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Greenlight Spaaace! Bundle
this is the space game collection for greenlight.
list not contain
* typical shoot'em up
* does not include any space flight / space science / space physics / space themes / like EVA

if you want to add to list. please write a comment.
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Miner Wars 2081
Created by Marek Rosa

Miner Wars 2081 is a 6DOF action-survival space-shooter simulation-game set in the year 2081, 10 years after the destruction of all planetary objects in the Solar System.

You operate an advanced mining s...
Kinetic Void
Created by LumberingTroll
Kinetic Void is a 3D space adventure with a focus on customization and enjoyable space simulation. Our in game ship builder allows players to construct their ship piece by piece. Each module can be destroyed individually and if a ship's engines are destroy...
Created by PixelFoundry
RTS space defense game on spherical environments with destructible everything and physics.

Beyond the threshold of manned space travel is the void known as Blackspace. On this fringe, a territorial dispute has escalated to the brink of war. A cluster o...
Project: Make
You find yourself in the midst of a strange and mysterious universe. Twisting, shattering islands hurtle perpetually through interstellar space. Underground lakes wrap eerily around cavern walls. Streams launch spontaneously boiling waterfalls into vacuum....
Edge of Space
Created by Reverb Publishing
Edge of Space is an dynamic open-world sandbox with exploration, crafting, building, terraforming, survival game. Where you create, mold, and work to survive. Where free updates, multi-player, mod support, and community driven development will help drive ...
Salvation Prophecy: A Military Space Epic
Created by JabberwockyX
Salvation Prophecy is a military space epic. Human, mutant, and robotic factions are at war for galactic domination. Battles rage as space fleets collide, and planet invasions clash against fortified enemy colonies. Yet the greatest danger is...
Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator
Created by techbear
Artemis is designed for anyone who watched Star Trek and dreamed of what it would be like to sit on the bridge of a star ship.

Artemis simulates a spaceship bridge by networking several computers together. One computer runs the simulation and the "main ...
Armada Online
Created by Morjak
Take command of a starship and wage war against the Armada.
Your creativity and skill will determine the future of the universe.

We began life bound to a single planet.
Our ancestors freed us to roam the stars.
Now the alien Armada seeks
Created by Evil Aliens

For more information visit
  • Website:
  • Youtube:
  • Facebook:
  • Indiedb:
Created by schema
StarMade is a cube Space Shooter. The game is currently in the ALPHA phase, and you can try it out completely free.

The game is COMPLETELY FREE in the alpha: get it at

Explore: Infinite space in all directions. Explore distan...
Blockade Runner (new engine being debugged!)
Created by [ZanMgt]Aaron
For development news throughout 2015, we're primarily updating via the main website!

The Blockade Runner project is a from-scratch space voxel prototype designed by a six sibling family of developers! A true la...
Created by rozgo
Robot crafting sandbox. Build ‘em! Battle ‘em!

A universe where you can play with amazing robots that are designed, built and even programmed by you.

Everything is a robot, doors, roads, walls, bridges, safes, traps, turrets, surveillan...
Created by BinaryHelix
Dangerous is an epic 3D space combat RPG with a riveting story set in an open and living universe. In the distant future, you have been freed from cryo prison, and must discover the truth. Are you the feared war criminal responsible for the death of millio...
Moon Rising
Moon Rising is a turn-based strategy game set on the Moon in 2099. Featuring Single and Multiplayer gameplay, you take part in epic battles across a variety of maps for Moon supremacy!
With 6 unique units, 3 buildings types an...
Star Sonata 2
Created by Marnii
Star Sonata 2 is a space-themed massively multiplayer online game that combines elements of action, RPG, and empire creation into a truly unique MMO experience. Explore the sandbox style universe, build persistent bases, construct trade ships...
Defenders of the Last Colony
Created by Xerges
Defenders of the Last Colony is a 2D Shooter with Strategy gameplay mechanics, where you have to protect the Colony's core while you gather resources and build defenses. You play as one of the 4 classes: Fighter, Striker, Carrier or Engineer....
Aeon Command
Created by Minerne
Update: We're currently #12 on Greenlight!

The three factions of the Aeon Nebula have broken out into war. The Alliance, Exiles and Cyborgs are each struggling to obtain dominance over the mineral rich nebula.

Aeon Command is a tug of w...
Created by Gray Wood
The Year is 3030, space just got personal and you're not even sure if your ship is air tight.

About The Game:

Take on space pirates, rogue factions, in overwhelming scale and unlimited freedom to define a role for yourself in the universes’ ...
Created by Onionman
Ensign-1 is a space flight game where players have the ability to leave their spacecraft, and explore and command capitol ships and space stations. Players can play out scenarios such as landing on a space station and defending it from oncoming attackers b...
Solar Struggle
Created by zsoftware
Greenlit and available on the Steam Store

The long awaited demo is now available for download! Visit our blog for instruction where to download:

Soar 3D: Space Reloaded
Created by Robert

Soar 3D focuses on a interstellar war between the Terran Empire which are composed of humans, and the Xavians, a humanoid race from the outreaches of another solar system.

You have a certain number of reinforcements on each side. ...
Sol Trader
Created by chrismdp
Sol Trader is an exciting new game for PC and Mac. It aims to combine the immersiveness of Elite and the arcade fun of Asteroids with the depth of an RPG.

It features a complex procedural history generator. Each new game is already two centuries old,...
Lander : Mission Control
Created by Canary
A new take on the classic Lunar Lander game, this time you get explore space, asteroids, space station and many other areas with different atmospheres and forces! Try to survive the peril of the many hazards you encounter in game.

With Lander the
Created by WorldSmith
OreSome is a 2D action strategy game about ore -- exploring space for it, fighting aliens for it, blowing up planets with it. Build a network of frames and bots to defeat your enemies -- or just throw a sun at them.

In a dying, decrepit universe full of...
Created by kurozael
Solarnova is a casual, fast-paced independently developed game where players take on the role of a spaceship. Players must escape the impending doom of an exploding star by using gravity to slingshot between planets. The final game will ship with th...
Created by Shiroe
Galactose is a space combat/tactical RTS hybrid, which pits hundreds of ships against each other in the age-old war between dinner and dessert. Your sweet, delicious homeland needs YOU to defend it against the evils of dinner. Will you heed its call?
Created by AirWave Games
Currently rated a 8/10 for PC on Desura

As the commander of the Defense Space Station, respond to distress calls and travel from planet to planet using your powerful arsenal to buy enough time to complete each mission. With the unique objective b...
Lost Astronaut's Empire in the Sky
Created by Mad Merv
Free Alpha Demo:

Empire in the Sky is a sandbox building RPG set in a stylized 1960s retro cartoon universe with blatant and extensive references to NASA and other "Space Race" icons. The year is 2222 and a my...
SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance
Created by bapenguin
SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance is a space action game featuring strategy elements that takes place after Mankind has traveled across three star systems and multiple planets within, crossing an aggressive force known only as CoNs. Striking sci-fi visual...
Created by BTAxis
Naev is a game about space exploration, trade and combat. Players travel the galaxy and earn money by trading, fighting and performing missions.

Note: this game is free, open source software and can freely be obtained from SourceForge, but we thi...
Created by Mogumbo
A reinvention of the cave-flyer in which you pilot an incredibly responsive thrust ship. Retrobooster will take all your dexterity and brains, and it will crush you if you don't stay on your toes.

Playable demo
Starship Corporation
Created by Ratakari
Starship Corporation is a Realtime Strategy Game that contains 4 Elements:
  • Ship Design
  • Crew and AI Tactics
  • Ship Building
  • and Trade
Ship Design
The player is able to create the layout for Spaceships and Planetary I...
Blue Libra
Created by Rakan
Command the last of the Libra class carriers and avenge the fall of your home world in this space real time strategy game.

Build a variety of crafts, conquer planets and space stations and travel the universe. You will face a single player campaign fill...
Blue Libra 2
Created by Rakan
Small is beautiful. Those just might be the most fun tiny ships you will ever command!

Play as the commander of "Libra II", the newest state of the technological art space carrier and take revenge on Alien Invaders that took over your home world. This t...
ASA: Remastered Edition
Created by The icehouse
ASA: A Space Adventure is a first-person slideshow game made in tribute to Riven and 2001: A Space Odyssey.
You play an astronaut in 2057 who finds a strange Black Cube. It will teleport you on an unknown spaceship called the Ark...
ASA was created by ...
Sector Zero
Created by Gua
Official website:

Sector Zero is a story-driven sci-fi survival game with light RPG elements.

Software engineer Alex wakes up in a very hostile and unfamiliar environment without a clue how he got here and what is this place. There...
Deep Eclipse
Deep Eclipse is the ultimate space thriller in the best tradition of the genre.

You're the pilot of a space fighter, accidentally catapulted into a parallel universe populated by hostile alien creatures; and they're not happy to see you! To get out of ...
Pirate Galaxy
Created by Splitscreen Studios
Explore a vast universe with countless planets and dominate in intense, tactical spaceship combat.

Join the growing community for free at!

Enjoy fast-paced, tactical combats, become part of a spectacular storyline and invite ...
Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
Created by triplebtitles
Five years in development, Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages combines all the deep customization and rich storytelling of an RPG with the fast-paced action of a space shooter.

Ring Runner clearly had a little TLC put into it. The writing...
Smugglers 5
Created by jester101
Smugglers 5 is the fifth installment in the turn-based single-player space trading game series. Will you be a greedy trader, an ambitious fleet pilot or a ruthless pirate? Board enemy ships, manage factories, conquer star systems and forge ...
Created by JML
Planetship is both a planet AND a ship, it's also a party bus holo-lounge spice freighter rocket boosting thorium burning well oiled supermachine, get it? You will after a harrowing yet surprisingly relaxing journey through the chaotic void realms of stran...
The Galactic Asteroids Patrol
Created by Invigo Studios
The Galactic Asteroids Patrol is a re-imaging of the classic style arcade games of blowing things up in outer space. However, we brought it forward to 2012 with current game technology and look & feel and other goodies of a modern game.

On top of...
Created by Allgraf
Darkout is a sandbox action-game with survival, RPG and strategy components. You are the only survivor after your escape pod crashes on a strange planet. The environment is full of mysterious and hostile shadow creatures, and the only way to survive will b...
Galactic Patrol Pirates
Created by apalala
NEW - Prototype Interface Screen Images are being added to Steam as we work on them
NEW! - Demo Available, go to:
(this is a version with the beta-interface, so please recognize that while menu functio...
Space Salvager
Created by Lugana707
A space opera focused on you: your choices shape your destiny.

Forge your own path, your own destiny. Live on the fringes of society and pick the bones of the fallen. Become a miner and trawl the constellation for exotic ores. Take the fight to w...
Created by Ultramoose
DreadChase is a 6 degrees of freedom combat/stealth game set in space. You are protecting your warp-capable base from a massive hostile armada that is searching for you. If the hostile fleet gets close enough and detects your base then they will lay siege ...
ARC Squadron
Created by BurstableDave
Space ships, barrel rolls, crazy weapons, massive bosses... it's all here in ARC Squadron; a rail shooter designed to take you back to your roots with old school style boss battles but updated with cutting-edge graphics and super simple controls. Already a...
In NeonXSZ (pronounced Neon Excesses) you are injected into eye-melting cyberspace to stake your place in a war of virus versus machine. During your journey you will fly dozens of spaceships with hundreds of upgrades allowing you to create totally unique s...
Created by sɹɐʎA xɘlA
We're Greenlit! Thanks to everyone who made it happen.

Zigfrak is a space-based action RPG, featuring missions, exploration, and crafting. With an emphasis on loot and over-the-top items, it's not a traditional space sim. Enemy ships explode li...
Created by warlock[ads]
Fairspace is an MMORPG based in a vast persistent universe.

