Not enough ratings
Idrinth: Currentlly playing
Grouping this way because of Lazyness, mostly trying to reduce annoying tasks and increase interesting things(fights, decisions, random stuff)
Items (90)
The Belt (v1.6.1 Adams)
Created by xl Zema lx
Update for The Belt mod to version 1.6.1


- Q) Can i colonise with non robotic-pops?
- A) YES, pick either the asteroid miners trait, enabling your species to colonise asteroids from the start, or use robot pops (droids or higher) to colonise ...
Stellar Energy (Utopia 1.5)
Created by ShadowDragon8685
[Update: 21 June 2018]

Shuv1 has tested Stellar Energy, it's still working.

Did you ever find it annoying how stars and gas giants give you a pittance of energy, if that?

I did. Stars are giant balls of fusion, and gas giants are humongous sources...
Ruler Level System
Created by jasonpepe
RLS let every Ruler has their own level system!
For Stellaris version 2.1.

Expanded Core Worlds
Created by Mattrex
NOTE: I haven't played Stellaris in a while, but with the release of Utopia, I will be looking into playing the game again. One of the things I'll be checking in the near future is mod compatability with the expansion, and if possible or necessary I will u...
Government Variety Pack
Created by LittleRaskol
A grab bag of new civics and government types.

For a version that only adds new civics, check out Civics Variety Pack.

New Civics

A separate post conta...
Ground Combat Evolved
Created by shuulleech
BETA mod version for 2.* Stellaris is now LIVE.
I will appreciate all the feedback you can get to me.

Current known issues of BETA version:
- most armies share vanilla visuals
- new buildings share vanilla visuals
- fortifications provide health bo...
FTL Rebalance
Created by Sarno
This mod aims to balance the starting FTL methods, so that none of them are explicitly better than the others.

These are currently the changes made along with comments explaining why:

Warp drives:

- Speed increased from 3.5 ly/day to 4.5 ly/day
Automated Behavior Ajdustment
Created by folk
Corrects combat behaviors to something more realistic.
Please test, review, and let me know how it works. I desperately need detailed feedback.

I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun. Sin...
Plentiful Traditions - Outdated after 2.x and up
Created by Lolz

Use "Expanded Stellaris Traditions" by Girion instead
More Edicts: Protocols and Doctrines
Created by InfinityArts

This mod adds new and hopefully flavorful edicts for controlling an empire. These are not meant to be toggled on and forgotten, but rather selected for specific situations a...
Stellaris: More Negative Species Traits
Created by Simultaneous Lovin'
Latest update: Feb. 2018 (2.0.x): Robot nega-traits added, some retuning of others. Actually fixed snobs to include minerals.

After getting tired of the lack of negative traits in vanilla which railroad you into picking the same negatives for ...
Proxima: Traits
Created by Krichase
This mod has been updated on September 24 2017

This mod adds 28 new species traits to the game.

cost = -2
tile_resource_energy_mult = -0.1
leader_influence_cost = 0.25
species_leader_exp_gain = -0.1

cost = -2
Additional Repeating Techs
Created by [AoN] Xato_VRNG
Updated to match stellaris 2.0
Uploaded the old version as a separate mod if somone wants to continue a old game

Adds a few more Repeating Techs

After i found out that there was no ...
Stellar Expansion - Strategic Resources
Created by King Lemming
This is a simple addon mod which brings back Strategic Resource buildings, albeit revamped.

Unlike their old incarnations, these buildings do not consume the resource (but they do require it), and there is no planetary effect in addition to the empire-w...
Humanity Emblems
Created by ExtraNoise
Humanity Emblems adds over 170 flag emblems to Stellaris, filed under "Humanity" in the flag customization options.

About the Mod
This mod began when I wanted to create a series of human races to populate a "human-only" galaxy and was unhappy...
Void Construction
Created by Eriounes
Some additional spaceport modules

Mainly to increase the use of spaceports, some are for flavour.

Based off Omega's Spaceport mod, which sadly no longer seems to be updated.

New Modules:

Holosuite and Recreation Complex
-Construction: 270
Stronger Leviathans!
Created by Dolorem Kot
I have uploaded the mod ,and have buffed the leviathans to insane levels, it should be possible to beat them,but insanely hard at the same time.
I believe if you can stand on your own to a FE you should be able to defeat a guardian :p The community asked ...
Idrinth: Stellaris Improved Stations
Created by Idrinth
Adds additional options to reduce the relative loss of power between stations and fleets.
This should be compatible with almost anything, since no base data has been touched.

