here! =)

You can pre-order Mr. Bree+ now on here! !!!

## Gameplay Concept ##
Mr. Bree+ i...
Mundo Canibal Apocalipse
Created by Hoplon
The best of the Brazilian dark humor in a 2D fighting game inspired in the classic arcade beat 'em up games.
Play single or two player local Co-op in two different game modes, story or endless survival arena to earn tokes and unlock content!
Each charac...
Mustache in Hell
Created by gotavio
After waking up in a strange place, John Mustache, a tough officer must make a strange agreement with the Grim Reaper and help him rescue five relics of power in the hands of creatures from...
Odallus: The Dark Call
Created by Brunhildr
A 8bit Action Exploration Platformer that takes place in a dark fantasy world.

Get the Demo!

In search for the Ultimate Power, a Dark Lord and his wretched army are ravaging a...
Once upon an Apocalypse
Created by Telles0808
What happen when a Friend tell you a story where you're the main actor?

And if you're there trying to survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Once upon an Apocalypse

A short and minimalist game, to challenge you for 15 minutes in every match. Discover the ...
Created by Maks
Oniken is a 2D platform action indie game that make use of 8-bit graphic style. We are putting a great effort to guarantee that this game feels really like an 8 bit classic. Everything on Oniken, from the character design to the music, is a tribute to the ...
Created by Andrei
Three characters, a world with zombies everywhere.

OS3S takes place in a world full of zombies, where you swap control three characters trying to reach a safe place.

With 40 levels varying in themes, such as farm, city, desert or sn...
Out There Somewhere
Created by Saint11
(9/10) Christian Donlan, Eurogamer
"This is challenging stuff, but it's wonderfully creative with it, and I'm not sure I can recommend it enough."

(5/5) Kevin Alexander, Gamezebo
"Out There Somewhere might just be the best puzzle platformer you'll
Overcast - Walden and the Werewolf
Created by Microblast Games
Overcast: Walden and the Werewolf is a Western Survival Horror game developed by Microblast Games.

The game tells the story of an old hunter who lives alone in the woods, without any connection with the society, making nature his only form of liv...
Painters Guild
Created by Painters Guild
Play the alpha here:

Manage a guild of painters!

In Painters Guild you can make paintings, sell them and develop your guild into the greatest of the Renaissance. The current alpha allows you to experience the early life of...
PaZ - Project ApocalypZ
Created by TheGameWall
Welcome to PaZ-Project ApocalypZ, a new generation Third Person Shooter

About PaZ
The game takes place in a zombie apocalypse environment, result of a government experience that went very wrong, fast and violent, you will need to have...
Created by Microblast Games
3 Players Co-op tower defense. Play it with your friends!

Try, try one more time. Life is full obstacles, overcome them! Destroy negativity, clear your mind!
Particula brings you a new perspective in gaming, helping you to concentrate, and to clear yo...
Pesadelo - Regressão
Created by [SKJZ] JazzMacedo
"You may never forget" - Doctor Marcus

A cemetery filled with hostile creatures. A church that will not save you. Complex puzzles. The return to the school where everything began. And a fragile, intelligent girl with a thirst for revenge.

Relive Alex...
Phoenix Force
Created by Sergio Alonso
100 Boss Battles to rip you apart!
A dragon, a giant eye and the grim reaper confront you using fireballs, lasers and sickles. What do you do?
A) Say the game is unfair because you die with a single hit and there are no weak enemies and then cr...
Pixel Ripped 1989
Created by pixelripped

Follow the life of computer gaming addict Nicola as she battles through the ages to play her favourite game Pixel Ripped.
A game within a game, Pixel Ripped is original, fun and full of surpris
Project Tilt (Holodrive)
Created by BitCake Studio
Mario Kart + Quake in 2d! WHAT?