Thousands of players to interact with.
Twitch Based combat.
Huge Continuous universe, You can fly from one end to the other without docking.
You can have Multiple Ships Docket around the uni...
Star Bandits
Created by Imhotep Interactive
It is no longer a Facebook-only game. You can use Windows Live and Google too. Dashboard is moved to a stand-alone website at
We also decided to make the game completely ...
Cannons Lasers Rockets
Created by Sdols
CLR is a free-to-play cross-platform multiplayer PvP/Co-op arcade space game. CLR provides 2D spaceship combat in 3D environment, wide variety of combat roles fitting different playing styles (achieved by selecting one of many starships and further customi...
Galactic Arms Race
Created by Astral Projection
- Retro Shooter + 32 Players + Endless Evolving Weapons
- Dedicated Servers, COOP, and PVP

Detailed Description:

Players pilot a GunShip and battle aliens, pirates, and other villanous enemies, to gain levels...
Drox Operative
Drox Operative is a starship action RPG with warring alien races, fierce space battles, a dynamic, evolving galaxy, and co-op multiplayer for Windows and Mac.

Vendetta Online
Created by Guild Software
Vendetta Online is a long-running, first & third-person 3D space combat MMORPG for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, WinRT and Android (including OUYA!). This MMO permits thousands of players to interact as the pilots of spaceships in a vast univers...
Solar War
Created by Cironian
A turn-based grand strategy game in space:
  • Defend Earth against an alien invasion from the edge of the Solar System.
  • Negotiate with the various governments of Earth and secure their support - One way or the other.
  • Establish your base
Terraformer Expedition to Mars
Created by jhaughey
Earth is dying.

In a desperate effort to save humanity, all the nations of Earth pool their dwindling resources together one last time to construct and equip three space ships.

The mission: Terraform Mars and pave the way for human settlement of the ...
Created by Zeroki
An old-school yet original Birdseye space shooter strategy pixel-art* game where you control a fleet of space shuttles.
The mission, to destroy the enemy bases and destroy all other evils that lies ahead.
Take control of territories, fight adven...
GoD Factory: Wingmen
Created by Gheeyom
GoD Factory: Wingmen is a 4v4 competitive space combat game in which the goal is to destroy the enemy's carrier ship while defending your own. The game will cost $20 and we'd like to support it for years to come with additional content and DLC, both paid a...
Star Rift
Created by Monarky
When we first saw the Oculus Rift we wanted to make that one game that completely utilizes the potential of virtual reality technology as well as the PC. We wanted the game to be a complete real world experience from beginning to end. Everything will be a...
Relativity Wars - A Science Space RTS
Created by fungameco
Relativity Wars is a space RTS set in a universe which obeys Einstein’s theories of relativity!


While Relativity Wars uses some pretty crazy physics concepts you really don't need to understand them to play this game. Hopefully some phy...
Subspace Continuum
Created by Subspace Continuum
Continuum is a player-maintained online shoot ‘em up game enjoyed by people from all around the world - many of whom remain addicted to the fast paced explosive battles! Gameplay is extremely competitive and there are cup leagues, tournaments, cash prize e...
Created by stardockalpha
Eterium is a space flight sim in the spirit of 90's games like Wing Commander and X-Wing. Developed by a two-man team, Eterium aims to bring the classic style of space combat games into the modern era. You play as a pilot working his way up the ranks abo...
Void Destroyer
Created by chaosavy
Void Destroyer is a independent space combat simulator and real time strategy hybrid. Void Destroyer is a single player game, it is heavily influenced by classic space sims with my own personal touches as well as feedback from players. It is the game of my...
Created by CGSColin
Pre-order Drifter now and get access to the beta immediately:

Drifter is an open-world sandbox space trading game with a procedurally-generated galaxy 100,000 light years acro...
Aeden's Journey
Created by Ogmios
Is a real-time strategy adventure game where you travel the universe to return to earth, a planet lost for a long time.

Note : This description contains sections marked with the tag “The Original Picture”, these sections give an insight into the...
Lacuna Passage
Created by xOR10Nx
Lacuna Passage is a story-driven exploration and survival game set on Mars, drawing inspiration from titles like Dear Esther, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and even Pokemon Snap. You play as Jessica Rainer, the only survivor of the cra...
Last Jungle In Sector 17
Created by yod
Last Jungle In Sector 17 is a new take on the traditional top-down view space shooter with added RTS elements and a strong emphasis on story, some of the games it relates to are Subspace, Star Control and classic Asteroids.

Andromeda 5
Created by Andromeda5
Spaceships,battlecruisers, bad ass allies, enormous galaxies, intense battles and many more only in Andromeda 5.

The highly anticipated Free-to-play Sci-fi cross-platform RPG Andromeda 5 from the award winning studio XS Software is on Steam!

J.U.L.I.A.: Among the Stars
Created by JanKavan
Science fiction interface-based video game featuring temperemental artificial intelligence, lone survivor, huge robot and aliens!

This will be a remastered version based upon player's feedback and it will feature downloadable soundtrack as a...
Created by meteoric games
It is 2563, the human colonies are divided, caught in the grip of an interstellar cold war.

As an independent ship captain, you are hurled headlong into a hostile and dangerous universe. Make your way by whatever means you can, defend order or sow chaos...
Gimbal is the multiplayer shooter with buildable vehicles. Players conduct team-based combat against one another, while gaining money and building bigger, better ships using over 60 different parts. Gimbal has a rigid body physics engine with aerodynamics,...
Space - The Return Of The Pixxelfrazzer
Created by Sørb
Space - The Return Of The Pixxelfrazzer is an open-world sci-fi hack'n'slash.

Your aim is to explore the inexhaustible amounts of destructible asteroid fields, spacestations and unknown planets of the universe.
And by exploring I mean hacking, s...
Created by Kraken Empire
Kromaia is a six degrees of freedom adventure shooter which takes action, speed, agility and immersion to a new level. Insane enemy patterns, impressive swarms, giant god-like guardians, ancient temples, contraptions, treasures, visual ecstasy... All in a ...
Created by casualogic
Beautiful space shooter with addictive hurricane gameplay and tons of fun! Do not let the enemy destroy your space station - they are many and they are very angry... Make your own epic space battle and winning strategy! It is a nice twist of classical shoo...
PULSAR: Lost Colony
Created by cptslog
PULSAR: Lost Colony is a cooperative space exploration game for 1 - 5 players.
Developed for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.



Luna's Wandering Stars
Created by Serenity Forge
Control the powers of the universe! Explore your curiosity of space! Luna's Wandering Stars is a planetary physics puzzler with a full level creator/editor and online level sharing.

An action puzzle experience that gives you the power to contr...
The Mandate
Created by MandateGame
IMPORTANT: We have now been Greenlit by the community. Thank you to all who took time to review and vote on our project. While we have not set final sales prices for The Mandate, Kickstarter backers will receive the lowest price / most bang for the buck. [...
Created by BossConstructor
BossConstructor is a game about building, tweaking and flying your own spaceship!

Building your ship
The core feature of the game is the ship editor which allows you to freely assemble your own ship from a number of different modules. The way yo...
Taikodom: Living Universe
Created by Hoplon

Taikodom: Living Universe is a free-to-play Space Action MMOG, in which players control ships and combat opponents in real time in order to defend the interests of factions and corporations ...
Created by DigitalLion
VALENS - Гонки на выживание в самых опасных уголках галактики. Пилоты управляют вооруженными, скоростными, летающими машинами Ховерами. Участники с безумной тягой к скорости, отличаются любовью к жестким перестрелкам и полетам на опасно малых высо...
Created by Turbulence101Games
Help defend the Human Alliance from an Android invasion in this action role-playing game.

The player chooses from three character classes (Pilot, Soldier, and Engineer). Player will travel from one planet’s orbit to the next for completing ques...
Created by DIGITILUS
SKYJACKER is a first person, free-roaming space simulator that offers intense combat through mercenary missions that have starship pilots hijack, destroy and loot enemy vessels. Players take control of one of the most ruthless pirates in the galaxy, Ael. S...
Earth Under Siege
Earth Under Siege

It's an Action Tower Defense game based on frenetic shooting mixed up with strategy and upgrades. The Earth...
Created by coldricegames
Interstellaria is a 2d space SIM/RPG/Sandbox game created in the same vein as the engaging space exploration games of the past. Inspired heavily by games like Starflight, Interstellaria is all about allowing the player to find their own adventure. Every st...
Ascent -
Created by Kuloth
Ascent is a PVE Space MMO with 270,000,000,000 star systems.

In a future where civilisation has almost completely collapsed, players must work together to prevent total disaster, and rebuild a new civilisation of their own choosing.

So far, completed...
Six Degrees To Freedom
Created by 7Druids
Six Degrees To Freedom is setup in the year 2113 and features a hero who introduces himself to us in the following way:

"Maybe this would be easier than I had imagined. I knew that I was lying to myself as soon as this thought hit my conscious mind. If ...
Astrobase Command
Created by Jellyfish Games
Procedural Personalities Meet 3D Base Building, and Survival.

A 70's sci-fi space station builder and crew sim set in a distant, forgotten corner of the universe.

Leaders know that their crew's personalities are at least as important as their skills ...
Space Station Alpha
Created by jacobwilkinson3d
Build a high tech space station. Manage the needs of various alien guests. Fight and survive natural and unnatural space disasters. Take to the stars and build a complex and fully operational space station!

Gangs of Space
Created by Little Big MMO
You can learn more about the game and participate in the Alpha on

Gangs of Space[/i...
Created by studioblackish

"New Orbit manages to accomplish something very rare in the increasingly all-encompassing video game industry: it does something new. I’ve never played anything quite like it."
Created by stellarbrinkgame
StellarBrink is an rogue-like, sci-fi game featuring: free-building starship construction and massive universal battles. As a freelance mercenary, your struggle for survival and wealth begins on a crippled starbase. Accept contracts to gain credits and rai...
Sierra Ops
Created by Helrouis
Download the demo now!

Set in the distant future of 2406, Earth and the colonies of Mars are at the brink of war. Play as Lieutenant-Commander Junius Fahrenheit onboard the Sierra as him and his...
SBX: Invasion
Created by Wakeskater
SBX: Invasion is an Action Tower Defense game. It blends top down shooter game play with quick paced tower defense and gives you unparalleled freedom to build where you want.

In each stage you must save the local Space Colony from invading enemies. ...
Vincere Totus Astrum
Created by kisguri
To Conquer all Stars is what we like to call a "Casual 4x Strategy Game". Prepare to conquer the known galaxy in this easy to pick fast paced game of galactic intrigue!

Blending galaxy conquering with quick and easy gameplay. Pick one of five races and ...
Created by leapdriveonline
LeapDriveOnline is a social exploration game. You control a ship that navigates through a region of space called The Maelstrom. Ship navigation is similar to controlling a unit in an action RPG: you control the movement of the...
Created by Morgondag
Space is big, empty and silent. Your role as a spaceship pilot is unclear.
You know a few coordinates to some random locations; but this is the only information you have.
Travel in a procedurally generated space with poems, items, quests, interactive sto...
Crater Maker
Created by Danny
Crater Maker brings us back to the glory days of gaming, putting you in the astronaut's hot seat to tackle a daunting task: supply the universe! As a delivery pilot for Lightspeed Services, you will find yourself navigating your craft through the da...
Created by Nyphur
Predestination is a turn-based sci-fi 4X game that revives and improves on the gameplay of classic strategy games. It blends classic turn-based galaxy management and fleet combat with modern 3D graphics and new game mechanics that 4X fans have been waiting...
Ghostship Aftermath
Thanks to everyone for your support! Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. Aftermath has grown from a tech demo into something very special for sci-fi fans, and essential for Oculus Rift owners.

