Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

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Dawn of War 3 Campaign Reimagined
This collection is an assortment of maps that featured in Dawn of War III's single-player campaign. They're now multiplayer, with a plethora of features from turret-controlled bases to Guardmens AI. These maps are inherently asymmetrical, and should only be played for fun and not competition, as the asymmetry doesn't always guarentee an equal experience.

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(3v3) Return to Helios v3
Starfort Helios is in shambles and barely holding together. Still, for those brave enough to search this doomed place, there are innumerable riches among the shattered ruins and broken scrap.

Return to Helios.

Return to Helios is an asymmetrical ma...
(3v3) Return to Starfort Charon
The attack on Starfort Charon has begun. Quickly, move to seize as much ground as you can! Be careful, Charon offers innumerable paths to ambush from and shadows to stalk in.

This map is asymmetrical by design, and not recommended for competitve play. T...
(2v2) Mephrit's Redoubt
A Starfort has partially fused with the cage surrounding Acheron. Among the twisted and warped metal and foreboding architecture are centers of great power. Move quickly with an ally to secure it, and then ensure your enemies can't return.

This map has ...
(2v2) Prize of Perturabo
Two deeply entrenched armies fight for supremacy behind the thick walls and defenses. Do you keep your armies close, or send them far from the sanctuary of your fortress in search of greater power?

Prize of Perturabo is an asymmetrical (2v2) map reimagi...
(1v1) Fight for Cyprus v2
The planet Cyprus has yet to determine a victor. Two rivals challenge one another for the wealth found among the ruins...