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Sunday Revive
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Sunday Revive

Sunday Revive

Sunday Revive is a revive system that intends to help bring the experience of a multiplayer game to singleplayer and small group players.

Matched as closely as possible to the built in Arma revive system and aiming to be mechanically and visually similar, Sunday Revive has also been built from the ground up to work with AI so that they can revive and be revived by human players.


Once subscribed and loaded the Sunday Revive module will be available in the 3DEN editor under the 'Group Modifiers' category. Simply drop the module into your mission and sync it to the unit who's group will get the revive system.
Multiple groups can be synchronized from the same module or multiple modules dropped and synchronized to different groups. Both have the same effect of adding all units from the groups to the pool of available revive subjects, both as medics and patients.


Development of Sunday Revive and the DXO mission series it was created for is helped by the generous supporters at If you've enjoyed the system and would like to help support further development please consider a donation! Everything is appreciated and will directly go towards new content and improvements.

If you have any feedback or bug reports please email me at
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Aug 8 @ 2:52pm
Zues Support?
< >
What Aug 13 @ 12:10am 
Seems to be that it doesn't work all of the time. If I delete and re sync the module it works for one unit, then after that it stops working on AI. It also led to a weird bug where only one player was able to do any respawning. Best of luck :)
GRU Jul 29 @ 2:15pm 
Works very well, I like it. Well done.
shi4stone823 Jul 20 @ 11:12am 
and when i try to shoot my squadmate, got killed immediately
shi4stone823 Jul 20 @ 11:11am 
works fine on local host but not on dedicated server. Any idea how to fix it?
MisterPete Jul 16 @ 5:29pm 
Found a second issue I believe. I started an AI team mate in my squad and then recruited units (with [UNITVARIABLE] call rev_addReviveToUnit; added to the init) and they worked fine. However, I tried again without any AI in my squad to start with and then recruited units would not revive me or each other (although I was able to revive them).

For those not having luck with recruited units, this may be the issue. You probably need at least one other member in your squad at mission start.
Commando Killer Jul 16 @ 2:44pm 
@MeatyPie1314 You need more than one person per side. Best way I know to test it is to plop a full squad and sync the revive to the leader only. Play with no enemies and start shooting your friendly AI. They will revive each other. Set explosives at your own feet and set it off and they will revive you too.
MeatyPie1314 Jul 16 @ 11:36am 
how do you actually get the thing to work? I plop down a unit and sync it with the system, then do the same with an enemy unit. both then converge and enter a firefight, but instead of the revive system coming into play, the standard happens and the unit just dies, and when I mouse over the dead body there is no option to drag or revieve!

Am I doing something wrong in the Eden Editor, or can someone explain fully how to get it to work?

Thanks in advance.
MotivatedLandTurtle Jul 15 @ 1:38am 
@MisterPete Having the same problem as you bud. Had no luck also.
Mad Frankie Jul 14 @ 9:57am 
This problem may have already been mentioned, but...

One of my AI teamates will go and try to help another group's player / AI even though their group has a separate synced revive set to thier group leader. This can mean that one or more from my group will up sticks and go to help them even if they might be 100s of meters away and also that they likely have someone from their own group about to help them too.
MisterPete Jul 13 @ 12:26pm 
I should add that when we were testing we only had Sunday Revive and CBA_A3 active and made a mission with just a couple of ai and a couple players in the same squad and synced the module to the squad leader. Seemed to be set up fine since the AI and host were reviving no problem.

Has anyone else gotten this to work with a few players? Was something broken in a recent update?