Ghostship Aftermath is the first of a new breed of...
Gran Vitreous
Gran Vitreous combines an arena shmup with the mechanics of a loot driven action RPG. Find and engineer your equipment as you level up your ship for battle against a galaxy filled with randomly generated encounters against enemies in asteroids fields, grav...
Particle Mace
Created by Andy Makes
The ship is damaged. The universe is hostile. The weapon is out of control.
But you’ve got this.

Particle Mace is explosive arcade fun for 1-4 players that pays homage to twitch games of the past, but replaces the typical guns with an unruly physics-ba...
Creeper World 3: Arc Eternal
Created by Knuckle Cracker
Creeper World 3 is what happens when cellular automata takes over a strategy simulation.
Instead of discreet units that attack your base, a fluid-like substance spreads over the terraformable terrain. Your base, your weapons, your strategy... yo...
Orbital Gear
Created by Night Node Software
Orbital Gear is a multiplayer shooter where you utilize the gravitation of celestial objects to give your mech momentum through space. Arm your Mech with two of the twelve different weapons to destroy your enemies. Orbital Gear features classic multiplaye...
The Holes
Created by Enigma516
You are a victim of miss identification and sentenced to fly through space cleaning up open wormholes that threaten to destroy the galaxy. Your sentence is complete when you close 100 holes or die trying. To make things worse (yes worse than death) you are...
Universe Edge
Created by PERU POWER
Universe Edge is a spaceship-building, crew-management, space-exploration game.

It is still under currently in development, visual artworks and the final look will still be improved!

Second Coming - The Annakazi Invasion
Created by DirtyDeets
Second Coming - The Annakazi Assault is our first PC release based on the fleet battles in Second Coming - The Scifi Roleplaying Game, Capital Ship Battles will go through 'historic' space battles that lead up to the world of Second Coming. ...
Smugglers 5: Invasion (Enhanced 2nd edition)
Created by jester101
'It’s basically Elite… but turn-based. [...]' - for Smugglers 4

Smugglers 5: Invasion starts where the original game ended. After years of civil war, the Federation finally emerged victorious, crushing all re...
Galaxy Union
Created by critic
Economic based 3x with some features never seen in 4x games. Galaxy Union places you in a densely populated galaxy as a CEO of a corporation with a mission to unite the galaxy under your rule. Colonize systems, build colonies, research stations, become ric...
Six Sides of the World
Created by Lord Cyberon
Six Sides of the World is an Adventure - 3D Puzzle - Maze game in which you will have to use your logic, memory and spatial orientation to solve each of the challenges presented in the form of cube-shaped planetary systems.

Help Maigo, a little Space...
Xeno Galaxies
Created by Razmot
In a dynamic universe: A ship to explore space, trade or fight. Nano bots to build what you need. A gun to survive. PC Mac Linux

Xeno Galaxies is an explosive mixture of three game genres: First Person Shooter, Space trader and Sandbox. All this in a dy...
Created by Carmine
More Power To The Shields
You've always wanted to sit in a big captain's chair and shout, "More power to the shields!" and "Fire the torpedoes!" I have too, and this is why I built Quintet.

Quintet is a scifi cooperative, cross-platform, multi...
Human Extinction Simulator
Created by Over00
In the press

“HES has one of the smartest concepts for tactical space biffing that I can remember seeing.”
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"It requires a different mindset to ordinary turn-based strategy games, which makes it a...
Falling Stars: War of Empires
Created by arkisvir

Falling Stars: War of Empires is a turn-based strateg...
Contested Space
Created by Zon
Contested Space mixes action-oriented ship combat with creativity and community. Players design their own ships and stations, while defending and expanding territory for their alliance. All of this happens in one persistent universe where every action has ...
The Universim
Created by Crytivo
Join The Universim Pre-Alpha at our official Steam Store Page here:
Created by Chasing Carrots

Imagine Elite meets The Sims.
Cosmonautica is a fresh genre mix in a quirky and humorous universe, paired with funky space tunes for your intergalactic enjoyment.

After the Empire
Created by Goatee Games
After the Empire is a fast paced 4X Strategy Space Empire Building Game in which you play as as one of the mighty artificial intelligences that destroyed the Empire. It features streamlined, high stakes game play against challenging computer opponents.

The Spatials
Created by Weird and Wry
We are Greenlit! A huge THANK YOU to everybody! PC/Mac Early Access is still available for download in our home page!

All Humble Bundle purchases will receive all the alpha updates and the final version, plus a...
Starlaxis Supernova Edition
Created by rokapublish
Prepare yourself for Starlaxis, the mind blowing puzzle/action mix in new dimensions!

At the first sight you could think that Starlaxis is just another small puzzle game but if you take a closer look you'll be surprised of the challenging and c...
Perseus 230
Created by Martian Rex
Perseus 230 is an adrenalin-inducing rail shooter inspired by classics like Star Fox and Sin&Punishment, with stunning cel-shaded and hand painted visuals.

The vision for this game emerged from our love of space games. We wanted to create something that...
StarFringe: Adversus
Created by casualogic
This is the story about the beginning of the conquest of outer space by earthlings. It began as a global idea of saving mankind from hunger and lack of resources, and ended as a brutal and merciless war in space far from Earth. The target was a group of pl...
Shallow Space
Created by Mawhrin-Skel

Shallow Space is a fully 3D real time strategy game with RPG-style progression and questing alongside unit construction and shi...
Created by Bob_Gneu
In Exodus! You play the manager of all managers for the last of humanity. Your people have come down to the last of your resources and need to find another place to live. The good news is, you have found 20 planets in the near vicinity to move to, the bad ...
Untold Universe
Created by Fenris Lair Studio
Untold Universe is a space voxel sandbox MMORPG about colonizing and shaping a huge and uncharted universe.

The idea
Untold Universe intends to add over the cube-based voxel game concepts a social component thanks to the MMO part, and a...
Gravity Core - Braintwisting Space Odyssey
Created by gravitygames
„The superior man is distressed by the limitations of his ability; he is not distressed by the fact that men do not recognize the ability that he has.”
(Confucius, Chinese philosopher, 500 B.C.)

“You remind me of my hamster, which hasn’t much
Solarmax 2
Created by nicotuason
The battle for Earth is over. Now, the war for the galaxy has begun. You must win every battle swiftly, decisively, and permanently.

Solarmax is a streamlined real time strategy game of interplanetary war. Colonize planets, build hundreds of star...
Created by Emperorlou
More detail can be found on our official website:

Quick Summary
VoidSpace is a twitch-based MMORPG set in a sandboxed world called The Void that you can play on any modern computing device. The top-down style is...
Star Traders: 4X Empires
Created by Trese Brothers
The Star Traders universe expands to epic new proportions in Star Traders 4X Empires in Exile. Take control of humanity’s last survivors and rebuild a galaxy-spanning empire in this deeply immersive turn-based strategy game. Take control of your destiny --...
Created by EllipticGames
RODINA is a first person space exploration game with allows players to SEAMLESSLY travel across an entire, full-scale solar system. Seamless means go anywhere- no loading screens!

Walk around your space ship, or anywhere on full-siz...
Starlight Drifter
Created by Dharker
Starlight Drifter is a large scale epic space opera, visual novel and dating sim game all rolled into one neat package. You will take over as the new captain of an old derelict starship. Create your character, choose your background, hire a crew and seek y...
Planetary Prospectors: A.R.M. (Asteroid Resource Mining)
Created by NefariousDimensions
#################### Pre-Alpha Graphics, major graphic update and gameplay overhaul coming soon ####################

Planetary Prospectors A.R.M. (Asteroid Resource Mining)

Nefarious Dimensions is an Independent Game Studio currently working on Pla...
Created by firebelly
Temporus is a two-dimensional adventure game that spans a variety of genres. If you like platformers, side-scrolling shooters, and RPGs, you might find that it’s right up your alley.

The main premise of the game is time travel, but there are also lasers...
Created by Jeddy
In the future, in the year 2010, your mission is to be the coolest pizza delivery service in the Jovian system. Cut your way through traffic, escape the police, deliver pizzas to the moons of Jupiter, then use the money you make to buy new space ships and ...
Galatron Legends
Created by
Survive in deep space in "Galatron Legends" the sandbox spaceship game! Gather various resources scattered in the Universe and slowly build up your spaceship. You need to strategicaly choose between dozens of ship components to fulfill all tasks you will f...
Deep Space Settlement

Deep Space Settlement is a real-time strategy game focused on empire building and grand-scale space battles. It is currently in development.

Created by Sfs Studios
It is inevitable that man will one day live amongthe stars
Inevitability is a unique top down space game. In Inevitability you have a universe to explore and to create and empire in. Mine minerals and create ship parts to dynamically build your ver...
Superior Tactics 2
Created by doots
Superior Tactics 2 is an RTS Combat. You control a fleet of units, comprised of spaceships, ground vehicles, and defensive buildings. Using intuitive RTS controls you are pitted against increasingly difficult enemy fleets. Campaign progression is non-li...
Kitty Galaxies
Created by Yanxen
Kitty Galaxies is an arcade style dogfighting space shooter! ...

Take on the Mad Mao space fleet to reclaim the invaded planets, completing a variety of objectives across multiple star systems. Select your fighter craft, and upgrade it with new...
Requiem Earth
Introducing Requiem Earth.
An RTS, space simulator hybrid from Timepiece Interactive. Combining the planning and strategy of RTS and the piloting skills of a space simulator, take command of your forces to drive back the enemy. Explore the sector around...
Pixel Space
Created by Sixo
Pixel Space
is a 2D entertaining indie game where you are a ship in an infinite space and you can do quests, kill enemies in a waves system, customize your ship, buy weapons and lot of upgrades. Each weapon has at least two paths of upgrades. Ah...
Asteroid Evasion
Created by Mooshkin
You're a space pilot and have been asigned a task.
You must deliver information to another planet as fast as possible.
The shortest path is right through the asteroid belt.
Will you crash or will you deliver?
That is up to you, your pil...
Celestial Command
Created by Romenics
Web site

Celestial Command is a realistic sandbox space game which unites real space f...
Star Traders 2 RPG
Created by Trese Brothers
In Star Traders 2, you'll captain your ship, hand-pick your crew, and roam freely through a sprawling galaxy with freedom of choice in your goals, morality, and career. As Star Trader Captain, you'll lead your crew across the busy shipping lanes and shift...
Created by Digi_Ent
Available on Steam! - HERE

Apollo4x: Interstellar Trade Imperialism

Apollo4x is a turn-based science-fiction business, trade, and governance simulation. You colonize three starting worl...
Created by ArithmeBit
Spacewrights is a tactical sci-fi 2D spaceship simulation game where you explore, build, and create a galactic empire for PC, Mac, Linux, Android & iOS platforms in 2015. However we believe the best way to prove this game will be awesome to promote the Kic...
Created by arcgambitgames
Bulletsquall is a multiplayer, arcade twin-stick shooter, where you battle up to 3 of your friends in a fast-paced bullethell environment. Capture strategic points to spawn an army of minions that you can control to attack your enemies. Utilise the layout ...
Darkfield - PvE CO-OP Space Shooter
Created by skyworxx
Space is more fun with friends! Darkfield is a mission driven CO-OP space dogfighting game with support for the Oculus Rift.

We have been funded on Kickstarter and Greenlit!

Darkfield supports standard monitors, multi-screen
Star Nomad
Created by Halfgeek
Star Nomad is a top-down 2D tribute to classic spacesims such as Elite, Wing Commander: Privateer, Escape Velocity, Freelancer & Space Rangers. If you are a fan of these games, then you're in for a nostalgic ride!

