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Edge of Space
Aug 30, 2012 @ 10:17am
Jul 1, 2013 @ 11:42am

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Thank you Re-logic (Redigit), for your support! It's not every day you get support from your inspiration.
Edge of Space is an dynamic open-world sandbox with exploration, crafting, building, terraforming, survival game. Where you create, mold, and work to survive. Where free updates, multi-player, mod support, and community driven development will help drive the future of the game.

As one of the few, proud, and lucky men and women of ArkCo, you must go where no one has wanted to go or was technically “meant” to go. After an indeterminate time in cryo-sleep, you awake to find yourself in a lonely, Bermuda Triangle-like area in the depths of space. So get ready to explore, scavenge, build, survive, and fight rocket-powered, cybernetically-enhanced laser sharks wanting to feed on you.

Expanding the Genre
Edge of Space features some of things you would expect from a 2d sandbox but then expands on those concepts. With things like gas simulation, power grid system, co-op weapons, non-linear advancement system, a reactive environment, global goal, and unique crafting system. We feel that Edge Of Space will offer a different sandbox experience while still maintaining some of the familiar aspects of them.

Community Driven Experience
We at Handyman really work hard to get the community involved into current development and help drive the direction of the game after full release. We plan to offer feature patch options for the community to vote on, and we actively spend time in our IRC. The lead developers even do a weekly Sunday live stream to directly reach out to the community and answer questions personally.

Key Features:
  • An open-world, dynamically-generated sandbox: A different environment created with every world creation.
  • Reactive environment: Events, Terraforming, and other activities will cause the world to change and respond.
  • Exciting multiplayer gameplay built from the ground up: From day one the game has been built with the framework of multiplayer to ensure playing with your friends is not a frustrating experience.
  • Fast paced combat and intense action: You'll do more than just sit, jump, and shoot stuff! Dodging, healing, flying, setting traps, and thinking quick on your feet will keep you alive.
  • Vaulted server-stored characters and open servers that allow you to bring in characters:one of the great multiplayer support options offered.
  • Deep exploration elements: Seek out rare recipes, find lost technology, and change the world to suit your needs and the ultimate goal to dominate it.
  • Vehicles, including Mechs and more: Travel, or death machine? You will choose vehicles that best suit your needs as you tackle the challenges ahead.
  • Loads of armors, weapons, and variations of each: Self-explanatory, but if you want gear, we got it! Unique weapons like (co-op weapons: 2 weapons when used in conjunction create special effects.)
  • Hordes of enemies and epic bosses: Enemies that have unique attack patterns and different vulnerabilities to exploit. One weapon will not rule them all!
  • Unique Crafting and tons of things to craft: Our crafting system is one that operates quite different from the crafting systems of other sandbox like games.
  • Unique Power Grid system: A streamlined system that offers flexibility and ease of use but does not sacrifice the complex applications for it.
  • Integrated IRC chat client: The ability to talk to your friends in other games, freedom to talk to those who are not playing with you, or to be in your own privet world chat only.
  • Mega modding support for creation of items, tools, weapons, creatures, and events after release: We come from a strong mod background, and plan to offer a lot of support for those who love to mod, and tools for those new to modding.

Press Quotes:
Gaming Blend: " a little love and support to the game over on Steam's Greenlight so we can see this awesome game finally appear on the Steam Store."

EGMNOW: “Edge of Space…promises to give us the sandbox, survival, and something nobody else has so far: Sharks with frickin’ lasers attached to their heads.”

Destructoid: “This is a great team of developers, with a great game that more than deserves to be in the Steam line up…witness the glory of the Mr. Destructoid helmet in space.”

Gaming Blend: "This crowd-funded, Terraria meets Borderlands masterpiece opens up a lot of exploration in the side-scrolling, multiplayer, terraforming RPG crafting genre..."

Steam Game Fans: “Edge of Space checks all the right boxes. Scavenging, harvesting, crafting, slaying, and surviving; it’s all there.”

Gaming Blend: "Hailed as “Terraria in space”, Edge of Space is one of the many crowd-funded games I've been eagerly awaiting to release in 2013. The game is probably already going on my top 5 of the year even though it isn't finished yet. "[/quote]

We shall be cycling out all screen shots and moving new ones in as the game develops. We work directly with our community and have decided to keep an open development style. That means we let you see things as they go from rougher states into refined states.

Official WebSite

Edge Of Space is a living game. What you see now is beta, but we update often and plan on continuing updates throughout the life of Edge Of Space. Here is an idea of our schedule after release. Month One: Focus on adding more content, Bug Fixing, and minor tabled feature implementation, Month two – three: Content and Mod-support, Month Four: Creature AI Update, Advanced crafting update, Vehicles update, More bosses! Etc.... you will help decide how the game evolves. We are an open development team and want to work with the players of EoS to guide the game to be the best it can be!
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