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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Dino Tracker
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May 13, 2017 @ 8:08am
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Dino Tracker

Find your Dinos easily with this Mod,

Just craft a Dino Tracker
  • Available at Lvl 25
  • 1 Iron Ingot
  • 1 Crystal

With Leftclick it will open an UI where you can select the Dino you are looking for,
rightclick will show the last Dino you searched for.
An Arrow will show you the direction where the Dino is, the Dino will also highlighted with a green beacon.

It will find your Dinos ALL across the Map no Matter on what map you are

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ModID: 924933745

Admin Spawncode:
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/DinoTracker/PrimalItem_DinoTracker.PrimalItem_DinoTracker'" 1 0 0

Engram Entry:

Ini options for:
Finding Wild Dinos (Default On)
Tracking Tribe Member (Default On)
Tracking Death Points (Default On)
Tracking Wild Dinos (Default Off)
Tracking Allied Players (Default On)

just add:

in your GameUserSettings.ini to enable ALL Features

Feel free to report Feedback and Bugs to our Discord at:

Special Thanks to Neothom for borrowing me some of his Code

If you like our Work and want to give a Donation, feel free to Support and Contact me on Discord
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Minister Oak Jun 10 @ 4:18pm 
@Wargear, if doing it that way does not work, you can use that process on your computer to make sure your local files are installed properly then use FTP to upload the mod data folder and .mod file to the server. I had a host in the past that was notorious for corrupting mods so I had to get in the habit of doing it manually every time
Gigglemage Jun 10 @ 4:13pm 
@wargear Still working fine for me on my server. Steam has a habit of corrupting mods on a download occasionally though. You could try deleting the mod unsubscribing, resubscribing for a fresh download.
Wargear Jun 10 @ 3:16pm 
The tracker use to work great, but now when it is used it boots the user off the server. Has there been discussion about this?
丶Music_C Jun 8 @ 8:32am 
Good, but why is there an icon in the lower right corner when you open it
Smoofy Smoof Jun 4 @ 3:20am 
No more spending hours looking at each creature. Now I can just fly around and see everything within a pretty large radius. Oh, not to mention being able to track tribe members locations is quite handy. Thank you for the mod :)
Knevilo  [author] May 31 @ 10:34am 
if the Phone does not work for you, you may have too many dinos, try and use Dino Tracker Classic, its also from me and should work fine
Knevilo  [author] May 31 @ 10:33am 
@SilentSniped ACM: Permission not found is something from ACM not me maybe look in the Comments of the ACM Mod
~o~[S-52] ~p~Aussie May 31 @ 8:08am 
same. but i dont get tha error or i dont notice it..
SilentSniped May 31 @ 7:30am 
the mod is acting up for me, im getting a ACM: Permission not found. at the top of the screen when i first log into the server. in which i can see the cell phone in my characters hand but left click and right click dont do anything other then make noise
ESR1 May 30 @ 9:16am 
Aw, well thank you for the reply :D and good luck on your other projects ^.^