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Often described as the most pure form of motor racing, Karts are the ideal entry platform into the world of motorsports. Accessible to everyone with a capable body and mind, they are also one of the few forms of motorsport anyone can experience.

Very early in the development of rFactor 2, we planned to bring karting to our product. Some of you may have seen the wallpaper images we released very early showing them. As we finally close in on their release, we thought this might be a nice time to help those unfamiliar with them.

The rFactor 2 karts will come in two different flavors at this time, the Junior and Kart F1. Don’t let the names fool you, the junior karts already provide a serious punch, producing 20hp in a vehicle weighing under 150kg (driver included). These represent a very competitive kart that require lightning fast reflexes. The Kart F1 steps this up, producing 40hp and weighing only slightly more. With such power, the front brakes on the ‘F1′ are a welcome addition.
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Eli Cranck Jul 28 @ 4:25pm 
are there templates?
Blindthing Jul 27 @ 10:49am 
Totally agree with what's been said already.

FFB isn't strong enough and the karts have way too much oversteer particular when putting the power on coming out of the corners, making them way too easy to spin compared to irl.

The biggest problem for me though is that they don't have any of the power-off understeer or power-on grip that they should do. Direct drive karts should understeer without enough acceleration as all of the grip is mechanical and I don't feel or even see this with this mod.

It is a decent start though and wouldn't be too difficult to bring up to scratch.
ACEREES Jul 18 @ 6:43am 
ok FFB issue I was having seems to be a setting in game FFB smoothing turn it down to 0. However the FFB strength is not high enough especially for kerbs, bumbs and initial turn in etc. The karts have to much torque coming out of corners compared to real life making it too easy to spin. The karts do not like riding kerbs when in real life some you can others you can't. There should be a driver weight setting to change (i want to know how quick i am now and what if i lose 1/2 a stone etc!). I like it but it needs improvement.
ACEREES Jul 17 @ 1:40am 
FFB is not good. Also causes a clunking on my WHEEL fanatec CSL when turning. I'm frightened its going to brake my wheel
emiliano.pressacco Jul 8 @ 1:37am 
like more the older versions...this needs improvements and less spinny
Lix92 Jul 4 @ 11:02am 
improve the ffb pls
RaceElch Jul 3 @ 10:13am 
DX11 Ready?