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Adv. Custom Empires Pack - Extended First Contact
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May 13, 2017 @ 10:18am
Sep 7 @ 6:57am
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Adv. Custom Empires Pack - Extended First Contact

Adv. Custom Empires Pack - Extended First Contact

Adds 35 hand-crafted custom empires, and gives each an extended first contact event.

The extended first contact event fires immediately after the normal first contact event, and allows you to learn more about each species' unique personality and history.

The 35 empires are designed to maximize variety in ethics, civics, and AI personalities, with some creative leeway.

In addition to the extended first contact event, this mod now also has extended final contact events: when an ACEP empire is destroyed, they will send a custom message with their last words and thoughts.

This mod makes no changes to gameplay. It is up to date to 2.1.3. Several empires make use of DLC features, but this does NOT make this mod incompatible for those who do not have the DLC. To those that do not have the required DLC the empires that use those features will be unselectable at start-up and will not spawn in-game, but all other empires will still work fine. (And almost half of the ACEP empires do not require any DLC at all.)

If you download it, please like/favourite/subscribe. Let me know what you think, and tell me if you catch any bugs or (spelling) errors! Also, feel free to post stories/recaps/anything about your games with ACEP in the pinned discussion thread.

Minor update:
Per request, I've uploaded a legacy version of ACEP for Stellaris 1.9.1. I won't be keeping this version up to date, but it should serve the needs of anyone who just wants to finish their 1.9.1 games before switching to Stellaris 2.0. Enjoy! :)

Updated to version 2.3:

And now, ACEP version 2.3 is here! This version adds four new empires to the roster: the barbaric despoilers of the Blood Phoenix Syndicate; the life-seeded Serene Paradise; the post-apocalyptic Reaving Court; and last but not least, the feudal society of the Empire of the Great City. I think this latest batch came out especially well, so I hope you all enjoy playing alongside and against them!

With the addition of these four (using the new Apocalypse civics and the Feudal Society civic added earlier but not used before) I've decided that as it stands, the ACEP roster is complete. This is the first time since the launch of this mod that the roster is complete, so let me just thank all you once more for playing and enjoying this mod all this time!

What this means for the future is only that I expect future major updates to ACEP to be more in sync with major updates to Stellaris itself by the paradox dev's. I don't have any new empire ideas based on what's currently in the game, but I intend to keep adding more empires as long as Paradox keeps adding new civics or governments to build them around, which I expect will be for a long time to come!

Updated to version 2.2:

ACEP version 2.2 makes ACEP compatible with Stellaris 2.0 (the Cheryh patch and Apocalypse expansion). It also adds two more machine empires to the roster, the Machine Intelligence of Automated Mining Unlimited and the Rogue Servitors of Happy Tidings Daycare, bringing the total number of ACEP machine empires to six.

Updated to version 2.1:

Just in time for the Apocalypse, the machines have come to ACEP! Version 2.1 adds four machine empires to the roster: The Rogue Servitors of the Galactic Wildlife Fund; the Machine Intelligence of the Optical Science Institute; the Driven Assimilators of the Unitary Collective; and the Determined Exterminators of the S4nD//net. The Unitary Collective also makes use of the Humanoid Species Pack for its cyborgs and ship set.

As before, empires that use DLC features do NOT make this mod incompatible for those who do not have the DLC. To those that do not have the required DLC the empires that use those features will be unselectable at start-up and will not spawn in-game, but all other empires will still work fine. (And the majority of ACEP empires do not require any DLC.)

Again, many thanks to you all. I'm happy and honored that you've chosen my mod to make your games better!


For those who want it, I've uploaded a companion mod that removes all vanilla empires except Earth humans:

Mod Compatibility:

ACEP is compatible with any mod that does not change the on_action_events.txt. This should include at least most graphics and non-gameplay mods, and those species/empires mods that do not offer additional gameplay functionality (such as this mod's extended first contact events).

If you wish to use this mod alongside one that does also use the on_action_events.txt file, you can manually make it compatible as follows:

on_action_events.txt - The code used by this mod is at the bottom of the first contact events action.1 and action.100; the ACEP code is clearly marked. Copy the ACEP code to the same place in the other mod's on_action_events.txt, (inside the after = { } script), make sure to do so for both events. And don't forget to delete the original ACEP on_action_events.txt or otherwise deactivate it.

