Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

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Neon Tube Challenge
Created by VastLite
Featuring neon everything!...
Block Cat (Challenge)
Created by Random Commander
Meow Meow Meow!...
the lava temple v2.1
Created by SIlva01
5 hard leves and a little boss "battle"

Version 2.1

Fix some bugs and
Layout changes...
The Castle In The Woods(Challenge)
Created by Lalo
Make your way through the forest to discover a towering stone castle, gaurded by ancient sentry bots, reactivated upon your arrival
*Edit* Oooooh Top Rated, thats rather nice....
Railgun Challenge
Created by VastLite
Featuring a cannon. Now with 15 rounds, better enemy variation, and a more uniform difficulty curve....
The Dark Knight
Created by FrafMonster
Enter the epic story of a clone that began a journey in order to kill the Dark Knight,the undisputed ruler of earth......
The Wrestling Challenge
Created by Zeron
The robots set up a challenge in their own wrestling promotion, the Extreme Wrestling Entertainment.

Can you beat all the 5 levels and become the new EWE champion?...
Sphere/Dome Challenge
Created by VastLite
Featuring a level....
Urban Warfare
Created by FrafMonster
URBAN WAR!!! Fight your way to power in this "realistic" compilation of urban maps, ranging from crane sites, to a downtown brawl, without forgetting the military base!!!...
The 2 Forts
Created by Slenderguy
A recration of a capture the flag map from the Game team Fortress 2

If you want more maps based off of other games support this one and i will make more for you to enjoy ;)
I hope you have fun ;3

Mini-Bow Challenge by SiggiSuffkopp
Created by Siggi Suffkopp
This challenge is for experienced archers! If you are not, you will be one after beating this challenge! You have at the beginnig all upgrades that you need to succeed. Most of you will die often, but dont give up and learn from your mistakes. Have FUN! :)...
Purple Challenge
Created by Raven
Challenging, Dearing and fun. Have to be good at parkour to not rage ;)...
Random Commander Level Pack 1
Created by Random Commander
Update 5/14 - all levels now utilize new features of the level editor!

12 levels containing Platforms, Lava, Smashers, Cats and even Starships! Can you beat them all?...