Project Tilt is a 2D Real-Time Multiplayer Shooter! It's a project born out of our passion for a genre that hasn't seen much love for some time. We've b...
Qasir al-Wasat: A Night in-Between
Created by Omnicrone
*Indiecade 2012 Finalist* A Stealth-Adventure set in 12th century Syria.

Originally posted by Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun:
"I’m surprised that there’s been no fanfare around this game. It’s an accomplished a
Relic Hunters Zero
Created by Mark Venturelli
A 100% FREE indie shooter by the creators of Chroma Squad and Dungeonland.

Robot DIR
Created by Rodrigão
Help DIR find his family of cute hedgehogs and join this epic adventure! Play through 60 levels and two different worlds with an innovative way to play!

DIR was adopted by a hedgehog family after been left in stand by mode for long years, but now they w...
Created by YFYX
Life on Earth is unsustainable.
Humanity must seek a new home but the only planet found is very hostile.

You were sent on a expedition to slay the monsters inhabiting the surface of this planet.

Game contains two basic controls, many puzzles and lo...
Satellite Rush
Created by Kimeric Labs
Welcome to the Satellite!
Satellite Rush is a pixelart top-down dual stick shooter with randomized levels and roguelike elements. Take control of a regular everyday normal office worker and blast through the endless corridors of Satellite ...
Created by Garage 227 Studios

Left to fend for himself after mankind abandoned the doomed planet Aurora, robot Kramer 227 must find a way to harvest energy and rescue his robotic friends before the planet crashes into the Sun. Along his journey Kramer will take on 20 rig...
Soul Gambler
Created by Gamestorming
SOUL GAMBLER is an interactive graphic novel inspired by Goethe’s Faust, a tragic play written in the 19th century. This is a contemporary and engaging adaptation of the masterpiece.

Soulbinder is a Turn Based Platformer RPG with the combat inspired in the Final Fantasy series and the exploration in the well-known ‘Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’ game.

You will control Damodar, a tribal warrior who was born c...
Created by Oficial "MvGraphic"

FatalitySquad is a ground-breaking First Person Shooter, built on CryEngine 3. It features a huge variety of maps focusing on Close Quarter Combat between players. Differently of most of the actual Shooters on the market, it allows y...
Taikodom: Living Universe
Created by Hoplon

Taikodom: Living Universe is a free-to-play Space Action MMOG, in which players control ships and combat opponents in real time in order to defend the interests of factions and corporations ...
Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun
Created by Green Sauce Games
Travel to the Edo period in Japan and help Satsu and Miyamoto in an epic adventure to preserve ancient Japan. Prove your skills in Challenge mode with limited moves. Experience the excitement of building an ancient Japanese village in this engaging Match 3...
Created by Microblast Games
Think, every step could be your last. You can run, but you can't hide. Mind-bending traps are going to test the limits of Survival.
Why is this happening? Who made this? Time is passing, and your life is fading away.
The Spec is a Sci-Fi...
Created by ハンザール君
TurboLink delivers a fast-paced racing experience for up to 4 players locally. Drive futuris...
Created by Walter Machado
"UBERMOSH is an arcade game about cutting bullets with a sword, in a gun-filled cyberpunk mosh pit."

Like a pinball table or a coin arcade machine, UBERMOSH was made to give you a shot of adrenaline in a couple of minutes. Each time you play a new level...
Unnamed Fiasco
Created by unnamedfiasco
About Unnamed Fiasco
Unnamed Fiasco is a 2D local multiplayer game where the players collect shards to activate their weapons and battle their opponents. Each weapon type has its own pros and cons and players can use itens such as shields, mines, s...
Urban Legends
Created by El Falcon
What would you do if you were looking for revenge and ended up involved in something unexpected, far beyond what you imagined?
That is the story of P.J., a journalist that finds himself trapped in an abandoned hospital, searching for answers about his pa...
Valgard and The Armor of Achilles
Valgard and The Armor of Achilles is a top down shoot ’em up video game developed by Revolver Game Studio, on Unreal Engine 4, which brings to this generation the renowned gameplay of...
Created by 9heads
Vitrum is a 3D, first person, puzzle/platform game.