Any mod that massively changes empire creation, such as ethics and civics mods, may or may not be compatible dependent on whether that mod still supports custom empires made using the unmodded (original Paradox) civics and ethics (as all ACEP empires are).
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zoston  [author] Aug 19 @ 10:52am 
@MR oh CRACKER Only the pre-made ones in this mod.
MR oh CRACKER Aug 18 @ 6:07pm 
Does the extended contact apply for any faction I create or only the pre made ones in this mod?
zoston  [author] Aug 18 @ 7:40am 
Updated to 2.1.2

Also just want to again thank all subscribers for giving this mod a try and enjoying it. I'd also like to confirm, in case anyone was in doubt, that was I said in the 2.3 update still stands.

There have been no more updates to the ACEP roster because I feel the current roster does pretty much everything I am able to do with the current vanilla governments, ethics, and civics. Distant Stars did not change that.

But, I am excited by the upcoming Le Guinn update and unnamed accompanying expansion, as it's looking to add a lot more when it comes to governments, ethics, and civics. As it stands, I expect to not only adapt the current ACEP empires to the new system, but also have enough material to add a bunch more. Of course, the update is still ways away, and only very little has been revealed, so we'll have to see what exactly it will make possible!

Thanks again everyone!
zoston  [author] Jul 16 @ 5:04am 
@Dethgazm The game disables achievements because of the first contact events. I assume because it does not tell the difference between purely narrative events such as this mod uses and events that would change game balance or otherwise invalidate achievements.
Dethgazm Jul 14 @ 12:26pm 
Why does this mod disable achievements?
zoston  [author] Jun 5 @ 9:29am 
@Nemesis Nope, there is no unique casus belli or any custom designed AI behavior.

I think what you're noticing is that as opposed to vanilla randomly generated empires, the ACEP empires have a much higher synergy between flavor, AI personality, ethics, civics, and traits. You're also likely to notice more distinct differences between AI empires, as ACEP empires are designed not only to be fun and interesting opponents by themselves, but also to be as different from each other as possible in not just ethics, but in civics, traits, and AI personalities too.

ACEP does not change vanilla gameplay, but it's designed so ACEP empires squeeze out every inch of synergy and variety that there is in vanilla Empire-design and AI behavior. Which, naturally, hand-crafted empires do better than randomly generated ones.
Nemesis Jun 4 @ 7:41pm 
"This mod makes no changes to gameplay." Yet it added unique casus belli right for the infected race for example. Also i get the feeling that alot of ACEP races show more or less unique behavior for exmaple unnatural high focus on military in comparison to the same ethic and civic combo in vanilla random generated races. ? ...So there are some "changes" right?
zoston  [author] May 20 @ 7:17am 
ACEP Empires are set to "always spawn". So they will have the same priority as empires from another mod, or ones you make yourself, set to "always spawn", but higher priotity than empires set to just "spawn" and randomly generated empires.

Vanilla pre-made empires are set just to "spawn" and thus have lower priority, but also only a 5% chance to spawn.

The latter, however is trivial to mod yourself. Just go into the "prescripted_countries" folder of Stellaris and change "spawn_enabled=yes" to "spawn_enabled=always"

zoston  [author] May 20 @ 7:16am 
@Ryancup this mod's empires will have priority over the vanilla ones.

The way it works is that when you start a new game, each time the game generates an AI empire, it goes like follows:

1) Checks if there are pre-made empires set to "always spawn", if so, it uses one of them (100% chance). Which "always spawn" pre-made empire it uses is always selected randomly.

2) If there are no pre-made empires set to always spawn, or the game has already used all of them, then it checks if there are pre-made empires set to just "spawn". If so, there is a chance (5% in vanilla) that the game uses one of these pre-made empire. Otherwise the game generates a random empire. Again, which "spawn" pre-made empire it uses is always selected randomly.

3) If there are no pre-made empires set to "spawn"/"always spawn" or all such empires have already been used, the game generates a random empire.

zoston  [author] May 18 @ 9:25am 
@Ryancup The default setting for ACEP is that the empires are forced to spawn. Regrettably, you can only change this by modding the mod, as Paradox has not made it possible to change the spawn settings of pre-scripted empires in-game. (And the alternative to forced spawn is to almost never spawn because the default spawn rate for non-forced spawn custom empires if 5%, i.e. out of every 20 randomly generated empires only 1 will be prescripted. Changing this spawn rate would make this mod massively less compatible with gameplay mods, so hence why I don't and set the empires to forced spawn instead.)

You will still get randomly generated Fallen Empires and primitives, and if for whatever reason you play a game with more AI empires than the 35 offered by ACEP the remainder will be filled with randomly generated empires.