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Exile Island - New Map! Tropical Enchanted Island
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May 20, 2017 @ 10:07pm
Jun 12, 2017 @ 5:23am
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Exile Island - New Map! Tropical Enchanted Island

Exile Island 2 is coming. This Mod version is from the Pre-Release version of Conan-Exiles. Does not work in current builds.

Magisoftworks: Exile Island ( Total Map Conversion )

-Totally New Map, Crafted piece by Piece
-Native Map stripped to game mechanics and re-drawn 3x the original available size.
-Map built for PvP and Performance, Reduced object load from 50,000 plus to just over 10,000.
-Removed all dungeon instances and replaced with new content, explore and discover!
-No Corruption. Anywhere!
-Generous resource distribution
-Designed for an Enchanted Fantasy Tropical'ish feel. There's even an Active Volcano, a huge desert, Highlands territory and much more!
-Total Re-distribution of all map assets and NPC camps
-Expanded Curse Wall to encompasses 3x more area than native.

-Current Version is Stable and tests with great performance both server and client side.

Update #4
Volcano is ACTIVE!!
-Hurls Lava Bombs at random all over the place. The closer one is to the Volcano. The higher a chance of an unfortunate fiery encounter. Explosive equivalent to Trebuchet Fire Ammo. Bombs spawn at random in the Caldera and fly off at random speeds and directions.
-Lava Fields are Active. Active Explosions and effects added to the burning super resource rich Lava Fields.
-Spawning Tweaks - more Predators and Prey
-Tweaks to foliage
-Moved Sandstorm and Paths to Desert Region.

Update #3
-Removed Meat Drops from Spiders.
-Spawning Tweeks - more Predators and Prey
-Increase Level Cap to 75 with feats and attributes added on current formula past 50.
-Repaired some water physics and effects in Highlands and Forest.
-Tweeks to foliage

-Added Navigation map. However the position curser is not tracking correct position. Working on fixing that. Direction in accurate, position is way off. But I doubt they had GPS in those days anyway :P. we'll just call it a realism feature for now.
-Increased and adjusted wildlife prey and monster spawns
-Added a few key resource spawns for balance
-Cleaned up misplaced Foliage (trees in lakes... ect...)

-Reworked Foliage over whole map to try to eliminate CTD issues.
-Fixed Spawner Placement to no longer spawn on Treetops.
-Awaiting feedback to remove issues from Known issues list.

Dedicated Test Server Link
Direct connection IP and Port

::Future Updates:: (please comment suggestions here or PM to the author.
-Accurate Nav Map
-Volcano to go Active, designing a process by which the volcano will hurl lava bombs at random around the map at random places and intervals. Not enough to make things crazy but enough to make you want to think about making a sturdy roof on your base. Blast equivalent to trebuchet fire loads.
-Roving Patrols of NPC's
-More detailed audio work
-general map balancing.
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Taiga Jul 26 @ 7:00am 
It's a extension of map ?
Carnaxus May 9 @ 1:26am 
You won't have any of the special spawns or the Faction Hall, but I don't see why it wouldn't work otherwise.

Hey Magus, mind if I unpack the .pak and see if I can get the old map to load at all?
Mourncaller Apr 14 @ 12:14pm 
Will this upcoming mod work with Calamitous?
Carnaxus Apr 5 @ 11:58pm 
Ooo, looking forward to both! Thanks for the reply :steamhappy:
Magus  [author] Apr 4 @ 8:47pm 
Getting close:99% of my time is dedicated to this: The game I developed I'm about to release on steam in a few weeks. Trying to put the mod out around the same time.
Carnaxus Apr 3 @ 1:56pm 
Tentative ETA on the new map? I tried to run this without having noticed where it said "does not work," and now I really want to play it lol...Something something forbidden fruit.
Reigdaer Feb 14 @ 1:09pm 
well, as the autor is still looking a this mod, im going to suscribe :D
Magus  [author] Feb 12 @ 7:32am 
::Update:: Still working on updating this map, base is laid out and re-configuring spawn systems. I've been deep in Development for a VR game in Unity which consumes 90% of my dev time... so its slow going but I'm getting there.
Corny Feb 12 @ 6:30am 
where is the id from this map
dshane0808 Feb 3 @ 6:10pm 
magnus how do you use this map i tried to click on maps and type in the codes but it didnt work