The main character is an android designed to convert energy from crystals into powers. The android can absorb energy in each of his hands, allowing him to combine different powers. One of the coolest p...
Warriors & Castles
Created by Zarolh0
When a Kingdom and an Empire collides, the best warriors are called to battle. Join the mighty kingom or the glorious empire and conquer all your enemies.
A team based 3rd person action shooter in a cartoony fantasy theme battleground. 3 classes to choose...
Created by Limevision
Game Story
You are stranded on an island, The plane you came with have crashed, and you are alive. To survive on the island you'll have to find food, water and shelter. It's up to you.

-Do you have the knowledge to know what you can eat or not...
Doomed'n Damned
Created by ArcadeKid
Doomed'n Damned is an action game based on retro/classic platform games from Arcades and 16 bit consoles, but revised to the HD era. The level design, characters, plot and difficulty have a lot of influence from the late 80s and early 90s games. The develo...
Created by Kiesto88
Duelyst is a tactical turn-based strategy game with a heavy focus on ranked competitive play, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from Diablo III, Rogue Legacy, and the Ratchet & Clank series.

The focus is on squad-based combat on a tactic...
Insanity's Blade
Created by Causal Bit Games
Take a father’s journey to hell in order to save the souls of his wife and child.

Take the ultimate old school trip to hell!!
The Chronicles of Thurstan is the first in a series of games based around the journey of a sword possessed b...
Pier Solar and the Great Architects
Created by tulioadriano
Pier Solar coming to PC

We heard you! You asked for it, and after 2 years, 3 prints, and 8 versions of Pier Solar for the SEGA Mega Drive and SEGA Genesis - we are pleased to announce we have been hard at work on releasing Pier Solar in ...
Rogue Legacy
Created by Cellar Door Games
Do you like games? We make games! Match made in heaven!

Why not check out Rogue Legacy? We're a (very) small team that's been working on this game for the last year and a half.

Here's what Rogue Legacy IS:

  • A procedurally ge
Surgeon Simulator 2013
Created by Bossa Studios Ltd
You are Nigel Burke... an ordinary guy, with no outstanding skills.
Somehow forced to perform an array of vastly complicated procedures,
using any tools available. Your goal will be to complete every
operation in the quickest time possible, with minimal...
A Lenda do Herói - O Jogo
Created by dumativa
There will be an english version of the game later on development.
English description at the bottom of the page

Um game musical em pixelart
Plataformas voadoras, inimigos coloridos, armas mágicas e física inexplicável. Is...
Tiny Little Bastards
Tiny Little Bastards is a game about the love of a man for his beer. You’ll play as Ivarr, a viking tavern owner who had his tavern mysteriously sacked by a horde of annoying little creatures, the Goblins. Ivarr now has to take up arms to recover his stole...
Dino Lost
Dino Lost is an action RPG in 3D. Initially will be developed for the PC and Android platforms.

The player can select from different types of dinosaurs, each with its own characteristics that enable greater adaptation to a stage or another of the...
In Extremis
Created by helpleo
*The game is still a work in progress, and art assets are not final*

Hear, hear, because I've been to the ends of the universe and back. And I saw it all, the beginning and the end, the face of God in a hailstorm of a thousand bullets.And now,...
OLOGON: Edlen's Wrath
Created by Modron
Ologon: Edlen’s Wrath is a strategy space combat game. Capture enemy planets, defend your planets from the enemy and dominate star system after star system in order to conquer the galaxy. Generate resources, boost your army and bathe the stars in th...
Created by Lucas Parise

Edgar is a 2D hardcore platformer game, where you'll play as a friendly alien who's trying to save his missing girlfriend Eve.

