Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition

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How to make GTA IV: The Complete Edition perfectly playable in 2020
By Spoggi99
This guide will provide instructions on how to install some basic fixes and modifications for GTA IV. After installation, many problems of the Complete Edition will be rectified and your game should run smoothly again. Above that, you will be able to enjoy all the original radio songs.
In order to improve your GTA IV experience in 2020, I will guide you through the following six steps:
  • Ultimate ASI Loader
  • FusionFix
  • Radio Downgrade
  • Col.Accel
  • Modify "stream.ini"
  • In-Game Settings Recommendations
Ultimate ASI Loader & Fusion Fix
The Fusion Fix is an essential fix for many problems players of vanilla GTA IV are facing, here is the official changelog form the creator:
  • Fixed recoil behavior that was different when playing with keyboard/mouse and gamepad
  • Fixed forced "definition off" setting in cutscenes, now cutscenes will respect the menu setting
  • Partially fixed emissive shader bug, lights are now present in the game (e.g. Rotterdam Tower, Comrades Bar area)
  • Fixed DLC car lights in TBoGT
  • Fixed handbrake camera, that doesn't work with high fps
  • Added various frame limiting options to address cutscene zoom and other fps related issues
  • Fixed aiming zoom in TBoGT
  • Added an option to skip intro
  • Added an option to skip main menu after startup
  • Added an option to force borderless windowed mode
  • Added an option to fix mouse
In order for the Fusion Fix and other modifications to work, we must first install the Ultimate ASI Loader.

Fortunately, you can download both the Ultimate ASI Loader and the Fusion Fix on the same github page:

Dowload both and

Unzip "" and put "dinput8.dll" into your GTA IV: The Complete Edition main directory (\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV).

After that extract all contents of "" into your GTA IV: The Complete Edition main directory (\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV).

You should now see a "dinput8.dll" file and a "plugins" folder in your main directory.

For the best experience with the Fusion Fix, I highly recommend to open "GTAIV.EFLC.FusionFix.ini" (\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV)\plugins) and change the following parameters:
SkipMenu = 0
When left activated, "SkipMenu" will trigger a Rockstar Games Social Club bug every time you launch GTA IV. Therefore, I advise you to set this to "0". Intros will still be skipped as intended due to the "SkipIntro" option.
MouseFix = 1
As the name suggests, the Mouse Fix will fix mouse stuttering at higher framerates.
Radio Downgrade
As you may know, Rockstar Games removed over 50 radio tracks from the game after re-releasing it as The Complete Edition. In the next step, we will restore those lost songs.

You can download the GTA IV Complete Edition radio downgrader on gtaforums:

Just scroll down and download press on Download Link.

In order to install the radio downgrader, just follow the installation steps on the gtaforums page.

For ease of reference, I will list them here too:
  • extract all files to the GTA main directory where GTAIV.EXE is located (except the "with new vladivostok" and "without new vladivostok" folders)
  • run install.bat and wait until the window disappears
  • copy the "pc" folder from "with new vladivostok" (if you want old and new songs combined) or from "without new vladivostok" (if you only want pre-cut songs) to your GTA main directory
  • launch via Steam
Col.Accell reduces loading times and reduces stuttering on some systems.

You can find the download on github:

Click on IV.EFLC.ColAccel v1.5 (for versions and above).
Click on to start the download.

Put "IV.EFLC.ColAccel.asi" into the "plugins" folder you've created by installing the Ultimate ASI Loader.
Modify "stream.ini"
The stream.ini file is already inside your GTA IV: The Complete Edition "pc" directory (\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto IV\GTAIV\pc). As a result, we don't need to download a new file but just modify the existing one.

Inside your stream.ini, change all values to "409600".
Your stream.ini should now look like this:
virtual 409600 physical 409600 virtual_optimised 409600 physical_optimised 409600
In-Game Settings Recommendations
As you may know, GTA IV is notorious for having a bad performance even on high-end hardware. While the Fusion Fix and Col.Accel already improve performance noticeably, you can increase GTA IV's performance even further by changing some in-game settings:

Disable Night Shadows
Although it's a neat effect, Night Shadows in GTA IV absolutely kill performance. In some instances, I noticed a whopping 30% impact on framerates.
Consequently, I highly recommend turning off the Night Shadows option completely in your GTA IV in-game setting.
Don't worry, you will still have shadows at night - only shadows casted by vehicle headlights are reduced. It's not the perfect solution but those effects are arguably not worth a 30% performance decrease.

Reduce View and Detail Distance
While I play with every distance slider on max, many people tend to decrease both the View Distance and the Detail Distance slider to improve performance. I do not think that this is required since the steps I explained above already improve performance noticeably. However, if you really need to squeeze out every last bit of performance out of GTA IV, feel free to turn down the sliders.
Congratulations, you did it!
Congrats, you should now have a perfectly playable version of GTA IV without intense stuttering, zoomed-in cutscenes, emissive shader bugs, or other problems.
Above that, your radio stations are now complete again and all cut songs are restored.

If you experience problems with any step in this guide, feel free to leave a comment or add me on Steam. I will try to help you.

Otherwise, please like this guide and add it to your favorites, if you found it helpful!
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Spoggi99  [author] Nov 20 @ 9:22am 
@SoyCan Yes, you do :dssmile:
SoyCan Nov 19 @ 11:19am 
do you still get achievements with these fixes installed
Spoggi99  [author] Nov 2 @ 2:02am 
@MightyOlek Yes, all these fixes are compatible with DXVK. I myself use it without issues.
The only reason I didn't include DXVK in my guide is that it might be a bit more difficult to install for some users and because it's not compatible with all graphics cards.
MightyOlek Nov 1 @ 12:56pm 
Are these fixes compatible with DXVK for Vulkan supported GPUs? Thank you.
Venomous Oct 10 @ 6:19pm 
How do I mod the ini to allow even more RAM?
trosh Oct 3 @ 8:59pm 
modding the steam ini lets the game use 4gb of ram rather than the sad 2gb its allowed base :(
Brony General Sep 25 @ 7:16am 
uh, what exactly does modfying "stream.ini" do?
Valxb21 Sep 13 @ 7:47am 
Qual é a versão desse jogo aqui na steam?
Spoggi99  [author] Aug 27 @ 3:08am 
@EO3M95 No, it does not. Everything in this guide is compatible with the latest version of GTA IV available on Steam
EO3M95 Aug 26 @ 5:59pm 
Does the radio downgrader also downgrades the version of the game?