In Star Nomad, you roam free in the Wil...
M.O.R.E. - Military. Organization. Research. Economy.
Created by IdeaLCenter
Space strategy M.O.R.E. - Military, Organization, Research, Economy - is a worthy successor to classic turn-based 4X space strategy games. The ambition of the development team is to create a game that decidedly breaches the prevailing status quo, re...
Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope
Created by leffe
Immerse yourself in an alternate universe and take command of the newly built Battlestation, designed to be the last defense for earth against oncoming threat. A sci-fi roguelike game with a rich and deep story - welcome to the Battlestation universe!

Gates of Horizon
Created by Hex Keep
Gates of Horizon is a space conquest online game.

During their space journey players will gain power over the universe leading fleets around the systems, improving and managing crew and assets, taking control of entire sectors with their corpor...
Avalon: The Journey Begins
Created by NewHopeGames
Journey through space and explore unlimited sectors, stations, and planet surfaces in this sci-fi adventure game where you search for mankind's third homeworld. Take command of a large starship, it's shuttles, rovers and even crew! Interact with many ships...
NCG-19: Gravitus
Created by djw185
NCG-19 is a massive multiplayer online strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux. As a young race in a new galaxy, you have just discovered space travel. You can explore and encounter other player controlled races that you can ally with, declare war on, or simpl...
Empyrion - Galactic Survival
Created by EmpyrionGame
Empyrion is a 3D open world, space survival adventure in which you can fly across space and land on planets. Build, explore, fight and survive in a hostile galaxy full of hidden dangers.

Distant Star: Revenant Fleet
Created by Tenebrious
Distant Star: Revenant Fleet is a real-time, space-strategy game for PC, featuring fleet-based combat, a dynamically generated galaxy, and an evolving narrative that is different every time.

Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls
Created by Allogonist
You play as a human captain stranded in an uninhabited star system that happens to be full of conflict and mystery. There was a cancelled terraforming project in this system which has left behind an abandoned yet habitable planet and a lot of infastructure...
Wormhole Ventures
Created by FutureWaveGames
Wormhole Ventures
In the recent years the humans of the Sol system have discovered the way to open wormholes to travel through. It takes tremendous power to open these wormholes. They cannot be maintained for long. As the large constructor...
Created by GroundControlGames
[img] [/img]

"(...)you can feel the void of space, and it's right there in front of our eyes... it's terrifying (...)"
Starship Rubicon
Created by jbdodson
Starship Rubicon is a space shoot-em-up that modernizes the physics and mechanics of Asteroids combined with the ship modification and roguelike elements of FTL.

In Starship Rubicon, Earth has been casually destroyed by a mysterious race of space-farin...
Created by Bidoc Games
Dominion, is a game of galatic conquest. There can be as many as 6 aliens species in the game. You will begin on a single planet with minimal resources. Your task is to build up your planet and infrastructure and to explore and possibly conquer the gala...
Space Astro Blaster - 星空战舰
Created by info
Space Astro Blaster - 星空战舰

Description of the game:
-Space Astro Blaster(SAB) is a 3D space shooting RPG game. In this game, the player will be play as a remote operator of the unmanned space battleship, fight with alien enemies that ...
Asteroid Lander
Created by Damaged Grounds
Asteroid Lander, formerly known as Cargo Lander (and briefly Rage Quit Lander) is a lunar lander inspired game, with asteroid themed levels.

- 60 different levels
- 6 game modes
- Hard, the way games used to be
- Beautiful music, and colo...
Stars' Frontier
Created by Exanis
The univers is yours to explore. What will you do ?

Crossing the bridges between RPG, management and simulation, Stars' Frontier is an exploration and diplomacy sandbox evolving in an infinite univers....
Heirs Of Orion
Created by IgnitingNeurons
Heirs Of Orion (HOO) is a turn based 4X(eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) game, with real-time space combat.
You will play as Emperor/King/Leader/... leading your civilization into space.

Most 4X games let you play a complex game of ri...
Sol Avenger
Created by Quantum Forge

A fully realized 3D space sandbox shooter where the player defends our galaxy by repelling the sinister Bivalvian invasion and preventing the al...
Created by sparsegamedev
Star-Twine is an abstract real-time strategy game in which you control a point of light created by a dying star. Battles unfold on sprawling three-dimensional maps as you collect energy and build structures to attack your opponent. Chill out to the atmosph...
Astronaut Simulator
Created by AstroNut
Astronaut Simulator is a game that replicates the freedom of flying free in space from the astronaut first person view with the freedom to look around inside the helmet.

Reach repair waypoints, search for debris and dock back in the Space Shuttle Endeav...
Booster Z-Frame
Created by Kouji San
Single player Top-Down Hyperspace jumping Space Shooter with a Randomly Generated Adventure

You will be piloting a modular ship, which you can adapt to your playstyle or to the environment using various artifacts, addons or upgrades you can obtain or bu...
Orion Trail
Created by Schell Games

Orion Trail is a single player choose-your-own-space-adventure where you must rely upon your wits, your officers, and your ship to cross the deadly Orion Trail.

Third rule of universe.
Created by Mifos Games
This game is space arcade with RPG elements.
The game is completely subordinated to the story.
The story is the most important thing in the game.

*Dynamic battles, big ships, variety of weapons, interesting story - all this awaits you ...
Created by BrainchildStudios
Enter Orbit!

Orbit invites players to explore the cosmos as a comet, hurtling between planets to a beautiful backdrop of procedurally generated nebulae and star clusters. A realistic gravity system is at the core of Orbit, allowing players to h...
Blue-Collar Astronaut
Created by Mutated Scott
Pilot explosion-prone spacecraft for a living in glorious hand-drawn 2D complemented by an original sound track! Inspired by the controls and gameplay of Atari classics, Blue-Collar Astronaut takes that retro game feel into the modern era and couples it...
Into the Stars
Created by Fugitive Games
An open-world Space Survival Simulation for PC and Mac built in Unreal Engine 4 that features an original score from Jack Wall.

Take the role of Captain as you explore a massive solar system in search of a new home for humanity. Outfit your ship, hand p...
Created by JundrooGames
Design your own rocket ships. Blast off into space. Explore the solar system. See if you have what it takes to be a rocket scientist.

Choose and connect parts together to build rocket ships. You can choose from a variety of rocket engines, fuel ...
Core Miner
Created by Utility Function
Core Miner is combat-free space mining game. It is a peaceful experience and allows you to take your time to explore a procedurally generated world and search for valuable minerals to sell. You take on the role of a regular industrial worker trying to make...
Created by Voidrunner
Welcome to the Void!

This is the Void... Forever and never, alive and dead...

Voidrunner is an intense multiplayer flight game which introduces FPS (First Person Shooter) controls to flight genre in exotic, epic landscapes.

The Infinite Black
Created by Spellbook
Fleet up with thousands of players in this wildly popular Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) space combat and adventure game!

Command massive spaceships, form powerful corporations, and battle it out in never-ending intergalactic warfare!

Hunt bounties...
Save The Universe
Save The Universe

Bullet Hell Tower Defense In Space

Aliens are invading our solar system and it's up to you to defend Earth and it's outposts.
Build orbital weapons and defensive structures and support them with your commando ship....
Scrap Station Sigma
Created by SleepyLizardGames
There's a derelict ship that has materials aboard which you could use. Sure, you could go out there yourself and get killed, but that's probably not healthy for you. Instead, send some (replaceable) mercenaries out to deal with the r...
Dust Fleet
Created by Vic Branigan
Dust Fleet is a space real time strategy game where you choose when and where to do battle. Starting with a single ship, build your Fleet, manage ship upgrades and win the trust of a sceptical population.

Without you, they don't stand a chance
Eridanus Wars Beta - Multiplayer Space Battles (Oculus Rift)
Created by StellarVR
Designed for the Oculus Rift, battle for control of huge space stations and resources in this on-line co-op space shooter.


We are creat...
Psycho Starship Rampage
Created by BallisticFrogs
Psycho Starship Rampage : Space Shooter + Rogue = Pimp your starship

Psycho Starship Rampage is a space shooter in which you can bui...
Transcendence is a game of space combat and exploration. This single-player PC game is set in a vast and dangerous galaxy. Travel through dozens of randomly generated star systems and fight against hundreds of unique ship classes on an epic journey ...
2D tactical squadron combat fused with advanced space maneuvers.
Evolution in Real Time Tactics[/h
Build a ship, complete a mission and wave it goodbye when your crew defect to the other side. Then design a new ship to hunt down those mutinous traitors in an endless cycle of punishment and revenge.
Star Horizon
Created by Dlorak
Experience fast action, thrilling levels, spectacular explosions and lots of pew-pew-pew. Star Horizon is a reboot for the on-rails space shooter genre.

Created by MediaAtlas


  • Players must properly exploit resources not to cause biological, energetic, atmospheric or seismic
Our Nation's Miner
Created by Lord Bytesworth

OUR NATION'S MINER is an open-world, role-playing, hybrid-gameplay, science-fiction, sandbox game, set inside of a vibrant, spacefaring dystopian future.

Created by WRAITER
Game about an asteroid which flies through space.
This huge space where you will find a set of adventures. Fly through the Universe!
You can explore the endle...
Star Pegasus
Created by Skulltaco
Star Pegasus is an action adventure shump.
It will incorporate competitive multiplayer, fast side scrolling action, and deep space exploration....
Astro Lords: Oort Cloud
Created by BISBOG SA
Astro Lords: Oort Cloud

Astro Lords: Oort Cloud is a free-to-play, science-fiction MMORTS. The game seamlessly combines construction management with click-and-drag Artillery style combat and strateg...
Concealed Intent
Created by jarrahtech
Concealed Intent is a turn-based game of tactical space combat.


Players control their ships in a completely 3D world - hunting down their enemies, just as t...
Orbital Cargo
Created by Jack Gloyens
A brief description:
Orbital Cargo is a resource managment and business strategy game set in the vacuum of space. Deliver cargo between planets using specialised ships to make money while making sure that your civlisation doesn't run out of food or water....
Falling Stars: War of Empires
Created by LnLP

Falling Stars: War of Empires is a turn-based strateg...
Hero of the Galactic Core
Created by Captain Deeker
Hero of the Galactic Core combines elements from RPG and Tower Defence (including attack). To win the game you need to locate the attack beacons (drop ship beacons), and launch your own drone attacks to destroy the AI base before yours is gone. To explore ...
Titans of Space®
Created by DrashVR
Titans of Space® a short guided tour of our planets and a few stars in virtual reality.

It is currently available on several VR-enabled platforms, including the Oculus Rift DK2. I've decided to bring this to Steam in order...
Space Rogue
Created by RedBeatLTD

Space Rogue is a game about your own amazing space adventure. You are the captain with a mission to pursue! Participate in various random events as you travel through the galaxy. Meet divers...
Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander
The Game
On the edge of Terran space lies Halcyon 6, a derelict starbase left behind by a mysterious precursor race. Your mission is to reclaim the derelict station and rebuild it.

A mysterious alien force is making a beeline towards Earth and...
Fist of Orion
Created by pk
Fist of Orion is a 4X capital ship space combat game.
It combines the depth and management of a 4X game with intense ship combat and allows diverse gameplay.

You take command of the Earth Space Force Flagship and have to survive and fight back agains...
Interstellar Rift
Created by Split Polygon

Interstellar Rift is a open world Starship Simulator with an emphasis on ship construction and multi-player interaction. Players will need to survive in a hostile...
Battle of Tau Ceti
Created by Codestar
Battle of Tau Ceti is a team-based multiplayer space combat game.

Players pilot ships ranging from small one-man fighters to huge six player battleships or join their crew as a gunner and take direct command of one of its turrets. Fight the enemy...
Solar Crusaders
Created by Ollie JD

Solar Crusaders is a multiplayer top-down strategy game featuring 4X gameplay, sandbox universe, real-time battles, and simulated virtual economy. You'll ...
Yargis - Space Melee
Created by Jeff
Yargis is a fast paced spaceship shooter from the top view. Customize your ship and join a battle online or offline. Yargis is focused on team based close combat action. A variety of bat...
Descent: Underground
Created by Descendent Studios
Descent is back! Pilot your ship & battle foes through twisting, turning tunnels with unrestricted 3D movement & FPS action in Zero-G!