Our big head friend must go through hundreds of challenging levels, from a simple stone planet, to an entir...
Zone of Lacryma
Created by fremachuca


120 years have passed since all life on earth perished. A metallic sphere of about 20km of diameter, that shelters over 100.000 habitants, orbits the Y star at a speed of 9,5km/s. The biggest str...
TRAF - Trajes Fatais
Created by Onanim Studio

We have started a Crowdfunding campaign for the game on Catarse, a brazilian crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can contribute with any value through PayPal. If you like the beta, please he...
Created by Cat Nigiri
Keen is a turn-based puzzle game with tactical combat and delightful adventures!


This is a game for the tactics player,...
Tower of Samsara
Created by Vertov
Tower of Samsara is an adventure pixel art platform game that represents an adventure which the player will seek spiritual ascent; featuring detailed high-res pixel art graphics with immersive ambients, a lot of particles and 2D dynamic lightning.

The ...
RX squad
Created by YFYX
The earth is suffering from an attack of space monsters, and the terran defense forces are called for combat and the annihilation of the monsters. The RX Squad with their advanced ships risks themselves to keep the earth in peace.
A game with levels where...
Mana Spark
Created by BEHEMUTT
Mana Spark é um roguelite com arco e flecha, focado em ​combate estratégico e em uma inteligência artificial única​ que não só faz os inimigos mais espertos, mas também os faz colaborar entre si[/...
Star Vikings
Created by Mark Venturelli
A Puzzle/RPG inspired by the “PopCap Era” of casual games. Developed by the creators of Relic Hunters Zero and Dungeonland!


Remember w...
Warlock's Tower
Created by Midipixel

Warlock's Tower is a challenging movement puzzle game where every step you take might be your last! Controlling both the mailman Tim and the spunky girl Jess, you must deliver a peace offering to the world-destroying Evi...
Created by TowerUpStudios
Wells is an action side-scrolling game with 3D graphics, its style is a direct reference to a classic subgenre of games that was popular in the 90's, the Run and Gun. Prepare yourself for facing hordes of enemies, explosions, gigantic bosses and a dangerou...
Virtual Tour - Veranopolis
Created by BizSD
A interactive 3D reconstruction of the matrix square of Veranopolis, city located in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
This project aims in providing a calm and relaxing experience, specially in VR.

Explore the square and interact with its monuments and ba...
Light Purple: Dunar
Light Purple: Dunar será lançado grátis!
Objetivo é ter Light Purple: Dunar ao lado de Dunar: Dimension Two.

## Personagens ##

#Thays Tanari

Thays Tanari, uma jovem de 16 anos, super inteligente e que gosta de ajudar sempre os próximos;...
Magical Jetpack Warrior - Bifröst the Bunnycorn, and the fabulous quest for universal knowledge
Created by Armored Pelego
Magical Jetpack Warrior is an game about smash your enemies with your rainbow dash power, in a jetpack space travel. Like an arcade machine and any illegal toxic product, MJW was made to give you a fast entertainment or an convulsion....
Created by Kuupu
Exodemon is a fast paced first person shooter with an old-school feel. You have been possessed by an alien entity - slash and tear your enemies with your monstrous claws, find the last escape pod before you lose what's left of your humanity!

Created by StudioFriends

SosSurvival is a survival Multiplayer - Open World

A third-person and FPS camera

Gameplay -

Unknown planet the player is ready for survival mod !

Created by jozgames
GravNewton é um jogo estilo puzzle de plataforma que vai desafiar sua habilidade. Nele você controla um bit-rom chamado Newton que não pode andar, mas tem um misterioso poder de controlar a gravidade ao seu redor. Após matar seu irmão ...
Frost Bit
Created by Alex Roger
The feeling of nostalgia is one of the most beautiful, because it helps us to remember who we were and who we are now.

When we feel today the same feelings of pleasures we felt in the past, those feelings get even stronger.

