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Simple sidearms
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May 16, 2017 @ 1:02pm
Apr 15 @ 4:17am
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Simple sidearms

With the invention of pockets comes the idea of bringing EVEN MORE WEAPONS. Because your snipers are getting really tired of getting shanked.

See forum thread for details.

Non-steam version and old releases can be found here.

For a simpler alternative, consider Pocket Sand:

If you want to express gratitude, support me or attempt to convert money into motivation, you can do so here: ko-fi.com/petetimessix
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B8.Underloader Sep 27 @ 8:16pm 
An error occurred while displaying the mods settings page:
Systern Null ReferenceException: Object reference nat set to an instance of an object
at PeteTimessix Simplesidearms Ul SidearmsSpecificExtensions+o-c.<Weaponselectomb_7_2 (Verse.ThingDet w) [0300000] in
-<8q746d9dab094 S2bbe7629b4 dSE96FE-0
at Systern Ling EnumerableSorter 2[TElement,TKeyl.Computekeys (TElerent{] elements, System.Int32 count) [Ox00020] in
at Systern Ling EnumerableSorter1[TElement].ComputeMap (TElement{] elements, Systern Int32 count) [0>00000) in <851e49e2aSbfafd6beabb4Sace225513>0
at Systern Ling EnumerableSorter1TElement] Sort (TElement|] elements, Systern.Int32 count) [0>00000) in <351e49e2aSbfafdebeabb4Sace225513>0
at Systern Ling Orderedénumerable’1[TElement] SortedMap (Systern.Ling Buffer'1[TElement] buffer) [0:00006] in <351e49e2a5bf4fdébeabb4S8ce225513~0
at Systern Ling Orderedénumerable’1[TElement] ToList(} [O-0001f]
Negative Ramos Sep 22 @ 5:16pm 
is there a way to switch weapons for every selected character quickly? For example having 10 people with guns switch to swords for melee combat
Garret Sep 13 @ 1:51pm 
@PeteTimesSix, I'm looking into supporting your mod in one of my own. Let me know where a good place to ask questions would be.
alexanderdotse Sep 12 @ 11:06pm 
Is this compatible with the dual wield mod?
法师Mage Sep 10 @ 7:24am 
Got a lot of VWE missing def err log when launch.
thaipuff288 Sep 3 @ 9:21pm 
@kingslycamben I'm tested that too. They will use melee weapon when they get too close situation or their range weapons were damage or destroyed.
Munchkin Aug 20 @ 1:03pm 
How to disable all sidearms for people completely? I have 2 guards from quest, and they steal ALL THE WEAPONS THEY CAN CARRY, and I can't even drop it from them afterwards
They have 7 and 8 weapon each, wtf
Ecks Aug 20 @ 11:26am 
Seems like this lag on having more sidearms has been around for a long time (https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/927155256/2845669419711192615/) This was posted almost 2 years ago.

Based on the fact that if you want to use this mod with mods that add tools (such as Vanilla Expanded) I would say this mod is gamebreaking and clearly the author has no intention of fixing it.

If you don't use lots of tools/sidearms, I guess there's no problem.
Ecks Aug 20 @ 9:03am 
Having an issue where the more sidearms a pawn has the larger of an FPS drop I get, confirmed this by checking fps while selecting pawns with fewer > more sidearms and confirming FPS drops when they have more.

Anyone experienced this before? Only happens when the pawns are selected and is extremely noticeable and can be replicated easily.

ONLY happens when the pawns are selected.
MerlinCross Aug 15 @ 7:40pm 
I think I'm having a problem; when it comes to some other factions/weapon groups added by other mods, it seems Sidearms doesn't work and just... unloads their gear? As in they show up with no weapons what so ever if the mod goes
"This doesn't doesn't have weapontag side armsmap, defaulting to source tags for side arms"

and de-equips them.