Descent is beloved for its innovative game play, where players are able to maneuver and fight in any directio...
Marked Incompatible ]  SUPERCHROMA
Created by Team Chaos LLC
SUPERCHROMA is a story of love, betrayal, selfishness, giving, and most of all... DESTROYING EVERYTHING IN GLORIOUS EXPLOSIONS.

SUPERCHROMA is an Action/RPG set amidst the (procedurally generated) vastness of SPACE. Every time you load the game up, it's...
Starship Empire
Created by bcampolo
Starship Empire is an intense PvP-filled space MMO where you not only lead your ship into epic battles, but manage the entire crew inside.

It takes place in a persistent universe where thousands of players are all interacting with each other at the same...
Created by TectonicStudios
What Is Barrage?

Barrage is an unconventional hybrid of 3 genres. Think Starcraft meets Quake meets Worms. We call it an Artillery-RTS, with a bit of FPS thrown in. Gameplay involves raining destruction on your foes from afar, taking advantage ...
PROBE will be a Top Down Shooter set in space, in which the player must take control of a Dark Matter scouting probe and use it to defend the interests of the corporation who has hired them. In Probe, you will customize your own probe how you see fit to fi...
Star Chronicles: Delta Quadrant
Created by Alister Software
Delta Quadrant is a sci-fi turn-based rogue-like strategy game. Destroy enemies to collect loot, gain experience to level up and use skill points to become stronger.


Super Meteor Grid
Created by Dyn
A fast-paced arcade game that combines challenge for reflexes and getaway for mind.


In this game you're taking the role of secret defensive platform SMG-1 that protects Earth from ...
Wayward Beyond
Created by Seven
In Wayward Beyond you experience galaxy simulation on a grand scale with unique locations, cutthroat politics, power struggles, and a deep economy. You create, destroy, explore, trade, govern, survive, and battle to stake your claim among the stars of a wi...
Created by Fifth Season AS
AD2460 is a WMMO (Web-based Massively Multiplayer Online) science fiction strategy game. Set in a distant future, the game revolves around a race for the resource...
Gravity Shot
Created by Intrepid Marmot
Sling shot dangerous nuclear warheads into collision course with your planetary assassination targets!!
Using the gravitation of a planet against itself, while navigating your payload around asteroids, moons and even Black Holes for devastating effect!
Sirius Online
Sirius Online

Explore a vast and unique universe in this Freelancer-Inspired Action MMO. Combat your friends, harvest ores and explore the outer rims of the Sirius systems. But beware - not every player is a friendly one.

Sirius is an online...
Nomad Fleet
Created by Autarca
Nomad Fleet is a RTS game where you must lead the last remnants of Mankind to safety after a mysterious alien race has hunted them near extinction. Lead a fully armed fleet of battleships, carriers and fighters through a series of randomized scenarios and ...
Created by SimonSays
Mine asteroids, hunt pirates, attack civilians, fight the police... just do whatever it takes to get as rich as you can as fast as you can! CASHTRONAUTS is a space combat & trading game that takes place in an alternate universe where dinosaurs rule ...
Asteroid Initiative
Created by New Orbit Games
The solar system has become destabilized! Earth is now under a bombardment of asteroids and you must run a space program to defend the planet against the asteroid threat and discover what has caused the destabilization!

Build spacecrafts with differen...
Space Lander
Created by Vortex Game Studios
Space Lander is a 2D flight simulator, where the player must travel between planets, as part of the human space exploration; but before dreaming about fighting aliens and save the galaxy, you need to start with the basics: Land in other planets
Infinium Strike
Created by Codex Worlds
Infinium Strike: Tactical Starship Defense


Infinium Strike [tm] is a space strategy/action game where you are the weapons officer on the battlecarrier Freedom Strike. By harv...
Space Thinger
Created by LianeWayfarer
Space Thinger is an arcade space shooter! Fight your way through multiple combat zones mining asteroids for crystals and collecting the debris of your fallen foes to upgrade your ship and engage in ever more epic space battles. Take on bonus missions for e...
Project Orion
Project Orion is set in a future where humanity has been at war for decades, only to find that their true enemy, a threat to their very existence, has just appeared. As a veteran pilot in the TDF navy outfitted with the latest in starfighter technology, yo...
Starfall Tactics
Create a custom space fleet, lead it into battle and fight for control of the galaxy! A unique blend of strategy and wargame genres, mixed with spaceships and explosions.

Astro Lords RU
Created by Astro Lords MMO
Астролорды: Облако Оорта (Astro Lords: Oort Cloud)

Сайт игры RU:
Сайт игры EN:

Примерьте на себя роль Астролордов – космических правителей, освоивших астероиды в Облаке Оорта – гипотетическо...
Created by GroZZleR

Remnant is a real-time 4X space strategy game set in a single planetary system. Some of the features that make Remnant unique are:
  • Full 3D Battles: Combat takes pl
Energy Balance
Created by pinkerator
During a mission your spaceship encounters an unknown anomaly and all system fail. You have to balance the energy in order to get them running again and to get home safely.

Energy Balance is a number puzzle. You have to swap power units in such a way th...
Great Big Gun
The Game
Great Big Gun is a top down, action-RPG with realistic space physics. You pilot your ship throughout the procedurally built galaxy trying to piece together your broken memory. Communication with your gunship will create its evolutionary ...
Close Order
Created by Raconteur Games

Close Order is an arcade shooter with one simple goal: become a badass armada! It's not about you. It's about other ships around you known as minions that exponentially...
Galaxy Heist
Online space combat meets First Person Shooters, giving players the ability to board each other’s ships by force.

Planet Pilots
Created by gamezeesllc
Earth has been entered into an interplanetary construction derby, and you seem qualified enough to pilot it. Collect Space debris to become a bigger, stronger, and faster cluster of matter. Upgrade and use cosmic powers, from creating black holes to starti...
Flatspace IIk
Created by Cornutopia
Flatspace IIk is a space trading and exploration game. Players choose a profession and are given a starting ship, then you are free to explore, trade, fight and immerse yourself in an interactive, exciting and randomly generated universe, populated with a ...
Hero of the Galactic Core 2
Created by Captain Deeker
Full real-time version of Hero of the Galactic core

Features include:

- Game plays similar to Heroes of might and magic (real-time)
- Base that needs defending with turrets (Tower Defense)
- Exploring Map to locate Turrets, Jump points, Artifacts, ...
After The End: The Harvest
Created by TheSworn
The harvest has come and gone, leaving only the remains of its destruction and salvation across the universe.
Humanity has all but disappeared from its original planet and home, with only its remnants remaining scattered.

Those who were not worthy, did...
Starfighter Inc.
Created by Impeller Studios
Multiplayer space warfare from the minds behind X-Wing, Crysis and Desert Combat.
  • AMA with the team:
  • Polygon:
Lagrangian Point
Created by hindsightgames
Lagrangian Point is a 2D, top down tactical space combat game which focuses on ship customisability, destruction and highly controllable space combat while you engage in colossal space battle...
Codename : Rogue Fleet
Created by SionoiS
The Idea

Rogue Fleet is a multiplayer team-based game about spaceships combat. Imagine World of Warships mixed with Dreadnought than add an Homeworld feel to it.

Each ships in the game have different gameplay. The...
Space Radiance
Created by Cook
Space Radiance
is arcade-style game with rpg system. You must protect green glow from foreign objects as long as you can. You can build armed platforms in one click and upgrade it. F...
Space Definity
Created by Space Definity
Space battles yet unseen in the virtual Universe! If you are in a search for a stunning space adventure which contains dogfights, team duels and requires different tactical skills you are at the right place. Chasing the boyhood dreams of epic space ...
Pocket Space Empire
Created by Chris Koźmik
Quick summary
No micromanagement, fast paced, asymmetric, turn based, space 4X with focus on you being the Emperor not a manager.

Core Design Goals

1) You are the Emperor not a logistics officer
Grant audiences, appoint i...
Unending Galaxy
Created by Anarkis Gaming

Unending Galaxy is a top down simulation and strategy game based in space in which you can fill any role. Be a small time pirate, trader or the ruler of a whole galactic empire. You can fight, trade, explore, build factories, a...
Space Food Truck
Created by onemanleft
Space Food Truck is a tongue-in-cheek, cooperative digital board game for PC, Mac, and Linux. Players work together to warp around a procedurally-generated galaxy of 100 planets in search of ingredients, then scramble to the planet craving each dish to com...
From the Verge to the Void
Created by Team Sunbear
From the Verge to the Void is about beating up spaceships & taking their lunch money. As a scavenger on the edge of civilization, you make a living by breaking apart derelict ships, and then collecting any valuables by grappling around the wreckage using y...
Mars Colony : Frontier
Created by hdortch
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Mars? In Mars Colony: Frontier, you can go one step further and learn the hard way what life would be like if you were stranded on the red planet. In this open-world simulator, you assume th...
Created by Camasa Studios
Come check out our Kickstarter:
And our our website:

Please note: These images are from pre-alpha gameplay. We plan to improve shaders, effects, models and textures before release![...
Created by ROCKFISH Games
EVERSPACE™ is a single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling based on Unreal Engine 4. It is brought to you by the creators of the critically acclaimed Galaxy on Fire series with millions of players...
Created by Jumpdrive Studios
In XO you command a ragtag fleet of starships against an unbeatable enemy. You'll be evacuating refugees, scrounging for resources, overcoming political treachery, and assembling your flock from one jump point to the next. Your goal is to lead what'...
Battlestation: Harbinger
Created by leffe

Register at to play it first! Battlestation: Harbinger is a multi-platform epic roguelike strategy game, coming out August 13th 2015.

Take command of a space ...
Destined for Space
Created by ParthenonGames
Destined for Space

Destined for Space is a traditional 4x with a strong emphasis on politics and - obviously - set in space :) And yes, you will be able to fly through space as well.


This game is currently pre alpha. Pi...
The Final Frontier: Space Simulator
Created by Slumpdog
The Final Frontier is a competitive Third-person space combat game that currently supports up to 12 players per match.
Players will battle it out through the solar system until one player wins. There are 3 available game modes in T...
Empires Of Creation
Created by Jamie
Empires Of Creation
EOC is a new in production indie game developed by Bundle Of Sticks Studios in which the player takes the role of a fleet leader trying to make a name in the galaxy and eventually conquer it
Visit us at: http://empiresofcrea...
ARES: Wings of discord
Created by kybermag
Ares Wings of Discord is a multiplayer 3D game in the space shooter genre, which collected all the best that has ever been realized in the framework of this genre. The game will present you with many unique surprises designed to surprise and undoubtedly ge...
Mammoth Gravity Battles
Created by OopsBoogaloo
Mammoth Gravity Battles, a turn-based game about gravity, strategy, skill and space-faring prehistoric elephants.

Woolly mammoths, piloting flying saucers taking turns to aim shots in a fully three dimensional gravitational field made up of stars, plan...
Created by Fula Fisken Games
Flux it - blast them all!

Welcome to Astroflux - a F2P retro arcade styled realtime massive multiplayer space adventure with tons of visual effects and action filled content.

We are an indie game studio from Stockholm, Sweden and Ast...
Forgotten in Space
Created by TheLukrie
Forgotten in Space is a playable, text-based, interactive story. You will help Nick make life or death decisions, and face the consequences together. Every decision you make while playing the game has it's consequences.
A gripping interactive story thr
Endless Sky
Created by mzahniser
Endless Sky is a 2D space trading and combat game inspired by the classic Escape Velocity series. Work your way up from a relatively wimpy shuttle, cargo ship, or fighter, to a highly upgraded and customized flagship or to a massive fleet of warships or fr...
Created by Small Squid Studios
Explore a galaxy under constant war, with multiple factions fighting for control. To ensure victory for your faction you must train your pilots and expand your fleet. Conquer the galaxy or be exterminated. The choice is yours in the universe of Twelve.

