Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Mods pour série sur le DLC Mass Transit
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All 25 Areas purchasable
Created by tomdotio
What it does:
All 25 areas can be purchased (per default only 9 out of 25 can be purchased).

The last Milestone (13) adds the permission to buy 17 new areas instead of one. So you have to reach that to unlock all areas, it does not work from ...
Adaptive Prop Visibility Distance
Created by BloodyPenguin
Prevents large props (like planes, containers etc.) from disappearing on zooming out. Adjusts LOD distance for trees depending on their size.

The larger is prop/tree, the further it is visible! For small props visibility distances should remain...
Automatic Bulldoze
Created by Sadler
Automatically destroys abandoned and burned buildings...
Chirpy Exterminator
Created by simssi
Gets rid of Chirpy, the bird we all love to hate.

Verified to be safe by /r/CSModAudits....
Cinematic Camera Extended
Created by SamsamTS
Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.10.0-f3 (Park Life)

Capture different camera positions and play a cinematic transition between them.

Extended version of Cinematic...
Created by SwiftyJake
CLARITY by SwiftyJake

"Vibrant, Clear, Contrast"

Brighter, crisp colors while slightly desaturated for a more realistic feel on a nice sunny day with defined shadows.

Created for use on a Tropical map, still looks pretty good on other map types.
Clear and Bright
Created by Scotland Tom
Update, October 5, 2018:
This LUT was originally posted even before the After Dark expansion was released. Because AD altered the default day/night settings in the game this LUT no longer appears as it once did in vanilla Skylines. To fix this...
Clouds & Fog Toggler
Created by BloodyPenguin
Disable clouds and distance fog that blocks your view when zooming out. Also allows to disable industrial smog and edge fog. (configurable)

I made this mod because clouds & fog rendering changed in After Dark update completely so mods like [url...
Daylight Classic
Created by BloodyPenguin
Brings back original daylight color and fog settings from pre-After Dark versions of C:S

IT'S A MOD, NOT A LUT! This mod doesn't require After Dark DLC!

Are you annoyed with that yellow tint that turns days into permanen...
Natural Color
Created by bartz!
This is a color filter that makes your city looks more natural....
No More Purple Pollution
This mod changes the color of ground pollution from the default purple color to the same shade as the normal grass. Special thanks to reddit user, 'mtko', for discovering how to modify the ground pollution color, and making this mod possible.

Sharp Textures
Created by Ronyx69
This mod makes textures appear sharper by increasing anisotropy and decreasing mipmapping.

Settings can be adjusted in real time.

Anisotropy makes textures look better at grazing angles. The vanilla anisotropy varies between 0 and 8 for various textu...
Softer Shadows
Created by boformer
One problem of the game is that the shadows on 3D objects are too dark. Of your you can use a LUT to make the shadows brighter, but that will also remove the contrast of all textures.

This mod simply brightens the shadows of 3D objects, independent from...
TotalyFree Camera
Created by BloodyPenguin
Makes regular camera mode behave like free camera mode (but with UI visible)

It should be compatible with all other camera mods (for example, with Enhanced Zoom).

True! color correction
Created by Manifold
IMPORTANT: I've heard that the After Dark DLC will break this LUT. I won't be updating it any time soon due to work and personal life. Please consider this LUT discontinued. Sorry!

Stays true to the intended game colors while improving the lighting and ...
Ultimate Eyecandy v1.5.2
Created by Judazzz
Hey all,

I've been enjoying Cities: Skylines basically since release day, immensely helped by all the awesome stuff the community created. So after so much taking, I figured it was time for a little giving.
In real life I'm a web developer (mainly fro...
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Trubador514 May 22, 2017 @ 2:17pm 
merci! great choices, thanks for making this collection for MTransit.