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Tower of the Gorillion
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Aug 30, 2012 @ 9:08pm
Dec 4, 2013 @ 11:25am
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A Whole New World
Hello everyone!

A Brief Update
I guess this is the first announcement, hopefully I don't mess anything up too bad! It feels as though we have been keeping you in the dark for far too long, and I'm sure you would like to see some of the new stuff we've been working on. So, without further ado...

Pretty Colours
As some of you may or may not know, we've made the transition to Game Boy Color graphics. This was done for multiple reasons, but it was mainly due to the unreadability of the foreground / background using just 4 colours. We've added new screenshots showing a few of the revamped levels off, but you can totally play the updated demo with reworked rooms, colour, enemies, etc. (!

We have had numerous people request the addition of enemies beyond just obstacles (such as the giraffes). So, there should now be themed enemies in each level to fight! Combat is very straight-forward. When controlling Grimmer, just hit the action button to swing your sword in front of you. If you're Gewalt, press and hold the action button in mid-air to rain some kunai down on your foes. Of course, reaching the end of a stage will put you against a unique boss that you'll have to overcome.

The Plot
Initially, we wanted this to just be a quirky little platformer with a very vague storyline. It has evolved into something much more and should now feature a thorough story with branching missions, more than one ending, and even cutscenes. I'm pretty excited!

Each level should include a new type of block or mechanic that you will have to figure out and use to your advantage. Without spoiling too much, we've added things such as: Ridable boulders, ice blocks, dimmed lights, mirages, and much more.

We've been lucky enough to have our game shown off at a few places, and by a few different people. So I'd like to give a brief shoutout to:
TOJam - Where the game was originally born.
Indie Impressions - Just check this guy out on YouTube, he is fantastic.
EuroGamer Expo - I still can't believe our game was shown here! Just nuts.
/r/GameDev - The fine people over at Reddit are great with comments and critiques. Much love!
TIGSource - We are new to posting here, but the reception has been warm so far. We were even showcased in the "TIGSource Devlog Magazine". Woo!

Thanks for dropping by!
Hopefully we will have more accouncements soon. I just didn't want to make a bunch of tiny ones, so I figured I'd let a bit build up and create a bigger one! If you have questions, comments, concerns, or think I missed something please let me know in the Discussions or Comments section and I'll try and address the situation!


Play the demo online here!

Update as of Oct 05/12
In short, Tower of the Gorillion will now be finished with a Game Boy Colour palette. I've added 5 screenshots, and might add a video of it soon. For more information on why we changed, read my recent comment down below.

Near the town of Zilk, there is a giant tower, inside of which supposedly dwells the Gorillion. Whenever the Gorillion's howl is heard, a human sacrifice is sent to the tower. Nobody believes it literally, but they fear a cataclysm if the tradition is ignored. An outsider passing through, Grimmer, is curious after hearing a strange howl. He heads to the tower alone to uncover the mystery of the tower for himself.

Tower of the Gorillion is a cooperative (can also be played solo) platformer where the two characters interact with the foreground and background in order to help each other progress. There are a number of very unique locations to visit, with branching paths and collectibles as well. You'll need precise platforming skills along with a strong mind for puzzles if you want to come out on top.


Who is the game made by?
This game is being developed by Steven Circuiton and Colin Marjoram.
Feel free to follow us on Twitter:

Why local co-op?
For the time being, we are trying to focus on finishing the game. We would like to have online co-op as well, but we don't know how to do it quite yet. I figure that in case we don't end up figuring it out, it's better to just say it's local co-op for now. There IS hope, though.

EWW PIXEL ART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Hey, that's not even a question! But yes, the game is done in pixel art. We're sorry if that's not your cup of tea, but it's a style that we particularly love. There are a lot of people that really enjoy these graphics, sorry it isn't you.

What languages will be supported?
As of right now, we only want to say that English will be 100% confirmed. We are Canadian, though, so there is a very slight chance of there being French. Circuiton does seem to know his way around the Japanese language, so it's another possibility. Only time will tell.

Finally: If anyone has any questions concerning the game, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll be sure to either add more info to the description or reply with a comment of my own. Thank you for your time!
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Cierroth Sep 19, 2016 @ 9:25pm 
It is still alive...?
Tuigarre Sep 27, 2015 @ 10:55pm 
Whatever happened to this? I voted for it to be Greenlit when it first came out, but it's been years and still isn't out yet. I'm just wondering if this got dropped or if it will be published anytime in the near future.
P.S. Personally, I liked the original colour scheme better.
Palidian May 16, 2015 @ 10:36pm 
I am very excited to buy this. Any word on progress?
JimZiii Jul 18, 2014 @ 5:22am 
i really hope we get to play the finished product in september but its ok if it takes a month or two longer, you can't stop life from happening and i'd rather have you take your time and release a great game than rush anything.
the game looks awesome, cant wait to play it.
RUBBA  [author] Jul 17, 2014 @ 10:53pm 
@JimZiii Hey! First off, thanks for showing interest in our game. So long story short, the game was put on an extended hiatus after a lot of things popped up in real life. We have started working on it again, but a large portion of the project has needed to be re-done so it's taking longer than expected. We HOPE that we can have it out for you guys come September. It's what we're aiming for, at least. Thanks again for your continued support, we're sorry it's taking as long as it is.
JimZiii Jul 12, 2014 @ 12:34pm 
ive been waiting for this game for quite some time now, do the devs have an approx. time window they're aiming for release or when they think it'll be done?
po-golove Jan 30, 2014 @ 4:54am 
Yaiven Nov 30, 2013 @ 8:05pm 
There's always such a shortage of enjoyable co-op games, so it's always a pleasure to see someone focusing on that. Looking forward to trying it. :D Keep up the great work!!
DragonK Oct 25, 2013 @ 2:55am 
Needs enemies and some kind castlevania/zelda items you pick up throughout the game to make it more exciting. Then I would be sold.
Haseo Oct 20, 2013 @ 5:30pm 
I'm really picky when it comes to these kind of games, but I love the art style and the fact that it has co-op. How I love co-op!

@graywolfe42 A trailer would be nice, but that video is essentially 18 minutes of gameplay. A little silly of you to skip watching it.