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Signal Ops
Aug 28, 2012 @ 8:29pm
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Signal Ops for Steam Released!
Steam Progress Update #2
Release date: Available now on! Steam release coming soon!

Greetings Officer-Cadet o249,

Are you ready to be put to the test? If deemed worthy, you will be assigned as an officer in the shadowy halls of Facility 7C. You will remotely lead a squad of operatives on daring espionage missions to plant evidence, steal secrets, REDACTED, assassinate targets, and perform sabotage for the glory of the Dark Father. Do you have enough faith to follow orders unquestioningly?
Yours truly in darkness,

Signal Ops is a played in a first-person perspective, but when you're playing a mission you actually simultaneously control multiple agents, each with their own first-person view. You'll need to take advantage of the multiple views to keep an eye on key areas, formulate strategies to complete your goals, and solve puzzles that require you to be in more than one place at a time. With the shoddy equipment and dubiously trained agents provided to you, you’ll need all the advantages you can muster.

Signal Ops can be played with 1 to 3 players using any combination of online, LAN, or local co-op (with gamepads). We expect Mac and Linux versions to join Windows as part of the Steam release.

Signal Ops blends elements of a tactical shooter, stealth, strategy, and puzzle solving. Your squad can be customized each mission by selecting from six agents with unique abilities* and equipment. Some agents are geared towards sneaky play, and others are more combat oriented. You'll usually find yourself using a mix of both stealth and combat*, and this can also vary depending on the mission.

A lot of elements in Signal Ops have a hardcore, old-school appeal* to them. For example: you will often need to use your map to plan your moves in open levels, and health does not magically regenerate. Don't worry though, agents are a dime a dozen. As long as you still have an agent alive, you can call in reinforcements to replace those unlucky ones that had too much lead for breakfast.

The radio is where the signal in Signal Ops comes from. Since you are sitting comfortably back at base commanding your agents in the field, you'll need to position radio equipment* in order to keep in contact with them.

*Click a link for more detailed info and discussion!

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The game is all about sabotage and suchlike, therefore demanding planning and cunning, and all those other things that we are all the hell over.
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I… that is… I don’t even… wow. Wow. Signal Ops looks really damn cool.
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More impressive than the story itself is the writing and accompanying voice acting. The various NPCs have some witty lines that had me chuckling time and time again. The voice actors deliver these lines perfectly and really bring what would otherwise be random NPCs to life.
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looks nice
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real fun
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Awesome combination of cartoonish graphics and an original game.....thank you for not making another call of duty.... <3
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