If there are bugs or ideas, Github(
Trait Collection
Created by Fnord
- Last Update: 1.9.1
- This mods adds more than 80 new traits to the game.
- Multiplayer Compatible.
- I strongly recommend using a mod that extends the Gene modification UI to fit all traits.
- F.e.: Cadence's Extremely Lazily Writt...
Leader Skill Cap EFS
Created by Ollor
A reuploaded version of Mycles's Increased Leader Skill Cap mod, updated to work with patch 1.3.0 and beyond.

Leaders will have silver stars at skill levels 1 through 5, and gold stars from skill 6 through 10.

Current working version is 2.1.1....
Gwen's Simple Traits 1.6.1
Created by GwenBlanketKnight
1) 41 new traits many with up to 5 levels and negative versions of each.This adds a total of over 300 traits to the game. I suggest also looking at my Zero Cost traits mod that adds over 50 unique traits to the game.

[Red Dwarf] Dangerous, Unethical & Worthless Techs
Scientists with the "Careful" trait won't have these techs as options; Maniacal and Genius scientists are more likely.
More Research Alternatives Research
Created by Magnum
Updated to version 2.0.* (Apocalypse)

Adds a five times repeatable tech for research alternatives.

Prerequisites for the tech is "tech_self_aware_logic"....
Idrinth: Stellaris Empire Traditions and Research
Created by Idrinth
Modifies some of the statistics related to search speed modifiers and tradition modifiers to reduce the impact of the first couple of colonies and adds in a few additional research options.

If there are bugs or ideas, Github(
Created by alX
This mod adds some new anomalies and events. Its under development and will provide more content with the time.
It should work with any other mod.

4 unique anomalies with unique success, failure and critical failure events

Categories: ...
Extra Events
Created by Bürgermeister
About The Mod

Extra Events is a mod that adds 63 brand new top quality events to increase the fun you have on Stellaris and also helps keep the mid-late game interesting. Now translated in every language allowed by Stellaris!

Researcher Trait 'Fix' - Power of Three Edition
Created by Arturia
A requested version of my Research Trait 'Fix' mod. Leaders will gain a trait every odd level up. For normal gameplay this will mean three traits in total (barring special events) ...
More Events Mod
Created by Malthus
COMPATIBLE with Stellaris 2.1.*

Are you looking for more action and interesting events to show up while you are doing your day to day enslaving and conquering business? If, like us, you find the mid to late game a little lacking of interesting diversion...
SGM Battle Survivors
Created by Soulbinder
This mod introduces a new balance mechanic: If you are fighting an empire that is significantly military superior, your ships get a chance to escape an engagement heavily damaged, instead of being destroyed.

Idrinth: Stellaris Better Home
Created by Idrinth
Increases the usefulness of starting worlds and their defences.

If there are bugs or ideas, Github( ) is the place to go. This is meant to be Ironmode and Achievement compatible.

Gwens Zero Cost Traits 1.6.X
Created by GwenBlanketKnight
The point of this mod is to add a a variety of neutral traits to the game. Each species can only have one. They are meant to help add a dose of sometimes silly flavor to trait variety.
Gods and Guardians (1.9)
Created by AlphaAsh
New missions for Observation Posts and related events.


We Are Your Gods
The natives are led to believe that you are their gods. You effe...
Gwens Misc Leader Traits 1.6.X
Created by GwenBlanketKnight
1) This mod adds a set of 43 new ruler traits, 15 admiral traits, 3 scientist traits, 5 general traits, & 14 governor traits.

Click To View Tr...
Svafa's Expanded Species Traits
Created by Svafa
This mod adds over 30 new species traits. It is focused on adding new and evocative options to fulfil those scifi fantasies that the base options didn't quite allow. A complete list can be found in the related discussion.

Latest Changes
War Name Variety (2.0 - The Invasion Begins)
Created by ArcaneData
Wars feel a lot more serious with a bit of naming variety!

