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Better Dinos
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May 10, 2017 @ 7:56am
Apr 13 @ 3:41pm
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Better Dinos

Mod ID # 923001797

Hello, and welcome to Better Dinos.

This mod aims to improve vanilla dino utility, and improve quality of life for all of our favourite dino friends.

On installing this mod you will immediately notice various changes take effect on vanilla dinos, some may be small tweaks, some may be complete overhauls, but all are done with the intention of improving the vanilla-ish gameplay experience. By and large base dino stats will not be effected unless specified. The aim is not to make OP dinos, but to make dinos that are either nicer to use, or are brought more in line with how they were described in the dossiers.

Will this mod effect my already tamed dinos?

Yes, most definitely it will. This mod uses a mixture of remapping, additional buffs and dynamic casting to make changes to vanilla dinos. The changes will take effect immediately when installing the mod, and if you remove it for any reason your dinos will simply revert to being completely vanilla once more, making it completely clean. All changes take effect on server start, and then thereafter to save server performance checks and changes are applied every few minutes depending on what the change is, so if for example you tame a Basilosaurus and it doesn't immediately start producing Basilo Oil, just wait a few minutes and the changes should come into effect.

What dinos does this mod affect

A full list of all current and current future planned changes can be found here:

Dinos Affected By This Mod

This list will be updated as I make more changes, and come up with more ideas.

Can you please do such and such, please, please, pretty please???

This mod will be developed along my own particular vision of what can be done to make dinos better, however please do not be afraid to make suggestions, all I ask is that you make them in this thread here:


I won't be bending over backwards to incorporate every suggestion made, but a good idea is always welcome.

Will you be bombarding my server with constant updates?

Hopefully not. If I do then it means that something has gone terribly wrong and gotten broken, in which case I apologise in advance. Barring catastrophe, I aim to only update no more than once or twice a week. Updates will happen on Wednesdays or Sundays, and will be in the evening of BST/GMT. Nothing will be updated until it has been thoroughly tested on both my SP instance and server.

Does this mod need to be first in my load order?

Nope. I would recommend having it fairly high up your load order, but there is no definitive need to have it in first place. It does remap some dinos, so if you have other mods that remap those same dinos make sure you have the one whose changes you'd prefer higher up the load order for their changes to take priority.

Will this mod affect my Alpha Primeaval Super Elemental Giga Dodorex from X Mod?

No. This mod will only affect vanilla dinos and will not make any changes to dinos introduced by other mods.

Will this mod revert the flyer nerf?

Short answer, no, no it won't. Couple of reasons for this, the main one being because I am actually in favour of the flyer nerf (yes, yes, I know, burn me at the stake!) That's not to say that somewhere down the line I won't be making changes to flyers, but those changes will be in line with the vanilla flyer experience, and some things that I would have done WC have already gone ahead and done for me.

This mod is completely clean and stackable and of course I shall endeavour to ensure that it remains so. If you have any issues with using this mod, please let me know here:

Bug Reports

I will update the first post there with known issues, so please check to see if your problem is already known of before reposting.

Many thanks for taking a look at and subscribing to this mod, if you like it don't forget to give that Like button a good ol' clicking, and as always, the utmost thanks and appreciation to the awesome peeps over at the Ark Modding Discord


Patch Notes

Previous Version 2.9;

See Change Notes for more info

Current Version 3.0;

Better Araneo:
Wall crawling!
Can jump
Climbing toggled with right click, web attack moved to C
Hold down C for 3+ seconds to bring up crosshair and fire a concentrated web ball which acts as an organic Bola (this lasts for 20 seconds, can only be used by tamed Araneos, if your dino or team mate is immobilised by an Araneo bola web, you can free them by holding either a sword or a sickle and holding down E on them, the bola is capable of immobilising larger creatures then the normal bola, albeit for less time)
Base Speed increased by 50%
Base Weight increased by 50%
Base Stamina increased by 50%
Stamina drain reduced by 25%
Turret mode
Takes Rotten Gloop as a taming food
Same inventory spoiling times as the Better Scorpion
Will drop Silk when their corpse is harvested

Better Gallimimus:

Vastly improved turning radius
Reduced fall damage
Switched sprinting animations to the unused and less bouncy running animations.
Reduced frequency and volume of idle sounds
'Flocking' Groups of Gallis will get increased speed and Damage resistance increasing the larger the Flock up to a maximum of 5 (10% speed increase per extra member, 3% damage reduction per)

Made baby Wyverns, Deer, Sheeps and Phiomias unable to be milked

Removed increased Argent carry weight from Valyrian Reins as that has now been covered by TLC

Instead given increased Carry weight to Griffin when equipped with Valyrian Reins, it will be able to carry what the old Argent was able to carry.

Fixed various fertilized egg issues

Gigantopithicus now able to be tamed with veggies at a higher effectiveness than berries


Just a note here guys to say that I am currently on Modding hiatus as I am relocating to another country at the end of this month. Lots to organise and do and not much time to do it in. I don't expect to be able to return until I'm fully set up at the other end, may not be able to do anything now until July or so...

Update to this, All being well I'm aiming to have my PC back in my posession and internet enabled on or around the 16th August. Don't take that as a hard and fast date and expect an update straight away, but that is when I am expecting to resume modding, fingers crossed!


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CoyodiSoul 5 hours ago 
Mupfel_92 5 hours ago 
Hey ^^
Is this Mod compatible with the Immersive Taming Mod?
HonorableFool Sep 13 @ 1:31pm 
ape armor not working?
NoticeMeTynan Sep 4 @ 3:19am 
Looks awesome, can't wait to play :D
btb556 Aug 25 @ 6:21pm 
Direwolf and 'Dire Wolf' are two different entities?
Kicore0257 Aug 21 @ 8:11am 
Is this mod still in development?
AArdwolf_Phi Aug 6 @ 5:46pm 
I got the items to appear but when I change the stack size, they wont go into any cooking inventory that they are supposed to, can we get an INI for stack size, so we can make it match out stack mod?
AArdwolf_Phi Aug 2 @ 10:12am 
Im trying to adjust the stack size of Swine Flesh, and its cooked variants ,using the tool "ARK Customizer - Settings Evolved" 774413050

The items from your mod do not appear on the list of items to choose from, None of them, Any advice?

Or is there an INI setting I can use?
Cosmic Glowsticks Aug 2 @ 8:59am 
Hi, every time I log in after logging out, newly spawned wolves revert back to the old model, and I can't find out which mod is doing it.. and the only mod that I can think of would be this one, as I've already gotten rid of my first suspect, though given it was updated recently (kind of) I doubt it.
CoyodiSoul Jul 28 @ 4:41pm 
@CM Gabriel I've had this mod installed before and after the TLC pass and Argents do have the reduced weight with this mod.