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Platforms: PC, Mac
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 4:22pm
Aug 14, 2014 @ 10:14am
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March they said...
Release Date Trailer
Release date: March 2017
Routine is a first person Survival Horror set on a abandoned Moon Base designed around an 80's vision of the future, Your job is to find enough data and survive long enough to uncover the truth behind the strange disappearance of everyone stationed on the Lunar Research Station.

  • A non linear experience lets you explore any part of the fully open Moon base and find out secrets that other players may not!

  • Be immersed with Full body awareness, Deadzone aiming, no HUD, no health bars or points system... you must run, hide and survive the best you can against what lurks in the base.

  • There are no health packs or multiple lives, in Routine there is a Perma death system that will keep you on the edge!

  • Multiple endings based on what actions you take.

  • Lunar Software is an independent development team of 3 with sound and music from Mick Gordon. Routine is our first title that uses Unreal Engine 3.
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Jun 17, 2018 @ 6:10am
So is this game basically vaporwave now?
Screaming Cyst
Feb 21 @ 7:11am
So... what happened?
Jun 1, 2018 @ 10:08am
just give us something!
< >
doomguy Mar 25 @ 9:54pm 
Jes just found this game. I needs it's. I want's it. My own. My precious.
pizzafork123 Mar 23 @ 12:55pm 
I remember how I was so hyped for this dumb game when I was like 12. Like, it's literally all I thought about for a month and a half. It's honestly a shame that it never got released. Even if they released it while it was incomplete, I wouldn't have minded. Just goes to show how poor communication with your fanbase can really soil a project I suppose. Anyways, here's to better times. It's been nice getting to wait for this game with you folks.
JonnyƦedHed Mar 22 @ 5:43pm 
Release what you have into the wild and be done with it.
^('.'^AGw Mar 2 @ 12:41pm 
tommy_beast Feb 28 @ 5:23am 
@K'inich Janaab' Pakal don't defend them, they treat you like shit.
K'inich Janaab' Pakal Feb 2 @ 8:36pm 
Ever since I saw that IGN video, I've waited, and waited, and waited, and waited. If this Game never gets released... I promise you, Lunar Software, that I'm damn sure to make a documentary of one of the most anticipated and ambitious unreleased games of all time. :) But still, Don't give up! We all have faith in you!
mortuus Jan 8 @ 9:44am 
shogg Jan 4 @ 6:53pm 
@viology this game was announced years before Alien Isolation. With footage how it'll look.
For everyone who may care: a fresh interpretation of System Shock was kickstarted 2016 by Nightdive Studios.
Mjjacobs97 Jan 4 @ 2:04pm 
this is hard to say.. but i am unfollowing this game.. I always forget about it until i get a notification about it and them i am saddened these developers gave up on themselves and the community. You have all been really nice and chill! Best wishes to all. Peace. <3
MINUS ALL LIMBS Jan 2 @ 12:07pm 
it was already a shitty alien isolation ripoff when it was announced, by the time it gets released (if ever), you would be better off playing an HD mod for system shock 1