Before 2.0, the only options for war names were things like 'conflict', 'fight', and 'brawl'. It's been improved now, with dozens of names for different casus bellis, but they're still a little ...
Idrinth: Stellaris Planet Modifications
Created by Idrinth
Adds a few more options to planets via edicts with mineral and energy costs. Options include:
- add size to planet(scales with size)
- add random 5-year modifiers

If there are bugs or ideas, Github(
Marked Incompatible ]  Merged Traditions
Created by Geki

I've ceased the development of this mod and will not update it to 1.8. I'm also removing it due to the hostility that my work had generated within the modding community when it first released. Thanks to all of you 14.000+ players...
Additional Traditions
Created by Meltup
Additional Traditions v1.2.2
For Stellaris: 2.1.*
Next scheduled update: 25 August

Old version: Additional Traditions (Stellaris v1.9)

This mod adds 5 new traditio...
Additional Traditions - Expanded (Stellaris v1.6)
Created by Meltup
Additional Traditions - Expanded v0.8.8 (Beta)
For Stellaris: 1.6.*

Useful links:
Additional Traditions
Gwens Complex Traits And Civics
Created by GwenBlanketKnight
This mod grants species traits that augment their leaders with bonus leader traits. This mod grants Civics that grant specialized technology and buildings you can’t otherwise access. Traits and civics that grant strange and unique playstyles.

Bonus lead...
Abandon Colony
Created by rocket2guns
Adds a balanced event based system for decommissioning colonies.

This allows the abandoning of colonies while maintaining vanilla game balance. Different ethics give you different choices for how you will decomission the colony, and they may have...
Idrinth: Stellaris Improved Shiphulls
Created by Idrinth
Adds two additional tiers for hull sections for corvette to battleship, increasing the power of every tier a bit in comparison to the previous tier.

Also adds weapons to civilian ships once researched. If you find bugs or have ideas, feel free to contri...
Diversified Starting Combat
Created by Faceless Void
This mod provides an event that provides starting buffs based on starting weapon choices.

+15% Increased minerals
+25% Increased armor
+25% Increased kinetic weapon damage
+10% faster research speed
+15% Increased ship health
Idrinth: Stellaris Improved Factions
Created by Idrinth
Adds additional relevance to the factions and ethics of your people by rewarding their happiness with small gifts. That includes temporary buffs as well as troops and ships. Also has drawbacks related to unhappy pops, as well as taking into account their s...
Created by GwenBlanketKnight
This mod adds new subject types that you can force enemies to become as a wargoal. These are in addition to the standard Tributary, Vassal, and Protectorate.

1) Civility Subject Type has:
-75% Naval capacity.
+100% Planet fortif...
Diversified Starting FTL
Created by Faceless Void
This mod provides an event that provides starting buffs based on starting FTL choices.

+50% Sensor range
+10% Increased research speed
+10% Increased physics research
+15% Unity production
+20% Increased governing ethics attracti...
Guilli's Planet Modifiers
Created by Guilliman

Guilli's Planet Modifiers
For version 2.0.2+ of the game.
Compatible with all DLC. DLCs not required.
Compatible with virtually all mods.

What doe
Evolving Worlds
Created by khevtol

Due to logistical issues, I can't currently maintain or update this mod. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Evolving Worlds lets planets specialize and grow organically as you play. Colonized planets will gain modifie...
Advanced Buildings [2.0] - Development Halted
Created by Teh T
Latest Updates
Hello all, Just want to let you know that due to unforseen circumstances, I will not be adding any more features to this mod. I will do my best to update for new versions and fix any outstanding bugs, but no new buildings or...
Monster Waves 3
Created by ScepraX
Stellaris version supported: v1.9.1
Monster Waves 4 for Stellaris 2.0 has been released!

Monster Waves 3
This mod spawns space monsters continuously. I found t...
Admiral Level Skills
Created by jasonpepe
ALS makes your 6-6-6-6 Admiral dream come true!
For Stellaris version 2.1.
Gwen's Leader Flaws and Virtues 1.6.X
Created by GwenBlanketKnight
This mod adds a flaw and virtue system to the game. Flaws grant an additional 1-2 trait points to a leader. Virtues cost 2 to 3 trait points and are as good as 3 or 4 traits. This is designed around the game’s default of 1 trait point of leaders and 2 for ...
Idrinth: Stellaris Leaders
Created by Idrinth
Adds additional effects to the age of leaders to represent their life experience and make them more valueable.
Also adds an additional trait for leaders that reached the maximum level - or if you upped it to level 10 for both level 5 and 10.

This is Al...
Here, There Be Dragons
Created by Gogabor
Now Ether Dragons can travel through the galaxy. And it is not a single dragon.

For anyone who prefer 1.9 version here is the link: 1.9 version of this mod[/url...
.Max Traits = 99
Created by Grimhat
DISCONTINUED! I’m no longer able to maintain 50+ of these simple mods, and will from now on only maintain mods that change more than 1-2 values. To replace these mods though, please have a look at [url=
Military Station Fortifier
Created by ScepraX
Stellaris version supported: v1.9.1
Military Station Fortifier 2 for Stellaris 2.0 has been released!

