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Genre: Strategy
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 5:05am
Feb 28, 2015 @ 3:23am
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Gnoblins is a kind of roguelike(-like) strategy game, in 3d. It is basically a dungeon building game featuring a group of minions, called gnoblins. With the help of the gnoblins you will be able to construct your own dungeon, while exploring other parts of the dungeon with a handful of your minions. 


The game is a dungeon building game. Building up your dungeon with the help of your gnoblins is one of the key features of the game. Besides this, randomized levels, perma-death, and crafting are further features. The whole world of Gnoblins consists of only dungeons and each dungeon is procedurally modified. 

Key Features 

Not each dungeon dweller is hostile. You can acquire a small community of minions to help your purpose, but you need to protect them from evil creatures, starvation, or just the darkness. 

Adventuring Party
Take a handful of your minions and explore the dark corners of the dungeon and find treasures .

My home is my castle 
You control a small part of the dungeon world yourself. All minions which follow you, will live in that dungeon part. With the help of your minions, you will be able the expand your dungeon, building new furniture and put them to use for crafting, build traps to defend your home or play around with mechanics just for fun. Your home dungeon will persist during the whole game, even when you advance to new unknown dungeons. 

With no market place at hand many things for surviving the darkness are missing. But with the help of your gnoblins, you will be able to craft new and exciting items and furniture. 

Randomized Dungeons 
When you have mastered the existing dungeon, or fell victim to the dangers of the dungeons, you can start over again to experience a new randomized version of the dungeons. 

This would be no roguelike(-like) if it would not feature perma-death. This is not for the weak, but you will not perish with the first mortal hit. But don't take it too lightly, once you have crossed the line, the game will be over ! 

Not only gnoblins, but although other creatures will be at your disposal to follow you in the darkness and fight at your side. 

Potentially Planed Features

Share your dungeon 
You can share your dungeon with other players. You can integrate other players dungeons into your own game experience and explore it as deserted or overrun dungeon part of your own dungeon world. 


Gnoblins is still in development and is currently in a closed alpha stage. 

For further information visit
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Here we go...keep it up, Ladies & Gentlemen
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And Greenlit at last.
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Kinda reminds me of Dungeon Keeper. If the comparison is not misplaced, this shall be a good game.
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Интересно конечно, пожалуй палец вверх