Into the Void
Created by Mozg Labs
A sci-fi game with epic story and battles.

Fully command your faction. Build your fleet, arm it with tons of weapons and make all of your enemies’ burn.

Perform expeditions to outer space; take care of your crew's ...
Galaxy Admirals
Created by jetdogs
Galaxy Admirals – is a turn-based cosmic strategy. Your goal is to conquer the whole universe by occupying one star system after another.


On a hexagonal field there are two military bases – one of yours and another of your adversary. ...
Star Command Galaxies
Created by WarballoonGames
Star Command Galaxies is the ultimate starship simulator. Become Captain and recruit your crew, build your ship, explore a randomly generated universe and battle alien ships across the galaxy.

You start from humble beginnings in your very own shuttle, ...
Heathen Engineering's Terran
Created by Heathen Engineering
Set in the distant future, man has evolved beyond flesh and bone and is now one with the machine. Your journey starts as a young Terran pilot, taking his or her first steps into the galaxy. You are free to join or form factions, corporations, bounty hunter...
Astrox: Hostile Space Excavation
Created by momoguru

Put simply... A prison. Exiled to a deep space mining sector, you are left with a crappy ship, a laser, and a small mining beam. It is up to you to survive by working your way through galaxy. Mine...
The Sentient
Created by Uncaged Studios
About The Game
Heavily inspired by games like FTL, The Sims and Pixel Piracy, in The Sentient travel and explore various galaxies and sectors of space while attempting to bring research back to Earth via an orbital station known as "The Ar...
Created by fstltna
What is Imperium?

Imperium is a game of intergalactic exploration, warfare, and economics. Imperium has no set goal, and fairly flexible rules about what you can do, thus, while a single player could run their own game just for the fun of exploration, t...
Star Commander
Created by Membrane Software
A completely free game from Membrane Software. Download and play now at:

Have you ever wondered what it's like to build a fleet of space ships, explore the galaxy, and wage interstellar war? Of course you have! But even if y...
Star Nomad 2
Created by Halfgeek
Star Nomad 2 is a space trader & combat sim set in a dynamic sandbox with an evolving conflict between three major splinter groups of humanity.

Inspired by games such as Mount & Blade, FTL, Escape Velocity, Privateer & Freelancer, in the univers...
Marked Incompatible ]  Space Age
Created by pozirk
Defend the Earth with your satellites and spaceships, research new technologies and save the humanity in this top-down strategy game.

Space Age is a "tower-defense" game in space and has the following features:
- 13 different enemies;
- 12 satellites ...
Fighter Prime
Created by Willomena
Frantic online player-based combat? Check. Arena based fighting with no end goal other then destroy everything? Check. Free to play, community based game where your thoughts count? Check! Fighter Prime is an indie multiplayer space shooter in which your ob...
CDF Starfighter
CDF Starfighter is a single-player & multiplayer space combat simulator based on Unreal Engine 4. It is brought to you by the creator of Ghostship Aftermath and CDF Ghostship.

We have been working on CDF Starfighter since January 2015 and all screenshot...
Asteroid Hunter 3d
Created by Wade Interactive
Welcome to Asteroid Hunter 3D !
An arcade game for casual play that follows the origins.
Some features :
- Profile game save/load.
- Asteroid break system.
- Ship equipment by/sell options.
- Online / Offiline records system.
- Full Keyborard...
Deep Space Mine
Created by Two Dogs

As seen at the 2015 Dare to be Digital finals.

Compete for control over a randomly generated planetary system. Deep Space Mine is a simultaneous turn based stra...
Void Stations
Created by Munkyfoot Gaming
Void Stations is a one on one space-artillery battle game. You command a space station orbiting a planet opposite a rival station vying for control of the planet. Using a combination of offensive and defensive technologies you must seek to destroy your opp...
Disputed Space
Created by ShilohGames
Disputed Space is a space dogfighting game with six degrees of freedom. You can move in any direction while aiming in any direction. If you enjoy space dogfights, then you will love Disputed Space.

Imagine combining the core gameplay mechanics from Desc...
Space Impossible
Created by rexspaceman
Space Impossible is a singleplayer and multiplayer open universe sandbox game where every object is made of tiles, and every tile matters.


-Every physical object is made of tiles, and every tile is destructib...
Multiversum: Find your path to the stars
Created by CoolWorks Studio
Multiversum is a real-time space 4X strategy game inspired by the legendary titles such as Ascendancy or Master of Orion. It combines various popular aspects of these games as well as brings a lot of new features. Technically, Multiversum is sort of hybrid...
EVA Infinity
Created by Digital Opus
A puzzle/action game with a unique momentum-based navigation mechanic.

Adrift in space. No ship, no jetpack. Only minutes of air remain. Tether to space debris to navigate. Use momentum to maneuver objects. Controlling direction requires carefully time...
Strike Squadron: Caracará
Created by Eridanus Studio
Strike Squadron: Caracará is an action-packed 2D space sim where you fly missions as the pilot of one of UN's smallest and worst-equipped squadrons.

Don't think it's just about shooting enemies flying in a pattern! Missions may include combat, ex...
Black Drift
Created by pinkerator
Humanity has finally conquered the last frontier. We walk the stars. Our technology is keeping us safe. But what if technology fails? What do you do to survive? Can you even survive at all? What is going to be the last thing you do before you shut your eye...
Supernova. Old school space strategy
Created by igor_rnc2002
Strategy without 3D graphycs and pow-blow effects. But the soul and nostalgy in each pixel.
Created by fans of olduschool space strategy games for the same fans!

Fully working concept of the game on English you can try out online

Pulsar Raiders
Created by GroundControlGames

First local PVP Demo HERE

Frantic dogfights! Awesome combos! 2D CHAOS!!

Become the Ace of Aces in close, gritty, t...
Sector 724
Created by fvotrin
We proudly present to you a new space strategy game featuring real-time tactical warfare.

"Once we found a way to overcome stellar gravity and travel beyond the boundaries of the native planetary system, many sought to take the lead in colonizin...
Not Your Space
Created by IBOL17
A fast-paced sci-fi Real Time Strategy Game where you make the rules

  • Build and control a massive space-fleet
  • Choose from a vast array of gameplay options
  • Play games ranging from 10 minutes to hours to days!
Marked Incompatible ]  Limb
Who are you?
We are Interdiction Studios; a small 14 man/woman team working in our spare time to put this thing together.

What are you doing?
We are creating a new genre of game we like to call "Real Time First Person ...
Created by LInsoDeTeh
Galactineers - the open space sandbox RTS game

Galactineers is a genre-mix of open world sandbox game and realtime strategy game, which is located in space.
You can use blocks, buildings, and other items to shape the ...
Cosmic Leap
Created by McSyko
Time your jumps from planet to planet, avoid the obstacles thrown in your path and blast off to safety with your rocket ship!
Play through 90 levels that will test your reaction skills!

Are you COSMIC enough to clear all the levels?!? Can you collect a...
Space Pirates Mission
Created by ater1980
You are a space ranger tasked with cleansing the galaxy of pirate scum. You have to destroy three bases, one on each level.

Main features:

3 levels:
- on the first level, you only face weak enemies that have to be close to reach you with their ...
Star Realms
Created by White Wizard Games
Star Realms is a spaceship combat deckbuilding game designed by Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Champions and Hall of Famers Darwin Kastle and Rob Dougherty. The game offers all the thrills of traditional trading card game style combat, combine...
Sector 13
Created by Ryan

Sector 13 is 3rd-person starfighter combat. Personalized weapon load outs and a huge variety of starfighters give you the ability to optimize your war machine to your preferred play style. Intuitive contr...
Created by Koonschi
Avorion is a space sandbox game where players build their own ships from blocks of various sizes and shapes.
Ships can grow up to any size, from small fighters to large battleships.
Explore, fight, mine, trade and build your own ships and space stations...
Galactic Magnitude
Created by Thentias
Galactic Magnitude is Procedurally created universe that has the following
* 5.3 million different races
* 1.5 billion ship skins
* 4 billion unclaimed systems
* 40 billion total systems
* 229 billion planets to explore
Asteroid Fight
Created by Katta Games

Asteroid Fight is an online multiplayer action real-time strategy game.

Use your commander with uniquely modified special abilities, build a str...
Star Warriors / Звёздные Воители
Created by igor_rnc2002
StarWarriors - epic military strategy game in real-time, created by two enthusiasts, dreaming of space.

Fight for control of the galaxy, set its own rules! Create your invincible alliance and lead it to victory! Never before has the role of star warrior...
Stars in Shadow
Created by sven4669
Stars in Shadow is a turn-based 4X science fiction strategy game. Explore the stars, settle distant worlds, and build an interstellar empire. Recover ancient technologies a...
Blue Solar: Chaos War
Created by Noah Yang
About This Game
In a randomly generated universe, which kind of role do you want to play?

To be a shrewd businessman, trading, investing and mining.

To be a loyal warrior, fighting for your force, conducting strong fleets and plundering hos...
Helium Rain
Created by Stranger
A realistic space opera for PC
Explore the vast emptiness of space. Take command of your ships, create your empire.
Helium Rain is a realistic space simulation game.

  • Fly any ship of your fleet, including fighters, freighters o
Created by RowlandTechnology
SpaceForge, an epic 2D space adventure. Earn your way through the ranks, joining different factions and battling your way across the galaxy. With activities such as mining, salvaging, defending, attacking and crafting you will find there is plenty to do. W...
Longshot Universe
This is not another space exploration 4x or a privateer clone. This is a game about space combat. Kill or be killed.

The game takes place on three separate 2d surfaces. Players battle by flying around within a surface and popping up and down between ...
Created by VaritechLLC
It's the year 2112 and the Earth has been depleted of all its resources. Cities are beginning to crumble as the Earth's crust is collapsing under their weight. Scientists estimate that the Earth will be unable to sustain life in less than 3 months - the hu...
Created by Descension
Descension is a highly-moddable multiplayer space survival game. Trapped in a mysterious universe filled with the wreckage of civilizations across the multiverse, you and your friends must survive by exploring and scavenging resources from what's le...
Created by treeform
In Istrolid you design your own unique spaceships from a large number of parts to fit your strategy and play style. With no set units or factions you are free to create a fleet where each ship has its own balanced strengths and weaknesses, from basic fight...
Space Merchants: Days of Glory
Created by
If you love science-fiction as we at do, you know there is never enough games of this genre with solid and intriguing story. With Space Merchants: Days of Glory we try to help fill this gap. With your invaluable support we will be...
Terran Ascension
Created by Shogunate Tom
What is Terran Ascension?

This is a Space Based RPG following Humanity as it transitions to a Type 2 Civilisation.
Developed by a two man indie studio named Shogunate Games.

When can we play the Game?
We are currently in the early pr...
Leveron Space
Created by HunterGames_CN
Epic space battles, fight alien races, the space corps needs you, sign up now! You will command an advanced explorer class ship which can be weaponized to help our cause. Fight alongside our elite fighting force and make a difference.

