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In Verbis Virtus
Aug 30, 2012 @ 11:42am
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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The Art of Magic: Moving through space
Release date: April 2014
In Verbis Virtus is a first person game where you use a microphone to cast spells by actually saying the magic words. It mixes action and puzzle elements in a fantasy setting.

While playing In Verbis Virtus you find yourself completely unarmed in a dark dungeon that hides many dangers. The only way to overcome the obstacles is to learn the secrets of the arcane arts of magic through inscriptions that you will find along your path. The magic formulas found, if pronounced correctly, enable you to perform many kinds of spells. Using these powers in a creative way you can solve puzzles, overcome traps and kill the enemies that try to hinder your journey.

The game is developed with the Unreal Development Kit by Indomitus Games.

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========= F.A.Q.===========

There will be a way to play without speaking at the microphone, just with keyboard and mouse?
- The current intention is to base In Verbis Virtus entirely on this feature and design the gameplay specifically around it. Let the player disable it would require us to modify the gameplay for traditional controls, thus turning the game in an ordinary first person game. That's not what we want to achieve.

Do I need an expensive microphone?
- No, any cheap microphone can do it.

All the spells have to be formulated in english?
- Just in the demo. For the final release we're setting a custom made language that will sound more magical and will vaguely resemble classic fantasy languages

What if I have troubles with the speech recognition?
- Even if the default recognizer already works very well, the final version of the game will have an option to 'train' it to your voice.

Won't it ends in a brainless shout game?
- Not at all. From beginning to the end you will not get any hint on how to use your powers. You will just know that you have those spells, how to use them is up to you.
Even the enemies will force you to find the way to beat them combining your enchantments, but there will not be just one strategy to win, anyway.

There will be enemy fights?
- For sure! We're already working on them!

... and boss fights?
- Of course! They will be challenging and epic! We think that epic, huge and cinematic boss fights combined with the voice control system will be able to make the players feel as if they are inside the game!
Moreover, boss fights will always challenge the player's knowledge of his spells and the environment. The first time approaching a boss, you will need some minutes to understand how the enemy fights and which of your spells are effective against it. Usually you will be forced to use many of them to overcome your opponent.

There will be any multiplayer version of the game?
- It's still not planned any multiplayer version, however we hope to be able to make it in the future, after the release of Episode One.

It seems that In Verbis Virtus does not work correctly on my PC, what should I do?
- Before all be sure that your PC meets the hardware and software requirements, in case it does send a mail to describing your problem with as many details as possible and attaching the 'My Documents\My Games\In Verbis Virtus\Vreco.log' and 'My Documents\My Games\In Verbis Virtus\UDKGame\Logs\Launch.log' files. We're working hard to support each and every sound card in the market, sending the log file will help us provide a better experience to everyone. Thank you!!
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