Military Station Fortifier
Increases the power of militar...
Special Systems
Created by Onimuru

This mod will spawn 5 additional Black Hole,Neutron and Pulsar systems on game start and applies a local modifier to them as well as few unique events.There is an event chain that adds some immersion,this will be triggered ...
Reworked Planetary Diversity
Created by SoulDoubt
Stellaris version 1.6.2
Mod version 1.0.8

I regret that I am unable to continue supporting this mod.

SGM Fleet Logistics
Created by Soulbinder
This mod alters the fleet operations by introducing a logistics mechanic. The more ships you amass in the same star system, the higher your upkeep costs become and the less combat effective each individual ship will be.

SGM Library
Created by Soulbinder
This is not a mod, but a resource for modders. Its purpose is to centralize scripts that are used by multiple addons.

Most of the library functions allow you to determine (or estimate) the numerical v...
Expanded Colours [180 Colours]
Created by Veegi
2.1 Compatible

Are you tired of Stellaris' tiny selection of flag colours?

This mod adds a bunch of colours all across the spectrum, for all your customization needs. Vanilla colours are also included. The AI has also been given ...
Pirate Waves 2
Created by ScepraX
Stellaris version supported: v1.9.1
Pirates Waves 3 has been released!
Requires a new game to work properly!

Pirate Waves 2
This mod spawns pirate flee...
Combat Balancing - Game Balance Improvements
Created by Doomwarrior
This badly needed balancing mod fixes many major flaws which can be considered rather game breaking:

- Technological Progression creates weaker (or not much better) ships rather than stronger ones! - With this mod Its fixed, now you get ni...
Exploration reworked
Created by Yandersen
A solution to micromanagement hell. This mod unlocks the automated exploration feature by introducing a starting tech called "Exploration Codex". The original "Automated Exploration Protocols" tech got changed providing solely a set of bonuses for the scie...
Auto Upgrade Buildings
Created by Sayle
Updated to 2.1

With Cherryh patch and changes, edicts are no longer toggle-able. As a result, the auto-upgrade edicts now last for 10 years by default, which can be modified by your +duration bonuses.


This mod WILL:
Extended Emblems
Created by wolfofthenyght
If you enjoy this mod, please be sure to rate it up! More people will see it, and it makes me happy :D

Greetings inhabitants! I present to you..

Extended Embl...
"((A Better Diplomacy: Opinions))"
Created by xor
Updated for Stellaris 2.0.2

This mod makes the diplomacy mechanic of the AI opinion more interesting.

Did you ever wonder, why the AI doesn't care what you think about refugees? Or about your First Contact Protocol?
Or why do Civics not m
!S+[A&AM] PATCH: Guilli's Planet Modifiers
Created by Vordak
These two mods and so are completely compatible, just characteristics of armies from Guilli's Planet Modifiers raised to standards of [url=
Stellaris+ [Armies & Attachments Module] v1.8
Created by Vordak
Update №33.

This is unofficial update of Stellaris+ [Armies & Attachments Module] by Wolin. Unfortunately, the author of the original mod for a long time not up...
More AI Personalities
Created by cybrxkhan
Current Version: 2.1 (Released 6/3/18, Compatible with Niven)

MAP introduces new AI personalities to your game, adding more diversity to your playthroughs. There are a wide range of new personalities, ranging from warmongers to peace-lovers. So...
Expanded Stellaris Ascension Perks
Created by Girion
Featured in Odin Gamings top 10 Stellaris Mods of 2017!

Important Info Regarding 2.0
I have been mostly busy since 2.0 hit, so this mod is not entirely updated for 2.0. I have made a "quick fix" which should make it be mostly playable, ...
K You shall not Pass
Created by emperor_kk
This mod contains empire edicts for your armies:

For all :
Army Draft
This Edict initiates empire wide drafts to get young men and women to fill your armies.
+20% army build
Potent Rebellions 2.1
Created by Caligula Caesar
This mod significantly expands the Vanilla rebellion mechanics to make them a more significant threat to established empires.

As it is, rebellions are fairly rare and pose virtually no threat whatsoever to your empire, as the revolutionaries start with ...
Enhanced AI
Created by Anex

Supported Version:
Patch 2.1.1
Ironman Compatible:
Recommended difficulty :
Admiral and Aggressiveness High

Curator, Festival & Shroud Notifications
This is a minimalist mod that adds a popup notification when:
  • Curator Insight modifier expires
  • Festival of Worlds ends
  • The Shroud is available for visit again
  • Compatible with patch 2.0 (older ver
Idrinth: Stellaris Expanded Spaceports
Created by Idrinth
Expands Spaceports to 34 levels, with the usual boni growing along the way.

