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Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars
Aug 30, 2012 @ 11:46am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Steam Release date confirmed!
Release date: April 1st, 2013
Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is the first 3D MMORTS title with real-time siege combat, including both singleplayer and online game modes. Directly based on Dawn of Fantasy title released in 2011, Kingdom Wars represents almost two years of changes and additions that transformed the original game into a full fledged online siege warfare simulation between player kingdoms. Manage your economy, construct enormous towns and citadels, directing your citizens, complete dozen of engaging quests - all within an online realm that grows, works, lives, and breathes even when you log off. All this is gloriously rendered 3D world with stunning level of detail and epic scale - with vibrant towns and thousand strong armies. And of-course let’s not forget the bloody real-time siege battles! And unlike other MMORTS - Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is NOT a pay to Win game.

Developed by Reverie World Studios, Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars is the result of several years of hard work by a new Toronto indie company, with members all over the world contributing in their spare time. As we like to call it - a game by the gamers, for the gamers.

Why wait? Start playing TODAY! Join the war at - All your progress, achievements will auto transfer on Steam on release. Your CD key as well.

Press Quotes
  • WiiPlayXbox: “If you have not played Dawn of Fantasy, I highly recommend you do! I give this game a 10/10, it is simply fantastic!”

  • MMOSite: “Dawn of fantasy is a great game which combines fantasy elements into the MMORTS genre...awesome medieval storyline...reinvents the genre!

  • MMORPG: “Some parts of the game are so amazing... There’s a ton of detail, the world looks extremely well done!”

  • OnRPG: “Dawn of Fantasy feels so unique in a market bogged down with cheesy grind-fests and high-powered bravado. The game offers such an immense range of features, and is certainly worth a go.”

  • Innovative MMORTS Approach
    Wage war with neighboring regions or complete countless hours of quests as you unveil the dark secrets of Terria while managing a persistent kingdom and economy with thousands of other players. Socialize, trade, forge alliances and - best of all - battle against other players across the world, defeat their armies, and burn their towns!

  • Multiple Games Modes
    Two additional singleplayer modes - including open-ended World Conquest mode - Kingdom Wars, and content-packed single-player Skirmish mode with both Lay Siege and Castle Defense maps - guaranteed to satisfy players of various tastes and gameplay styles.

  • Stunning Siege Combat
    User-friendly Siege-oriented gameplay adds a whole new dimension to the battlefield as you ram the enemy gate, scale the walls, and place automated defensive systems, such as: stone tippers, boiling oil, and wall-mounted catapults.

  • Three Distinct Races & Styles of Gameplay
    Dawn of Fantasy features three distinct civilizations: Elves, Orcs and Men, presenting a unique approach to these iconic races with three distinct styles of gameplay. Each race is complete with its own lore, language, world region and terrain, dozens of distinct units and buildings, hundreds of unique technologies, and each even has a different approach to economy and building style.

  • Fully 3D Dynamic World Map
    Travel the MMORTS world using a beautifully-designed 3D World Map featuring scale replicas of all the NPC strongholds, quest areas, and the player's homeland.

  • Original Base Building Approach
    Each player’s Stronghold features hundreds of buildings that look and behave like a City-Simulation game, but without any micro-management, giving the player more time to spend on the battlefield. In addition each race offers a different approach to building strongholds.

  • Complex Economic Model with Corpse Looting
    Combines the complexity of nearly a dozen gathering possibilities, different for each race, with automated simplicity, allowing players the options to micromanage their economy, or leave it to run itself in times of war.

  • Realistic Weather and Season Change
    The gaming world comes alive as you build and battle during winter or summer months, as you push your armies through heavy rain or snow storms. Your economy significantly changes from summer to winter, when different strategic options are available during different times of day and severe weather makes certain units useless.

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Vista/7®
2.4 GHz Intel® Core 2® Duo or AMD equivalent
DVD-ROM drive - installation only (not required for digital download version)
5 GB of Free Hard Disk Space
NVIDIA® GeForce 9800 512 MBs or ATI equivalent - Shader 3 Compliant
DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound Card
Internet connection required to play the game

Windows Vista/7®
Intel® Quad Core CPU (2,3 Ghz) or AMD equivalent
4 GB of RAM
DVD-ROM drive - installation only (not required for digital download version)
5GB of free Hard Disk Space
NVIDIA GeForce GT 100 /Radeon HD 5570 (1024MB VRAM)
DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound Card
Internet connection required to play the game


Q: I've already bought Dawn of Fantasy: Kingdom Wars, will I be able to activate it on Steam?
A: Yes - and it`s really easy. Open Steam client, click on "Games Menu"; choose "Activate a Product on Steam", and follow instructions, and enter your current CD key when prompted. All your progress, towns, and achievements will carry over to your Steam installation.

Q: Won't all the new players just get pwned by the older players?
A: No, in PvP battle player armies are matched together based on army strength. If an older player wants to attack the weaker armies of new players, they will have to create a weaker army of their own. New players are also safe from attack until they reach a certain point in the quest storyline or in city development, or they attack another player.

Q: You have an item shop, doesn't that make this pay-2-win?
A: No, the items in the shop can all be bought with in-game currency easily earned through PvP and Quests. Some players might choose to Pay, but they definitely won`t Win anything. Booster Packs are limited in benefits and only 5% of players have purchased booster packs. Also, items from the shop give little advantage, as players are matched in battle based on the strength of their armies, so if a player buys a strong unit, they will just face a stronger opponent.

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