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Simple sidearms
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May 16, 2017 @ 1:02pm
Aug 16 @ 12:00pm
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Simple sidearms

With the invention of pockets comes the idea of bringing EVEN MORE WEAPONS. Because your snipers are getting really tired of getting shanked.

See forum thread for details.

Non-steam version and old releases can be found here.

For a simpler alternative, consider Pocket Sand:

If you want to express gratitude, support me or attempt to convert money into motivation, you can do so here: ko-fi.com/petetimessix
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Oct 21 @ 12:06am
PINNED: Rimworld v1.1 bug reports
Oct 20 @ 4:53am
lag on pawn selection the more sidearms are equiped/shown on gui.v1.2
Aug 25 @ 7:16pm
Auto Change between Weapon and Tool
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Drago Duval 24 minutes ago 
Anyone else cant spawn trade caravan ? Orbital trader work fine, but i dont receive trade caravans, and when i try to spawn them with the debug menu it give me a message about no valid sidearm found. Ill try to post my log latter, but am i the only one to get that ?
TheofilusTheHomeless Oct 21 @ 3:31am 
To those whose pawns don't move: move this mod lower in the load order.
NeoG Oct 21 @ 12:29am 
What kind of mods can cause to not be able to switch between tools or from weapons to tools? I have no erros but for some reason, whenever a task can be done faster with a tool i have equiped in a pawn, the pawn just doesnt switch to it. I made sure i had the option enabled in the settings. I have lots of mods so it would help a lot to know which kind of mechanics or new content can cause it to happen, so i can narrow the problem down without having to go through all of them
GhostWXI Oct 20 @ 7:58pm 
Why do they drop one weapon on the ground when pulling out their secondary?
The Vanguard Oct 20 @ 4:03pm 
I think the issue might be that the update reset the mod settings to default preset, try upping the preset to excessive.
Padre Marcelo Glock Oct 20 @ 11:44am 
Jogo na versão 1.2, as armas não estão trocando automaticamente de acordo com o alcance
bagelhe Oct 20 @ 4:58am 
hey i got folloing

Failed to remove current primary equipment Steel club (initially was Accurate wooden recurve bow (normal)) when swapping to Steel club on pawn Baba, Hunter (colonist: True) (dropping: False, current drop mode: Never). Aborting swap. Please report this!
Verse.Log:Warning(String, Boolean)
SimpleSidearms.utilities.WeaponAssingment:equipSpecificWeapon(Pawn, ThingWithComps, Boolean, Boolean)
SimpleSidearms.utilities.WeaponAssingment:equipSpecificWeaponFromInventory(Pawn, ThingWithComps, Boolean, Boolean)
SimpleSidearms.utilities.WeaponAssingment:equipBestWeaponFromInventoryByPreference(Pawn, DroppingModeEnum, Nullable`1, Pawn)
SimpleSidearms.utilities.WeaponAssingment:tryCQCWeaponSwapToMelee(Pawn, Pawn, DroppingModeEnum)
SimpleSidearms.utilities.WeaponAssingment:doCQC(Pawn, Pawn)
Feather Prince Oct 19 @ 7:02am 
@Bung Bung blame the devs for supporting the game and allowing modders to go as far as to edit the game code, nice one my dude.
Tekky Oct 16 @ 6:19am 
This mod is broken, *nothing* that should move will move, took me around 30 minutes of searching to find out it was this mod causing it.

Fortunately, you can safely remove it from a game and keep playing without the bug.
Bung Bung Oct 15 @ 7:39pm 
@SparkleButt the mod is 3 years old and has worked great for that whole time. every time a major update for the base game is released, shit breaks. blame the game devs, not the modders.