I highly encourage using another mod that adds more modules, I doubt the ones this mod has are a sufficiently large choice. As self-advertisment,
EG* - Colour Coded Messages
Created by ButtJunkie
Compatible with 2.1

Part of Dark UI (so if you use Dark UI, you don't need this). Colour codes messages as following:
  • Blue for non-threatening diplomatic messa
Tiny Ship Designs
Created by folk
Tinyifies your list of ship designs!
Compatible with 1080/1440 addons and all addons that add new ships.

I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun. Since I do not actually play, I have no idea what...
Tiny Ship Construction
Created by folk
Tinyifies the ship construction list on spaceports! So much room for activities yay!
Compatible with 1080/1440 addons, NSC, Realistic Ships, and all that jazz.

I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have...
Tiny Building Constructions
Created by folk
Tinyifies the list of buildings available for construction on planets!
100% compatible with 1080/1440 addons, and all addons that add buildings, basically.

I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun...
Tiny Spaceport Modules
Created by folk
Tinyifies the spaceport module construction list!
Compatible with 1080/1440 addons.

I do not actually play Stellaris, I only make mods. That is how I have fun. Since I do not actually play, I have no idea what would be best for yo...
Tiny Ship Components
Created by folk
Tinyifies the ship weapon and utility component selection in the ship designer!
Compatible with 1080/1440 addons and all addons that add custom components.

The addon requires a minimum Stellaris screen height of 900 pixels.

I d...
Color coded pop status icons
Created by Captain Autisimo
Color coded pop status icons by ParasiteX

Simple little mod. Just adds color coded pop status icons that are easier to differentiate.

Also recolors the building upgrade icon to green, to help differentiate it more from the yellow pop...
Tiny Outliner
Created by folk
Tinyifies lots of stuff in the Outliner!
Compatible with 1080/1440 addons, my Tiny Planets (in Outliner) addon, and most likely every other addon you can find.
Moves the war icons and federation icons from the bottom right corner and u...
Tiny Planets! (in Outliner)
Created by folk
"Tiny Planets! (in Outliner)" removes most of the cruft from the planet list in the Outliner!
1.3.x Compatible.

It removes the star system name and planet class tag.

Occupation, Blockade, and Invasion icons are shown as of latest upd...
Ethics and Civics Rebuild
Created by petruxa
This is the version of the mod, which includes only new Ethics and Civics, but not touching Traditions. A lot of people asked for it, so here it is.

The main version of the mod, which includes Ethics, Civics and Traditions can be found here, along with ...
Galactic Wonders
Created by rocket2guns
Adds three Galaxy Unique wonders that can only be built on Gaia Worlds.

This allows three special buildings that there can only be one of in the entire Galaxy at any time. They function like Empire Unique buildings, but instead of unique t...
Spaceport (1.8)
Created by AlphaAsh
Additional spaceport modules.


All content is taken from AlphaMod. If you use AlphaMod, you don't want this.

Adds many new spaceport modules, unlocked by various vanil...
K Trade Centre
Created by emperor_kk
Trade Centre
For all those who wanted to make a permanent trade and not have to look for the Trade Enclave every once and a while.


Create your nice Trade Centre in your empire capital!...
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Idrinth  [author] Jun 2, 2017 @ 7:47am 
Thought about adding it to my planet modifications, after all it's technically the same kind of thing - just downgrading instead of upgrading it.
GwenBlanketKnight Jun 2, 2017 @ 7:42am 
I'll take a look when I take a break from modding to actually play the game.
Idrinth  [author] Jun 2, 2017 @ 6:01am 
Well, instantly dead planets once the fortifications are down, plan to have a look if i can move that to something saner, like a 1-10 year bombardment project, that slowly destroys the planet, so that interrupting would save the rest.

It works too good at the moment I think :D
GwenBlanketKnight Jun 2, 2017 @ 5:10am 
I see. I haven't tried that one yet.
Idrinth  [author] Jun 2, 2017 @ 1:45am 
Will replace Planetary Extermination the first chance I get - killing off a planet takes way, way too little time
Idrinth  [author] May 23, 2017 @ 2:09am 
I love the options it provides and they seem pretty balanced, Gwen. Having so many options especially reduces the duplicates in a maxed out vanilla galaxy and makes species feel a bit more different.
GwenBlanketKnight May 21, 2017 @ 6:39pm 
Thanks for feeling like my simple traits mod should be part of your list. If you have any feedback for it I would appreciate it.