You will need to l...
Stellar Tactics
Created by Stellar Tactics
Stellar Tactics combines a classic narrative driven, Party-Based RPG with turn based ground combat, space exploration and a deep character and ship customization system. You will build a team of elite mercenaries and explore a vast universe of over 200,000...
Event Horizon
Created by Pavel Zinchenko
Event Horizon is an exciting space 2D action/RPG game. Take command of a space fleet and start your galaxy exploration mission. Battle hostile aliens, conduct scientific research, capture resources, trade, build new ships and upgrade existing ones. Thousan...
Brick Battalion
Created by Scoria Studios
Forged from the mines of Scoria, we bring you Brick Battalion! Fight up to eight players online or with bots in a space battle. By matching and chaining blocks, you can create more powerful attacks to defeat your enemies. This game is part of the action pu...
Created by luotsi
[img] [/img]

Become commander of your own fleet! Navalia is a real-time strategy game where you get to design, build and command entire fleets of spaceships. You travel through the gal...
The Black Beyond
Created by Mean Games LLC
An interstellar action RPG, The Black Beyond is a space adventure featuring a ragtag, outlaw crew. Master 15 class skills and collect hundreds of items as you face off against fleets of enemies. Customize your ship as you level up to create unique combinat...
Galaxy Combat Wargames
Created by Fork Particle Games

Galaxy Combat Wargames is a multiplayer PvP space shooter that engages you in challenging and intensely competitive space combat matches against other fighters from around the world. Face-to-face battles put your maneuve...
The Power of Gravity
Created by Cumol
You are the only hope of a distant, strategically important colony. All the equipment was brought down by a powerful emission from the centre of the galaxy.
The purpose of your mission "The tears of space" is to repair the transmitters of information. Car...
Created by IronFox
Hexaverse is a turn based, 4X multiplayer strategy game.
All matches take place on volumetric planets. Players are free to expand any way around the globe. Use your terraformers to build walls and bridges, excavate tunnels, or submerge ...
Created by OrangeJuice

OESE is about your little ship, traveling alone through space trying to survive as best as it can to find a new home. Along the journey you come across different encounters with ...
Nightork Adventures - Beyond the Moons of Shadalee
"Everburning battles between light and shadow,
clanging through the time,
destroying even the most beautiful meadow,
the song of war has no sense and has no rhyme."
Book of Tears, discovered 17 years ago in the Zunkara sector, age: unknown

For c...
Created by THE🚀LAW💣
What is Onima?

Onima - is a 2D MMORPG that takes action in the Silver Coin galaxy. After the invasion of The Vorti, human and other civilizations had to run from the Milky Way galaxy. Now 8 civilizations have to colonize new planets, build new ...
Created by islet3d
Antimatter, led by their evil boss, appear in our universe and destroy all the constellations in our night sky!
Now all the stars find themselves far from home, in different parts of infinite space.
Help the stars return home and restore order to their...
The Last Journey
Created by TrooP
The Last Journey is an ultimate post-nuclear exploration game in which you travel the universe to find a new planet suitable for mankind to live on after the Earth was destroyed in a nuclear war.

  • huge, randomly genera
Galaxy of Trian
Galaxy of Trian is a dynamic, turn-based strategy board game. Its fast paced, tile-based mechanics gives players unique experience. It is simple yet allows for multiple strategies and tactics.

Mysterious race of Trian has left theirs galaxy. Races from ...
Go For Launch: Mercury
Created by jlchisholm
Re-live the early days of space flight in Go For Launch: Mercury, the first in a series of games exploring the early days of space flight.

With full integration for either a standard computer monitor or full VR via a headset GFL:Mercury will take you on...
Voidship: The Long Journey
Created by Cydonian Games
Voidship: The Long Journey is a 2D top-down space combat/role-playing game.

You are the captain of a modular spaceship entrusted with a mission which might take centuries to complete. Gather resources, crew and technology to build your spaceship into a...
Gravity Wolf
Created by Fun Ghost
Gravity Wolf is a first person shooter about orbits, lasers, and recycling. Use planetary orbits to surf between strip mined planetoids, destroy the dangerous industrial robots left to rust on them, and recycle what you find to upgrade your spacesuit and w...
Space clicker
Created by Sailxe42
Space Clicker is a game of evolution of technology .the objective is to click on the planet to get points of science and then gain it faster . By improving the way of having points of science and when you will have enough points of science, you can restart...
Created by Progenitor Studios
The Galaxy is at war! It is an excellent opportunity to start your own mercenary corporation and build up a massive fleet to rake in massive amounts of credits from your clients and investors. Purchase factories to mass produce your fleet's ships and take ...
Created by Krush
Anomalie is a cinematic first-person experience that tells the story of a routine space delivery gone wrong. As a short-range cargo pilot, most jobs are the same. But a harmless-looking space anomaly near your ship threatens to make this delivery an...
Cosmic Dust & Rust
Cosmic Dust & Rust is a tower defence game set in space with 2 stages of game play: The first stage is 'Ship management', where the player must upgrade the internal parts of his or her ship. You can build and upgrade turrets and defence systems. You can al...
Created by Illuminati
Gravity is an atmospheric and relaxing space game, which nonetheless can be rewarding if you decide to master its principles. Piloting a spaceship in a galaxy where gravity runs the show is a tricky task, especially when a deadly black hole is sitting in t...
Galaxy Reavers
Created by raistlin
Galaxy Reavers, a real-time strategy game
The flames of war rage across the galaxy. All delays in war will be dangerous.
Only to be a raider or a prey in Galaxy Reavers.
Command your fleets and conquer galaxy with your real-time strategy...
Created by Dazzytech
Artificer is a top-down 2D space shooter for PC. It is a competitive shooter – multiplayer or single player – in an arena setting or with simple objectives (e.g. destroy or defend stations, and capture points). Freely customize your ship with the ship edit...
Created by perileosthegame
Perileos is a game where players can build their own spacecrafts, launch them, land them on other planets and moons, make quests and many more! At the moment the game is hardly at the alpha stage but if you want to contribute to the game, you can download ...
Starflint the Blackhole Prophecy
Created by Stunmason Games
Travel around the Globes, under the Seas, into Outer Space… and Beyond!

Sleek and gorgeous hand drawn style. Starflint is an authentic and beautiful cartoon-style point and click adventure game. This story takes place in a faraway future, wh...
Created by Az
A made-for-VR game drawing inspiration from classics such as Asteroids and Missile Command as well as elements from strategy games such as Homeworld.

Protect your planet from incoming asteroids, aliens and more in this standing or room-scale HTC Vive ga...
Space Exhaust
Created by WaSonFields
This Game will feature open-world, dynamically generated enemy's, trading, mining, and tons of exploration. From visiting tons of space stations planets, to fighting for survival in no mans land, this game will keep you on your toes. Bring a friend alon...
Created by RedAlert
This is a VR game

After the big bang, the universe evolved into the shrink stage. With universe’s volume constantly shrinking, the Milky Way galaxy was on the verge the universe. In order to survive, humans needed to transfer to the nearest galaxy--...
Created by Zero Gravity Games

Hellion is a first person multiplayer space survival game.

It is a fusion of survival and space simulation genres that pits players against the deadly environment and one another. ...
Children of a Dead Earth
The Most Scientifically Accurate Space Warfare Simulator Ever Made.

Children of a Dead Earth is a simulation of true-to-life space warfare. This game is implemented entirely using actual engineering equations. Every technology in the game ...
The Captain
Created by SysiacGames

Being inspired by TV shows such as Star Trek the Next Generation we set out to create a universe where you as The Captain have to make hard decisions concerning your and others survival and progress. You will have to weigh your nee...
Created by Velorum Games
Orchestrate an interstellar war and seal humanity's doomed fate in Disunity, a real-time strategy experience for the PC.


Lead your fleets in real-time combat across entire star systems

Discovering Space 2 - VR
Created by simonphillips
A breath-taking space exploration experience in Virtual Reality

Compatible with Oculus CV1, DK2 and Vive* (*using Revive) Native vive support planned.

Discovering > Space 2 is all about exploration. There’s no action, shooting or ...
Aurora Redemptus
Created by EidolonGames
Take command of a squad of starships in tactical turn based combat. Each turn you dictate the course for each of your ships, then watch the battle play out in real time. Plan ahead, outflank the enemy, and keep your ships alive.

Assemble your fleet from...
Created by Vinlow
Deeep.Space is a cross platform 2D multiplayer sci-fi game
As a player, you control your own space ship in an endless fight.
Destroy asteroids to collect energy and level up.
You wi...
Space Tactics
Created by 13branniy
Space Tactics is a hardcore turn-based tactics game all about space fleets battles.
20+ hours of gameplay. Singleplayer only, multiplayer is planned for the upcoming updates.

Main features:

  • Turn-based tactical gameplay
Through Hardships to the Stars
Created by Templar Knight
Through Hardships to the Stars

You are the captain of one of many ark ships that have left the earth for search of a new home for humanity. Discover new planets and populate colonies. On the way, you will experience friends and foes, and its up t...
Created by PathlessGames
Feel the inhuman tension of outer space - floating between bits of debris - struggling to conserve air and fuel - experiencing a hauntingly personal tragedy.

This game will be developed under a "zero-dollar" budget, and will be made available very inex...
Arena Omega
Created by Seattletek
Welcome to Arena Omega, an online multiplayer SciFi dogfight arena game with fast arcade action, a great soundtrack, and immersive outer space environments.

Play Arena Omega online in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag modes featuring onl...
Created by War Hungry Games

Starsmashers is a turn-based, action strategy game, drawing inspiration from 70s/80s science fiction.

You are Captain Carter, of the Space Beagle. Ahead lies an army lead by the scumbag Kaldor Seth, he will o...
Created by Robusta Gameworks
SpacePod is a truly unique action-strategy space game, started from scratch by David McGrath and Bill Purvis way back in 2003.

Now SpacePod will finally get a new and fully tuned game mechanic, improved graphics, and a clear battle UI (with live ship c...
Fracture Fall
Created by Two Tales Games
Fracture Fall is a game of exploration and trade. Balanced between a story and simulation, it allows the player to shape the destiny of a distant sector of space while also following a well-written, dynamic storyline.

As the captain of a trading vessel ...
Space Jones VR
Created by Viking Studio
Space Jones is a FPS VR game. Story: At an era of human space colony expansion, a bounty hunter (the player) accidently picked up a mysterious treasure named “Star Box”. Therefore, the bounty hunter has been targeted by multiple space pirates. A major war ...
Created by Matrix Studio
“do you remember the time of a cool summer night, you were still a child, sitting with your parents, looking up at the stars”

is a VR game about stars. With the soothing music, you can completely relax and look up at all the bea...
Empyrean Frontier
Created by galdorstudios
Empyrean Frontier is a singleplayer real time strategy game in development featuring massive space fleets, base building, resource collection, and innovative tactical controls. Empyrean Frontier is a full featured modern RTS with all the core elements RTS ...
Created by HyperReuts
Evolvation is a multiplayer arena space flying shooter with multiple game modes which can be played solo as well as team-based gameplay.

Key features
  • Upgrading system
  • Leveling system
  • Locking system
Impulse: Space Combat
Created by Darkmatter52
Impulse: Space Combat is a first person, realistic, action / survival game. In Impulse, physics play a major role in determining which team will be left standing. All movement and shooting, whether by the player or Impulse's ruthless AI pilots, is controll...
Space Simulator
Created by Brixton Dynamics
Space Simulator

Space Simulator is a realistic space flight simulator game featuring high-quality models, hi-res textures, IBL shaders, and a full-scale Solar System running on a custom made state-of-the-art (double-float precision) phys...
Conquerors of Space
Conquerors of Space - this game is about space exploration.

In it you will need to explore the endless expanse of the universe and to land on the planet. As the research you will encounter space stations. By controlling the spacecraft you have ...
Ancient Frontier
Created by FairWeatherStudios
Brand new cinematic turn based strategy!

Fair Weather Studios is very happy to announce Ancient Frontier, our latest project. Ancient Frontier is a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements set in the far future. Players will explo...
Helion Strike
Created by FastEddDev
Helion Strike is an arena based space combat game, where you must mine nearby asteroids to upgrade your weapons, your ship and your defenses to prepare for incoming hostiles.

