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Karn's Wrath
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
May 20, 2017 @ 9:25am
Jun 7, 2017 @ 4:36pm
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We're live!
Release date: Second quarter 2018
Giddion is an intergalactic outlaw with the unique ability to channel the spirit of a Demigod named Karn. Together they wreak havoc aboard different space crafts looking for Giddions lost baby brother in a platforming, horizontal shooting rampage.

Giddion has always been the strongest Nibian to ever live. He once challenged every warrior across the galaxy to test his boxing prowess. He was also the most troublesome, ignorant and disloyal creature on the planet. When his planet was almost completely destroyed by his ex-employer Kassix Murr, mother nature roared back and created a creature named Karn who became an overwhelming force against Murr. So overwhelming that Giddion was rehired to defeat him, but when their forces collided something strange happened. Karns body transcended the world of the living and his spirit latched on to the most powerful being on the planet. Gidion became immortal and very bored with his criminal ways. He decided to turn himself in. Unbeknownst to Giddion was the fact that Murr Kidnapped his baby brother and took him to an unknown facility. It's time to reign Karnage upon all of Murrs disciples. Its time to bust out.
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DaveQB May 21, 2017 @ 10:58pm 
The quick cuts and effects used on the traler make it headache-inducing at times. Another one showing some gameplay chunks would be nice. Stil, it looks like it could be fun, even if it appears quite rough around the edges right now.
SоLяNоCHкА May 21, 2017 @ 9:48am 
Интересно посмотреть на эту игру
Pixel Fun Games May 21, 2017 @ 7:47am 
Looks good ;)
Dracologist May 21, 2017 @ 6:18am 
not a bad concept but the graphics need to be cleaned up
Matthew Blake Sheridan May 20, 2017 @ 1:17pm 
looks cool, I like the old school take on it.
gamestudio-charm May 20, 2017 @ 12:36pm 
не вызывает интереса
TurkishSlayah May 20, 2017 @ 11:54am 
The game look pretty nice, gameplay look like old shcool games. I think we need more game like this on steam :)