This tribute to Frostbite ...
Madcap Castle
Created by Diel.Mormac

Madcap Castle is a 2D puzzle-platformer in an 8-bit gameboy-esque style, where you control a wizard who is exploring an ancient and mysterious castle in search of knowledge. Who knows what will he find in...
Cards of Cthulhu
Created by Sergio Alonso
Cards of Cthulhu is the Roguelike Card RPG full of madness.



In a sci-fi world from B horror movies, Cards of Cthulhu allows you to build your own deck of in...
Dog Duty
Created by Octopus Commander
Drive a small band of misfits on a open world island, using guerrilla tactics to sabotage the Evil Octopus Army.

Dismantle key locations, cut supply lines, rescue teammates with unique skills and loot the enemy hardware.

The game focuses on real-time...
Created by DevGiraffe
TRAGO is an interactive narrative game that unfolds in a regular night pub in a regular neighborhood in a regular city of Brazil. The player meets Juca, a tired hard worker who doesn’t face his own problems very well. On a specially tiring night, Juca d...
What The Box?
Created by Megastorm Games

What the box is an Online Multiplayer shooter in which players control living boxes hiding amongst regular boxes while trying to destroy each other. Run around with your trusty box cutter in hand or stand...
Havoc Runner
Created by dragmacom
Havoc Runner invites you to take a ride on Titan moon aboard a robot!

Once you venture into this game, you have to survive a horde of fighting machines that inhabit a combat station called "Anhaguera" and are ready to fight a war that you are not part, ...
Holy Avenger
Created by Messier Games
Holy Avenger is an Action-adventure game based on the famed and awarded Brazilian comic book series of the same name.

The story takes place in the kingdom of Arton, a world of fantasy full of treasures, mystery and many many dangers.

A Druid named Li...
Created by Burr
Dogurai is a 2D platformer packed with fast-paced action, dogs, robots and pure retro goodness.


Take control of Dogurai, a well-trained dog Samurai and slash your way through 6 stages: sewers, factor...
Created by DeveloPlayer
Jogo de tiro em terceira pessoa em desenvolvimento na Unreal Engine 4. Inspirado em jogos como Gears Of Wars e Metal Gear Solid, Hybrige é um jogo que mistura ação e stealth em marte.

No ano de 2075 o planeta Marte é divido por duas raças de marcianos, ...
Created by Studios Gabriel
One of our members got a financial problems, until his recovery the project is on Stand-By. All our IndieGoGo bakers already got a full refund for their donations.

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Eco Guarda
Created by Orion Digital
Eco Guardian:
[img] [/img]
Eco Guardian is a game released for PC, LINUX and MAC. The goal is to be a hero and save nature. Eco Guardian will soon ...
Dream Swim
Created by Zweihanded
Dream Swim is a free-to-play action game that relies on precision skills to take you in a breathtaking journey to outer space and beyond.

Flip from the waterfall's edge like a fish out of the water into an amazing air jump to start this delight...
Bravery: Rise of The Last Hero
Created by Magic Dungeon

Bravery: Rise of The Last Hero é um jogo de RPG de ação cartoon em um mundo de fantasia medieval. Explore um vasto mundo cheio de masmorras e flores...
Toybox Defenders
Created by Andrei
Toybox Defenders
Take control of a toy and fight against powerful waves of enemies. Call your friends and recall your childhood with our amazing local coop.

Game modes
-Campaign solo/coop
-Horde survival solo/coop...
Save Their Souls
Created by Prof_Abdalla
Save Their Souls is a mix of platformer and memory game to play solo or with a friend (local co-op mode).

Players must be fast and memorize the rescue plan of each level, then, run to save the inhabitants of the occupied apartment.