Gameplay consists of mining asteroids for minerals to upgrade your ship and we...
Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy



Alliances are shattering, and hasty diplomatic treaties are made in secrecy. A con...
Space Incident
Created by Lacroix
Space Incident is an interactive story about the two astronauts and one unexpected fellow traveler. The game takes place on a spaceship, who’s been lost somewhere between Earth and Mars. Your main task is to help the crew understand what is going on and fi...
Lightspeed Frontier
Created by arkisvir
Lightspeed Frontier is a sandbox ship-building game with a dash of sci-fi humor, where players make use of galactic news, ads and various other forms of interacting with the universe to become the most successful sp...
Satellite Command
Created by StormtideGames
PLEASE NOTE: Current Trailer and Images are from the MOBILE version of the game. PC Edition will look vastly different (see below).

Satellite Command takes you to the eye-wateringly beautiful low earth orbit. Take command and carefully manage the resour...
Beyond Dark
Created by IDA Games
A massive disruption in dark matter has de-stabilized a cluster of 12 galaxies. The dominant civilizations from each galaxy sent colonization ships to the nearest safe galaxy 'Andromeda', in order to continue life. This is where they learn they are not alo...
Convicted Galaxy
Created by Mind Grown Software
A single pilot stranded in space, cruising through the procedurally generated galaxy in search of resources and fellow Interstellar Correctional Task Force(ICTF) agents in distress.

Battle for Orion 2
Created by Infinite Loop Games
Battle for Orion 2 takes you across the galaxy to conquer foes, expand your empire, and find a new home for humanity. Manage a space empire and build massive fleets to obliterate your enemies. To be successful, you'll need to effectively manage your econom...
30 Light Years or Less
Created by NewtroStudios
30 Light Years or Less is a game where you deliver pizzas in space. Is it whacky? Yes! This game is inspired by a game called Space Taxi that was on the C64. It was one of my most loved games as a kid.

In 30 Light Years or Less you pilot a pizza delive...
Project Starblade
Created by starwindgames
Project Starblade is an action packed space shooter designed for both VR and regular gaming. The VR version enables more natural control and deeper immersion into gameplay.

The people of Earth are in great danger, the war against former colonies from ar...
CDF Starfighter
Set 350 years in the future, we must unite and prepare to defeat a darkness which is about to consume our Galaxy. The extinction of the entire human race is almost upon us. We will depend on brave and skilled fighter pilots who have what it takes to join o...
Daath Origins
Created by Black Lodge Games

Take command of an interstellar starship and guide her through star systems, planets, wormholes, dimensions, alternate timelines, and more, all the while managin...
Space Journey
Created by berdyev

Space Journey - is an open world Space Simulator. Explore endless galaxies, solar systems, planets and yet parallel universes.

All galaxies are procedural generated. Each galaxy includes at least ...
Tier 1
Created by Zillo7
Tier 1 is a new take on a 2D space combat simulator. Dogfight in a fast and nimble space fighter, or control interplanetary space using a large lumbering space ship.

  • Choose a ship/fighter from n
Space Blade
Created by dev4play

SpaceBlade is a spaceshooter which influences come from oldschool series such as Descent, Starmageddon 2 or Freelancer.

Become a Xylo- pilot of Savior II, explore various regions of galaxy ...
Precursors, predecessors, the legend of galaxy… Who are carrying the forebear’s genes among existing races, we can suppose only…
Worlds of galaxy are everlasting, beautiful, unique and dangerous. Some of them are inhabited, some ruined and deserted, other...
The Krucer Parallax
Created by zenorf

Note: Sorry if we confused a few of you with the star wars style symbols. These are all placeholder and to demonstrate that you can change the game into whatever you like. I'll get another video up later about modding.

Take control of a whole squadr...
Space Slam
Created by Quickdraw Studios
Space Slam is a fast-paced space sim for the HTC Vive. Use your ace pilot skills to navigate the systems around the outer rim. Blast off planet's crust with lasers then SLAM through them to harvest the minerals at their core. Not all planets are the same, ...
Holo Impact VR : Prologue

STG is a total c...
Created by Fivesyounger
Take control of a ship of your choice and explore a randomly generated galaxy in Dissimilation!

About this game:
Dissimilation is a top down, retro styled shooter set in a randomly generated galaxy. Dock at space stations and land...
Precursor’s Dawn - SciFi Tactical Space Combat
Created by tyrosr
A space strategy game unlike anything before. RPG like elements that help to drive a robust and unique gameplay world. You will travel the vast distances of the universe in search of an ancient technology that will ultimately change the balance of power be...
Created by rafalw
“Universe V” is a turn based, tactical space game. It offers five distinct species as well as two additional special ones. The player starts from his homeworld in an attempt to conquer the enemy's homeworld placed on the other side of the galaxy. To reac...
Created by UUUU Interactive
Build your own capital ship and fight other player's creations in a procedural galaxy! Capture ships and build your fleet, unlocking upgrades and ship schematics! Explore the galaxy and build up your home station!

Build your own space ship - from small ...
Star Singularity
Created by Star Bunny
About This Game
Mine, Fight, Explore and Shape the Galaxy: Pilot your ship in deep space, collect raw materials to build your base and strengthen your fleet, trade with vendors across the galaxy in a living open world, where opposing facti...
Created by VGstudio
Explore. Travel. Fight. Survive.
First of all "Infinitum" - this is a game about space, about the love for him, in which you can freely surf the cosmic space, as well as to visit the planet and space stations.
But also it is also a mission, in which you ...
UniverseV: Star Domination
Created by rafalw
Quick description:
"UniverseV: Star Domination" is a turn based 2d strategic game for 1-4 players (Hot-Seat or Human vs AI). Each player starts with homeworld starbase and one simple starship. The goal of the game is to occupy all planets directly connec...
Marked Incompatible ]  Lunar Survival
Created by Max Sprin
About the project

"Lunar Survival" is a first person survival adventure game with horror elements. The game is based on different missions which have it's own map and story. The character will have it's own natural limitations and will fight against mys...
Sol Prime
Sol Prime is a space exploration game with heavy focus on player-driven research and development. In the game, you will be able to explore vast reaches of randomly generated space, terraform foreign worlds and establish colonies there, create new ship desi...
SpaceJourney VR
Created by Geescan
This game is Design by Geescan Technology company, it is a all new design VR game which contains puzzle,adventure and collection element.
The game tells a story about the stars to save. In the future one day, many stars in the universe is the big devil to...
Stars of Icarus
Stars of Icarus is a 2D Roguelike Space Shooter with a skill based combat system. Explore, loot, craft and fight your way through a mix of procedural and hand-crafted levels. Upgrade your ship with newfound technology, weapons and...
Children of the Galaxy
Created by Empty Keys
Children of the Galaxy is a turn-based 4X scifi strategy game. You can explore galaxy, colonize planets, build huge armies of space ships to fight in epic battles. Game is traditional hexagon 4X strategy inspired by games like Civilization, Endless Space,...
Created by LEVEN LIU

  • 能量罐 为飞船和武器提供能量.
  • 装甲 可以为你的星舰提供保护.
  • 货舱 可以增加你的货物容积.货舱容积在运输和采矿中十分重要.
  • 武器插槽 可以在武器插槽上安装武器和装备.
  • 护盾系统 保护飞船的结构.失去了护盾的保护,飞船很容易被大型战舰摧毁.
  • 推进器 为你的飞船提供动力.同时
Galactic Junk League
Created by Pixel Federation
Galactic Junk League is a competetive free-to-play arena shooter mixed with almost infinite ship building possibilities.
Build anything. Fight anyone. In space.

Constellation Distantia
Created by Skanerbotten
Unleash planet destroying force
Constellation Distantia is fusing together a broad storyline, hundreds of planets and moons to explore and an uniquely entertaining gameplay with fast paced free flying and planet scale explosions.

Two vessels ...
Starship Theory
Created by Duncan @ reconnect
Build and run a starship your own way. Will you create a lightly crewed nimble fighter or hulking tank?

Loot destroyed foes, mine asteroids or buy low and sell high! You are the capta...
Up There - A 3D Planetarium for VR
Up There is a VR experience still in development that brings the Milky Way into your livingroom or classroom. Explore over 100,000 nearby stars as they truly appear in 3D. Interact with any one of them to learn what it's made of, how it compares to the sun...
Star Dust: The Book of Earth (VR)
Created by skylens
Star Dust: The Book of Earth is a VR sci-fi shooting game developed by Beijing Skylens Technology Co., Ltd. using Unreal Engine4, featuring amazing cinematic ...
Created by NikitaOnline
Legendary fantastic universe of the 90-s is back!
Parkan is a really massive game where players can travel through the randomly-generated star systems and build their own path in the univ...
Settlers of Space
Created by Corona Byte
Step in into the world of tomorrow and face the challenges of open space. Look out for new unknown planets and hazards, but also for new opportunities and profits. Create colonies in space, produce goods, trade them and research new technologies. Stay aler...
Iron Armada
Created by =DRK= Bluedrake42
Download the alpha here!

Iron Armada is a multiplayer, team-based, multi-crew, ship-to-ship action game. Harvest resources while defending your team's mothership. Construct frigates, fig...
SuperCluster: Void
Created by logansagamer
SuperCluster: Void

SuperCluster: Void is a space adventure RPG. You can explore a massive randomly generated galaxy, Interact with alien factions, Battle massive enemy fleets and take even command of a fleet yourself. Resources can be collected...
Tritium Wars
Created by Atomic Polygon
Tritium Wars combines a space shooter with a real-time strategy using a unique pause-time-strategy mechanic. Pause time to command your fleet during combat, engage in diplomacy, and build your empire. Lead one of three in-game factions or create you...
Created by unique_games
Mars – die Zukunft der Menschheit.

In der ersten Phase unseres Sprungs zum Mars begeben Sie sich auf eine spannende Forschungsmission und entdecken mit dem Mars-Rover die Geheimnisse des roten Planeten!

Das Gelingen des gesamten Unternehmens hängt v...
Gravity Vector

Gravity Vector is a challenging game where the player's main objective is to reach a target wormhole aboard a capsule, while facing different obstacles suc
Slizer Battle Management System
Created by slizer88
Slizer: BMS is a Real Time Tactics game with a sci-fi setting and a symbolic minimalist art style. It takes traditional RTS gameplay and removes economy and intense micro in favour of more complex movement and combat. The options menu allows the player to ...
Mysterious Mission
Created by deco_20
The game is not the same as general VR game that is just visiting, we added a lot of interaction.

There is a storyline of ups and downs, players to complete a secret mission as an astronaut had to succumb to an alien civilization who was subjected to al...
Constellation Tactics
Created by Legacy Format
A fresh take on proven formulas, this war game simulator condenses the frantic endgame action of classic 4X campaigns into rapid bite-sized matches. Capture and defend territories in macro-scale encounte...
Space Odyssey: Infinite
Created by berdyev
Explore the infinite space with an infinite procedural generated universe.


  • 5 spaceships to choose from
  • Fast travel through galaxies
  • 47 unique planets
  • AI System

Created by EvansBlack

A turn based tactical sci-fi strategy game inspired by "Faster than Light" and "Hearthstone".

Your star sector was attacked by The Imperial forces.
Your mission: Find and destroy the Imperial machine calle...

This galaxy is ours - HEXTERMINATE them all!

The Galaxy was united under the iron fist of the Empire, but those days are now a faint memory. It is your place - as an Imperial Captain - to bring them b...
Between the Stars
Created by The Bullet
Between the Stars is a roguelike game where you play as a captain of a military spaceship. The final goal is to get to the capital of the Republic to defend it from the attack of the outer worlds. During the journey you will have to make decisions that wil...
Spaceship VR
Created by Cashcow Games
You are alone on your spaceship delivering cargo to a distant galaxy.

You must maintain your spaceship with various tools, control the ship's system, and defend yourself against enemies.


  • Full HTC Vive VR support including