Use minimap to re...
Created by Cat Nigiri
Necrosphere is a (really hard) bite-sized metroidvania game you control with ...
The Crown Stones: Mirrah

A little about The Crown Stones

The Crown Stones: Mirrah" is a dark fantasy game that was thought up as an experience within the land of the dead's lower planes. That is, everything we avoid speaking about or...
NEXT JUMP: Shmup Tactics
Created by Post Mortem Pixels
What would happen if the pillars of the "shmup" genre were translated into a "Tactics and Strategy" game?
NEXT JUMP is a love letter to shmup's [Shoot 'em up or space shooters], read in a slightly different manner: In
Created by el_macbee
Tcheco is back! After visiting the Castle of Lucio it's time for another a herculean journey just riding your skate.

Be prepared to survive even more random stages! The challenge is also bigger, that's why Tcheco now is able to permorm deadly attacks. S...
Created by Mirabolis Studios
Build your own Evil Labs. Research and develop diseases. Infect the population. Sell the cure and get rich… or die trying!


Build your lab with dozens of buildings (store, warehouse, power...
Moon Crystal
Created by MP Game Studios
You live alone in a house, near a goblin infested forest. Something's happening and it will fall on you to help the people from the village nearby. Dark forces never seen before are driving people and animals into madness. Use whatever knowledge you have t...
Resonance - The Lost Score
Created by Demerara Games
Wez has finally found solid clues of the whereabouts of the elusive Lost Score! It is up to you to help him in his journey through the many obstacles that lie ahead with your voice and your reflexes.

Fluffy Horde
Created by turtlejuicedev
Fluffy Horde is a 2D side-scrolling hybrid between real-time strategy and tower defense. The game revolves around a magical hyper-breeding bunny horde created by a misunderstood Shaman wanderer. After having a dwelling denied in all three kingdoms, the Sha...
The Wolf's Bite
Created by Eric Bernier
The Wolf’s Bite is a one-versus-one choose-your-own-adventure game with an entrepreneur fairy tale twist. Inspired by stories such as “The Three Little Pigs” and “The Stinky Cheeseman and Other Fairly Stupid Tales”, the game revolves around thwarting the o...
Valiant Saga
Created by Pixhitt
About Valiant Saga

In Valiant Saga, live the experience of a kingdom in despair. An evil sorcerer has seized the legendary relic known as the Scepter of Desolation, which, according to legend, is able to grant the absolute darkest powers to the one who ...
Created by TubaZef
Hey, do you like old FPS from the 90s? Do you like hookshots? Then I got a game for you!

FISH is an FPS with old-school gameplay and level design. Oh and there's a hook! In the hand of the protagonist. And it can extend pull him toward places and push p...
Winter Nights
Created by MP Game Studios
Winter Nights is an elegant horror game based on the tales of Edgar Allan Poe.

You are Theth, a young man who finds himself lost in the woods. He comes across a mansion that seems like a good place to spend the night. But he will meet Emily Hamilton, P...
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Mirabolis Studios Apr 5, 2017 @ 2:59pm 
Olá galera, tudo bem?

Estamos desenvolvendo nosso primeiro jogo: EVIL LABS .

Neste jogo de estratégia/simulação você cria e evolui seu laboratório, desenvolve doenças e tenta ficar rico com isso.

Ainda está em fase pré-alpha, por isso colocamos apenas nos conceitos do GreenLight. Quem quiser conferir e deixar sua opinião sobre como está ficando:

Rabuja Mar 9, 2017 @ 12:51pm 
Magic Dungeon Dec 21, 2016 @ 12:02pm 
Olá amigos, precisamos de uma força para nosso projeto receber o sinal verde, Quem puder nos ajudar vota lá um YES!, seu voto é muito importante.
Orion Digital Nov 25, 2016 @ 2:11am 
Ajude-nos! Seu voto é muito importante. Obrigado!
dragmacom Sep 3, 2016 @ 3:02pm 
Muito obrigado pela ajuda!
dragmacom Sep 3, 2016 @ 11:46am 
StudioFriends Jul 29, 2016 @ 1:03pm 
Ola amigos precisamos de voça ajuda manos a votar sim somos mais fortes :)

O jogo estara em varias linguas mais tarde como o portugues

Obrigada pela vossa ajuda